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    I don't understand how one can comment on the miracle of america and not notice the whole point of this blog is to demonstrate how that miracle is under immense threat and the very freedoms that it is founded on. It is being attacked by college students that have been brainwashed to hate those freedoms and self hate as far as race. It's not only stupid but a very scary thing and it is also a very real thing. Also, this is not only happening in colleges, it is also happening in high schools as well. Brainwashing begins early these days, as I have personally witnessed in my niece. It's Amazing the things that they are teaching them now. They are teaching them to hate this country. The miracle of this country is being turned into the hate of this country and if you can't see that by the examples above and others all over the nation then your head is in the sand. If you truly believe in the miracle of America then the best thing one can do at this point is to expose the evil that is rearing its head to destroy it. One way is by blogging about it. Well done my British friend! I Thank you, salute you, and I pray for your country and brexit as well.
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    You mean, everyone who's at the college? (Because if you're not there to get a degree -hopefully a useful one - and graduate, you're wasting my tax dollars, your tuition, and all of our time!) Umm... what? If this doesn't scare you...
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    Those against Brexit lost the vote. The anti Brexit vote lost despite the entire establishment being very actively anti. The people have spoken. Anything other than a real Brexit is cause for rebellion against the elitist government.
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    A lot of commodities trade based on the weather. Very important because it means no one has information that someone else doesn't have as no one can reliably predict the weather 1.5 months in advance.
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    Keep it coming DT, very informative, keep it light for us weekend traders.
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    I'm not riled up at all; I just find the topic interesting after my experiences with both the mainland and Taiwan (and U.S. rhetoric where it concerns both). I will say that the support given to Taiwan up to present day has not been for altruistic reasons such as democracy, freedom and the rule of law. Here is a good timeline that was posted on Reuters some years ago: Timeline: Taiwan's road to democracy U.S. interests in Taiwan are blatantly defensive and controlling in nature, at least that's the way I see it. Similar to South Korea, if not exactly the same. The cost benefit ratio? For military purposes alone the benefits far outweigh the costs. I have outlined in other posts some time back how China, by and large, have been the victims of expansionism and militarism by other nations for the past 1-200 years or more. They have not, as yet, invaded militarily in modern times, although they have every reason to want to get back at the people/nations that mercilessly raped and murdered their people and and took whatever else they wanted along the way (as occupying militaries are wont to do). The day will come, and the U.S., in my opinion, will rant and rave and try to get the rest of the world to rant and rave, but in the end there won't be much they can practically do, give the cost to benefit ratio of any such actions. The time will come and, if Taiwan is smart, they will blend back together relatively seamlessly. Similar to Hong Kong, Tibet and Mongolia; there has been some pain, but by and large it went seamlessly and the world did little else but rant and rave.
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    A comment on the OP: Taiwan to China is every bit as much a part of China as Hawaii is a part of the United States. The island was controlled at different times by different rulers, some that claimed national sovereignty; some that were basically pirates and rogues, but the Chinese were there from as early as 1683 when the Qing dynasty took control. The Kuomintang fled to Taiwan in 1945 when Chiang Kai-Shek lost to Mao Tse Dong and, as such, to China it is nothing more than unfinished internal business that needs to be cleaned up and returned one day. I believe that day will come, when the time is right and the world is distracted elsewhere. Note: there is a lot to this question, but I believe the above is true from a territorial perspective, no matter what other countries would like things to be or how they know the power of the location of this island and its resources and "friendly" occupants (who are Chinese, by the way.).
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    So now the real question arises: is there going to be some technical breakthrough in fractionation (the distillation process)? It would seem that oil refining is pretty much using the same principles and technology as it did a hundred years ago. OK, some of the equipment has been tuned up, but no fundamental changes in the technology. Let us suppose, as the mind wanders, that some genius develops a totally new method for fractionating oil. The design is so cheap that drillers now put these fractionaters right out next to the pump, and take-offs of finished products can be made right there. Now, how does that change the economics of the oil industry? For one thing, local consumption of certain distillates, such as diesel, implies that crude does not have to be piped to some remote refinery a thousand miles away, and then trucked or railed back. That seriously cuts costs. For another, it implies that heavy oils such as tar sands can be upgraded and distilled in the tar fields, resolving the big bugaboo in Canada, transporting the stuff out of there. Never underestimate what technology can accomplish.
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    in trading crude 2 elements are necessary. 1] Belief in your system, and not worrying about it, no matter what. 2] Patience
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    "Drawn beyond the lines of reason....[] overthinking, overanalyzing... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ZOy86YPKw4 Great song created in part with Fibonacci. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uOHkeH2VaE0
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    Did you even read it all? ''The underlying principle of any Fibonacci tool is a numeric anomaly that is not grounded in any logical proof. The ratios, integers, sequences and formulas derived from the Fibonacci sequence are only the product of a mathematically based irregularity''. Considering thousands of traders use it I would have to disagree. It's no less logical than ''using 10 because we have 10 fingers'' !! And it's not solely used without other indicators. If you disagree, fine, don't use it then. I've even mentioned some traders don't believe it and why. Ignore the trading part, appreciate the number itself instead. Look at the title and ignore the few lines that was about trading.
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    Way back in high school I built speaker boxes that were based on the "golden ratio". People were always amazed at the sound. Unfortunately they were stolen in college and I was never ambitious enough to build another set.
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    Makes sense and I find it very interesting, something I’ve always been curious about but would likely never attempt as I am fairly conservative and risk adverse. I have a personal banker in Singapore (good looking, young Chinese lady) who I’ve been with for years. She is very, very astute and we’ve become friends as well over the years. Serious banking has alot of twists and turns that us commoners are rarely aware of and I seem to learn something from her every week! I transferred some funds last week and she told me, and gave me the exact terminology, to ask for some charges to be waived...and they waived them! Us commoners would never have been aware that these charges could be waived! To me, this is alot like what you do. If you are not very ‘clued up’ in your line of work you should probably not get into it!
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    It did, and I found it interesting, but to be honest I need to go back and review it again. This stuff is seriously outside my ‘comfort zone’.
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    I follow you around? (As you tag me in random chinese posts... not that I mind) 😂 And maybe you just have the interesting titles!!!
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    Don't get how it's propaganda when it details facts on what's happening at these places and anyone can check this out at any time.
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    Those were just examples where normal citizens can have different views on issues that some people call polarization. It’s not just a black and white issue. It’s all issues. While I pick on Republicans “right” on many issues I have issue orientated opinions that disturb the “left”. Answer your question? BTW, that post was pure propaganda IMO. I have yet to meet anybody except online who would dream up a conspiracy like that. Although I did see a “right” site claiming the government was causing droughts in Texas. We have had major floods since. Lol
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    Before oil humans may have had a brief vibrant life and then died at an average age of 35. You can celebrate the winning. I’ll take the losing with all its faults. As far as Iran goes ask them to act like Sweden and they to could join the free world instead of having to cultivate relationships with Russia, China, N Korea, Syria and other countries where humans have few rights and are dominated by a handful. Democracies are far from perfect and are still a work in progress. Our leaders are rejected on a routine basis. But hey, there is hope eternal for more cooperation and common sense. Just being able to type this on a public forum without fear should be a worldwide right. One that Iran and those other countries don’t have.
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    The oil price drop to $50 last October 2018 thru Jan 2019 and subsequent rebound has nothing to do with your reasoning. ALL that price action was the algorithms from program trading where oil mirrored the S&P 500 index. The correlation is obvious. S&P dropped due to Fed action and shortly after oil folowrd tick by tick.
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    Thank you Enno for giving us Shaleprofile! It is by far the best and easiest tool to use!
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    What if Humanity did not lust after power and money..... Is essentially what this drivel is saying. Reason people want equity stake for capital is because they want CONTROL. Because they all think they know better than YOU, or just want the POWER. They think if they have money(hard work, inherited, or someone else's AKA investment portfolios), they are superior. It is how humanity is wired. Yes, world would be wonderful if it was a Utopia. It is not and never will be.
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    A good article on the dangers of denying Brexit. http://www.brugesgroup.com/blog/the-british-road-to-dirty-war-analysis-by-david-betz-mlr-smith-1
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    Congratulations on using an LPG vehicle Roger. I generally talk about CNG and LNG because everyone knows about propane already. I get a warm glow whenever I see a CNG LNG or LPG vehicle. To me, they make a lot more sense than electric vehicles except for small cars.
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    I hope that Taiwan can remain independent but agree that China has been abused by the Colonialist Europeans and by Japan. Before that by northern invaders. China has done the same thing to Tibet. I respect the Chinese culture but do not have any love for communism or fascism which is IMO a better name for the type of government China has. It is definitely a totalitarian dictatorship and even has Xi as a dictator for life, or until he can be somehow deposed. Christians are being increasingly repressed as Falun Gong and now the Muslims have been.
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    Just quoting an article Dan, didn't mean to get anyone riled up. American policy has always been to stand with Taiwan as much as possible. I recall this all the way back to the Quemoy and Matsu debate between Nixon and Kennedy. I believe that China could conquer Taiwan. The question I have, and China has is what would be the cost benefit ratio to China. I think the status quo is much better for them in the short and long term. Meanwhile I think it is in our interest to trade freely with Taiwan and to encourage freedom around the world. When we stop doing that we are not being Americans IMO. Here is my China topic https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Wb2YoQGpSWTz32ljsiA_ey6FLVqc2Dpe7Fnpiqn9lBs/edit
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    Respectfully, Ron, what a load of crap. China would overwhelm the island, and it would not take that long. The article totally forgets that China was able to fend off the U.S. in Korea simply by keeping a steady flow of troops coming down from the north; it was not the North Koreans that accomplished that, it was China. That was then; this is now. Simply put, if China ordered Taiwan taken, it would be taken, the rest of the world be damned.
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    If the opec produced more than 50% of worldwide oil like it did in the 60s to 80s it would work But this map of shale fields change how things are done when you have in the World nearly 250 trillion -possible- barrells of oil things are done differently
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    Whenever there is news on Crude even when its fake news Crude prices go up, they are always looking for a lifeline even it is a tattered rope. The 1.2 Mill Prod cut, I think wont be a reality. Once that sinks in, Crude prices will sink. So Saudis says they cut 800k. Fine. But the other 400k is problematic, first of all certain countries like IRAN may get an exception, and so will Russia until the winter is over. Russias 200k Prod cut, cant be a reality until March 2019, due to the severe cold in their Siberian oil fields, cutting production now would freeze their pipes.
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    That "we can't cut in winter" was a brilliant joke. last time they agreed to cut it was again December. Please. Sure, cutting will take place gradually but it's not like they'll be doing it for the first time. They just don't want to cut, that's all.
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    Just realized though its a profitable trade, this wasnt a good trade. Tomorrow will be another day.
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    Well the very least you should post a screen shot when you actually close your trade! Too many people get greedy and hold to long only to watch what once was a winning position, turn into a losing one. Show these "experts" how it's done and post those gains when you close these bad boys! They will wish they had your system when they see your final net gain after you close it.
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    update so i showed you the good and the bad
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    Lots of people have been trying to help me with my trades since they claim im struggling, and although i dont like to show off, but to set these people straight and put them at ease i will post my current trade and see how it progresses during the day.
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    So, you're saying prices won't touch yesterday's high and will start drifting down towards 50 today itself ?
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    I also consider myself pragmatic but I'm not covering my head and body completely just to protect the religious sensibilities of Muslim immigrants who subscribe to rules that are in stark and irreconcilable opposition to my idea of individual freedoms. We do have to meet in the middle, @Rasmus Jorgensen, that's the only way that I see as fair. Not to mention that the more concessions one side makes, the more demands the other side will have. It's human nature.
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    Diversity can be a good asset. However, words are important, and the word 'diversity' is often misunderstood. Often, we think it means 'race', but in reality, it simply means 'knowledge'. A diverse group of people are those who have a variety of different backgrounds that has resulted in a diverse base of knowledge. So, for instance, electing a black man, an indian woman, and an adrogynous chinese person provides no real diversity if all three indivudals grew up on the same street and to families in the same social-economic strata. However, electing three white males aged 24-29 would provide diversity if one came from a poor family in the midwest, another from a rich family that does business overseas, and that last from a missionary family out of Africa. Multiculturalism can strength a people when, like Marina says, assimilation does happen. But what do you do when assimilation does not happen. As a case in point, and speaking of... ...I happened across some of articles today. Since I was not intentionally searching for any of these articles (or their subject matter), I can only assume this is just the tip of the iceberg. Also, these articles are all from this week: https://voiceofeurope.com/…/another-day-another-gang-rape-…/ https://voiceofeurope.com/…/14-moroccans-sexually-abuse-g…/… https://voiceofeurope.com/…/sex-attacks-up-70-in-just-one-…/ https://www.dcclothesline.com/…/illegal-alien-released-by-…/ https://www.thesun.co.uk/…/shocking-video-shows-machete-ga…/ ^Are we failing at teaching or are they failing at learning? Education is a two-way street. Sometimes a student deserves that F. ^I feel like you are describing the opening scenes in the movie Idiocracy. ...it was a terrible movie, but a great predictor of the future. ^The key word here is 'can'. Simply because we want them or expect them to be a resource doesn't mean they won't just then go on to choose to become a terrible liability. I do, however, agree with what you said about competition. ^Again, you are making this about you, when, in reality, you have no real say in what someone else chooses to do. Yes, they may decide to do what you want them to do by them choosing to have a positive impact on society, or they may decide to rape your daughter because she was alone at night and without her male escort, which, of course, violates their law. Key word: "their." The early immigrants in America assimilated so well primarily because there were no government handouts waiting for them upon arrival. In order to succeed in America, those immigrants had to interact with the Americans who were already established, and this integration fostered that assimilation. Today, however, huge government handouts make such interaction unnecessary, and this now handicaps both today's immigrants as well as today's taxpayers. The best thing that could be done to help immigrants effectively assimilate would be to immediately end all social programs and aid packages for said immigrants. This would include mandating that hospitals are no longer required to treat illegal immigrants at tax-payer expense. Make crime illegal again! (<--- I feel like that slogan would work well on a hat).
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    Yeah. I live in Vietnam where everything but everything comes in plastic bags. You see them floating down the rivers and out to sea, full of crap. And there isn't an alternative to putting your stuff in plastic bags here yet. In the first apartment we had in Saigon there were two bathrooms. I installed an electric shower in each one. They weren't cheap and they cost an arm and a leg to run. In the next apartment we had I had to install 3 electric water heaters one for the kitchen, and one for each bedroom en-suite. Now the cost of running them was an arm and two legs. And then the price of oil and gas fell by quite a bit, so I was looking forward to a bit of a financial respite. Not so much. The govt hiked the price of electric massively. I am aware of the economics behind doing it, but it smarted a lot. So, when we moved to a new house, I insisted on having a solar water heater fitted on the roof. No more electric water heaters and a significantly lower electric bill. And the thing is that nearly every new house where we live has a solar water heater in the roof now. And because we live in the tropics the solar water heaters work very well indeed. And the cost for a reasonable solar heater and storage tanks is around 700 dollars. Now with the sunshine we het here you would think that there would be solar panels every roof. Nope. Too expensive and ...... Well the government taxes oil and gas and charges for electricity, too solar electricity is a low priority. And despite the plastic bag problem, recycling is very big in Vietnam, There are old ladies who go through the bins at dawn and take out all the beer and soft drinks cans, all the plastic bottles, all of the paper and card, all of the steel and aluminium and sell it. Every beer can has a price. By contrast, the Western Province of the Solomon Islands, where I worked for a year, has a beer can problem. There are about a million discarded beer cans in and around the town of Munda. No kidding. But what to do with them? The scrap merchants wont take them because it is not cost effective to transport them to the scrap yards on Guadalcanal. And anyway the seas around the Western Province are awash with crashed aircraft, ships, bombs propellant and so on. Guadalcanal itself has an area off the coast called Iron Bottom Sound, so called because it is full of sunken ships and vehicles. Aquatic life in the seas around the Solomons are showing levels of detectable heavy metals like cadmium as well as mercury which has been known for years. Water is is short supply there at times because of a lack of decent storage tanks. The biggest hotel on the island either burns its waste, or takes it outside the reef and dumps it in deep water, something they have been doing for years. And on the island of Funafuti, Tuvalu, where I sent a month a couple of years ago, they import drinking water in plastic bottles from Fiji - hundreds of thousands a year. But, Funafuti has massive annual rainfall. So why don't they reserve the rainwater, filter it and use it? In the Solomons and Funafuti its because "no one will pay for it". Which is similar to the unexploded ordnance problem in Vietnam. Little has been done to clear up the bombs and bullets because.... No one will pay for it. Although Vietnam is spending billions on infrastructure development, there are still huge areas of bomb contaminated ground. Its the same the whole world over, its the poor what gets the blame, its the rich what gets the pleasure Aint it all a blooming shame......
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    Trading is similar, yet slightly different, than ‘the Oldest Profession’.😈
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    We fired a guy in Luanda because he was constantly trading at his desk instead of doing what he was supposed to be doing (well that and he was an asshole). I used to watch him. He had a laptop running all the time and things would blink red or green, he’d make a trade, and keep watching it like a hawk. Seems to me that if you’re a trader or into FX that you’d have to watch it continually in order to make money at the margins, which is what got this guy run off. Are you handcuffed to a laptop or do you set up algorithms which do this automatically?
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    No not you, my other er, fan ... Don't mind the following obviously, but don't understand the following to tell me 'what you post is drivel / you have too much time on your hands' - and then they look up something else I posted 🤣 The irony of the time on your hands is hilarious. If you like it and it's interesting, great. If you don't, block me. The word propaganda used to mean something. On here it seems to mean ''I don't agree with this''. And yes, my titles are blatantly and purposely belters. ''Trump will win in 2020''. That ain't getting ignored
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    Wait - does that mean I can site the 1st amendment as evidence the founders intended us to all vote Republican?
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    How many times do I have to tell you! It’s those damn white folks causing the problems!😂
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    Perfect, thankyou. I am generally ''right'', you are correct.
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    Good information about waste from wind and solar. Nuclear is not competitive with natural gas and is being subsidized whenever it is near time to dismantle them. We have nuclear waste scattered all around the country and have no permanent disposal sites. Hanford Washington is a great example of our ineptness in cleaning up sites. Reference my Dangers of Nuclear Plants and Waste site https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Jp7yumkT6T1tEAdC4jb1K6LvO45rtoHwFbRcl08rrS4/edit
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    One of the reasons why OPEC will not be able to bring up prices is due to the Khasoggi affair. Media and the world indicted them, but Trump supported them. Since Trump wants the prices lower, OPEC will not be able to bring up the prices yet. Also the fact the the $ is high, the oil prices need to be low or lower, so as not to kill the demand.