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    ^ Of your many asinine comments bordering on third-grade level sophistication, this is one of your dumbest. Try to look at where you will be in thirty years. Do you think, looking back, that you'll be proud of making a stupid statement like that? If so, God help your poor parents, and all that have to claim you as kin. Try to imagine that you're actually saying this stuff to me, and to the other several members of this forum, most of whom I would imagine to be much more successful and accomplished than you. And then go pour yourself a scotch and try to imagine why you're doing this. Is it for some small psychopathic gain? Some feeling that you're now playing in the major leagues? I would fully consider that several people on this forum could buy you out of their back pocket. And there are several more who clearly have an IQ vastly superior to yours. So what are you gaining here? What is your game? Are you coming on here in order to get a little hormonal boost? Maybe a chuckle? Or are you lost? Look, there's a suicide hotline. If you're really this desperate for attention, please call it. If you have some sort of mommy issue--maybe she didn't like you--then that's a bummer and they have a protocol for that. If you have a daddy issue--can't live up to the old man's expectations--then they have a protocol for that too. They deal with people like you every hour of the day. Anyone can go insane. Many of us come on here to read and learn and converse with peers on a courteous level. Some of them don't agree with me, but they treat me well. I don't always agree with them, but I try to see their view of things. There is no place for someone with your level of unsophistication, or frankly, your degree of insolence, on this board. Try a little self-examination and then come back with something to add.
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    State election rule changes have to be codified by the state legislature. This was not done in several states. Ostensibly for the sake of paying homage to the pandemic, the way absentee ballots were to be managed were changed by the Secretary of State of several specific states, some of which are so-called swing states--the ones in question currently. It is over, boys. Tomorrow, if I'm right, several lawsuits will be filed against the State of Georgia Election Board, Secretary of State Raffensperger and Governor Brian Kemp--all co-conspirators and complicit. If and when this thing goes before the Supreme Court, if enough justices follow the Constitution of the United States, they will nullify the election and send it to the House of Representatives for the selection of a president. And then all hell will break out. Regardless of whatever happens with Dominion, I think it's all over but the celebration. If I'm wrong, well, I never was much of a lawyer.
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    Plenty of that, but has proven out in large scale right now. Or is the unified stance of the media and socials to censor the actual news and shut down discourse not obvious to you?
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    Simple questions for all. Why did the battleground states take so long to count all their votes even when their vote total is less than half of that of larger states such as CA, TX, NY and FL who got it all done in 5-6 hours? Why did the Democrats want to drag out vote counting in these battle ground states? Why did they count the mail in ballots last, and did not start counting those earlier in the day? Why did they suddenly stop counting after midnight in ALL battleground states at the same time when the election was going to be called for Trump within 1 hour? Was it so that they knew exactly how many additional mail in ballots they had to "find" over night? How is it that by 6 am (only 5 hours later), hundreds of thousands of mail in ballots had suddenly been counted, and they were virtually all for Biden? Looks like a pre-counted batch to me. There are dozens of other questions to ask and irregularities to investigate. If they find serious criminal activity, let's hope someone goes to jail. Otherwise, we can declare that the US is one of the worst banana republics on the planet now.
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    Aw, come on, Jay! For a smart guy you can be as dumb as a stump, when it fits your purpose. Dead people have been voting in America since we became a Republic; every politician knows it and furthermore knows that the only way to win is to take into consideration the cemetery vote. Not only that but there are centers of voter fraud to fit the system, most of them Democrat, though I'm sure the Republicans have a few too. The old Boss Tweed Machine was notorious; it ran NYC from Tammany Hall until Mr. Tweed died--and NYC has been endowed with the corrupt Democrat vote-getting cerebral cortex ever since. Furthermore, the mailbags containing the military vote has been put down in more corners than you can count in the Pentagon (over 20,000). We haven't even touched on voting machines, the anathema of any strict Lutheran, not to mention the Luddites. Those babies can be programmed from as far away as . . . well hell, Jay, I'll bet you anything a guy could program one from Beijing. HaHaHa. Furthermore, though I'd like to put you down as average, you are far from "average." You make more money. You were born with a larger brain, though you sometimes use it for the damnedest purposes. You are some sort of cog in the California Dream Machine, though I haven't figured out just where you fit. In short, you know too much about energy dynamics and economics to be outside the looking glass, looking in. A cog knows that a lithium-ion battery storage bunker is going to be built at Moss Landing before the local realtors. We do not have transparency. For instance, transparency would mean that every voter in America today knows that the computer in question in Antrim County Michigan has been interrogated by a bipartisan panel of experts and hadn't been tampered with. And we'd know why so many people either moved away from or died in Nevada--has there been a toxic spill? If we had transparency we'd all know for sure why Fox News precipitously called Arizona and at that moment, every swing state stopped counting--was that just a two-hour coffee break or what? In truth we know none of those things and are therefore like earthworms tossing the soil during a tumultuous political season: we're being kept in the dark, fed bullshit with a little wine thrown in by the elite San Francisco class, likely Plumpjack chardonnay aged in oak by the Newsom-Getty winery. The "Average American" is the person whom you want as a customer for your wind and sun power but makes the equipment and knows it's mostly junk. The average American likes cars with carburetors and reluctantly drives one with fuel injection. The average American would rather go to war with China than to suffer through a bout of their virus. The average American showed up at one of Trump's rallies, instead of driving a Prius over to a parking lot so Joe Biden could holler at them for five minutes like a scene out of Pixar's "Cars". The average American has lost someone to Alzheimer's and is pretty damn sure he recognizes the same process brewing in his new president-elect's brain. The average American--trust me on this--knows that the new president will not be exiting the Oval Office at age 82, cracking jokes and barking out astute executive decisions. And when it dawns on the average American that he has been duped--when it becomes apparent that the Boss Tweed Political Machine knew all along that their candidate was impaired--he or she is going to be madder than a hornet. At that point, you will get to witness, up close and personal, what the average American does when you piss him off.
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    I've had Frankie on ignore but I can tell by the title he's back to doing the wumaodang's bidding. I've been following the news in Taiwan, they are the ones who released a lot of the most incriminating Biden dirt including full backgrounds on the parties the American media ignored (well let's be honest, the media could not have ignored more if they tried, which they did). Taiwan knows full well Biden will sell them down the river, it was arranged in advance. This means China gets TSMC, which means every single semiconductor you've heard of and a lot you haven't is going to be under their complete control. That is the prize. America can't build a Class 10 Fab overnight and we don't have the support infrastructure for post fab work anymore, thanks to years of neglect. We certainly have the best chip designers in the world, I used to work at one, but everyone went fabless in the 90's and TSMC was the beneficiary.
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    No, they do not. In the USA, additional to the Statutes and Regulations created by government, we have a body of law known as "tort law." If one entity, a person or corporation, harms another person by its acts and practices, then they can be sued for money damages and injunctive relief. Further, a nice chunk of US tort law flows from "bad acts" damages suits, sometimes referred to as "breach of the covenant of good faith and fair dealing." Malicious bad acts, or intentional acts as contrasted with negligent acts, are especially punishable by the use of "exemplary damages." Much of American corporate propaganda is directed at constraining such punishing-damages awards, what corporations have labelled as "tort reform." For Americans here, don't be fooled. Nobody gets sued for running a clean ship. The lawsuits start when the corporation behaves in a sleazy, deceitful, reprehensible way, and you see that when certain "managers" get hired out of certain "business schools" where they should never have been admitted. Harvard has been the worst offender, admitting trashy people as students, those with no moral compass. Shame on them.
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    That is Giuliani's part and official campaign legal team, which has a much narrower mandate than Sidney Powell's project. She is deliberately outside the campaign team so that she is not hampered by its hierarchy, The unconstitutional amendments beyond the legislature's dictates to election procedures are going to cause a cutoff of ballots received late and a remedy to have a forensic examination to determine the number of eligible votes from the discard pile of each precinct and reduce the count in proportion. Wards/precincts with large overvotes will likely be proportionately reduced to closer to their normal turnout ratios. However, recent survey work of republican voters shows 20-50% depending on state, had sent their ballots in but they were not recorded as having voted. That can not be remedied directly by calling all the voters due to the tight schedule. That may lead to the court leaving the decision to the legislatures or dictating a final count if Sidney Powell's line focusing on the Dominion/Smartmatic chicanery is in time with a clear path to quantify the original vote before it was altered by the software. Powell's side were still working out the reverse engineering of the algorithms used in the elections in all states. Powell hinted at some really nasty findings that are terrible for Dems where one state added a fixed number of votes for each Dem congressional or Senate candidate in the range of 35k. If this has been going on for the past decade's elections, then congress may actually be Republican, and the Senate more red than it was.
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    The fraud is at multiple levels. Counting machine, tabulator, reporting software, physical ballots (ballot harvesting and ballot stuffing) and recounting stacks of ballots that have already been counted before. The Dominion tabulation software is not the only level where changes were made. The reporting system shows its own indelible signature including the loss of 941k votes in PA. They DO NOT need to come from Dominion tabulators alone, they can and did come from the election management software collecting from the tabulators. Meaning that the entire state's count is in question, not just the 46 counties with Dominion tabulators. The paper ballots mean nothing if you don't audit them and do a signature comparison and validation on the envelope discard pile. Mr. Appel is being deliberately myopic in his focus on the particular machines in those 46 counties. They were not ALL of the fraud, they were PART of it. Stop looking for excuses not to act and get with the program to expose the fraud and repair the election system because what we have now is clearly easily manipulated. Till the existing system is gone, nobody should believe in any election result. For all we know Biden may have lost VA and IL. Congress may have been majority Republican. The Rep legislatures of these states can discard the certifications and dictate complete audited recounts and forensic analysis of envelopes. But the Federal level investigation of voting software and machine manipulation of the counting and reporting are on such a huge scale that ballot stuffing and such are just not the main problem in this election.
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    The PA tally of envelope receipts vs those sent out reveals that over 100k were returned via mail within 2 days or less, which is 1 day less than the shortest mail round trip ever made. That is public record of backdating of ballots that requires no effort to prove in court and sufficient to Scrub PA's lead for Biden. There is no way you can retain the delusion of "small scale" fraud in this election without consciously deciding to plug your ears and close your eyes. Your feel good internal and social dialogues about this election are in clear opposition to the statistical evidence data scientists have come up with. As the hard sci guy that you are, it is just a matter of time that you will be overcome by the hard evidence of broad fraud.
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    The robustness of a clear and fair democratic process is far far above party politics. Whether you like or hate Trump / Biden there is no justification to cheat an election on the basis of keeping the other party out. Once we go down that route in the west we are no better than the Banana republic states of Africa / Latin America and parts of Asia. People justifying cheating an election to keep Trump / Biden out of office are just the people who kept dictators like Mugabe in power and all the abuses that went with it. I see AOC wants to compile lists of 'Trump Sycophants' to hold them to account. Sounds very ominous - lists etc.
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    Yes indeed. In person, and a purple dyed finger so you can't vote again.
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    Game. Set. Match. Try to hide THIS Pennsylvania : Switched : 220,883 Lost Votes : 941,248 New Jersey : Switched : 80,242 Lost Votes : 20 Florida : Switched : 21,422 Lost Votes : 456 Michigan : Switched : 20,213 Lost Votes : 21,882 New York : Switched : 18,124 Lost Votes : 623,213 Georgia : Switched : 17,407 Lost Votes : 33,574 Ohio : Switched : 14,965 Lost Votes : 5,102 Virginia : Switched : 12,163 Lost Votes : 789,023 California : Switched : 7,701 Lost Votes : 10,989 Arizona : Switched : 4,492 Lost Votes : 0 Minnesota : Switched : 2,766 Lost Votes : 195,650 Tennessee : Switched : 2,330 Lost Votes : 0 Louisiana : Switched : 2,322 Lost Votes : 0 Illinois : Switched : 2,166 Lost Votes : 54,730 Wisconsin : Switched : 2,078 Lost Votes : 3,408 Colorado : Switched : 1,809 Lost Votes : 0 Utah : Switched : 1,627 Lost Votes : 0 New Hampshire : Switched : 973 Lost Votes : 116 Iowa : Switched : 938 Lost Votes : 477 New Mexico : Switched : 268 Lost Votes : 4,610 Missouri : Switched 0 : Lost Votes : 20,730 Nevada : Switched : 0 Lost Votes : 0 Alaska : Switched : 0 Lost Votes : 0 Washington : Switched : 0 Lost Votes : 0 Hawaii : Switched : 0 Lost Votes : 0 Kansas and Texas use Premier Election Solutions, owned by Dominion Voting Systems. Texas : Switched : 14,954 Lost Votes : 30,557 Kansas : Switched : 1,674 Lost Votes : 2,154 Election Systems & Software : Nebraska : Switched : 30,086 Lost Votes : 50 Kentucky : Switched : 8,129 Lost Votes : 23,849 Arkansas : Switched : 3,664 Lost Votes : 20,748 South Carolina : Switched : 2,779 Lost Votes : 2,119 Montana : Switched : 2,330 Lost Votes : 1,276 South Dakota : Switched : 1,347 Lost Votes : 1 North Dakota : Switched : 234 Lost Votes : 681 Maryland : Switched : 203 Lost Votes : 0 North Carolina : Switched : 0 Lost Votes : 15 District of Columbia : Switched : 0 Lost Votes : 0 Nebraska : Switched : 30,086 Lost Votes : 50 Connecticut : Switched : 3,834 Lost Votes : 272 Massachusetts : Switched : 3,613 Lost Votes : 51 Oregon : Switched 2,557 Lost Votes : 0 Alabama : Switched : 1,170 Lost Votes : 408 Mississippi : Switched : 355 Lost Votes : 0 Maine : Switched : 271 Lost Votes : 35 Rhode Island : Switched : 6 Lost Votes : 13 West Virginia : Switched : 0 Lost Votes : 78,300 Idaho : Switched 0 Lost Votes : 0 Oklahoma : Switched : 0 Lost Votes : 0 Indiana : Switched : 0 Lost Votes : 0 Delaware : Switched : 0 Lost Votes : 0 Vermont : Switched : 0 Lost Votes : 0 NOTE : Lost votes are votes that disappeared, not only for Trump, but overall. VERIFIED!!!!: The bad news for the Demoncrats is they had so many votes to overcome that they became incredibly sloppy. Now it's too bad for Jay that he's not a lawyer, even though I can point to the post where he said it (unless he edits it, and hopes I didn't make a copy). That is because the DNC has an all points bulletin out to hire lawyers in Every battleground state and is willing to pay them $140,000 per week! Now ask yourself, who but a guilty as sin person pays that much for a lawyer? While they're trying to buy off lawyers and judges, tens of thousands of bright computer science guys are busy scanning the data files. The Demoncrats are having to work overtime to clean up all the spills, but they don't have enough time and those pesky internet sleuths keep outsmarting them. Oh, and of course the data is being archived like crazy so doing the trick that Michigan has done of shutting down the website is too little, too late.
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    Gosh, I wonder too. Maybe it was the "basket of deplorables?" What are you, Jay? Ten? The Democrat Party used to be the party for poor working people of farms and ranches, truck-drivers, wage-earners, unions. The Democrat Party was the party that Woody Guthrie sang about--the FDR New Deal and WPA. And then, somewhere along the line, it became the party of tech, Hollywood, intellectuals, and especially coastal elites. The Democrat Party has deserted oil and gas, the ostensible foundation of this forum, though it has been hijacked mostly by people who bear animosity toward oil and gas. My grandfather, who watched the first deep oil well shoot crude way above the top of the derrick, was a poor Democrat. Trust me on this: The hillbillies know quite a bit about the Democrat Party. It's the one that deserted them.
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    The fraud in the states showing Benford's law violations and or statistical anomalies of ballot or vote distributions indicate a vote fraud on the scale of 2 million votes of excess turnout amounting to up to 20% of the votes of some swing states and resulting in turnuots of up to 110% of votes in particular Dem controlled counties from which Biden derived his "wins" The forensic survey of the envelopes will show how many were not acceptable in the relevant precincts and those tallies will be penalized accordingly or the entire county count invalidated, which is nearly 1 mil votes in Philly and Pitts alone. Note that Chicago and Virginia votes are also in question with some additional million or more of questionable excess turnout in Dem controlled counties. The potential scale of the fraud is above 3 million and would easily be as much as the entirety of Biden's popular vote lead..
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    No, Western Countries would happily seize all oversea China personal assets and use that for compensation for loss in a sanction with China. This means all the red capitalists would see their assets value evaporated and food and energy would be a problem. I wonder if Xi can demand such a sacrifice from the internal CCP themselves for Taiwan. Why should anyone care about the enemy's assets or loans? And with the tech innovation evolving speed nowadays, soon China would be far far behind and would they pay Russian oil with RMB? US would be happy, Japan, Korea would be happy, Germany would be happy. Can China have great innovation from sticks without resources? Deng was able to make the border war with Vietnam in 1979 to consolidate power because China had nothing to lose back then after the great lead forward and the great culture revolution (and partly most of the Vietnamese battalions was in Cambodia)
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    I disagree Jay. I may agree with most of your analysis on the green economy, but I think that the average American wants to know that their vote actually counts. There are military personnel fighting for freedom and democracy in Afghanistan that have just seen their votes turn up in a dumpster. Imagine how they feel. They have put their lives on the line in the name of Democracy only to be severely betrayed. Some have said they will quit the military over the issue. Not good at all. There is no democracy without transparency and here in Australia, we are not laughing at America, we are deeply concerned and petrified the same thing might happen here. Has happened in South Korea too.
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    I agree on the HCQ. They were incompetent IMO. From what I see on this video, we need a complete recount using all this information. Possibly a revote, recount or whatever. I actually think that Trump won. We need to change this whole system. It is obviously full of holes.
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    No, you're wrong, in my opinion. Nobody jumped off the cliff with him. You're right in one regard: Donald Trump was his own worst enemy. But you truly don't understand politics. Especially American politics. Mr. Trump lost the election when he said that John McCain wasn't a war hero (even though he had spent five years in the Hanoi Hilton and had a frozen left arm). It was still retrievable. But then John died. And Mr. Trump not only failed to call Cindy McCain (who is a very, very rich woman with a great amount of power nationally and specifically in the state of Arizona) but he didn't want to fly the flag at half-mast for more than one-half day. It was still retrievable. But then Mr. Trump doubled down about veterans, and specifically Vietnam veterans. That roused the hatred of several generals and also of Cindy McCain. Joe Biden had served with her husband in the Senate for three decades. Biden's son Beau died of glioblastoma multiforme. Then John McCain got the same tumor. Joe Biden comforted Meghyn McCain as well as Cindy McCain. Mr. Trump apparently didn't call. Fast forward: two weeks prior to voting, Cindy McCain makes a five-minute campaign ad for Joe Biden. It was aired by every major network. Not just in the state of Arizona, but nationally. They're saying in Arizona that John McCain spoke from the grave. Whatever, it cost the election for Mr. Trump. It's fine with me for you to come on here with your weird name and make all sorts of declarations. For the sake of yawns, I would appreciate it if you would get at least 50% correct. My tabulation on you is pretty dismal, as I suspect yours is on me. Mr. Trump was a horribly flawed candidate and president. If he had never opened his mouth or tweeted a thing he would have won, hands down, because we have had a great economy, a booming stock market, a robust housing market, and Main Street was at last doing as well as Wall Street. Mr. Trump lifted up thousands of African-Americans and Spanish-Americans. He simply can't help denigrating people who don't pass his test. The other night in Kenosha, he had the audience. His microphone didn't work well. Some very nervous little guy starts working on it and Trump suggests to the (now silent) crowd that he shouldn't be paid, because the microphone didn't work right. This man made a tiny fraction of what Mr. Trump had as a wee baby, yet Mr. Trump felt compelled to put his down and make him small and the crowd hated him for it, no matter that he had saved Kenosha just a few weeks ago. Anyway, I grow feeble trying to straighten out your misconceptions. Please try harder! But look around at the people here. No one jumped off the cliff with anyone, Big Fellow. We're fine. How are you doing over in China? Gosh, since you're so worried about us, I find myself worrying about you almost full time.
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    One of the problems Canadian mining companies run into whenever they propose to open a new mine is some huge outpouring of resistance from activists and 'First Nations' representatives. Often those who are promoting the mine find that the activists are misinformed - much of what the activists say the mining companies are going to do is ridiculous - way out of proportion or environmental damage that would clearly be illegal under Canadian law. When they find the source of the funding, it turns out to be foreign interests that already have competing properties. The 'activists' are hired to frustrate competitors to existing companies. The instant someone's 'blanket solution' is 'nuclear is the only way to go' it's reasonable to assume someone is trying to kill a viable competitor. There is no doubt renewables cause some environmental damage, and this may include migratory bird die-offs and loss of habitat due to deforestation. Wind turbines aren't the only things that kill birds - the worst offenders are tall buildings. If we have to get rid of the turbines, then we need to outlaw skyscrapers first. The TED talk I'm watching may not be the same link, but some of the terminology that shows up 'large land areas'. He doesn't define what 'large' is. He describes the Ivanpah solar concentrator as a 'Solar Farm' - it's a solar concentrator, and is already obsolete and shut down. This is a blatantly misleading narrative. His charts and graphs show solar and wind costing 'twice as much' for 'half the output', which is a legitimate assertion for 2018-2019. Renewable costs, just like every other energy source, have volatile cost components. Renewable costs are mostly trending down, along with most other energy sources. "Renewables require 17 times more material than nuclear plants". The first problem with this is the nature of the materials - silicon and aluminum are the most common elements in the Earth's crust after oxygen. In other words, so what? Then he goes on to assert that 'discarded solar panels will be shipped to third world countries where workers will be exposed to lead, cadmium, and chromium'. OK, where is the lead, cadmium, and chromium in solar panels? How do we get to those toxins from waste that doesn't contain them? In any case 'experts fear...' isn't anything more than someone's conjecture. Aluminum and glass are easy to recycle. Photovoltaic cells can be converted back to silane gas (SiH4) to make new PVs. 'Sunlight is really diffuse and dilute', but it shines 'everywhere'. Meaning someone on Fiji can put up a solar panel, in a situation where a nuclear plant would be impractical. 'New version of Blade Runner, where all of California's deserts are paved with solar farms'. Anyone that does the math on this realizes that the area needed to run the entire US is a square about 100 miles on a side. There is more 'disturbed earth' in the Permian Basin, not to mention the Nevada Test Site. In any case, this is a reference to a work of fiction. "It's hard to ramp nuclear up and down". This would be immaterial as we move more toward power storage. Nuclear plants are 'baseload', generating constant output. Except that power demand isn't constant - 3:00 AM power needs are about 40% of daytime peaks. Therefore, storage would allow nuclear to 'flatten' it's production output, just like the other power sources. By the end of this Ted Talk, Shellenberger has not even acknowledged photovoltaic cells. All his facts are rearward facing. The picture of two workers on a burning wind turbine dates from 2013 - it's likely that the safety issues exposed from that accident have been addressed. It's likely that this narrative has a sponsor, and that sponsor is staying well out of sight.
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    Till the EC votes, the election is not over. Legal interventions that prevent an EC vote will lead to a one vote per state election in the house.Till that time, the only way Biden is president elect and the next president is if Trurmp concedes. The contested state counts and elections are still not concluded and the SCOTUS may decide their fate according to the evidence presented. It all depends on the remedies they choose according to which of the many causes of removing the results for GA MI VA PA MI WI AZ NV they choose to be primary. The clear evidence is of massive fraud. If they focus on the clear limits in time, then the middle of the night counts with their sudden spikes will be removed, as witnesses have placed the arrival of the ballots well past the close of the voting places. The portion of the counts following the spikes were obviously fake as can be shown from the data stream of the results. The anomalies in the data stream also provide a broad correction for the swing state counts and as it is across state lines, an argument Federal level control of the ballots and records and of the counting process for forensic evaluation would be proper. If Sidney Powell's separate suit is proving what she says then the entire election will have to be redone for the down ballot candidacies. If the numbers she suspects were correct, then there is likely to be a Republican house and Senate. State legislatures would probably be given the choice of keeping the results with proper remedies to repair the counts, or running a new election.
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    Unfortunately for us, the Powell version of the fake election is the more likely correct one. But the President is in need of cooperation in his party more than he needs to win in court such a case that would tear down the entire election system and add the congressional elections and Senate elections. Powell is putting together a broader case than what the Reps want. It as based on evidence she collected from mathematicians and data scientists as well as the internal whistleblowers from Dominion and from election boards and SOS offices. There was a clear pattern of Dominion making money by auctioning off vote manipulation along with paying off election officials. There is no doubt that a criminal prosecution on a national security basis is coming with the overturn of the "counts". The Zuckerberg non profits are the employers of many of the counting and electoral boards.Their criteria for funding are stacked against Rep and promote Dem overcounts and overvotes. Criminal investigations of these non profits and of Zuckerberg himself at the Federal level should be coming.
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    The Greens? Everything. The rest of us? Basically nothing. That's beside the point though. This isn't about climate change, which is just a cover story sold to an idiotic population. In most countries, rapid electrification is about geopolitical freedom. Cut the oil demand, and suddenly the Middle East isn't your problem any more - and you're not as beholden to the US, who secures your trade lanes in exchange for a variety of favors. Most of the world will be willing to pay for this freedom. It's the same with the "circular economy": formulated to solve geopolitical problems; sold by extolling its "green" benefits. I've often wondered, "Why climate change? Why not any number of other strategies?" I suspect the problem is the Western outpouring of sympathy for poor people in poor nations. If it were clear to the virtue signalers that the end of resource extraction in poor nations would throw hundreds of millions into abject poverty, they'd have a crisis of conscience. To avoid that, we give them an even bigger problem to fixate on: the alleged end of the world. Of course, that's pure speculation. It just seems to me that all of this is clever salesmanship to achieve remarkably practical goals.
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    No he's a normal person unlike the unhinged lefties
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    Genuine answer. This kind of deep rooted corruption isn't going to go away with the usual bromides. Evidence has been known to "disappear" in court records, sealed for all eternity (unless it helps a certain democrat candidate named Obama). One mechanism the govt uses is "continuous investigation" so for instance trying to find out information about the Las Vegas shooting gets stymied because it's still "under investigation". Why? Supposedly the perp is still dead but everything is under lock and seal. If Sydney doesn't bring up at least the main issues in public the deep state gets to bury it again, and again, and again. That's what they have been doing, for decades. America has spent billions "exporting" democracy. What happens when the world discovers that a few bad actors have been suborning that democracy with these "shenanigans"? The deep State is very, very worried.
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    We didn't uncover it, Brad. We were aware of the irregularities and are pleased they are being brought to the light of day. Again, this has nothing to do with Republican or Democrat. If they are guilty, they should be tried in a court of law and sentenced like every other man or woman. We are created equal. We should be punished equally.
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    It is electoral fraud Here are easy to understand vote count records from the count reporting streams of several states GA. Note each batch having the same ratio of Biden to Trump votes. Clear evidence of fraud MI the same Other patterns from the ward or precinct counts show systematic fraud. Counter to some analysts trying to imply that Dominion machines alone were in question, it is the also the collection and management software at the state level that are compromised as are the smartmatic counting machines. All were wide open to manipulation and reprogramming at the counting, tabulation and reporting levels. All were used. The gross results by state show it too. Here is VA losing 373k votes There is no question of electronic fraud, there is also likely phsyical ballot fraud. They were losing hard and had to go well beyond the "normal" scale of cheating as Hillary did in 2016, which is why she did not contest several very tight races, where her efforts fell short of cheating her way into the presidency. I have not seen the results of the Obama elections analyzed but I would not be surprised if his wins were "helped along" with substantial fraud.
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    FICTION All security procedures were out the window in the disputed counties. Stop looking for excuses, "nothing going on here" is not a statement of fact. Let him swear to it under penalty of perjury - that he knows what he said is indeed true. All the machines in question received a software update the day before the election, which requires re certification, which was not done. They also were switched off remotely in the 5 counties in question overnight early on Nov 4 and nobody checked the machines to certify them after this event. There was every effort made by the local election officials to hack the election. The math proves entirely that this election in PA WI MI GA AZ VA IL is bogus. The Dominion machines are indeed suspect, they are unsecurable when connected online, which they were during the count, again a violation of procedure. CISA is not privy to the machine's communications with the routing in Spain and Servers in Germany. Gives them no way to verify anything about the election.
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    Not every state is that organized. You can easily do the cross check of the voter rolls as others pointed out. You can also see that PA voters, about 100k had their postmarks backdated as they arrived within 3 days of being sent out, 1/2 the minimum time the post office in PA estimated as the minimum. That was 80k ballots, 22k were postmarked as having returned before they were sent. The voters were not in the polling places, they were mailing in or had their ballots harvested filled and dumped at the counting centers where they were surreptitiously counted in the dead of night. The FEC commissioner quite clearly indicated he is certain that large scale fraud was committed. As a Republican and attorney I am surprised you fail to see what is going on. The lawsuits are already in with the exhibits already posted, though still not complete. The legal team serving them will certify them. You can see that the pressure put on the Ohio law firm first hired got them to abandon the case with apologies. You do not put such pressure on a law firm if you don't have an enormous loss assured if you lost. The fraud detection survey you are invoking will require a much larger effort than anything before. The 5 states involved are showing 300k of proven illegal ballots from voter record registries, the election count stream analysis shows vote deletions and additions throughout the course of the counts and the totals are 2.7 million votes, most in VA and PA. That does not include roughly 700-750k total of ballot dumps with an implied count rate of several hundred ballots a second, which you can only do in a fully automated count of ballots with no challengers, as was obviously taking place. Or it could be a simple plug in of the totals after the surreptitious ballot deliveries in the dead of night. If you already knew how many were made up you didn't need to count them through the machines, just plug in the number. . Note that there were complaints by many that they were sent filled in ballots with a straight Dem ticket. I don't think we were ever even remotely close to this level of vote fraud in the US. Makes me doubt CA is actually a blue state. The big states did not have the early vote numbers to obtain a Biden majority at all. The party affiliation by statistical modeling did not show a possible Biden win in MI WI PA GA AZ and a tie in NV. In order to pull off the heist, Biden's team had to invent far too many votes. They couldn't even rely on CA to produce a popular vote win. So they pumped up what they could in VA and Chicago, where voting patterns indicate a bogus count and Benford's law is violated. In the unverified "leak" from an unreliable former CIA assistant director of marked ballots, he claims some locations had 80% fake ballots printed off the net. I don't know to put any faith in it. But it would have been a cool trick if it were real. That would be the easiest thing ever to prove in court.
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    He should have been fired a long time ago. You must be the most ignorant person on the planet to publicly declare at this point in time that the November 3 election was the most secure in history? 5 freaking states stopped counting ballots simultaneously, all when Trump is clearly winning and the news channels are hopping around trying to distract the public from the numbers on the freaking screen and why they called Arizona with 10% of the votes counted but waited until Florida was 97% counted to finally give it to Trump? Trump gave a speech at 2:30 AM saying he didn't want the other side to show up with hundreds of thousands of ballots at 4:00 in the morning. Guess what happened at 4:00 in the morning? Hundreds of thousands of phony ballots. Poll watchers chased out of buildings, not allowed to have cameras (even though the other side did) in the very few places they were allowed in, they were ordered to be 120 feet away? Secure my pasty white azz.
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    Attorney Sidney Powell Drops Massive Bomb: “We’ve Identified 450,000 Ballots That Miraculously Only Have a Vote For Joe Biden” Powell claims that she has “identified over 450,000 ballots that miraculously only have a vote for Joe Biden on them and no other candidate.” Attorney Sidney Powell said on Fox News. “To manufacture votes for Joe Biden. They’ve done it in every way imaginable, from having dead people vote in record numbers, to absolutely fraudulently creating ballots that exist only for voting for Biden. We’ve identified over 450,000 ballots that miraculously only have a vote for Joe Biden on them and no other candidate. If you look at Florida where things were done right you can see that that is how the rest of the country should have gone. But they also used an algorithm to calculate the number of votes they would need to flip. And they used computers to flip those votes from Trump to Biden and from other Republican candidates to their competitors also.” This isn’t the only recent bomb that Powell has dropped. During a bombshell interview with Fox Business host Lou Dobbs, Powell called for an investigation into electronic ballot systems which may have changed “3 percent of the vote.” “I think they need to investigate the likelihood that 3 percent of the vote changed [due to] preelection ballots collected digitally by using the Hammer and Scorecard programs,” she said during the interview. “I think Hammer and Scorecard were used by Democratic operatives who had access through government access points,” she added. “They used them to illegally change votes. It’s been used against other countries. It’s just been changed recently [to be used] against our own citizens.”
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    I've done the exact same thing. Also driven into midland at night with cloud cover... you could see the sky lit up an eary red color from the number and size of the flares... so many they reflected off the clouds. It was creepy. And not an isolated incident. Seen it multiple times. That was the night I called my friends connected to the TRRC and started saying 'hey, this is out of hand...' Haven't gotten as much traction as I'd like with the thing, but at least the above is going in the right direction. (To be clear, doubtful i made any difference. My feeling is I've been brushed off at best,, or overruled by other interests more likely. Though for better or worse I've sure annoyed some connected people.)
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    Earth to Boat. Can you hear me? Earth to Boat. Down here on Earth the pre-covid economy was the best its ever been. Enter Covid, and pick your follow on effects, but the Right largely wanted/wants to re-open the economy given the data that has been collected and analysed to date. The Left, on the other hand insists that we should ignore the data, continue draconian measures of lockdowns, and essentially provide social payments valued in the Trillions to keep the people alive since they can't return to work or travel. Oh, and hey, as part of the Trillions they are asking all of us to provide, they want every citizen in the country to bail out their socialist utopia sanctuary cities that have failed. But that's not enough for them either. They want us to fund illegal aliens, their healthcare, housing, etc. and also pay for all their other socialist type programs and the individual State's debts. Did I mention they also want us to pay for housing and other support programs for those poor bastards whose lives have been destroyed due to their policies and have been reduced to street dwelling drug addicts without a home. Hmm, who's manipulating the country? The economy has crashed, not because of Republicans, but because of the Left's reasons listed above and so much more. Enjoy your strobe light, but be advised, it appears to be blinding you to reality. Call it your projection syndrome.
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    The election fraud issue has been a longstanding source of American distrust in the system. It is not new. What is new is that for the first time in national politics someone is demanding the problem be investigated and fixed rather than the std. Republican reaction of standing down "for the good of the country".. It is precisely the fight against this kind of electoral fraud and general "swamp" corruption, that brought so many Trump voters to put him in office. Your analysis is so upside down that I am not going to put in the effort to put up the charts that show the precise opposite. You are obviously incapable of reading economic numbers.
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    All this computer counting sh1t should be dumped and if Trump does get in that should be his first task. Go back to voting in person other than exceptional circumstances. Votes in sealed box. Taken to count centre - opened and counted under supervision of party and independent observers. Long haul prison time for anyone found tampering with votes. Otherwise the USA is destined for Banana Republic Territory.
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    If they'd have enforced Statewide Rule 32, we'd have half the producers and no glut. Allowing people to vent and flare indefinitely so they can live to drill one more hole is exceptionally irresponsible. The new resolution adopted by the TRRC is a start, but will be horribly violated by well-intentioned Texans helping other Texans to avoid the bankruptcy courts. I get that, but if you have a rule, you need to abide by it except for highly unusual circumstances. Statewide Rule 32 says you can vent for 24 hours and flare for 10 days. That rule should be broken no greater than a half-dozen times a year.
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    What makes this "Covid election" different is the wide-scale use of mail-in ballots (which is easy to fraud), and the connecting of voting machines to the net and their obvious manipulation. Look Jay, I work with any US President that allows me to, spent 8 years in communication with Obama over a variety of issues, including the regulation of flaring in the shale patch, but I don't like the way he was given a Nobel Peace prize simply for becoming POTUS and I don't like the disgusting way that Trump has been treated. It is not about left-right, I am neither. It is about the world becoming corrupt and insane. That is what I don't like, and I would have thought that a man of your intellect would also be a little concerned about "the age of irrationalism" that Richard Dawkins warned us about?
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    "It Defies Logic": Scientist Finds Telltale Signs Of Election Fraud After Analyzing Mail-In Ballot Data https://www.zerohedge.com/political/it-defies-logic-scientist-finds-telltale-signs-election-fraud-after-analyzing-mail-ballot A few EXCERPTS A most interesting thread popped up on Twitter Sunday from a data scientist who wishes to remain anonymous, regarding mail-in ballot data which strongly suggests fraud occurred in the wee hours of election night, when several swing states inexplicably stopped reporting vote counts while President Trump maintained a healthy lead over Joe Biden. Using time series data 'scraped' from the New York Times website, the data - comparing several states (swing and non-swing) - clearly illustrates what fraud does and does not look like, and how several anomalies in swing states left 'fingerprints of fraud' as Biden pulled ahead of President Trump. Presented below via @APhilosophae: ...One of the first things noticed while exploring the dataset is that there seems to be an obvious pattern in the ratio of new #Biden ballots to new #Trump ballots... ( EXAMPLE CHARTS ARE SHOWN here with text) ...Now let's look at some anomalies: This is the Wisconsin vote counting history log. Again, on the Y axis we have the ratio of D to R ballots in reporting batch, and on the X axis we have reporting time. Around 4am there, there is a marked shift in the ratio of D to R mail-in ballots. Based on other posts in this thread, this should not happen. This is an anomaly, and while anomalies are not always fraud, often they may point to fraud... (VIDEO of 169,000 votes being transferred) By 4am the D to R ratio was all thrown out of whack. That is because these ballots were not sampled from the real Wisconsin voter population, and they were not randomized in the mail sorting system with the other ballots. They inherently have a different D to R signature than the rest of the ballots quite possibly bc additional ballots were added to the batch, either through backdating or ballot manufacturing or software tampering. This of this being kind of analogous to carbon-14 dating, but for ballot batch authenticity. Lets look at another anomaly (Pennsylvania): Here is Pennsylvania's vote counting history. For the first part of the vote counting process, we see the same pattern for mail-in ballots that we've seen in every other state in the country, which is relatively stable D to R ratio that gradually drifts R as more ballots. But then as counting continues, the D to R ratio in mail-in ballots inexplicably begin "increasing". Again, this should not happen, and it is observed almost nowhere else in the country, because all of the ballots are randomly shuffled in the mail system and should be homogeneous during counting. The only exceptions to this are other suspect states that also have anomalies. Again, this is evidence of ballot backdating, manufacturing of software tampering. Lets look at another anomaly: In Georgia we see pretty much the same story as Pennsylvania: increasing fractions of mail-in D ballots over time even though it defies logic and we see this pattern no where else in the country. In Michigan, we see a combination of Wisconsin strangeness, together with the GA/PA weirdness. We see both signs of contaminated ballot dumping, and ballot ratios drifting toward dems when they should not be.
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    Yes, the Chinese government enjoys the trust of their people because the people do not hear of anything the government doesn't want them to hear. Something similar to what the US corporate partners of China are trying to do in the US. The young generation in China, however, is on the net all the time using surreptitious connections via VPNs. They have total distrust in both their conforming elders and the CCP and government structure. You just don't see them doing it in public on a video where their face can be identified and swift government retribution would be had.
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    Only if Taiwan would like to become a state (USA) within the next thirty days (which they might). Ward's entirely right: the damn Taiwan Semiconductor is worth going to war for, by itself. Bring it on. Viva Taiwan, USA!
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    You are extremely misinformed, Hotone. Covid handling was completely up to the Governors of the the states, not the White House. Covid handling instructions by the corrupt CDC, the corrupt FDA, and the evil billionaire World Health Organization controller Bill Gates and his minion, Dr. Fauci were the exact things which brought about needless deaths from Covid. You are so uniformed. So very uninformed that it borders on stupid. You need to do some thorough research. By the way, Bill Gates will get you in your part of the world. He is not done yet. Your health is in jeopardy, thanks to your own ignorance. After all, "ignorance is strength" as the Power brokers of the globe proclaim. Remember, in 5 years when the world is a mess, that you helped to bring on tyranny and global technocracy.
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    Interesting that in every presidential election to date, Every news channel would have given the election to Trump last night. He was 15% ahead and if you look back, they'd have called it no problem. But last night, with 99.9% of the votes in and counted they still refused to call Florida for Trump? Talk about a fraudulent election. But hey, it's not like I didn't post here months ago predicting this exact outcome. Because cheating. Glad you're enjoying the democracy flushed down the toilet. Now we get to join your banana republic and all that entails. The entire world has watched this debacle and the US is now no better than the worst of you. Because Demoncrats lust for power over all, and will happily destroy this country to get it and keep it.
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    Source - https://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2018/09/trump-unga-transcript-2018/571264/ EXCERPTS around 20 minute mark ...the United States will provide no support and recognition to the International Criminal Court. As far as America is concerned, the ICC has no jurisdiction, no legitimacy, and no authority. The ICC claims near-universal jurisdiction over the citizens of every country, violating all principles of justice, fairness, and due process. We will never surrender America’s sovereignty to an unelected, unaccountable global bureaucracy. America is governed by Americans. We reject the ideology of globalism, and we embrace the doctrine of patriotism. Around the world, responsible nations must defend against threats to sovereignty not just from global governance, but also from new forms of coercion and domination. In America, we believe in energy security for ourselves and for our allies. We have become the largest energy producer anywhere on the face of the Earth. The United States stands ready to export our abundant, affordable supply of oil, clean coal, and natural gas. OPEC and OPEC nations are, as usual, ripping off the rest of the world, and I don’t like it. Nobody should like it. We defend many of these nations for nothing, and then they take advantage of us by giving us high oil prices. Not good. We want them to stop raising prices; we want them to start lowering prices. They must contribute substantially to military protection from now on. We are not going to put up with it, these horrible prices, much longer. Reliance on a single foreign supplier can leave a nation vulnerable to extortion and intimidation. That is why we congratulate European states such as Poland for leading the construction of a Baltic pipeline so that nations are not dependent on Russia to meet their energy needs. Germany will become totally dependent on Russian energy if it does not immediately change course....
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    He changed this order one hour later, on a Sunday and hundreds of "operatives" started destroying evidence. Because HILLARY did it so why not? How did they get to him? Pictures, blackmail material, family members? Who knows, the leftists don't follow rules, they demand power at all costs
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    I would like to second what Dan Warnick said. For the most part, Trump supporters have been peaceful. It is the Democrat-run cities and states where there have been repetitive episodes of violence. I would also like to explain how this looks to the average Trump supporter, of whom 73M voted for him (and perhaps many more). For the two weeks leading up to the election, Trump paid immense homage to the swing states. If you watched Fox News, you saw massive crowds of Trump supporters turn out in Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada and N. Carolina. I'm talking about tens of thousands. Then if you tuned into CNN, you saw a very occasional--about one every three days--Biden rally where he came out onto a stage at the top of a Walmart parking lot, wearing a mask, yelling incoherently at about twenty cars and pickups, and they'd honk back. Obama the Chosen One got only about a hundred spectators. These events were so paltry they were embarrassing to watch: you cringed. And yet now they're telling us that Biden got 10 million more votes than Obama in 2012, beating out Trump? It is such a horribly incongruent picture--if you were watching here in the U.S.--that it makes Trump supporters very suspicious of hanky-panky. Again, peacefully suspicious--there have been no riots. This has been enhanced by the rapid, nervous, almost laughable way in which Biden has jumped into some perceived victory way-station, putting up an unconstitutional sign stating his is the Office of the President-Elect (there is no such office). Look, this will play out soon. We only have until Dec. 14 to wait. At that point, if the Supreme Court says there is no cause to suspect widespread election fraud, it is over: Biden will be declared the victor and Trump will behave accordingly. If there is enough evidence that the Supreme Court finds the election to be a mess, it will follow specific constitutional guidelines and be handed over to the House, which will, under the guidelines of the 12th Amendment, choose a president based on state-delegate votes (one vote per state). Since there are more Republican states than Democrat ones represented in the House, one has to presume that the next president would be Mr. Trump. It is 2020, so who really knows. By and large, though, the House is represented by fair-minded Republican representatives, so presumably if the 12th is triggered, Mr. Trump won't have to call a moving van. All this stuff about violence incited by Republican sore-losers is BS, pure and simple. Make no mistake, if this goes to the Supreme Court and they find for a corrupt election, sending the decision to the House, there will be chaos and violence--but it won't be Republican-motivated, or if it is, that would be distinctly unusual. Proudly, the Republican Party is noted as the patriotic law and order party; it is the Democrats that are known to lash out. I hope this clears the air. Several posters (and imposters) have tried to bait those of us who question the veracity of the election. I haven't talked to one Republican who won't accept an honest decision, but there is suspicion amongst about 2/3rds of all Republicans that there was voter fraud. The United States has a long history of preaching in a loud voice to other countries about the value of fair elections. If we don't make sure we had one this time, we will have no bully pulpit . . . or credibility at all.
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    Genuine answer, since the election and the reported demise of Trumps defeat, Democratic cities across the US are shutting down and quarantining citizens. In Oregon the state is actually limiting public and private gatherings to 8 people...by the way that is 8 people in ones own home. Travel restrictions and heavy fines along with incarceration are the outcomes of any violations...In this country called the United States. Now what does that have to do with the price of tea/oil??? Imagine if you would the worlds largest user of oil suddenly drops another 30% of all ready low oil demand..A note here the US is no longer the perpetual money tree far from it. This next lock down may very well fracture the tree and fracture what is left of the oil industry....Demand destruction or obliteration? All one has to do is look at market segments Airlines...Retail...Automotive. They all survive on Disposable income...and that is the 300lb gorilla that no one will engage.
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    Nothing poses a greater "health and safety risk" than the people they keep electing. Of course after this election we may find out the real truth that they are not being elected but it's some form of election fraud instead. This won't have much of an impact on NG consumption because San Francisco is built out anyway AND the flight of people and capital is just beginning. I mean it's been ongoing for some time but, the flight is picking up like a snowball rolling downhill. Any private enterprise is going to flee and anybody/thing sucking off the government tit will remain. There will be very little investment happening in San Francisco going forward and whoever the idiots were that just bought the transamerica pyramid is going to lose their ass UNLESS it's being rented out by all of those companies living on the government tit and/or complicit in the pac donation cycle.
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    Steve Cortes pulled that number out. The source is a download of the NYT election database and a run of code that went through the numbers. The original Twitter thread was deleted so no point in that reference. But the code and database should still be around. The President's legal team is aware of the statistical analysis done on Benford's law as well as the excess empty Biden vote counts from the Swing states, about 4 to 10 times what was observed elsewhere. https://everylegalvote.com/phd should have a reference to an article or directly to the source code and output. There were some oddities in the empty ballot output on the Trump side where an (like 60k in one state) anomaly of Trump having lost votes of a republican downballot voter only repeated in particular counties with disputed counts but nowhere else. Indicating that there was interference at the tabulator level along with the ballot level in order to reduce Trump's lead where they could not produce fake ballots fast enough I guess I can look for it elsewhere. I am fairly certain that Biden did not come close to winning. I doubt that the house remained Democrat, I doubt the Dems have a gain in the Senate. I doubt Biden's popular vote lead.
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    @Gerry Maddoux I think this is what you were referring to in the 12th ammendment The House/Congress votes on who the President will be. It has nothing to do with what party that has power. Every state gets one vote and 30 states are held by Republicans / 19 by Democrats. So all Trump has to do to be president is keep the investigations and the court cases going while having the court strike portions of the ballots in states with latecoming ballots, and the number of instant shift ballots coming from obvious manufactured ballot counts. Virginia may be a red state. GA PA WI MI will all be in Trump's column The celebration of Biden will be short lived and the end result is obvious now. All that remains is whether Barr manages to bring a case of vote fraud in time or expands it in scale to become a treason case due to what amounts to a coup attempt. Also this interesting piece by By UK Express' pollster Basham, as you see it is as he predicted in the article I posted in the other election thread on the Trump win's effect on oil. https://www.express.co.uk/comment/expresscomment/1357379/us-election-2020-donald-trump-joe-biden-pollster-fail
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    The Fulton co.. issue is real, it may be fixed before access to the courts. Taking GA out of Biden's EC vote The celebration of media and corporations around Biden is premature and their process to force Trump out will fail unless Trump gives up. BTW, the other side of the vaccine news release is that the CV19 winter outbreak appeared to be crashing as HIT is being reached all over the Northern hemisphere at the onset of winter rather than in the middle of it. The crash of testing volumes last week indicates that the perception for a need for a vaccine was being threatened. So the pressure on Fauci and co. from their Pharma clients was on in a big way. The CV19 opportunity was threatening to disappear entirely within weeks. It may yet do so before the first vaccine approval.