An Important Message from the Oilprice Community Leadership

This announcement is no longer active


This is an incredibly tense time in the United States, from whence many of our community members originate. 

Our thoughts are with everyone at this dire time of protest, riots, fake news feeding the flames, COVID-19, lockdowns, economic uncertainty and electoral anxiety. 

It is unavoidable that many of you will be—for various reasons—extraordinarily anxious at this time, and looking for a venue in which to vent frustrations, verbalize fears and, in some cases, attempt to apportion blame as a knee-jerk reaction to those fears. 

We understand this. 

Our goal here is be the one community in the world where a multitude of rationally thinking people from all walks of life, from all sides of any political divide, can come together to share experiences and thoughts. If we can achieve that, we have achieved a victory that no one else can claim. 

We all have something to learn from each other, and that is the point of the community. 

At this exceptionally tense times, we ask that you keep this in mind when posting. We ask that you attempt to view other community members as individuals with different thoughts, beliefs, experiences and opportunities, and not as rivals or enemies. 

More specifically, we ask that you:

* Refrain from using language that is unprofessional (this is intended to be a professional forum), insulting, or lined with thinly-veiled (or unveiled) hate speech. 
* Respond to others respectfully and thoughtfully, with learning and educating in mind. 
* Share your thoughts rather than “spew” them. 
* Keep in mind that this is a community dedicated to Energy, not politics specifically.

Because of the convergence of a number of ongoing incidents that have raised tensions to a maximum, we will be issuing a warning to anyone who cannot abide by these guidelines. A second warning will result in permanent banning, which we really would prefer not to do. We value everyone’s contributions and would very much like to see everyone benefit from this growing community in the best way possible.