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    Agreed! But this is the 'mindset of the eco's and the politicos here in California. Or as I 'lovingly' refer too her "Commiefornia"... Grandad (Mom's side) retired from Louisiana Pacific Lumber here in California in the early 80's. When I was in Jr. High while visiting my Grans for a few weeks as I did each summer. I told Gran I wanted to be a logger just like him when I graduated. He advised me to choose something else. I asked if he felt I couldn't do it. He said he knew I would do just fine. He said by the time your ready to start a family there won't be anymore loggers here in California. He said we're bein run out. By the early 90's the last saw mill had closed and none have come along since. Our forests are Criminally over grown and what used to be a 'normal' manageable forest fire. Is now a Firestorm. But try tellin the politicians this. They refuse to admit they chose the wrong horse. Now the fires erupt into massive infernos and even more pollutants are released into the air...
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    Uh OK The President is the first US President too stand up to the CCP. Period. He sees them for the Frauds an Con men they are. He refuses to get on bent knee (like Obama) and kiss their ass. The Only reason our economy is in the mess it is right now is he made the mistake of falling for the CON the Left pulled with the CCP-19. No, I'm not sayin this isn't a real med issue. The 'Con' has been perpetuated by that Troll Dr. Fauxchi. The Left KNEW full well if they couldn't find a way to derail the economy they were F*cked in Nov. So, they have Doc Fauxchi get his buds at the Wuhan lab, that he shovels US Tax $$$$$ into BTW to release the CCP-19. Yes, it was 'released' as the Wuhan Lab is one of their Top Bio weapons Dev. labs. While the Wuhan virus was just gettin started there in China, the Gov't made sure several hundred or more citizens travelled too the US prior to the outbreak in Wuhan becoming public knowledge. The UN & WHO both kept quiet about the severity of the crap! Knowing full well what it was. Europe was thrown too the wolves so it wouldn't look like an 'attack' against the US. which IT WAS. So, stop drinking the Left's kool-aide... The President has been all over the Chicom's from day one.
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    Yes, it has a middle and upper class to which appx 300 mil people belong, What about the other 1 billion+ ? The 76% who don't make it into high school? The 2/3 of the 30% of high school grads that go on to cram school college that provides them less than an online self directed study does? That only 1 in 10 grads of STEM are actually capable of doing what their diploma attests, as per US recruiters in China? China is a 1st world Shanghai Beijing and Guangdong/HK who have colonized their neighboring states into a Chinese empire and have lived off of this indentured population for decades. The migrant workers in these provinces can't become permanent citizens. When they are unemployed they don't even count in the host province's unemployment rate, and the don't count as unemployed in their home provinces either since they were not working there. On the other hand, China is suffering from imperial overstretch as the burden of the rest of the provinces has become too great for the 3 leading regions to support.
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    Interesting. Makes me think THAT explains why they need to get Biden elected to the Presidency when there would seemingly be soooo many better candidates from a purely Democrat Party perspective. He or another core conspirator need to attain the presidency in order to head all this off, and Biden is the only one properly placed, within their group, to have a chance. It's not necessarily anything at all to do with carrying out their ideology at this point; it is save your ass any way you can at this point. Hmm.
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    So long as the CCP narratives are followed by Dems and tech and other companies and aggressively acted out by Antifa and co. while Dem local gov. stands down police, then it is a CCP effort and the followers and promoters of the narratives are being influenced or directed by the CCP or its partners. China is the pillar of the New Left Marxism today and over the last 2-3 decades, so is a primary cause and driver. It is most certainly its fault. That you have fallen for so much of the CCP's claptrap is a display of lack of critical thinking on your behalf. You have displayed far stronger reasoning and argument. Don't be lazy about it. It may cost you your future. Because one thing that is demographically predestined is that China will not remain as important in the future as it is now. Their demographic cliff is a round trip of the active population to 1960 levels by as early as 2050. The good thing being that after losing 40% of their arable land, they might be able to feed themselves. The brighter lower red line is the actual tracking of births shifted into the age group corrected for over reporting. That is the line copied into the forward groupings of the peak population of the China boomers. Blue is the peak spending group of 30-50 Green is the peak savings group of 45-60 or 65 Grey is the retirement group 60-80 The rectangular boxes mark the peak plateau. Women are 95% of men due to prenatal gender selection favoring boys. The spending wave has started its decline already, and the savings wave declines in 2035, The center of the savings cohort passes retirement age in 2025, when the net retirement savings vs. draw runs through 0 on the way to negative numbers. China as neither a production base, consumer market nor capital source - as it would be by 2030, is no place to conduct business, or invest. Thus it is neither an attractive trade partner for anyone. The overcapacity built to supply the growing Chinese population's consumption crossed over to negative growth margins in 2014. The CV19, social destabilization and racial war narratives of China and its allies in the US, are a hard break from reality of the future, where the West in general would do better being unexposed to China's inefficient production capacity. Their zombie industries get infinitely refinanced while competing with Western business and employees having to meet profitability requirements and stay financially afloat, even during the CV19 crisis, despite huge Fed and govt. money. Thus pressing incomes and gaining share in markets they must eventually lose when their workers retire, leaving the world with unstaffed abandoned industrial capacity in China and bankrupt mothballed or disassembled ind. capacity in the West. The better endpoint for the West is achieved by cutting off China now rather than later, while China is only buying time for its soon to retire employees with returning to export led growth - now at a loss.
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    Hence the idiocy of the Greenpeace leader's comments. The green movement is not about the environment, it was and remains a tool of the Soviets and now Chinese. It is entirely about economic sabotage. Not saving the planet, not global warming, not disappearing species. It is part of the cold war the Chinese never stopped fighting.
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    The CCP didn't suddenly show up and start funding the expansion of Marxist and global corporatist narratives. Those were both leftover operations of Soviet intelligence that supported old international Marxist movements dating back to before WWI. The CCP was always involved to some extent in the global Marxist movement. As it grew, it increased its support and extended its intelligence operations, strengthening these old Soviet and domestic movements and securing their domination of the social sciences at universities and their bullying of alternate viewpoints into silence with political correctness and other mob attacks on people's expression. They proceeded to do the same within journalism, and within corporations doing business or seeking to do business in China. Corporations were led to stop their executive's support to institutions not supportive of CCP narratives, and to forbid expression of criticism of the CCP or its favored narratives. It is hard to separate how much of these movements is domestic in origin, or directly operated out of Beijing, or out of the international socialist progressives at the core of the Democratic party and its many partners in corporations that have been working hard on creating a world government since the time of president Woodrow Wilson. Particularly The CCP narratives are embedded into the :"education system" as they took over control and direction of the old Soviet intel and propaganda machine that had receded, allowing locals to operate without them. The environmental movement is a geopolitical imperative of the Chinese to allow it access to resources while denying it for Western economies. Note that China is not usually criticized for its major pollution as it is by far the largest source of any pollutantant you can imagine. The anti-fracking and other supply side anti-fossil fuel production is a Russian propaganda effort using the same Soviet network of influence within the new left that has remained active and that was not entirely captured by China. China and Russian narratives are not that different, otherwise. The corporate wish list of freedom from liability, unelected and easily bought off bureaucrats that can enforce their monopoly arrangements, and much more, are motives for the corporate sector to support global government and the social movements that promote it, including international socialism. They do, after all, support the Marxist new left dominated narratives of the mainstream media with advertising. It is the fake social justice narrative that the corporations support at the moment, actually pulling ads from Facebook because it allowed alternative viewpoints to the WHO arm of global government, or criticism - reasoned or racist, to the BLM and Antifa actions which are utterly fake social movements advocating unequal treatment by the law as per BLM, or unchecked mayhem and destruction and erasure of American history and its figures.. The CV19 scary pandemic and BLM narratives and their rabid support by China Dems and corporate actions indicate a commonality of purpose and target. These are all components of "the swamp" that Trump wants to take down and expose through the legal system. Their originator of narratives is China's CCP, which wants to eliminate the economic and geopolitical threat of the US actively engaging it in an economic and military war. It is a delusion on the part of the corporations that they would actually get something else from Dems, since the leadership does not have the control it believes it has and they would lose Congress if they don't continue with the China war. It is also a delusion that China has something to offer but a decade of slow grinding Italian style decline followed by 30 years of steep decline. Corporations are aligned on the wrong side, and their historic ascendance in the income distribution of the global economy is at an end regardless of which president or govt. format is in the US. The economic problem they face is caused by the fewer Chinese babies over a period of 40 years of decline. No policy would reverse it.
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    Stop carryin the mud for the CCP! They're no different than the Soviets were; Except they learned from the mistakes the Soviets made in dealing with the US. They've made sure to be an 'economic player' on the world stage; where as the Soviets weren't.
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    Anything that smells of political correctness is just another means to muzzle freedom of speech and thought. Perhaps now you understand why us ‘old timers’ restrict our visits to OP...it is no longer worth the effort to ‘discuss’ anything on this forum.
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    First they came for Alberta.... So canada has been suffering from pipeline sabotage for the better part of a decade. In 2010 we had 4 new pipelines in the works. Trans mountian, northern gateway, energy east, and keystone xl. Energy east and northern gateway are dead. And the other 2 have been mired in law suits and protesting and blockades. I thought it was a globalist vendetta against Alberta for being low tax, high freedom, minimal government, and filthy rich. Now I am seeing it's not just about Alberta. They want everyone poor.
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    Third-party fact checkers = Democratic Party National Committee
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    It is just a convenient chart of the demographic grouping of the boomers. It is not about warfare. The material thing is how the grouping goes up 140% and back down to where it was 80 years ago in the next 80 years, while the Western population is largely stable. German Italian Spanish Korean Russian demographics are slightly worse than China. But the US and Canada's boomers are not as giant a leap over the baseline. There was a far smaller capacity built up for the Western baby boom, but in China it was built for a more than doubled population, and that will need to be abandoned due to a lack of demand as that population declines back to where it had been. Western population, though older, remains stable. From a geopolitical perspective, importing food means you need to have value added exports, or foreign investment flows, same for oil and gas and other commodities. So not only a one sided issue.
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    Correct Doug. It was my British uncle that developed radar, and it was UK that cracked the enigma code. Without these developments, neither the US or Russia could have stopped the Nazi's. Also, Australia developed the underwater magnetic mine, which protected New York harbour. All allies provided both the technology and men required for the fight. We all would have been screwed without each other.
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    They MAKE them crooked. Or have you lost the reality of how espionage works? The honey traps, the blackmail,the extortions, the kidnappings, the entrapments? You are ignoring the concept of entrapment where you create the crook by artificial circumstances they would not be expose to without your action as law enforcement or a spy working on behalf of a foreign power. Your statement is presupposing that these are crooks before having been approached by Chinese agents. The reality is that they are creations of the espionage action. As I said, you are blaming the victim.
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    Sorry, the Chinese "buyers" didn't bid for technology on the open market, they used state espionage to bribe and extort their way into technology acquisition. You are blaming the victim. Shame on you.
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    Again, there is a conceit in Fauci's idea of what science is, the reports he criticizes are actual science intended to to find out how things work. His idea of science is what was designed in a trial to produce particular yes no outcomes with hard statistical confidence. He does not mention that the trials he is relying on to promote his opinion are badly designed and executed and are not in any way science. The biggest statistically significant demonstration of HCQ/Z is in the death statistics in France, where HCQ/Z was allowed for treatment of CV19 a week or so before deaths peaked and fell rapidly, nearly vertically. Granted some of that has to do with the drop in transmission rate with the hard lockdown, but it is the introduction of HCQ/Z that cut down case fatality rates. Since then, additional treatment options have been worked out to improve outcomes at hospitals and in the outpatient clinical care and fitting of treatment to patient specifics. That CCP trolls enlist Fauci on their side is an indication of how deep the Chinese intrusion into the operations of institutions around the world has reached. How they have partnered with corporations to corrupt the entirety of bureaucracies to bend in their favor. There will be an extension of security vetting of these to where the traces of Chinese influence will be followed to all the individuals involved as they are in military and spy technology and operations, through the corporations as well.
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    No doubt the US has fallen behind in it's need for an aggressive pipeline strategy. A big part of this is the Farce that is the myriad lawsuits allowed to go forth by a corrupt legal system hell bent on creating Law vs. Interpreting Law. Make no mistake the CCP IS funneling vast sums into these crapfest lawsuits. They know full well they are an effective tool to cripple infrastructure investment/development. Also it seems (sadly) that far too many people misunderstand the variance between the situation in the US as opposed to China. China Controls Everything within the envelope of influence they oversee. The US does not. Certainly Not too the degree that China does. The CCP controls the infrastructure, thus they control the narrative.
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    "The great reset" in my opinion is one of many socialist and leftist double speak. In the mind of the leftist, who believes they are oppressed, the great reset is taking away the power of those in power and making everything fair and equal. Then because the leftist knows how morally superior they are, they will be the natural choice to take over leadership of the society which they will make fair and equal by oppressing everyone who disagrees with them and stealing the wealth of anyone who has more then them. Thus becoming the oppressor themselves. But leftists dont really think things through to the end they kinda just go with it in the moment you know. In reality the great reset is a financial terminology. It refers to redistributing the wealth from the middle class to the rich. Everyone will be equal when everyone owns nothing and "no one" owns everything.
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    Derek Broze has an excellent, referenced article entitled COVID19, The Great Reset & The New Normal https://www.activistpost.com/2020/07/covid19-the-great-reset-the-new-normal.html
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    It is well documented that everything which you do on electronic Smart devices and "Google" and Social Media and Aps on your phone is all data collected. A mega profile is being built on each of us using these electronic formats. Part of "The Great Reset" is the new coming in September "CovidPass" promoted by the folks who help sponsor "The World Economic Forum. Two minute video on the World Economic Forum FACEBOOK page. https://www.facebook.com/worldeconomicforum/videos/309402357138382/
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    It's a negotiating tactic The eventual response will be that even in Civil War, WW2, Spanish flu pandemic, etc elections have gone on normally, and as scheduled. And the election results were largely undisputed. So ... why introduce doubt and risk into the process by going this mail in voting route? If the traditional voting way was good enough then, it’s good enough now. You can’t open negotiation with your final offer. Trump just turned the lockdowns against them. It's hillarious. < eye roll >
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    Richard Hall brings up “The Great Reset” as originated and promoted by the World Economic Forum. Video at link, but YouTube Channel – “World Economic Forum” has a short 2 minute version which I find alarming. https://www.weforum.org/great-reset/ October 18, 2019 – EVENT 201 - It should be emphasized that the World Economic Forum along with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation sponsored an exercise-drill involving many professionals entitled “Event 201”. There are 5 hours of video detailing this exercise available at the World Economic Forum website which anyone can watch. The videos themselves mirror exactly what has been occurring in this recent Covid-19 months, including the media propaganda aspects to be used to control the population. Watch them, you will see. By the way, on October 18, 2019 the International Military Games in Wuhan China also occurred and you can watch the video online. In a previous OilPrice post, I included links to all of these with videos from the source. This October 2109 Event 201 drill was about a worldwide pandemic novel-coronavirus which throws the world on its head, killing millions and having businesses around the globe shut down. You can get a variety of links to Event 201 along with other related information at The Corbett Report’s referenced footnotes in Episode 373 – Medical Martial Law 2020 https://www.corbettreport.com/mml2020/ - It is highly recommended that a person read or watch the “Who is Bill Gates” series. https://www.corbettreport.com/gates/ As part of “The Great Reset” we will see an International I.D. on every individual (like India or China’s “Social Credit Score”). All data collected about an individual will be connected to the I.D. along with money. This will be how all future activity (including carbon footprint) is monitored and how monetary transaction will take place. Currently Mastercard is teaming up with digital I.D. monitoring applications along with Bill Gates funded GAVI to implement vaccines and money and a digital ID. Article ”Africa to Become Testing Ground for “Trust Stamp” Vaccine Record and Payment System: A new biometric identity platform partnered with the Gates-funded GAVI vaccine alliance and Mastercard will launch in West Africa and combine COVID-19 vaccinations, cashless payments, and potential law enforcement applications.” https://www.mintpressnews.com/africa-trust-stamp-covid-19-vaccine-record-payment-system/269346/ This 13 minute video gives a brief, easy-to-digest overview of the World Economic Forum’s Event 201, Bill Gates and agendas lined up for your future.
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    The streets in question are, by a vast majority, in cities and States run by Liberal Democrats. It is Constitutionally the responsibility of these mayors and governors to protect their citizens and quell the rioting, the President must be ‘invited’ to step in. If no invitation is forwarded, the consequences fall squarely on the liberal state and local governments. That said, as is the case in Portland, the FEDERAL government is required, by law, to protect FEDERAL property, such as the courthouse at the center of the illegal riots. So yes, look at our streets, and place the blame where it belongs.
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    It is now on the record and open to the public Comey went rouge..Listening to the former US attorney says it all....Listen to all the traps she wades into. From this day to the election the chaos and treason bell will ring loudy from both sides...And Comey will not let himself be the fall guy, what a day in America. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/sally-yates-james-comey-rogue-flynn-interview
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    The Dakota Access Pipeline received a stay of execution after the U.S. Court in DC vacated its permit for waterways. The court told Energy Transfer that it was in violation of NEPA. The pipeline has been in service for 3 years and it a new permit must be issued with additional proof of safety. When the court pulled the permit it demanded Energy T empty the pipeline and it refused. So, the pipeline has some additional time and Earthjustice lawyers, who brought the lawsuit against The Dakota pipeline on behalf of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe said the re-issued permit will be under the next Administration. Biden released a statement that he'd rescind the Keystone XL Pipeline and stop the line for good, so it's safe to assume that he'd never re-issue the permit for The Dakota pipeline. So, between the activist judges with environmental group lawyers working in tandem, can the industry survive a Biden presidency? It was reported this week that crude oil production is down to 10.1 million bpd. So, production has declined almost 2 million bbls. People I know in the industry don't plan to do any new drilling for at least 2 years, but if Biden is in office, I'd say any investment into new development will be negligible. During Obama's term the industry produced 8 million bpd. So, it's also probably safe to assume with Biden we'd lose another 5 million bpd. Will we be back in the arms of the MidEast? Looks like it if Biden wins. He's going to be running his policy with AOC at the helm. If that happens, driving a flying will be for the elite. The rest of us - good luck. If you are in the industry, invest in the industry or just like to have efficient energy, you better hope Trump is re-elected.
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    Radon decays into a series of isotopes and ends up at Lead 210 for the next 23 years which is radioactive - this is the main component of NORMS /TENORMS scale in gas pipes. There is also some Polonium 210 but this has a much shorter half life. Having measured the bq count off the end of numerous pipeline inspection gauges at gas plants they are pretty 'warm' - certainly enough to warrant special disposal.
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    Not accurate. Gun violence is part of a select group of criminally minded people within our population. Those so inclined arm themselves legally to protect themselves from this portion of society. Countries with strict firearm laws still contain a criminal element which is armed. As the saying goes, ‘when you outlaw guns, only outlaws (criminals) will have guns’. Look at Chicago, Baltimore, Washington, Detroit, etc....
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    How many of these people would have died regardless of Covid-19?
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    Do your own fact checking. Anyone who relies on someone else without investigating his sources is uneducated. The Latest News and Information on Covid 19 https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MXY8T0j7k0oUBsHW4BfjJM__DRIyzqrDf_FSlV4hHpw/edit AGE DEATH RATE confirmed cases DEATH RATE all cases 80+ years old 21.9% 14.8% 70-79 years old 8.0% 60-69 years old 3.6% 50-59 years old 1.3% 40-49 years old 0.4% 30-39 years old 0.2% 20-29 years old 0.2% 10-19 years old 0.2% 0-9 years old no fatalities
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    Dan, I suspect you're oblivious to the concrete amount of dross from fracking. From a well 2 miles down plus 2 miles out, the frack job produces a neglible amount of sediment, like could fit in the back of your pickup truck scale. Now look at the millions of acres of open pit mines and rubble piles across the world associated with REE extraction. And when I say REE, I'm including the "neighbors" not in the lanthanide row, like scandium and yttrium. It doesn't just end there, the chemical leaching can involve hundreds of steps, and your SWAG needs to account for all that mess too. I should point out that REE are used in PV installations also. Point being, when you import those materials for your "green" solution, you've effectively exported gigatons of hazardous waste, all for feel good green washing.
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    The aboriginals are run by their leaders who are influenced by money and others above their level. They know they can negotiate for benefits from their position. I am fairly sure that money passes hands.
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    Many levels of government and quasi-governmental organizations have required social security numbers. They are not secure. They have also been stolen directly from the federal government by hackers. Not only that but they have hacked most of our governments deepest secrets.
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    @Marcin2 ”Clever gimmick for „exceptional” rednecks Trump support base.” This just shows your bias, ignorance and arrogance. Do you honestly believe that it is only ‘rednecks’ that support Trump? Maybe you should define the term ‘redneck’ for the rest of us.
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    Yes footeab, as a foreign observer, I am intensely interested in Pompeo's speeches, and think he is doing a marvelous job. The whole region is starting to feel safe for the first time in a decade and I think Pompeo would make a superb future POTUS.
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    Many politicians didn't hate Trump until he started campaigning for 2016 election, despite of his "con" reputation. They even praised and asked for his donation for their political campaign (and they would be friendly to Trump), and suddenly now he is their sworn enemy. I rather people voting Biden for ensuring their welfare/future because of it affects their living, as designed by democracy system, than being fed the hate Trump hate rich from media or "experts". I have seen people in Vietnam hated Trump in 2016 and liked Hillary Clinton out of nothing except from the media and Clinton could be the first woman became US president or perception that she was against China, out of an empty statement of her in 2012 in Singapore and naturally Trump was on China's side. And surprisingly all of them felt they are smarter than Trump and know more about US than Trump's supporters (I was not qualified although I couldn't see anything wrong with his proposal). Simply because US mainstream appeared to fed them the idea of they are smart and educated if they agreed to mainstream. Guess how much they knew about Trump or Hillary? And in their minds Obama was a saint for the poor people or people of color in the cruel white supremacy capitalism US and because of his goodness of the heart, karma rewarded him president title and millions of dollars.
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    After Stalingrad it was not air superiority which was the issue, it was out running their supply lines which became the issue. After D-Day, the Luftwaffe had to pull aircraft and crews from the Eastern Front for the defense of the Reich. This lessened the pressure greatly on the Soviet airforces. Another point is that Germany never fielded a 4 engine strategic bomber, in numbers, to attack the rebuilt factories east of the Urals. Many things conspired to keep the Soviets from getting their asses handed to them. To say that the Soviets singlehandedly defeated the German forces is ignorant.
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    The ecofreaks here in the US would rather and I quote; "Watch an entire forest burn too the ground. Than see one single tree leave on the back of a loggin rig" This 'wisdom' came Directly from a member of the leadership council of Greenpeace. Thus my earlier comment regarding the idiotic lawsuits that clog our courts on environmental issues.
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    The main takeaway from your proclamation of Soviet triumphs is that the Wehrmacht magically disappeared and thus allowed the Soviet advance. That it was shot down and its factories bombed by the Western alliance is somehow not a factor of your analysis, similarly the German's need to spit their forces in the East in order to fight in the West. This is a CCP narrative that you bought into, and coming from E Europe, it was probably what your parents were taught in the Soviet era propaganda schools. It is a complete cutoff of China from the West that is necessary and a thorough weeding out of the CCP narratives out of culture. Including a shock to the global corporations clearly eliminating China as a participant in their futures.
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    Indeed, the Greens believe that oil from the Middle East is more "environmentally friendly" than oil from Canada! Never mind the national security consequences, any war can always be blamed on the Republicans?
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    Since Hydropower is over 2/3rds of renewable energy production and no country has a 100% energy grid based on wind and solar, much less fully primary energy consumption, is quite hard to say "aside from Hydro", also Russia is not a very sunny place precisely, and because of all the taiga forests is not very windy, and the windy regions like the arctic circle are far away in permafrost soils where you can't build wind turbines economically. In particular the Hydropower potential of russia is quite large, between 500GWa to 800GWa, depending to who you ask, the Lower Lena hydro project for example would have 20,000MWe, and produce over 150TWh a year, Russia on the otherhand in the natural gas power generation, Russia hasn't made progress in CCGT powerplants, and with a price of 3.3 U$D/MMBtu is very hard for gas utilities in there to outcompete RusHydro and Rosatom, the issue of course is that it takes a long time to make dams and license reactors, altho they are building 4 reactors and have 47 in planning or proposal.
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    I think the tide is starting to turn against Joe after this week if they don't get out there with some face-time. The NYT op-ed on 'Debates are Bad' is going to make people wonder if Biden is lucid enough to debate/lead. It's a nail in the coffin in addition to the Biden campaign wanting to limit debates in the first place. I'm not saying he for sure has dementia, but if he doesn't show up it's not a good look. Face time Trumps "Clips" (pun intended). There's a difference between a gaffe (I get tongue tied too, big deal) and not being able to stand up for a debate for 2 hours.
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    No it doesn't. Material to learn is material to learn. How much is learned is a different question. What it means is that what is taught in 10th grade in private school is taught as 11th or 12th grade or simply never taught at all in public school and why Public school children do worse on standardized testing than private. They simply have spent fewer hours being taught, or forced to learn. Why on standarized testing, Singapore, S. Korea etc test highest. Are children their any smarter? No. After all their testing scores are no different than private schools or home schooled kids in the west. They spend more hours per day learning relevant material instead of "sex education" or lies about the environment or being kicked out of school for "earth day" or no discipline in class where a loudmouth utterly disrupts class everyday for 10 minutes every period and is never disciplined...
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    Yeah Doug. My Great Uncle, Ernest Putley, developed radar which helped turn the tide. My Grandfather was in the Royal Navy, one of his brothers (a paratrooper) died in action after D-Day, and his other brother was POW in Burma. My other Grandfather was leader in Dutch Jewish resistance movement. I hate the way that history is being re-written (by the losers), and it s****s me that OP.com says they don't allow trolling but whenever I react to a troll, I am the one who gets a warning! I am on my final warning, coz I told Bradley PNW that he so fascinated with Trump that maybe he wants to perform homosexual act on him. I got banned for 2 weeks, Bradley gets to keep trolling? Why Doug? Coz OP is a politically-correct communist site, and tbh, I think you not much better. I would prefer an Aboriginal bride to an Asian bride, it's a matter of trust, not race. My Chinese doctor (although the best doctor I have ever had), has been practising in Australia for 4 decades but is pro-CCP for some strange reason. My 17yo daughter speaks fluent Mandarin, and I no longer want to know her thanks to the fact she is a Sino-phile. She thinks Cantonese is "inferior"! Talk about bloody brain-washed. I stand with HK and Taiwan. All of my Grandparents would be turning in their graves if they could see what is going on now. They fought for our freedom, and now it is being taken away by stealth. Just disgusting. And OP is disgusting for hosting trolls that continually push the communist line.
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    I agree that the Soviet Union was instrumental in defeating the Nazis. But keep in mind that early in the war that Russia had a non-aggression pact with Nazi Germany. This pact spelled out the partitioning of Poland between the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. The Soviet Union was sitting on the sidelines, waiting on her rewards, when Hitler, their supposed non-aggressive ‘ally’, attacked them! Now we need to consider the massive Lend-Lease program where the US supplied arms and material to the Soviet Union until they could move their armament factories East of the Urals, set them up, and start producing their own arms. Even then they still demanded Lend-Lease material. Lastly, the Soviet Union was fighting on a single front. Due to the Europe First policy, the US was heavily involved in Europe (daylight bombing of Germany in which more Americans servicemen died than all deaths in WW2 suffered by the US Marine Corp), North Africa and Italy. The US was also required, almost singlehandedly, to stop the Japanese advance in the South and Southwest Pacific. So yes, the Soviets were instrumental in defeating Nazi Germany, but they sure as hell didn’t do it on their own! It was a WORLD war and they only participated on the Allied side after Hitler reneged on their deal.
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    Unsubstantiated claims for drugs and supplements are advertised dozens of times per day throughout the media of all kinds. Hydroxychloroquine does not need to advertise but is blocked by administrators in many countries for nefarious reasons. Either to make more money on other drugs, egotism, or to harm President Trump. Meanwhile many thousands of people have died due to this policy!
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    The European countries that are members of NATO have several times more population than Russia. Even though they spend less than 2% of GDP on the army, they still spend at least several times more than Russia. As far as I can remember, Great Britain hysterically accuses Russia of being aggressive. Only if it is really so afraid of Russia, why UK plans nowadays in economic crisis to disband some soldiers and wants to have smaller land army from 74,000 to 55,000 soldiers? Taking under consideration that UK has something like 65 milion population its rather a very small army Take it under perspective During the Cold War, 300,000 Americans stationed in West Germany alone, and on the other side there were about 350,000 Russians. Now some 35,000 Americans are in Germany. Germany is actually trying to spend as little as possible on the army, and is investing several billion a year in the Russian economy - last year something like 3 or billions euros. The brutal truth is, and I know it will sound ironic, but the atomic bomb is the greatest historic achievement to preserve global peace, apart from some proxy wars and minor armed conflicts.
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    Russia is a paranoid country. Why is that? Oh wait they keep getting invaded! Sweden, France, Germany, others I'm not going to mention. The odds that Putin wants to invade Germany? Roughly 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% We've been there for over 70 years, and those bases aren't free. Germany hasn't kicked in their fair share ever and Trump said enough's enough. It's not like we're leaving entirely, we're just scaling back. But yeah, Trump bad, got it.
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    If China is buying oil from Iran, the U.S. Iranian sanctions can be used to freeze Chinese or Chinese related financial assets and transactions in or through the U.S. Insurance on carriage of oil can also be blocked, essentially making any vessel carrying Iranian oil to a customer of Iran null and void. China can use her own ships and/or ships of Iran, but they run a risk of the United States fully imposing the sanctions and going after Chinese banks and companies that do business with China. I did a bit of research on this previously, referencing the sanctions themselves as source; not using any other source, and the penalties, if the U.S. chooses to fully implement them, are extremely broad and encompassing. So, if China is taking this step they are indeed actively playing cold war games of the highest order, challenging U.S., and Trump, resolve.
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    About two weeks ago the Indigenous Environmental Network joined 16 frontline and climate justice organizations across the U.S. to create the United Frontline Table which is funded with almost a billion dollars to fight the oil and gas industry on Indian lands. They are also front and center on shutting down an existing pipeline in the Bakkan over a small amount of surface acres held by the tribe. This is also the group who wields power in Washington and is pushing to remove Mount Rushmore. The tribes leadership is a whore to the environmental groups and their big dollars and power.