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    I don't understand how one can comment on the miracle of america and not notice the whole point of this blog is to demonstrate how that miracle is under immense threat and the very freedoms that it is founded on. It is being attacked by college students that have been brainwashed to hate those freedoms and self hate as far as race. It's not only stupid but a very scary thing and it is also a very real thing. Also, this is not only happening in colleges, it is also happening in high schools as well. Brainwashing begins early these days, as I have personally witnessed in my niece. It's Amazing the things that they are teaching them now. They are teaching them to hate this country. The miracle of this country is being turned into the hate of this country and if you can't see that by the examples above and others all over the nation then your head is in the sand. If you truly believe in the miracle of America then the best thing one can do at this point is to expose the evil that is rearing its head to destroy it. One way is by blogging about it. Well done my British friend! I Thank you, salute you, and I pray for your country and brexit as well.
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    You mean, everyone who's at the college? (Because if you're not there to get a degree -hopefully a useful one - and graduate, you're wasting my tax dollars, your tuition, and all of our time!) Umm... what? If this doesn't scare you...
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    A lot of commodities trade based on the weather. Very important because it means no one has information that someone else doesn't have as no one can reliably predict the weather 1.5 months in advance.
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    Keep it coming DT, very informative, keep it light for us weekend traders.
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    "Drawn beyond the lines of reason....[] overthinking, overanalyzing... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ZOy86YPKw4 Great song created in part with Fibonacci. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uOHkeH2VaE0
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    Did you even read it all? ''The underlying principle of any Fibonacci tool is a numeric anomaly that is not grounded in any logical proof. The ratios, integers, sequences and formulas derived from the Fibonacci sequence are only the product of a mathematically based irregularity''. Considering thousands of traders use it I would have to disagree. It's no less logical than ''using 10 because we have 10 fingers'' !! And it's not solely used without other indicators. If you disagree, fine, don't use it then. I've even mentioned some traders don't believe it and why. Ignore the trading part, appreciate the number itself instead. Look at the title and ignore the few lines that was about trading.
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    Way back in high school I built speaker boxes that were based on the "golden ratio". People were always amazed at the sound. Unfortunately they were stolen in college and I was never ambitious enough to build another set.
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    Makes sense and I find it very interesting, something I’ve always been curious about but would likely never attempt as I am fairly conservative and risk adverse. I have a personal banker in Singapore (good looking, young Chinese lady) who I’ve been with for years. She is very, very astute and we’ve become friends as well over the years. Serious banking has alot of twists and turns that us commoners are rarely aware of and I seem to learn something from her every week! I transferred some funds last week and she told me, and gave me the exact terminology, to ask for some charges to be waived...and they waived them! Us commoners would never have been aware that these charges could be waived! To me, this is alot like what you do. If you are not very ‘clued up’ in your line of work you should probably not get into it!
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    It did, and I found it interesting, but to be honest I need to go back and review it again. This stuff is seriously outside my ‘comfort zone’.
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    I follow you around? (As you tag me in random chinese posts... not that I mind) 😂 And maybe you just have the interesting titles!!!
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    Don't get how it's propaganda when it details facts on what's happening at these places and anyone can check this out at any time.
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    Those were just examples where normal citizens can have different views on issues that some people call polarization. It’s not just a black and white issue. It’s all issues. While I pick on Republicans “right” on many issues I have issue orientated opinions that disturb the “left”. Answer your question? BTW, that post was pure propaganda IMO. I have yet to meet anybody except online who would dream up a conspiracy like that. Although I did see a “right” site claiming the government was causing droughts in Texas. We have had major floods since. Lol
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    Trading is similar, yet slightly different, than ‘the Oldest Profession’.😈
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    We fired a guy in Luanda because he was constantly trading at his desk instead of doing what he was supposed to be doing (well that and he was an asshole). I used to watch him. He had a laptop running all the time and things would blink red or green, he’d make a trade, and keep watching it like a hawk. Seems to me that if you’re a trader or into FX that you’d have to watch it continually in order to make money at the margins, which is what got this guy run off. Are you handcuffed to a laptop or do you set up algorithms which do this automatically?
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    No not you, my other er, fan ... Don't mind the following obviously, but don't understand the following to tell me 'what you post is drivel / you have too much time on your hands' - and then they look up something else I posted 🤣 The irony of the time on your hands is hilarious. If you like it and it's interesting, great. If you don't, block me. The word propaganda used to mean something. On here it seems to mean ''I don't agree with this''. And yes, my titles are blatantly and purposely belters. ''Trump will win in 2020''. That ain't getting ignored
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    Wait - does that mean I can site the 1st amendment as evidence the founders intended us to all vote Republican?
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    How many times do I have to tell you! It’s those damn white folks causing the problems!😂
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    Perfect, thankyou. I am generally ''right'', you are correct.