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16.05.2019.... WTI and Brent

Yesterday was more interesting. I wrote yesterday that had a SELL position. The transaction closed practically at the bottom. On achieving goal played on reversal movements. On the turn you need to make decisions and act very quickly - the time goes by seconds. Some deals have to close by hand. Trading results in the picture. All transactions are closed with a profit. It's a good exercise for practicing skills of analysis and trading. This is not the analysis of the situation , which is given by countless speakers and guru-analysts who predict the price of oil on the news about the Breakfast of the king of Saudi Arabia , the impending storm and the closing price of the previous trading session.They are not responsible for their fantasies with their money in the next two hours . Today will be a more interesting day. Today I hold the position to BUY.2019-05-16_04-58-41.png.940cb73532b9cf596eed6e8d206ed3f7.png


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