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About this blog

Weird Looks???

Me too!

For 14 years I was in the resort & plastic surgery industry as the Leading, Managing Master Medical Esthetician. I did it all from relaxing facials, waxing, body treats with massage, to lasers, microneedling, & dermablading. I was subcontracted to travel & train medispa staff, write protocols & increase ticket prices while reducing overhead creating profit.

"Profit" is difficult in the spa world & I would study to figure it out for each Market. The whole concept was creating a working SALES Protocol.


So. 14 years as an Esthetician & Now I get WEIRD LOOKS for being "Lady Oil"???

HEY! Skin has Oil & Organic Materials are More Efficient, Renewable, & Readily Available!!! 

Can you relate?? Haha! 

Well, I've always kept education a continuing goal & this industry Is ADDICTIVE!

I want to break it down to the last molecule & truly become one of Alabama's FIRST 

Lady in Oil.

Tell me your story.

Shout out What State your Working in & HOW MANY WOMEN you know in YOUR BUSINESS!!

-Lady Oil

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