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Bull Run Not Over?


Oil is on an upward climb. I dont see this bull run easing. In my opinion, This industry only has so much life left in it, as we can all clearly see a carbon free future. With so little time, and still so much money to make, it makes more sense to drive up the price real high. This is beneficial on many levels, as it encourages green tec development, almost real time with each increase in price.  Also, then the billions of dollars produced will and can help catapult society into a green era.  It will produce capital expenditure, but only to a degree, with the forsight of the industry completely ending, develpoment today is much different then 30 years ago. Even the 2014 oil crash is still fresh on the minds of many explorers, on just how vulnerable the indusrty is. The capital expenditures and prospective projects are probably going to be moderate, and with carbon goals, the industry has to be careful or they could loose out big time.   

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Well said, I have been investing in energy for the last 20 + years , I seen a lot up and down markets .....

i still believe it is finite commodity , productions are vulnerable, followed by service companies , and who has borrowed 

the most will be in the hot seat when interest rates are increasing . Will see , the oil bul market just started.....

greetings ...



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