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Do you want to be a different person with plenty of different lives in a few short minutes of your real life? When playing these simulation games, you can find the life you always want to have with so many exciting things awaiting you.


Here are some of the most impressive simulation games of this year that should be on your bucket list:


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1. Wauies


Wauies - one of the free online simulation games in which you can run your own pet shop. The game offers a list of cute animals, and your task is to become their owner and take care of them every day. Both fun quests and challenges will appear when you take care of cats, dogs, and other lovely critters. Notably, the more different pet varieties, the more in some guests! Besides, the interior design of the store should also be noted to impress your customers when they go to visit your pet shop.



Build your dream pet shop with many cute pets to attract more customers.


It can be said that the Wauies will help develop the management skills of players when simulating the owner of the famous pet shop in the city. You need to control many aspects of your business when dealing with different types of business situations in an effective way to upgrade your furniture and collect more money. Have a nice day!


2. Afterlife


Are you really bored after working hard in real life? Have you ever thought how life would become when you pass away? Welcome to Afterlife, in which you will simulate into a real ghost that was stuck in the living world. You roam around several corners of the city and face various challenges to reach the gate of heaven. 



Try to live as a real ghost in one of top listed simulation games - Afterlife.


As a ghost, you must complete some missions such as protecting your widow wife from the danger while interacting with many ghosts in your spiritual world. Besides, the tasks also require many different skills such as flying, singing, playing games as well as spooking the wicky manager! Can you become a true ghost to progress through the afterlife as fast as possible? 


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3. My Little Farmies


Are you ready to build your own village in My Little Farmies - the best simulation game in the world for girls? At this game, our girls can be built with beautiful rural pathways, classic factory and large fields along with a variety of crops. The game will give you the basic instructions on how to breed some animals and basic plants. Under the good weather, you can freely grow and harvest all year to make the village more productive and prosperous than ever!



Create your fields by growing crops with various plants and raising animals.


During the game, you will receive some small tasks from the game, such as asking you to build or plant some crops by the season. In addition, you can sell crops for money which is used to create more modern factories with the best mechanical systems to earn more experience points and more massive amounts of money to upgrade in the fastest way. 



It's time to participate in the most fun simulation games. Do not hesitate any more, join these games in your free time right away!


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