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    Mr. Biden is very rapidly getting the United States into an energy bind. He still has time to back up and let things be, but that door is closing rapidly. With the new administration's rhetoric on Saudi Arabia taking on a sour tone, the KSA will be a target for Iran, probably via Yemen, but possibly through a direct hit to the Strait of Hormuz. They're crazy bastards in Iran so it might even be a baby nuke. Presto! Just like that we wouldn't have enough heavy crude to mix in with our light sweet shale basin oil. We'd be in a war but with no real way to provide the aviation fuel to fight it. We need ready, reliable access to Canadian heavy oil . . . for many reasons. First is the strategic location next door. Second is to heal trade relations. Third is to cut Saudi Arabia loose. Venezuela heavy, nah. Mexican heavy, yes--again for the same simple reasons. Mr. Biden has bought into the California Plan: solar and wind energy stored in a lithium-ion battery concourse capable of emitting it over the grid as needed, providing electricity to electric vehicles that during crisis levels can send energy back into the power plant, cutting all ties to fossil fuels. I have yammered on for months about the dangers of such a transition without fossil fuel backup--in the case of California, the many natural gas fired utility plants that can provide backup now and will be valuable for NG to hydrogen in a couple of years. Mr. Biden seems to have sold his soul to the company store, which in this case is the magical wonder-world of the Green New Deal. He refutes that, calling it the "Biden Plan" instead, but it's the same deranged logic. No one really took this seriously--especially in the shale basins--because it was reasoned that he could never get it through a Republican-controlled Senate. Well, so much for that stopgap! With his abrupt cancellation of the Keystone Pipeline and moratorium on lease-letting on federal lands (even though it looks like a compromise), he has let the whole world know that he wants the United States out of the fossil fuels business as quickly as possible, at the same time sticking an eye in the prince's eye, and flipping off Canada too. How smart can you get! Be careful what you wish for, Mr. Biden. Right now the mainstream press is so gushy about your hair-brained ideas that you may get the impression you can do no wrong. But take it from me, you're about to get us in one hell of a jam: 1) raging inflation, 2) very high oil prices, 3) energy-insecurity, 4) a Middle East hellhole. It would be quite a setback for your devoted left to wake up one day and realize that 75% of the country yearned for Mr. Trump and the "good ole days." 😊
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    24% of the oil produced by the US is on federal lands. That's really, to paraphrase, no big deal except to certain drillers (EOG, Devon, Matador), and you're right, Texas has very little federal land that is oil-rich. What Mr. Biden may not realize quite yet is that he has himself in a box, as they say. His newly-appointed but yet-to-be-confirmed Sec. of Interior is a Native-American from New Mexico, which was a very poor state before the Delaware Basin--part of the Permian--came along. The special fund in New Mexico currently receives $1-2B a year from oil and gas. The state is blue and getting bluer. Gov. Michelle Luhan Grisholm has already asked Mr. Biden for an exclusionary waver for New Mexico. If he gives that, he has shown favoritism that would very likely become a Supreme Court case (exceptionally profiting one state while punishing another) from other shale basin states (Wyoming, Oklahoma, Colorado, North Dakota, Pennsylvania). That would be a very black eye for the new president. As I said, he is in a box, as he promised the radical left, including the Sierra Club, that he would ban fracking on federal lands "the very first day in office, period, period, period!" The great concern I have is that when Ms. Harris picks up Mr. Biden's fallen gauntlet (sometime this year if his appearance/comments/actions in his first day in office are any predictor), she will ban fracking period, period, period . . . as in all of it. She doesn't seem to have any national foresight or gravitas at all. May be his way "out of the box" as a great # of leases were permitted during the several months leading up to the election--probably enough to last those companies through a four-year moratorium.
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    Well, he did tell the whole country he was going to do this. I never doubted him. Then, choosing as Sec. of Interior a Native American woman who has professed hatred for fracking sort of underscored the statement. This is serious. Everyone who thought this was campaign rhetoric can now get nervous. For a while, this will help people like me. Obviously, no individual landowner or royalty owner is going to be hurt by this. However, this is only the beginning. When Ms. Harris becomes President Harris, it's lights out for the batch of us. WTI $100? Nah! I'm thinking more like $150. The Saudis are going to try to corral OPEC. Iran and others won't go along. But as I've said all along, Joe Biden wants high oil prices, even higher gas prices at the pump, all to get his Biden Green New Deal through and enable him to pump trillions of subsidies into renewables.
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    I've been predicting the takeover of Taiwan since Biden was selected as the candidate. The Chinese own him, lock, stock and barrel. They're not worried about being cut off from western markets. Western countries are worried about being cut off from cheap Chinese goods, including as this fustercluck has proven, the precursor drugs needed to support Big Pharma. Biden won't do a thing when China takes over, but it won't start with shooting, they've been Shown the way. One phony election, a "pro" China candidate no one voted for and that President asking for "help" from China. Your logic is sound Jan, but you mistakenly believe the CCP will follow logic. They won't.
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    I think this is going to blow up in their faces. Every paradigm shift--especially a sea change as massive as switching from fossil fuel to wind, solar, hydrogen--requires a reasonable transition period. During that time, it is traditional to embrace the new while paying homage to the old. Everyone is following the California Plan, which is intent on funneling energy harvested from wind and solar into lithium-ion storage, while at the same time decommissioning perfectly reliable natural gas utility plants. They are, in effect, trying to choke the life out of anything that smacks of fossil fuels while subsidizing renewables. To make a shift like that puts millions of people out of a job, requires untold amounts of rare earth minerals, taking a massive risk with peoples' lives. If the 2021 summer is anything like last year's, California is going to see even more pain and very possibly--at some point--a massive mortality event. For example, California has for years preached clean energy and a "low carbon footprint" while buying electricity from Wyoming on the exchange. That Wyoming electricity comes from the Powder River coal mines--they made the utility plant much larger than the state needed for the sole purpose of selling to . . . California. This last summer, Gov. Newsom frantically called the governor of Wyoming for more juice, only to find that Wyoming needed it for its own use. Same for Nevada. Thus, the rolling brownouts. And this occurred when NG-fired utility plants were actually functioning . . . at least in some places. Mr. Biden shows every inclination of squeezing U.S. fossil fuels out of business. At the same time, he has blocked the Keystone Pipeline, probably forever. The Indian Tribes are threatening to block coal trains that traverse Reservation Land, even though there is a paid right-of-way. If fracking is banned on federal lands, we're going to need that heavy oil from Canada, mixed in with the light sweet shale oil from the Bakken/Williston. The situation that is rapidly building and taking form puts us at the mercy of the Saudis and OPEC . . . not a good place to be. Especially at a time when Mr. Biden calls the KSA a "pariah state." The prince takes things like that personally and he is going to screw us good given half the opportunity. The climate change fabulists say we're looking down the barrel of an existential crisis. I think we will look down the barrel at an existential crisis from a military standpoint if we become energy-insecure: Prince Mohammed bin Salmon has already shown a willingness to sell at a discounted price to China, and that was in the most treacherous throes of the Great Pandemic. I am at the point where I think it's going to take something like an earth-shaking threat to put this back into perspective. I'm not pulling for a catastrophe, but I am aware that they seem to happen when those afflicted are most vulnerable.
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    Expectable, the same as US hesitated to join WW2 until the Pearl Harbor. France has never been too friendly with America since WW2 started with De Gaulle and Eisenhower had many differences (nuclear, French colonials) and has never been good. They are proud for their Civilized Culture , particularly Parisians ( Lots of story of people from Quebec go to Paris and were suggested to speak English). With the exception of the Gulf War. Take Germany as the other founder of EU: Before the Berlin Wall collapsed, Eastern Germany had anti-Americanism out of ideology and a love-hate relationship with Russia. Merkel speaks Russian fluently. Western Germany didn't really like the US politics either but love US movies and culture and technologies. When my dad got scholarship for a less than engineer degree in Germany (1969), he asked we have high school diploma (at that time if you failed high school or university, the battle field was waiting for you), why should I went to a less than university degree, the West Germany embassy in South Vietnam said: "South Vietnam is a American backyard, so we offered a less degree just for the sack of diplomacy". Later my father worked his way up to an engineering degree (7-8 years-degree). His first homestay was a proud bodyguard of Hitler when my father asked about Hitler. But among scholar, there were a Berlin University's Electrical Engineer professor told my Dad: "I know you the top of Vietnam and that is why you are here. If I was the top of Germany then I would be in the US " After the Berlin Wall collapsed: Germain are proud people. They are ready to pay high Tax to protect EU market away of China and US manufacturing. Unlike US, Germany didn't really outsource much of the manufacturing lines to China. They are nowadays more about Soft power than military power. In 2003, Germany refused to support the American-led invasion of Iraq with is understandable. We have freedom of speech in international level. Trump in 2019 were asking for 150% money of stationary and withdrawn part of the troops, but it is for negotiation and both have the right to comply or not. The modern event that damaged the relationship is the 2013 wiki leak revelations of NSA spying on top German officials, including Merkel for decades. Since there no trust left, it is simply "friends with benefits". And Biden is Obama VP so I doubt he can improve the trust. But they share same goal in Green New Deal and limit US shale oil which means "all you can eat oil" from Russia. Yes political in US is broken, but so is China. The meme of China will be to top super power simply an excuse to ignore all of their misdeeds in both US and EU. At the end of the day, US troops are the one has the most experiences in modern warfare. China wouldn't risk real war with the US if they can tear US apart from the inside with Socialism movement, sparked by Soviet Union since the Cold War. China just picked up the movement in the US and continue. US is the most anti-Socialism built in their culture of individualism. Most other countries aren't, they still think it is achievable with the exception of UK, India, and Israel because these had some taste of socialism in the past. Others may anti-Americanism more than anti-socialism. ----------------------------- US's weakness laid in giving up its individualism values and adapt socialism values , up to the point to have a fast track for illegal immigrants path to citizenship in 8 years. Mind you that many company-sponsoring legal working visa talent wait for more than 8 years to have the Green Card. Good luck with the US welfare and health care system. I don't know about open border plan yet but I cannot see why Dem wouldn't do that. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/biden-immigration-billl-illegal-immigrants-path-to-citizenship China's weakness is in its economy and management. Managing of Company with 1.4 billions people with no trust and lack of delegation to the subordinates because of being afraid of taking responsibility is the problems and careers progress. Traditional problem with dictatorship, no one dare to bring up the bad news or raise an alarm from local to top level. Covid19 in Wuhan is the perfect example, assuming that it was not planned but an accident from the lab. Corruption officers & rich people who would move their assets oversea in the fear of the idea that Xi would nationalized private capital to have the sole control of the economies to manage it more efficiently and consequences of US trade war and Covid19 and the flooding . Since Hongkong path is now closed, the only way to do that now is by bitcoin ( yes I know it is banned in China): $50 billion in cryptocurrency has flowed out of China over the past 12 months https://asiatimes.com/2020/08/billions-in-crypto-flowing-out-of-china/ I suspect bitcoin price goes up because of these movement. If it is because of inflation out of China, then gold price should shoot up as well. China's economy are not transparent or with Wester standard of auditions, along with "national secret". For most of the countries GDP calculated by : GDP = private consumption (demand) + gross investment + government investment + government spending + (exports – imports) For China: GDP = production means for non-export (supply) + gross investment + government investment + government spending + (exports – imports) So GDP in China can be adjusted by the factor value to convert from productions to private consumption and hence make manipulate the growth rate and GDP. Example: In other countries, I built houses and the number of houses I sold will be calculated in the GDP with the price I sold for each, in total. The unsold houses aren't counted yet In China, the houses I built all counted in the GDP sold or not, with the unsold houses value are estimated. In some area you are forbidden to sell the house under a certain threshold because it will affect this kind of calculations. You can leave them empty as the land are usually confiscated cheaply. @0R0 let me know if my example about China's way to calculate GDP is correct, I don't mind my stupidity exposed here . I am interested in China because Vietnam may following exactly the same way to calculate.
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    Nothing. He's probably taking his nap. They are testing Joe. NO PUBLIC STATEMENT DIRECTLY FROM THE PRESIDENT IS A SIGN OF WEAKNESS China owns Joe Biden (and McConnell, Pelosi, Feinstein, Swalwell) https://www.breitbart.com/news/us-reaffirms-taiwan-support-after-china-sends-warplanes/ Hopefully Dr. Jill Biden (Shadow President) will condemn Chinese provocations . This can't go unanswered The Chinese will occasionally send planes thru Taiwan airspace. But it is always one, sometimes two reconnaissance planes. * They sent 15 planes Sunday including . . . . A total of six J-10 fighters, four J-16s, two SU-30s, one Y-8 reconnaissance aircraft and two Y-8 anti-submarine aircraft, were sent by China, the ministry said in a statement * And 12 planes on Saturday including . . . It follows China sending eight nuclear-capable bombers and four fighter jets into the same airspace on Saturday. The world has become much more dangerous this week. U.S. adversaries can smell Joe's weakness. Joe probably thought the Taiwan fly-by was the Chinese congratulating him for a successful campaign. Funny, Hunter wasn't in the family photo at the Lincoln Memorial taken last week during inauguration ceremonies. Where's Hunter ?
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    My flight instructor did military intelligence for the Air Force in South Korea. They'd monitor the "incursions" North Korea did into South Korean airspace. The going over the red line of the border was commonplace, but was never the threat. There was plenty of anti aircraft guns facing jets that came from the north. The danger was when their jets wandered out to sea, then tried to sneak into South Korea from the south. This Taiwanese airspace incursion was from the southwest, not from the North. In other words, they were probing the soft underbelly of Taiwan. Jets get scrambled to intercept and China takes notice of how quickly they're on station. Every time they do this, they're wearing down the men and machines of Taiwan's limited air force. Now ask yourself what China's response will be when one of their planes gets shot down? What will Big Tech and the MSM be allowed to report by their China masters? By the time they're done spinning, you'd have to believe Taiwan decided to invade China and shot down a plane full of panda bears
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    Don't like minorities imprisoned (Uighers) Don't like they use slave labor Don't like stealing technology Don't like predatory pricing and dumping. Don't like their threats of war. Don't like infanticide Don't like stomping on free speech in Hong Kong. Don't like buying off countries and politicians including half the U.S. Legislature (McConnell, Feinstein, Pelosi, Biden, etc, etc) Don't like their flaunting WTO rules and regulations.
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    The Biden administration seems to be on the road to a total failure. Our mainstream news is more interested in obfuscating what is going on than revealing any disturbing news that would harm the leftists.
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    Be sort of careful what you say about me. If you had read any of my notes about healthcare you'd know that I have always been an advocate of uniform health care. The system we have in the United States is clearly unsustainable as it now exists. And it has been that way for some time. Now, with more and more people about to come into the country, it will be even more uneven.
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    All the above. Plus most companies can't fail. Free money to keep the system afloat. At the tax payers expense. So poorly run companies essentially are always the biggest winner as they receive the most help and their bottom line is changed the most. I had a list of companies on the edge of bankruptcy in a watch list now they get 30M in 0% loans 90% building rent covered and 65% of wages and can layoff as many as they want (plus their service companies can get the same thing and lower prices).... but their day will come (not that I'm rooting for it but its not fair for overpaid big wigs + lying companies [over promis under deliver] to be aided while profitable companies and their shareholders not be rewarded fairly by hard earned interest via fair competition + outperformance)
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    The Communists are busting the Taiwan ADIZ routinely, the idea being to wear down the resistance until the Taiwanese give up. Each incursion causes the Taiwan Air Force to go scramble several jets, and that wears out the machinery, and is costly to Taiwan. Since the mythical "border" in the Taiwan Straits is quite close to the Mainland shore, not down the centerline, busting that ADIZ border is easy enough to do. The Taiwanese insist on responding to show China that they are not intimidated. But all it does is grind up the aircraft - plus giving the Communists exact data on response times, which is handy in the event of actual invasion. The US could, if it wanted to, station a carrier group in the Strait, and park 500 Abrams M1A2 heavy tanks over there, plus some 50,000 troops, but since the USA is disengaging with Asia, I don't see it happening. China is not going to invade the place any more than it would invade Hong Kong, it would lead to being shut out of Western markets. Trying to sell their vast output capacity to say Pakistan gets old fast. They need those markets in the West. So, annoying the Taiwan govt and letting it collapse is their strategy.
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    1. Immediately gotten the Keystone Pipeline built out so we could use heavy crude from Canada to mix with our light, sweet crude from the shale fields, picking up Bakken oil on the way to the Gulf. 2. Stopped doing business with the KSA. 3. Enforced TRRC and NDIC and Oklahoma Corporation Commission rulings on venting (24 hours) and flaring (10days) natural gas. 4. Provide a subsidy to old refineries to upgrade to be able to use pure light, sweet shale oil. 5. Do a serious deal with President Xi, to provide him with LNG and crude oil: five year contract, fixed price. In return he stops using coal-fired utility plants to charge EV's with electricity. 6. Make a serious deal with Mexico to supply them with NG. 7. Would NOT subsidize renewables: if they're good enough, they'll stand on their own two feet.
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    I have no doubt at all that its technically possible, but they have been talking about those sort of vehicles in city areas for years. As I understand it the problem is noise.. a passenger carrying helicopter, electric or not, is still a noisy thing to have in city areas and you get substantial air drafts. The blades also require a lot of clearance. I don't think these can be used at street level. Using them to drop people on helipads at the top of major buildings is a distinct possibility and already happens to a certain extent. I don't know how much extra market there would be for these. Interesting but I wouldn't get enthusiastic. Using small autonomous drones to deliver parcels, now that's a possibility..
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    I heard on Twitter that Hunter advised his father not to respond to the Chinese aggression. Told him "not to take the bait". The CCP are just loving the appeasement, however, the Pentagon has sent the Theodore Roosevelt into the South China Sea so will be interesting to see how this plays out. According to the academics in the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, there is a 90% chance that China will cross a red line in the next few weeks.
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    It is because of organizations like the American Chamber of Commerce etc. and their big members. And besides, immigration law is the job of Congress. A president can only legally enforce the laws that Congress passes. How many ways and how many times do people need to be told this? And another thing that must for some reason be repeated quite often to get through thicker heads: Congress has eroded into a body that only passes extremely vague laws which forces a never ending stream of people to go to the courts to interpret. But make no mistake, if there is blame for immigration, border walls, cages, ICE or anything else to do with it, it is up to Congress to fix.
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    Russia now a net food exporter (overall - not just wheat), first time since Bolshevik management lost it that status in the 1950s.
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    Canadian Dilbit on trains doesn't work. When the ND Balkan shale production started to ramp up about 7 years ago several midstream companies had open seasons soliciting commitments so they could build takeaway pipelines. Nobody was interested. At the time it cost about $8 - $9 bbl to transport oil to the Gulf Refineries via unit trains vs about $4 to $5 bbl in a pipeline. Much of the oil was bought FOB at the wellhead. These traders preferred the flexibility of selling to either East Coast, West Coast, Gulf Coast or Midwest refineries. The U.S. crude export business had not developed yet. The extra cost associated with train transport was not a concern when oil was going for $90 bbl or more. Now the ND producers want/need the pipelines. They want the Keystone XL . Makes sense. They should build the XL. Yesterday when the South Dakota Senator Rounds said , "if the U.S. doesn't allow the Keystone XL to be built the oil will either be sold to China or transported on trains that are more dangerous". Neither is possible. (1) Dilbit on trains doesn't work (2) Re China, they have no way to get the Dilbit to a port. Even if they did transporting Dilbit on a tanker also doesn't work. Can Canadian Oil Sands wait 4 years for the U.S. XL leg ?
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    Without a permit no drilling on federal lands. That's Oil and Gas Operator Speak. New Mexico is going to be toast since oil and gas royalties and taxes pay for the entire education system. So skyrocketing property taxes, along with state taxes, so that's just one state. No pipelines curtails production also, so back into the hands of OPEC, non-OPEC. So, we'll probably lose about 3 million bbls without additional drilling so here come the tankers from SA, Iran, Russia? So, next time Iran hits the SA oil infrastructure, we'll be paying a lot more than just some dollars in the gas tank. If wells are drilled are are capable of producing they will be fracked. If drilled and fracked, then shut in, the well will be completed at the appropriate time. At this point, if the Operators are drilling now, they'll frack and complete since the DOI nominee, as Dan Warnick pointed out, will stop fracking and any related permits to complete. Haaland will probably be appointed by the Senate since she's Native American. You know, diversity is tantamount in the Biden Admin, and if you protest you are a racist.
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    Your ignorance is astounding, what do you actually know about oil, other than your car needs an oil change now and then? Here's the deal, most of the 4 million bbls per day Canada produced at the peak came from the oil sands. That bitumen has an API of about 10 on average. The minimum pipeline spec calls for API 19.5 and for safety reasons they up that to 20.5. Now how do they do that? Turns out they have two choices. They can blend it with diluent (usually pentanes plus) at about a one to three ratio. The other option is to blend with the kind of light, tight oil that the Bakken is famous for. As I've already explained on this site for years, because unlike you I actually know the oil business, the API of shale oil runs from 38-60 trending towards the high number. That makes it extremely light and in fact useless for refining into diesel and jet fuel. The long chain molecules simply aren't there. So buckwheat, the optimal solution is to take heavy bitumen and blend it with light tight oil and send it down to the gulf coast refineries where there's enough of both kinds of crude to satisfy demand for all end product, not just naptha and gasoline. The margins are better, the product is better and it's a win win for the industry and consumers. This endeth the lesson
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    I have been fighting the nuke spending for 20 years. Those bombs over Japan were like 13 Kt. You saw the pics, close to bare earth. Today’s nuke can be around 326 kt and a missile can have multiple warheads not that they need then. So a huge city like NY would be poof in a few minutes. It’s hard to find numbers but after a few cities go poof the entire world is in danger of climate freeze from debris in the air blocking the sun. So why have more than a few hundred? We still have over 6 thousand. Let’s say the world is totally dead if 50 huge cities go poof. So we need more than 500? Hell we’re dead 10 x over. It’s just a shame our politicians are so stupid. Both parties.
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    I respectfully disagree. If McCain fought back against Obama 1/10 as much as he criticised Trump he might have had an outside chance of beating Obama. A milquetoast will never be elected President. Well maybe not. Look what we just elected. McCain wasn't just a cowboy, he was not too bright. If not for his father he would not have gotten within 100 miles of Annapolis. He would have been thrown out for his grades or after he crashed the first jet into the Potomac. It's probably good McCain didn't win. He never met a war he didn't like. It's not worth talking about now. But remember - Again, is anybody pro oil and gas today ? You don't understand Trump is good as you are gonna get. The establishment Republicans under estimated Trump. "He will never win the nomination , he's a Clown" they laughed. They were wrong. Today the establishment Republicans (and you) think Trump's popularity will fade and disappear. They (and you) are wrong. Just my opinion. Don't take it personally.
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    So, Mr. Brown, in your heart of hearts, the place where your veracity center lives and breathes, you honestly feel that an election going 55:45 for Trump before the moratorium, then suddenly shifted 80:20 for Biden was on the up and up? Maybe in one state, my personal veracity center tells me. But in five or six? Well, I suppose stranger things could happen. I mean, the lizards grew large once, and then an Apollo Event created so much greenhouse gas that they died off. That was pretty strange, come to think of it, and quite a few years went by before Homo sapiens figured it out. If election fraud did indeed take place, watch out, because things like that are meteoric in proportion to what we've just witnessed. And remember, the truth always searches for light. If Mr. Biden is the product of an Apollo Event, then God bless him. But if the machines were rigged, then we're headed straight for a constitutional crisis the likes of which this republic has never seen. Not argumentative, just stating fact.
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    Don't forget, Saudi Arabia didn't sign on to a treaty acknowledging Israel; they were about to and then the Biden votes started coming in. Saudi Arabia should be treated as a pariah. They have been dishonest brokers. They have manipulated the market repeatedly. They're getting worse, not better--in the last five years they've crashed the market twice by intentional market-flooding, the last being during a damn pandemic when people were hurting. I am one of those people who applauded Harold Hamm, who flew to Washington with his mask on, pleaded with President Trump to order the Saudis to turn their ships around. He didn't. The futures market turned turtle to the tune of -$47/barrel. Lots of that was due to the fact that Mr. Trump had also stood down the EPA, and allowed shale producers to vent and flare to keep on drilling--the pipes got full, there was no stopping the input, and speculators bought pipeline reservations. But the message was clear: protect the prince. The prince who has never been told no, does pretty much what he wants to do, no matter the carnage. I voted twice for Mr. Trump but I can tell you firsthand that he did nothing positive for the small oil and gas producer and quite a bit that was pure negative. I voted for him because I felt Mr. Biden was dangerous to oil and gas specifically, and American defense in general--the military still runs on fossil fuels. So yes, this report could disrupt the relative calm of the Middle East--let it. The historic gains toward Middle East peace are between small governments--Emirates, Bahrain; not the bad actors, Iran, Yemen--and Israel. Those peace accords were manufactured from flatus and moonbeams, for show. For business. For politics. Is Biden about to throw a match on the gasoline? One can only hope! Trump did some good things but he also could have given a tinker's dam about oil and gas--he thought the lower the price of gasoline at the pump the better his approval rating would be. I'm not accusing you, but the great problem on this oil price forum is that Trump supporters won't say a critical word about him and Biden supporters won't say an approving word about the outgoing president. Mr. Trump has some fleas on him where oil and gas were concerned: he was all for the biggest companies--Exxon, Chevron--but not for shale. And right now, shale is almost all we have . . . though Guyana is going to be huge. I personally take Mr. Biden at his word: he appointed an American Indigenous Peoples woman with a hell of a chip on her shoulder as his Sec. of Interior, which is ultimately the dispenser of oil and gas leases. She has railed for years against fracking, even though the billion or two a year saved New Mexico from abject poverty. Biden owns Congress. He is going to pump money into renewables, make it hard for oil and gas in order to drive up the price so high that people bitch about it. To Mr. Biden, unlike any president in our hallowed past, high prices at the pump are wonderful, because they allow him to make his shift to renewables much, much faster. But you're right: in the process he's going to make the world a more dangerous place. I've learned one thing in oil and gas since watching it from 1952: you can't have both peace on earth and decent oil and gas prices.
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    There will never be another fair election. Game over. We've all lost. Your voice and your vote are equally meaningless. Your "representatives" represent their own interests and that of their masters, never yours, never again. Congrats You've never once addressed the workers blocking the windows with cardboard, the ballots run again and again (only caught because of building security footage, the election supervisors kicked people out for having cell phones, cameras or binoculars). By law the election was illegal, because by law there must be witnesses present. But Orange Man Bad, so rule of law didn't apply, and never will again.
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    All you're doing is documenting what the paid antifa BLM actors were doing. The Trump speech ended at 13:11 and the rioters were at the Capitol Building starting at 9:30. There wasn't a Trump supporter among them. You just love showing MSM lies. Easily disproven but you ignore the proof. Even the crap you're posting had no sources but you knew that. Pure unadulterated propaganda. This is the future you want? Dissenting voices silenced and deplatformed and nothing but lies from your Dear Leader, so popular he needed 35,000 troops and police to protect him from his adoring population? I can only hope you're not American because you're the very definition of traitor.
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    What is more idiotic: Even if the world gets its power from Wind/solar(assuming this is even possible) you STILL need the pipelines for Hydrogen, Diesel, Kerosene, naptha, etc as those products are going NOWHERE and they have no replacement. Even if they are "biodiesel" etc. There is no battery in this world, even if it had 5X the energy density of the best today which can pull a 24 row planter at 10mph all day long in field conditions far from a source of power.
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    I agree with that completely. But, I have to point out that right now, more than 70% of the voting public is saying "no way this guy got 11 million more votes than Obama". So, most of the country believes the election was stolen by the left, in 5 cities, in 5 swing states, where mail-in votes were treated like junk mail. The Republicans in office are weak and afraid. I'm a member of the Republican Party and belong to our local committee. We are actively looking for candidates. I'm in a major oil producing state with strong feelings about the Second Amendment. We may not be in D.C., but local government is where the groundwork is laid. So, by the time Biden does too much Fk ng damage, we'll stop him with the House in Republican hands in 2022. BTW, he's going to get a lot of pushback from NM, where a good portion of the Permian Basin is located on federal lands. NM may stand in Biden's way on preventing new drilling since the state is run by another whack job Democrat, Grisham, who Biden loves. So, hopefully we will survive under Biden, but I do worry about all his advisers, especially his wife - who, I believe, is going to be very dangerous.
  31. 5 points
    Agreed this will be quite a moment of reality for Cheney, she is not her father, this is not the 60's...that time has come and gone. https://thehill.com/homenews/house/534897-wyoming-county-votes-to-censure-liz-cheney-for-trump-impeachment-vote Wyoming county votes to censure Liz Cheney for Trump impeachment vote
  32. 5 points
    Your commentary brought up a very humbling moment for me perhaps 15 yrs ago, it was a moment that startled me then and still today. I still grapple with it at times but i take solace due soley to fact i was never asked to assume the responsibility for the world. It seems quite apparent to me today the citizen's of this united states were never asked to assume the responsibility of the world. Responsibility is rather a big word, easily said yes taking action is a entirely different world. I ask anyone of any means, or responsibility...would you assume the responsibility for 25 million people of another country when your own countrymen are not cared for adequately.. Who placed this burden upon this US to assume world responsibility, who had the audacity to even contemplate such a absurd Concept. One man one party, who now is living in Martha's Vineyard, the absolute epitome of excessive wealth, a true playground for displaying wealth and arrogance. It would seem he has arrived and let go of his community organizing roots..shredding himself of responsibility. Leadership by example...do as i say not as i do. So many opinions so little time. Did i say humanity is quite messy?
  33. 5 points
    Is Biden using Science or is he "cutting off his nose to spite Trump's face"? The man is on the loose already and hasn't even stepped into the WH. Surrounded by National Guard troops, who Senator Cohen from Tennessee believes need to be grilled, in case they're Trump voters, Biden will take his oath of office and swear allegiance to the Constitution of the United States. You know, "We the People"! Apparently that is lost on this guy who is, as we know, not all there and being fed his rules and directives by others around him. To say he believes in Science and will revoke the permit on the XL Pipeline just shows how much he believes in nothing but the talking points of the Paris Climate Accord agreement to take America down the tubes. XL would move 800,000 barrels of crude from Canada, pick up Bakkan crude, move on to there states and pull in their crude and hook up to Cushing and on to the refineries in Texas. They all scream that it is the biggest environmental disaster ever created, but you have to look at the Alaska pipeline and say "well, what about this pipeline"? It carries around 1/2 million barrels of crude across Alaska and has had little impact on the environment.
  34. 4 points
    One US naval battlegroup is not enough to counter China. Kaoshiung is the entry point in an invasion. China does not need to swarm the long coastline....just take over Kaoshiung via a cyber warfare, bombardment of military facilities and use of drones, elite parachute troops, etc. A container port like Kaoshiung is large with many berths. Once secured, China can land hundreds of thousands of soldiers and military hardware. USA can threaten all they like once China has entered Taiwan.
  35. 4 points
    Did you hear Xi Jinping speech at Davos today. Davos is a waste. Davos banned Trump from Davos for life and gave Xi the open speech slot. Xi basically talked about China's version of globalism (aka hegemony). Xi actually said if countries pursue decoupling from China's economy they risk war. Biden needs to make a public statement denouncing China's increased intimidation. Some State Department lackey is worthless. China owns Joe Biden , Mitch McConnell , Nancy Pelosi , Barbara Feinstein , Eric Swalwell and many more. The good news is the white , college educated , suburban Philadelphia women that voted for Biden because he said wear a face mask got their man in the Whitehouse. (NOTE : In my city I have seen 100% wearing mask compliance since the beginning of March. It doesn't seem to have helped) All is good in the world. Not.
  36. 4 points
    Trump won the election. He lost the cheating. Do try and keep up.
  37. 4 points
    This guy, Peter Daszak, is the one from EcoHealth. Peter Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance Has Hidden Almost $40 Million In Pentagon Funding And Militarized Pandemic Science
  38. 4 points
    Prices are set when a buyer and a seller agree on the price. I do not understand why anyone thinks Tesla or Amazon shares have the price they do, but clearly someone does. Same is true for bitcoin or the value of a US dollar or any other currency. Basically, the value of each of these things is a shared fantasy.
  39. 4 points
    Sorry, SUZNV, looks like it was this character who made the idiotic statement. Don't know how it picked your name up. Thanks for not hollering at me. I'm really not very good at this quote stuff. More of a narrative sort of man.
  40. 4 points
    Good point, A flow chart of these groups and interactions would probably blow everyone’s mind!
  41. 4 points
    Well inauguration day Iraq just had their largest suicide bombing in 4 years. In fact they were basically non existent during the Trump admin. Coincidence?
  42. 4 points
    Gerry, I would agree that in a perfect world MBS would literally be thrown to the wolves but if one takes a realist view on foreign policy is not the continuation of the petro-dollar more important? You may not be comfortable with this; I may or may not be comfortable with this but seemingly an easy argument can be made to leave “well enough alone”. The new President seems to want, no matter the justification, to use less oil. Not that he will acknowledge that using less oil means less output and production and a lower standard of living for the country as a whole.
  43. 4 points
    Rules for thee and not for me, serf!
  44. 4 points
    They were hired by the DNC and I've already documented it here! They were dressed as Trump supporters and the entire thing was a false flag operation. @Jeffrey Brown either can't see the evidence because of his TDSCD or doesn't care because he is himself an operative.
  45. 4 points
    Just a delusional young man, overly emotional,full of rage, objectivity was not a strong suit. Now that does not make him a bad guy however..balance was a issue i believe..go figure.
  46. 4 points
    Well since you asked big E This post is not open for debate. I have listened to everyone else’s hatred, rhetoric and outright lies for the last four years, so now I am having my say. If you don’t like it, you know where the delete button is. Let me be clear, I am not a Biden fan. I think he is corrupt, a liar, a racist bigot, is in bed with China and probably suffering from dementia. Not to mention the fact that he’s a pedophile. He has done nothing to improve anything in his 47-year political career. But what has Trump done in the past 4 years? The "arrogant" in the White House brokered four Middle East Peace Accords, something that 71 years of political intervention and endless war failed to produce. The "buffoon" in the White House is the first president that has not engaged us in a foreign war since Eisenhower. The "racist" in the White House has had the greatest impact on the economy, bringing jobs, and lowering unemployment to the Black and Latino population of ANY other president. Ever. The "liar" in the White House has exposed the deep, widespread, and long-standing corruption in the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, and the Republican and Democratic parties. The "buffoon" in the White House turned NATO around and had them start paying their dues. The "fool" in the White House neutralized the North Koreans and stopped them sending missiles toward Japan, and threatening the West Coast of the US. The "xenophobe" in the White House turned our relationship with the Chinese around, brought hundreds of businesses back to the US, and revived the economy. This same “clown” lowered your taxes, increased the standard deduction on your IRS return from $12,500 to $24,400 for married couples and caused the stock market to rise to record levels, positively impacting the retirement accounts of tens of millions of citizens. The “clown” in the White House fast-tracked the development of multiple COVID Vaccines which are now available or will be soon. And yet we still don't have a vaccine for SARS, Bird Flu, Ebola, or a host of diseases that arose during previous administrations. The “clown” in the White House rebuilt our military which the Obama administration crippled and fired 214 key generals and admirals in his first year of office. I got it, you don't like him. Many of you utterly hate and despise him. How special of you. He is serving you and ALL the American people. What are you doing besides calling him names and laughing about him catching the China virus? Some of you were even hoping that COVID would be the cause of his demise. (Ah, the left. The party of “tolerance”. ) Please educate me again as to what Biden has accomplished for America in his 47 years in office, besides making the whole Biden family richer? By the way, where is Hunter? I’ll take the “clown” any day versus a fork tongued, smooth talking hypocritical corrupt liar. I want a strong leader who isn’t afraid to kick some butt when needed. I don’t need a fatherly figure. I don’t need a liar. That's what Hollywood, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and the New York Times are for. Fake a$$ news anyway. Call me a chump, a racist, or part of the basket of deplorables. I do not care!
  47. 4 points
    Thousands of affidavits, millions of votes shredded, judges refusing to hear evidence and electors refusing direct orders to allow machines to be forensically examined. But yeah, more moronic websites say nothing to see here, move along. Meanwhile "media popularity"? Are you freaking kidding me? There has never been a more unpopular media figure in history than Donald Trump. There was a full court press against him since before he was even elected in 2016. Multiple studies including from Harvard showed the press was negative towards him 97% of the time. To overcome all that showed that Americans have Bullshit detectors you Canadians lack. The truth about this election is being buried as fast as they can find shovels. The MSM is complicit in covering it up, along with Big Tech as is obvious to anyone with eyes and an IQ over room temperature. This isn't populism because of the media but in spite of it.
  48. 4 points
    I was just waiting for BIden to do it. It is bad for Canada, I am not feeling fond of Canada right now because they haven't built their own pipelines and are generally left wing. It seems that higher prices will help American oil right now. Am I wrong? I support all pipelines, especially natural gas. https://canadafreepress.com/article/oklahoma-and-texas-rank-far-more-attractive-for-oil-and-gas-investment-than
  49. 4 points
    These people better have huge insurance policies!
  50. 4 points
    Indeed. One needn't look far to find a news article or video with Biden or a staffer telling us that he will sign back into the Paris Climate Accord, either on his first day in office or soon thereafter, and etc. etc. etc. All appear to be negative to the Oil & Gas Industry. Your photo above is great. Building bridges for the bears is above and beyond environmental work, IMHO. And those bears seem to appreciate the (presumably?) heated pipes under their paws for their commute.