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Trading Crude Oil  and Natural GAS....

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Crude OIL intraday 08.07.2019

Covered up the deal to buy in BRENT and WTI. I didn’t twitch with BRENT and closed at take profit almost at the top. In WTI I decided to play around buy-sell intraday and got a hemorrhoid on my ass. I calculated the intermediate peak incorrectly and closed the deals BUY with profit but not very nice. The SELL deal closed after a drawdown, albeit with a profit. Now I look at the south

The Second Great Depression rustles under the bed ...

The index SP 500 approaches the level of 3045. At the moment this is the highest possible level. Some time on the approaches to it and after reaching the price will be   sausage in a small   range. I admit a little new high. Perhaps a bit unimportant, but there are patterns when the price immediately reaches a critical point.  All This will give bread to speculators and gut investors.  Of course, all this will affect oil quotes. WTI oil needs to reach the level of $ 78 and then collapse



Crude Oil + Gold 05.07.2019

Hello. The world flies into the abyss, and people want to earn money even on it. today ride a roller coaster. closed BUY + SELL+BAY+SELL...   Boring ... girls ..