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    My current WTI portfolio is long and drawn out. I am new to the site and I'm not sure of the interest in options trading from the market makers perspective. If anyone is interested just let me know and I'll post it.
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    I don't have a position in anything now. Unfortunately I'm a newbie and I only trade futures for now. I only understand your strategy partially, sufficient to understand that you make $$$ in a much safer way than me and most others. I knew about your strategy before I ran into you on investing. My intent is to one day do what you do but cannot at the moment due to lack of options understanding. I looked for educational material, institutions where I could learn options but have not found anything yet. I inquired with Online Trading Academy but they did not provide me enough confidence that they could teach me what I want.
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    Do you currently have a position in WTI ? My Jan and Feb contracts both have 58 calls written against them. My 4 short March contracts at $56.75 are hedged against any loss up until about $57.75 on the March. All contracts have plenty of time left. I sell time. I'm very patient. My orders are placed. If you're drawing a conclusion of where WTI will be just by looking at the current price you're looking in the wrong place. You have to be in it to win it. If Jan contracts expired today at 58.35 my 2Jan contracts would get called away at $58.00 but I would keep the $1.25 I received today from Selling to Open the 2 Jan 58 calls. My net sell price would be $58.00 + 1.25 or 59.25. The net Purchase Price is 50.15 so my profit is $9.10/barrel/ contract or $18,200. I would have $118,500 in my cash account. I am currently short 4 March contracts at 56.75. The March contract closed today at $57.95. I would short 2 March contracts at this price giving me 6 short March contracts at avg of 57.15. Remember I still have 2 long Feb contracts at $53.00 with 58 calls written against them at $3.00 with a target of 75 cents. Feb contracts are about 58.15. I'm not that tied in to contract prices as I am in my strategy. This is not retail trading. I hold my contracts all the way to expiration. So obviously the price of the contract is not that relevant. Retail traders find it nearly impossible to comprehend that. It's all about the options. If WTI continues up and the Feb contract expires at, lets say for example $60, then my Feb contracts get called away from me at $58 but I keep the $3.00 from the 58 call I received giving me a sell price of $58.00 + 3.00 or $61.00. The net purchase price for the Feb contracts is 48.65. The profit on the trade would be $61.00-48.65= $12.35/barrel/contract or $24,700. I would then short 2 more March contracts giving me a total of 8 short March contracts somewhere in the high $57s for an average. If my target of 52.50 is achieved the profit will be in excess of $40,000.
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    Dec 4 2019 Calculation of the Feb Options Strategy Profit: Bought 2 Feb contracts at $53.00 Sold to Open 2 Feb 54 puts at $4.22 Bought to Close 2 Feb 54 puts at $1.05 Profit per contract: $4.22-1.05= $3.17 Sold to Open 2 Feb 58 calls at $3.00. Target: 75 cents. Currently $1.82 Feb contract currently $56.89 Purchase Price - Put trade profit= Net Purchase Price. $53.00-3.17= 49.83 Subtract the unrealized profit from the short-58 call of $3.00-1.82 that is still working and the Net Purchase Price becomes $49.83-1.18 or 48.65 The Feb contract is currently at $56.89 so the profit per contract at this time is $56.89-48.65 or $8.24/barrel/contract or $16,480 for both Feb contracts so far.
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    There are a few traders on Investing.com WTI and OVX boards that are seriously missing my trading posts. I got banned for pointing out the deception and fraud of dozens of posters on the WTI board. The OVX board is the Oil Volatilty Index. All my trades are posted there up until a week ago. Post that Gary LeBlanc is at OilPrice.com. I can't. The wolfpack will appreciate it.
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    Gary, have you read much Ray Dalio?
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    a bachelor's degree in finance and a master's degree in economics are also complete shit for trading ... I laugh when morons from banks and companies require this garbage from workers ... a trader with a system is a gift from God😍
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    And the sycophant(s) appear. Marie... your comments have no bearing on my post to Gary. Please re-read.
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    I would advise you to buy 1 April contract and short 1 Apr 54 put. Your Net Purchase Price would be around $49.50. Keep the rest of the funds as a safety net, but theoretically do the same trade for May as the trade for April so you can study the differences.
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    I placed orders to sell to open 54 puts, 2 of April and 2 July over night, they executed and closed them earlier in the day today for a gain of $1020. I also bought and sold future contracts of RBOB an CL for a gain of $1568.
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    You're going to make a lot of money. Sold to Open my May 54 puts at $3.77 and June 54 puts at $4.03.
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    It always looks bleakest before a turn around. Every bit of news in regard to oil gets overblown in the futures market. Long 8 WTI contracts with 8 54 puts shorted against them. Mar contract expires on Feb 20th. Plenty of time. Huge imbalance in the options market suggests higher prices for WTI. Expecting a sideways trading pattern for the rest of the week.
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    Not at all what I'm trying to communicate. I am trying to point out that without the short-option strategy a buy and hold strategy would be in a loss at this time. Net profit is $1,380. Not "evaporated". Just bought these contracts this week. I have no intention on selling them until after options expiration. It's all about the options. Fixate on those. Retail traders fixate on the up and downs. I fixate on the "time" since it's so much more valuable. When the options expire I ditch the contracts. The contracts are just a vessel.
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    As they say "buy when there is blood in the streets"...
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    OilProspector + 1, Congratulations.
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    Exceeded weekly goal... Actual trying to get to six figures a MONTH. Time will tell. It's just a goal. Have a great weekend all!
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    Congrats. That is an awesome trade. This is the way I look at it. When I started my goal was to make the money in the matket to allow me to quit my job earlier than 65. Who wants to work until they're too old to appreciate free time ? First it was a month and then those became years. Tomorrow I will be trading from Lafitte's Blacksmith on Bourbon St. I have an order at $4.80 for DWT. Partial. Will re-establish if it pulls back to $4.30.
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    Exited 5500 DWT at $4.70, (when WTI was @ $54.85, close enough to my $54 target) entry was $3.94, total profit $4180. Not Gary-level profits, but getting there.
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    RBOB will always lead WTI around like a puppy on a leash. RBOB headed lower.
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    Still short 8 March contracts at $58.05. My target first target is in the $53-54 range to flip 2 short Mar contracts into 2 long Sept contracts and then immediately short 2 Sept 54 puts.
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    Jan 13 2020 WTI hit $58.20 in early morning to cause my " Buy to Close" order to execute at 75 cents for the 2 Feb 58 calls that were "Sold to Open" at $3.00. This completed transaction lowered my Net Purchase Price for the 2 Feb contracts to $47.58. This allows me to sell my 2 Feb contracts and short 2 March contracts and that is what I've done. I sold the 2 Feb contracts at $58.25 and shorted 2 March contracts also at $58.25 giving me an average of $58.05 on 8 short March contracts. The current price for the March contract is $58.35. Profit on the Feb Options strategy is 2,000 × ( 58.25 - 47.58 ) = $21,340. Current position is short 8 March contracts at $58.05. Raised the stop on 5 Feb 63 puts to $4.00 locking in $15,000 of profit on 5,000 in capital. Last trade went through at 4.65. If WTI dips below $58.00 I will raise the stop to 4.50, but WTI seems to be heading higher. Raised the stop to $4.50 as it looks like WTI will close around $58.05. Short 8 March contracts at $58.05 and long 5 Feb 63 puts at $1.00. Both positions did quite well today. With a stop of $4.50 on my 5 Feb 63 puts I locked in $17,500 profit. Will move the stop to $5.00 should WTI get to $57.50.
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    Today's update... ES plus a few CL scalps... To add... it was a tough day... more trades than I care to make.
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    Gary long term no one is as good as you , eventually it come down to earth but bro how do you trade extraordinary time like now . Wish you luck . Those 6 puts ouch ! How do you hold on to those as time , this time is against you . OilP are you from investing ? If so who are you . I am one of the original wolf packs of Gary
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    My analysis indicates a price in the mid 40s. If the conflict in the Middle East has a negative effect on US crude exports then builds will start showing up in WTI. Builds already exist in other categories. Speculator driven. Always the bagholder.
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    Gary did you just double down on betting CL price going down with purchase of 6 Feb puts ? Why ? Iran crisis not gonna drive oil up ? Or because you think it’s a set up like the last drone attack . Pricing fall right after that .
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    Dec 30 In the past as the contracts have expired I've gone to cash and waited fo a lower entry price. Eventually I get my entrance price. Missed out on an opportunity...twice. I am short 6 March contracts. They expire Feb 20th. Almost 2 months from now. I am still long 2 Feb contracts with Feb 58 calls shorted against them at $3.00. The COT reports today at 2:30 pm EST. The last time the COT was at this level was April 26. WTI closed at $65.18. Within 2 months WTI hit $50.72. My average short price is $57.98. My average may go higher after the Feb contracts expire if WTI stays above $60. I shorted at 56.75, 57.75, and 60.44.
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    Right. That lack of leverage is a big roadblock. By design and only fair. Everbody voluntarily lines up against the most manipulative, most lucrative market makers in the world. If you make $$$ in oil every day you should start a blog here so your trading can be studied. Scalpers always claim they make more than I do which is perfectly okay by me. It's not an ego thing for me. I made $9,100 per contract on my Jan options strategy. The strategy took 10 weeks to complete. All trades posted real-time and often weeks in advance. No flying by the seat of my pants. Scalpers think a 20 cent move in a $60 commodity is substantial. For me it's closer to 10%. My strategy is designed to produce significant profits with "minimal" trading and even less attention required. And like you say it's all about that capital requirement. OVX hit a low for the year today about an hour ago.
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    I looked over your earlier posts (from Nov 23 on Investing...) and I think it is my mistake -- you were pretty clear that you were shorting 4 March contracts until they hit $54, then would go long 2 March and 2 April. Hypothetical: Say you didn't have the conviction that March contracts would decline over the near term, how would you invest the proceeds from closing the Jan options positions if you wanted to stick to this strategy? Put another way, if you can't enter the trade at $54, would you consider following: Buy April contract at ~$60, sell a $61 call for $2.52, a $54 put for $1.10 (or wait until the price falls and sell then), and go short a March contract to hedge any losses from long April position? If the price rises, you will have losses from the hedge, one possible outcome, and your profit is only from the time decay on the options. But you can get into that game, not have to wait for the price to fall below $54. Or am I missing something critical? Thanks.
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    Dec 18 Gary, I've been following you and the Wolf Pack for a few months, very interesting discussions. Qq on your strategy as you close Jan options positions. You mentioned rolling over to 2 short contracts in March here -- in an earlier post, I thought you had mentioned going short 2 March contracts to hedge going long 2 April contracts and selling the usual puts/calls against the April contracts. The March shorts would let you get into April longs even though the current price is well above your standard entry point, $54. From your more recent posts, it looks like you're just going short the March contracts, and not taking any positions in April after closing your Jan positions. Why not use shorts on March contracts to hedge long April positions so you can start to earn on the options? What am I missing?
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    Dec 16 Today is options expiration. Currently short 2 Jan 58 calls at $1.25. As of now the 2 Jan contracts are trading at $60.00 and the contracts will get called away at $58.00 netting a Net Sale Price of $58.00 + 1.25 or 59.25. If that's the case I will be rolling the position into 2 more short March contracts giving me a total of 6 short March contracts.
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    Yes I am. No trades planned for that position.
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    Greetings Gary and RRH . Miss you very much Gary and thanks to Red’s effort I found you at last . Something is not right with investing. Com when they have moderators in collusion with ignorant traders. Some kind of hidden agender or just bad management when they believe the ignorant and forgo the truly excellent . It’s their loss .
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    Dec 6 2019 Today the Jan WTI contract is trading at $59.58. If today was options expiration ( but it's not ) my Jan contracts would get called away from me at $58.00 since I am short Jan 58 calls against them at $1.25. As a result I get to keep the entire $1.25 call premium I received netting a Sale Price of $58.00 + 1.25 or 59.25. The net purchase price for the Jan contracts is 50.15 so the profit on the Jan Options strategy is $59.25 - 50.15 or $9.10/barrel/contract or $18,200 profit on the pair. If today was options expiration and I had closed my Jan contracts I would then short 2 March contracts at the current price of $59.16. This trade would be averaged in to 4 March contracts at $56.75 thus giving me 6 short March contracts at an avg of 57.55. At 6 × ( 59.16-57.55) this would be a current loss of $9,660. When the Feb options expire I will do the same as to roll over 2 more March contracts giving me 8 short March contracts.
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    Thanks Robinhood. That's a kind gesture, but Investing.com has become overrun by "people" that have no clue to what they are doing and as a result are even more cluelese about what I do. S'ok by me. Not in search of "followers". I was expecting that some traders would take an interest in the WTI options strategy but most were content to just be combative or liars. This site is more conducive to sharing strategy. I go back occasionally to WTI and see fresh faces doing the same one-upmanship. That's why I moved to the OVX board. And then that became polluted. Much better off here. I don't need a crowd. I don't need adulation. What I need is someone to kick my *** in trading so I may learn something new. There is no knowledge on the WTI board that will enable me to further my strategy. It's just nickle and dimers. In the reality of trading that's considered " crumbs". Only 5% of traders make a living on crumbs. It's a never ending cycle for them. If they don't trade their income goes to zero immediately. I am preparing to sail the Caribbean next fall and anticipate being out of range for a week or so at a time. My strategy is very simple and low maintainence. It will allow me the peace of mind to enjoy myself in the company of dolphins instead of combative lying traders.
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    Yes. For example, I own the Jan contracts at $54.86. On Wednesday as WTI went up my order to "Sell to Open 2 Jan 58 calls at $1.25" executed. WTI was about 57.70 when this order executed. This means I sold someone the right to buy my Jan contracts from me at $58.00. In return I received $1.25 per barrel or $1,250. I sold ( shorted ) Jan 58 calls against both of the contracts I own. These calls expire in 11 days. I recieved a total of $2,500. This is mine to keep. It goes directly into my cash account. I can withdraw this money immediately and go have fun on it. If I do nothing else and WTI is above $58 at the time of expiration I only receive $58,000, but I keep the $1,250 I received so my net Sale Price is $58.00 + 1.25 or 59.25. If WTI is below $58.00 I get to keep the $1.25 AND the Jan contracts. I have three days after options expire to liquidate the contracts. I also have the option to "Buy to Close" the 2 Jan 58 calls. This is my normal strategy. I usually place an order to Buy to Close at ~25% of the premium I received. In this case I have an order to "Buy to Close" 2 Jan 58 calls at 25 cents. Should this order execute I will profit $1.25 - .25 or $1.00 ( $1,000 ) per call. Should this order execute the profit from the call trade gets subtracted from my original purchase price. If this order doesn't execute that means WTI continued up in price and thus I get to keep all $1.25 of the call premium. I don't anticipate this happening but there is that probabilty.
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    Gary, I am here too. I found you! Btw nobody posted you were gonna be here but I do not blame them... I tried leading a petition to get your account back but my posts keep getting deleted (your "fans" must have reported my posts obviously). If you wanna go elsewhere like stocktwits or slack, just let us know. I have been posting my analysis over there but tired of the swine who mock me and then profit off it.
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    You won't learn this from anywhere else. Many many years ago I complained to my mom that my education in Finance and Economics seemed to give me enough knowledge to consistently get beaten trading options. She said that "People that can "do" do. People that "can't" teach. In other words the knowledge I wanted to acquire was not going to be taught to me in college. Anybody that had this knowledge would be utilizing it and not teaching it. It was going to be taught to me under fire. It was up to me to figure it out. I figured it out. Took decades. Still tweaking the system. No one to learn from. I have never ever met someone that trades as I do. My main bread and butter is shorting puts and calls against my WTI holdings. To do this I have to own the contract outright. If it's $58.20 a barrel I pay $58,200 to buy one contract. This stops EVERYBODY from doing it. This is by design. The market makers don't want you stepping on their toes so they make it cost prohibitive. The market offers great leverage/margin for "newbies" to trade from the retail side. This is by design. Since 90-95% of new WTI traders wash out within 6 months market makers need a constant new source of traders. This system will change your life. Understanding how lopsided the oil market is in favor of the market makers is imperative. I'm not sure if my system helps a retail trader. It is a knowledge-based system, not a system that benefits a day traders strategy. Are you ready for Lesson #2 ?
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    Gary, it does not look like it will go into 54s this week.
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    Evaluation of Feb WTI Option Strategy: Bought to Close my 2 Feb 54 puts on Tuesday Nov 26th at $1.05. These 54 puts were Sold to Open at $4.22 at the time when the Feb contracts were purchased at $53.00. The profit from the short-put trade ( $3.17/ barrel ) reduces the purchase price to $53.00-3.17 or 49.83. I Sold to Open 2 Feb 58 calls at $3.00 which are still active. The Feb 58 calls closed at 1.27 on Friday 29. The target is 75 cents and a Buy to Close order has been placed at 75 cents for the 2 Feb 58 calls. I have also placed a Sell to Open for 2 Feb 54 puts at $3.00. They closed at $2.06 on Friday. The Feb WTI contract will have to be close to $52.50 for this trade to execute. The Feb WTI contract closed at $55.37 on Friday the 29th.
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    95% of WTI "scalpers" wash out within 6 months of beginning. I would say my strategy of shorting puts and calls against WTI contracts compares favorably. In the 14 months that I've been utilizing this strategy my portfolio has gone from one contract to 8 contracts. Could a trader scalp and produce a higher return on the same number of contracts ? Probably. It's not rocket science. I get asked that question all the time. And those that ask the question are scalpers...and they eventually disappear. What they attempt to do is to outtrade me. Fine by me, but like I said they all disappear. I "know" how to scalp. I am better at it than 90% of them. They don't know options trading so they have no other choice. I have a choice. Traders that do as I do no longer scalp. No need to regress once you experience it in action.
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    Nov 30 2019 Evaluation of the Jan WTI Options Strategy. Bought to Close my 2 Jan 54 puts on Tuesday Nov 26th at 40 cents. These 54 puts were Sold to Open at $2.86 at the time the 2 Jan contracts were purchased at $54.86. The profit from the short-put trade ( $2.46/barrel ) reduces the purchase price of 54.86 by 2.46 to $52.40. Eventually I Sold to Open 2 Jan 58 calls at $3.00 each. A Buy to Close order on the 2 Jan 58 calls at 75 cents executed Friday Nov 29 2019. The profit from the trade ($2.25/barrel/contract) is deducted from the current purchase price of 52.40 making the new purchase price of $50.15. The current 2 Jan contracts currently have no puts or calls shorted against them. The closing price on Friday for the Jan contract was $55.42. My original purchase price was 54.86. Based on that, my profit on a buy and hold strategy would for my 2 Jan contracts would be 55.42 - 54.86 or $1,120 profit on the 2 Jan contracts. However, utilizing a short-option strategy I was able to lower my net purchase price significantly and thus increase my profit to 55.42 - 50.15 or $10,540...almost 10 times the profit of a buy/hold strategy. So as of now my 2 Jan WTI contracts have zero options shorted against them. I have used the Black-Scholes calculator to calculate the price of the Jan 54 put should WTI get down to my target of 52.50 by Dec 4th as $2.00 and I've placed an order to Sell to Open 2 Jan 54 puts at $2.00. Should this order execute I will place a Buy to Close order at 50 cents thus profiting $1.50 and lowering my net purchase to $50.15 - 1.50 or $48.65. First things first though. Sixteen days until the options expire. A lot will happen between now and then.
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    Nov 29 2019 Jan WTI closed down $2.67 to 55.42 today. My 4 short March contracts at $56.75 closed at 55.42 turning a $3,800 loss into a $6,120 gain overnight. The 3,000 share- position of DWT closed up 55 cents ( 12.88% ) to $4.82. The trade is currently in loss of $1,440 which is a reduction of more than half in one day. Very pleased. My 11,500 short position in RIG was down 4 cents to 4.98. I expected more to the downside. The current loss on the RIG trade is $2,070. This portion of my portfolio is $2,610 in profit. If all three targets for these financial instruments are achieved the profit will be $39,535. Dividing my current profit by my target profit $2,610÷39,535 = 6.6%. So...my score on this portfolio is a 6.6. Flunking. But it went profitable today. Baby steps.
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    Nov 27 2019 EIA reported their production figures today. US crude production hit a record 12.9 mbd on the fewest rigs since March 31,2017 at 664 rigs. Production has increased from 9.2 mbd in the week ending 3/31/2017 to 12.9 mbd currently on the same number of rigs. So for those that think a lower rig count means lower production that is the data to refute that hypothesis. EIA also reported that refinery run rates at 16.334 mbd. This is a decrease of 1.22 mbd from the same time last year. This decline in US consumption coincides with a 4thQ GDP estimate constantly being revised downward. The current 4thQ estimate is .5%. Despite what you may read the US is heading towards a recession if this trend doesn't reverse. Jan WTI closed today at $57.94. The 2 Jan 58 calls ( Sold to Open at $3.00 ) shorted against my 2 Jan contracts ( bought at $54.86 ) closed at 1.56. Target to Buy to Close on the 2 short Jan 58 calls is 75 cents. Feb WTI closed at 57.88. The 2 Feb 58 calls ( also Sold to Open at $3.00 ) shorted against my 2 Feb contracts ( bought at 53.00 ) closed at 2.38. Target to Buy to Close on the 2 short Feb 58 calls is 75 cents. I currently have no short-put position against either months' contracts. My short 4 March contracts at $56.75 closed at $57.70. Down $3,800 on the trade overall. My 11,500 share short position closed at $5.02. Down $2,530 on the trade overall. My 3,000 share short position of DWT closed at 4.27. Down $3,090 on the trade overall. Losses on all these positions. Lets see what happens by the end of Dec. I will calculate the profit/loss on the Jan and Feb options strategies on the close of Friday Nov 30th.
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    Nov 26 2019 Today WTI is currently $58.38. Up about 40 cents. My 2 Jan 54 puts which I "Sold to Open" at $2.86 are now trading at 39 cents. The 2 Feb puts which I "Sold to Open" at $4.22 are now trading at 1.00. I will "Buy to Close" both positions. I will do both trades at approximately 10:30 EST. The trading logic behind doing this is I've captured 80-85% of the original premium and by closing these short-put positions it allows me to put the same trade on if an opportunity arises. I am by no means obligated to close these trades out at this point. The 58 short-call position for both months caps my profit on the contracts at $58.00, but remember I collected $3.00 for each call so if the contracts get called away due to being above $58.00 my net sell price will be $58.00 + 3.00 but that's a few weeks away. Good luck trading today. If you are thinking of buying WTI puts or calls I would highly advise against doing that, because you'll be on the opposite side of me and my kind ( traders with 40+ years experience )
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    Ok. This is my current portfolio in WTI Options Stategy. All these trades and positions can be verified for transparency on Investingdotcom. Search the "OVX" board which is the Oil Volatility Index board that I adopted as my own. Had 2 Oct contracts and 2 Nov contracts where the 2 Oct 54 puts and 2 Oct 58 calls along with the same for the 2 Nov contracts all were Bought to Close and the contracts were sold. When the Oct contracts expired I shorted 2 March contracts at $55.88. The Nov contracts expired a month later and WTI was still in the upper 57s and I sold the 2 Nov at 57.50 and I shorted 2 more March contract at 57.50 giving me 4 short March contracts at 56.69. Since that time a trailing stop kicked in at 56.50 for a miniscule profit and repositioned 4 short March contracts at 56.75. The target for these contracts is 52.50. When I cover them I will then go long 2 March contracts and 2 April contracts. The reason I am skipping Jan and Feb because I am already long 2 each of those with 2 Jan 54 puts Sold to Open at 2.86 and 2 Jan 58 calls Sold to Open at $3.00. I Sold to Open 2 Feb 54 puts at 4.22 and Sold to Open 2 Feb 58 calls at 3.00.
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    This is where you square up and close the longs at daily supply 🤑
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    Before oil humans may have had a brief vibrant life and then died at an average age of 35. You can celebrate the winning. I’ll take the losing with all its faults. As far as Iran goes ask them to act like Sweden and they to could join the free world instead of having to cultivate relationships with Russia, China, N Korea, Syria and other countries where humans have few rights and are dominated by a handful. Democracies are far from perfect and are still a work in progress. Our leaders are rejected on a routine basis. But hey, there is hope eternal for more cooperation and common sense. Just being able to type this on a public forum without fear should be a worldwide right. One that Iran and those other countries don’t have.
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    Thank you Enno for giving us Shaleprofile! It is by far the best and easiest tool to use!
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    Yeah. I live in Vietnam where everything but everything comes in plastic bags. You see them floating down the rivers and out to sea, full of crap. And there isn't an alternative to putting your stuff in plastic bags here yet. In the first apartment we had in Saigon there were two bathrooms. I installed an electric shower in each one. They weren't cheap and they cost an arm and a leg to run. In the next apartment we had I had to install 3 electric water heaters one for the kitchen, and one for each bedroom en-suite. Now the cost of running them was an arm and two legs. And then the price of oil and gas fell by quite a bit, so I was looking forward to a bit of a financial respite. Not so much. The govt hiked the price of electric massively. I am aware of the economics behind doing it, but it smarted a lot. So, when we moved to a new house, I insisted on having a solar water heater fitted on the roof. No more electric water heaters and a significantly lower electric bill. And the thing is that nearly every new house where we live has a solar water heater in the roof now. And because we live in the tropics the solar water heaters work very well indeed. And the cost for a reasonable solar heater and storage tanks is around 700 dollars. Now with the sunshine we het here you would think that there would be solar panels every roof. Nope. Too expensive and ...... Well the government taxes oil and gas and charges for electricity, too solar electricity is a low priority. And despite the plastic bag problem, recycling is very big in Vietnam, There are old ladies who go through the bins at dawn and take out all the beer and soft drinks cans, all the plastic bottles, all of the paper and card, all of the steel and aluminium and sell it. Every beer can has a price. By contrast, the Western Province of the Solomon Islands, where I worked for a year, has a beer can problem. There are about a million discarded beer cans in and around the town of Munda. No kidding. But what to do with them? The scrap merchants wont take them because it is not cost effective to transport them to the scrap yards on Guadalcanal. And anyway the seas around the Western Province are awash with crashed aircraft, ships, bombs propellant and so on. Guadalcanal itself has an area off the coast called Iron Bottom Sound, so called because it is full of sunken ships and vehicles. Aquatic life in the seas around the Solomons are showing levels of detectable heavy metals like cadmium as well as mercury which has been known for years. Water is is short supply there at times because of a lack of decent storage tanks. The biggest hotel on the island either burns its waste, or takes it outside the reef and dumps it in deep water, something they have been doing for years. And on the island of Funafuti, Tuvalu, where I sent a month a couple of years ago, they import drinking water in plastic bottles from Fiji - hundreds of thousands a year. But, Funafuti has massive annual rainfall. So why don't they reserve the rainwater, filter it and use it? In the Solomons and Funafuti its because "no one will pay for it". Which is similar to the unexploded ordnance problem in Vietnam. Little has been done to clear up the bombs and bullets because.... No one will pay for it. Although Vietnam is spending billions on infrastructure development, there are still huge areas of bomb contaminated ground. Its the same the whole world over, its the poor what gets the blame, its the rich what gets the pleasure Aint it all a blooming shame......