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17.05.2019.... WTI, Brent,Natural Gas and Gold

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          Yesterday, oil prices went in the direction indicated by the Technical Analysis. Technical analysis solves everything in the market and it is one for all market instruments. I am not interested in news and a lot of unnecessary fantasies of various analysts about the amount of oil in the ground and floating in the sea tankers.This is not necessary for the trader. To demonstrate this I yesterday except oil also traded Natural Gas and Gold. All transactions were closed with a profit. At the same time, it is very difficult to calculate and trade such a variety of tools.Therefore, closing deals were not the maximum. See figure.



Yesterday I wrote here that I keep buying positions in oil.. Figure 1 shows where the buy deals under the Brent brand were opened and closed.2019-05-17_06-24-55.png.2917115d498245485bdfc06613c9a595.png


Someone read me that could take advantage of it and earn something.

  When the price came to the top I made a SELL deals. Figure 2 shows where I opened and closed trades.



All successful trade .

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