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    Watching the news in Malaysia this morning I saw where the rioters in the US were pulling down the statues of Confederate veterans, defacing historic sites (including the Lincoln Memorial), and demanding that US miliary installations named after Confederate Generals be renamed. In other news, British protesters and rioters were pulling down statues, defacing others (including those of Winston Churchil) and demanding institutions named after Cecil Rhodes be renamed. Slavery was a horrible institution, most agree on that.,But it needs to be seen in the historical context it existed in. Furthermore, almost every society, at some point, kept slaves (including South America, Africa and the Middle East). Slavery was NEVER a solely ‘white’ institution. The George Floyd/police brutality/racism narrative has now been highjacked. I have never owned slaves and neither have my ancestors. By the same token, no black alive today, in the US or UK, has ever been a slave in either the UK or the US. I refuse to buy into the white guilt or white privilege trip - I have neither. I am seeing ‘black entitlement’, which is unearned. I am to the point where I don’t give a rat’s ass about anyone who loots, burns down residences or beats people up for no reason. This is aggrevated robbery, arson and assault. I hope these people are arrested and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. I am sick of these people trying to rewrite history because they are ‘offended’. These rioters are entitled idiots have lost the plot and are doing more damage to their ‘cause’ than the Floyd murder created. I have zero respect for these rioters and will not shed a tear when they get what they deserve...regardless of their skin color.
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    Twitter really has gone BLM-SJW '1984' mode on steroids. Had my new account suspended for simply suggesting that Anthony Joshua (very rich British black Boxer) put his money where his mouth is and invest in some businesses that generate real jobs for black people. AJ had made some speech to black people about only using black owned shops etc. Context - mad rush of people (mostly black) going to buy Nike trainers in Oxford street. No social distancing. As Nikes are made by virtual slaves in China and elsewhere I suggested AJ fund 'BLM trainers'. Issue shares to black people and set up a factory in black predominant area and create an ethical product. He shouldn't spend it all on (whitey built) Bentleys, Lamborginis etc. Thats hate speech apparently hence my suspension. Have appealed FWIW..... About 4 weeks ago I reported a post that said 'All White women should have big black cocks forced down their throats so they get to feel what its like' Not quite sure what the connotation is here? Twitter rejected my complaint that this was hate speech, had racist overtones and had the potential to encourage violence against women
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    But remember that employment levels are a direct function of product demand. You cannot have employment just for the sake of employment, unless you are the Government. Governments can (and do) hire people because then the Managers or department Heads have a bigger fiefdom, which eventually relates to more money. Private enterprises, even the zombie corporations, can over-staff only so far, then it collapses. I invite you to ponder the situation of Boeing, the corporation that still has an Order Book for certain aircraft lines, but no order book for the 737 Max-10. What do you do with all those employees that would otherwise build those planes? Well, they get laid off. Are they coming back? Not in my lifetime. If you have a situation where product demand has collapsed, and forget the reasons, that is not interesting here, then you cannot maintain your employment levels; they have to shrink to meet whatever demand is out there. And it makes no difference if you are running a factory or a telephone company; if nobody wants you lousy land-line service, because you run a lousy company (for example, the local AT&T - Bell Telephone entities) becuase you have for decades hired stupid, insolent and lousy people with cruddy attitudes towards the public, then don't be surprised that the public says "enough" and abandons land-lines and goes over to all-wireless. In Connecticut, the cruddy, insolent land-line monopolist, AT&T, was losing over 50,000 landlines every quarter. They tried to entice people back to being customers; it did not work. That was because there was no internal cultural change. Result: a chunk of that w3orkforce ends up permanently unemployed. If youare in the automobile-building business and your autos are put together with shoddy body-panel fit and you put components in there with poor or no quality-control, then eventually the customers will flee, and go buy Japanese cars - which is exctly what happened to mightly GM some decades back. At one point the US auto industry comprised some 10% of national GNP. Today, even Ford is abandoning the entire personal-auto segment. You want a Ford? Go buy a truck. You want a sedan? Go talk to the Koreans. What has brought about the collapse of the quality of the Amereican workforce product? In lage part - management. If you have cruddy management, then the good staff will get disgusted and give up, and the cruddy employees will continue to sponge and slack off, and guess what, your operation gets into deep trouble. When Boeing management spends $45 billion on stock buy-backs in order to reise the stock price and allow management to sell out their bonus shares and warrants for personal profit, for millions, and nothing gets invested back into new product, then you end up with farm-outs to India where people who know zero about airplanes are busy writing the software code for flight-surface control, and the ensuing disaster will wipe out the entire company. Boeing survives today only, I repeat only, because the US govt is putting military contracts into the company. If left to its own devices, Boeing would be in the bankruptcy courts (which is where it belongs, incidentally). If you take a society that is effectively run by the Jamie Dimon's of the New York finance banks, and you take his arrogance and insolence and extrapolate that out across the landscape, then don't be surprised that managers everywhere take their cue from that jerk and society goes into collapse. Jamie Dimon is personally responsible for the creation of urban ghettos, millions unemployed, U.S. social decay. The President does not run America; the Federal Reserve does not run America; the Congress, forget about it; Jamie Dimon runs America. Why? In his own words: "Because I have more money than you." Now, let that sink in, people.
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    Did you miss it? Because it just happened. America just lost the 2nd Civil War. The reason you don't see it is because it didn't look like the last one. But let me break it down: - The 1st Amendment has been eradicated. If you even try to say that rioters killing a black cop is equivalent violence to a rogue cop killing a black man, you are eviscerated and called a 'Nazi' by a cabal of Democratic Party and Corporately Owned Propaganda (Mainstream Media). You will be banned from whatever social media they control (all of it). Your opinion is now the property of 5 major media corporations. That's fascism. No question. They won, you lost. - The DNC (Minnesota AG) can call on a Militia of Antifact Fascists to burn cities down. The compliant media comes up with the narrative that makes burning cities down 'justice' for [insert victim name here]. Is the Minnesota AG under arrest for directing a violent insurrection against the President? Nope. He won. Winners don't get arrested for violence. - They did burn down your cities - They did kill your police officers - Then, after they kill you police officers, the Narrative still is that police are the problem and they should be 'defunded.' This offends so many police that thousands walk off the job. 'Defunding' can simply include not restaffing those positions. Don't buy the 'defunding doesn't mean defunding' crap. Reallocating funds away from PDs is defunding. The end. So a terrorist organization can take orders from the Democratic Party (fact), attack the United States and its Public Defenders (fact), and in the end we're negotiating how much 'defunding' is okay and 'this is a bad idea' is the worst anyone is saying.... to the terrorists. This is like being on the losing side of the Treaty of Versailles: "You cannot have a Navy, You cannot have an Army, You cannot have an Airforce, and we promise not to kill you". Even 'conservatives' are obeying the terms of the terrorits' ceasefire. Patriotic Americans are like Iranian women after the fall of the Shah. "Just put your headscarves on girls and don't ask to go to school. If we do, they'll get violent." If your enemy is willing to get violent and you'll appease them so that they don't, YOU have just legitimized terrorism. Don't believe me? Wave an American flag in Seattle, Portland, Chicago, NY, DC but not from behind a barricade. You are in occupied territory and may be maimed or killed. For NOT waving the Antifa flag. Fact. They are not the Union. The Union flies the American Flag. The Confederate Flag is flown by like 20 people. It's irrelevant. The new Army (call them soyboys if you want) fighting against the Union flies the Antifa Flag. They just kicked your teeth in. Burned your cities. Killed your cops. Danced on their graves. Forced thousands to resign. Permanent narrative is that 'police are the problem.' It only gets worse from here. Am I not getting through yet? They won. We live under a failed terrorist state. No, Donald Trump is not the leader of it. We now live in a world where the US President is not the most powerful man in the world. The Globalist Cabal just kicked his ass. The left just conquered Free Speech on his watch. It is now treasonous against your masters to support America. George Soros is your lord and master. All hail Soros. The 2nd Civil War is already over. Not having to cower with your American Flag in many corners of the United States will require further assessment. The biggest problem I have with 'Patriots' and 'Conservatives' is that they refuse to believe anything other than 'We're winning!', 'We won!', 'We're gonna win!' Not being able to identify when you had your ass handed to you doesn't bode well in poker or politics.
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    I pondered the article and I . . . Disagree. Roubini was relevant 25 years ago. Not today. Much like the retired generals turning on this administration. They grew up in a different world from a military security and economy standpoint. They think in a 1980 to 1990 mindset. The federal Government programs have pumped $3 trillion into the economy. Then the Fed Reserve has bought $4 trillion of the stressed and high yield debt. Total $7 Trillion. That's more than a kick in the butt. There will be some dislocation, above avg unemployment and some bankruptcies. But it is not nearly as dire as Roubini (a lefty Trump hater) makes it out to be. Roubini uses the example of that it took 10 years to recover from the 2007 -2008 financial crisis. Just maybe could taking ten years to come back possibly be the result of Obama administration anemic economic plan ? Plus this is an entirely different financial crisis. Actually this crisis is very different. Back in 2008 due to asset backed securities , mortgage tranches and no serious oversight 80% OF THE U.S. BANKS WERE INSOLVENT OR BANKRUPT. The Treasury and Federal Reserve had to recapitalize them. They even took care of some foreign banks. This time around those hurt most are small businesses and hourly workers. It's due to shutting down the economy. It's a big problem, but in my opinion can be brought back in a reasonable amount of time. Today's economy has so much more flexibility. The investment banks and hedgefunds are setting up subs to buy the discounted $4 trillion high yield debt the Federal Reserve has bought. Same as last financial crisis 2008. Same as Long-term Capital LLC crisis, Same as the Savings and Loan crisis before that. The difference is last time (2008) it was mortgages and Wallstreet's manufactured derivatives vs this time high yield debt that was exposed as a result of shutting down the economy along with the massive resultant unemployment. The last time Federal Reserve bought $50 Billion / month of mortgages for a total of close to $2 trillion. The Fed packaged the mortgages and sold them at great discount to financial buyers. Then the Fed recapitalized the banks with the help of the Treasury department to the tune of $ trillions more. Fed sold the repacked mortgages to financial buyers like Joe Biden's son Hunter. Remember Joe Biden's son Hunter and Senator Kerry's stepson Chris (both with no Financial background) were given $130 million guaranteed loan to buy Fed Assets by way of the TALF program. They ran the millions in profits thru an offshore entity in the Cayman islands to avoid scrutiny and taxes. How come nobody in Washington investigates this) I end my argument that Roubini is no longer relevant at this time by discussing his statement that Trump, if loses, will not leave the Whitehouse ! What sane person really believes this ? This is proof Roubini has lost it and is the reason he is relegated to be interviewed by a dying German left leaning weekly magazine. The pandemic solution : protect the elderly and those with compromised immune systems and open up the economy to allow the herd immunity to take place.
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    An environmental activist apologizing for the fear-mongering. http://environmentalprogress.org/big-news/2020/6/29/on-behalf-of-environmentalists-i-apologize-for-the-climate-scare
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    I invite readers to ponder the implications of the words of this esteemed economist, which are sobering: https://www.spiegel.de/international/business/nouriel-roubini-the-stock-market-is-deluding-itself-a-a9d3ab21-cfea-4220-8727-5b59105d0858?sara_ecid=nl_upd_1jtzCCtmxpVo9GAZr2b4X8GquyeAc9&nlid=bfjpqhxz While titled the stock market is deluding itself," this interview, printed in Der Spiegel, a German-language political magazine (here tastefully translated into English) is of a now-American economist in New York City. I happen to concur with his assessments. It paints a picture of an ugly future, at least in the next decade.
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    What you re thinking of as "bunker" is actually a refined fuel. In the old days, bunker was broken into two types: IFO 180 and HFO 380. IFO for intermediate fuel oil, and HFO for Heavy fuel oil. Now, those are products that are from the bottom of the refinery splitters, what is left over in still-liquid form when the middle distillates are taken out. So in the "old days" thaat stuff was sold to the ship industry and burned off in those monster diesels that were specifically designed for that grade of fuel. And it was very cheap - below 6 cents a gallon, at one point. Once the IMO demanded that all ships go to low-sulfur fuels on January 1, 2020, the ship industry largely demanded that the refining of the grades of bunker be carried out by the fuels suppliers, not done on board by aftermarket treatments to keep the sulfur out of the exhaust. And the fuels industry has largely responded, so what you are seeing as quoted as "bunker" is the heavy stuff but with the material purified. And that is why you are seeing those $400/tonne cost figures. Can you still buy the old crud? Nope. Off the market. Now it is either marine diesel, or refined and treated bunker. On another note, the reason you do not see many ships powered by natural gas is that of energy density. A big ship's diesel running on gas produces considerably less power than one on oil fuel, so the same engine gets less horsepower, and thus steams much slower. It will also run colder, causing internal engine problems. And you need to store all that gas, which is yet another problem. It is not as easy as you might think; lots of technical issues.
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    ^ I'm going to help you out, Ward. In the process leading up to discovering what I'm about to tell you I came to the realization why there are no "Centrists" in America. This is convoluted and complicated so stay with me here. Armed with this knowledge, your life will be easier. Basic Premise: Socialism and conservatism are engrained in the DNA, just like hair and eye color, sexual preference, personality traits, etc. Study Model: I had a friend who was deeply conservative. He married a very pretty woman who was not. They had two children. One of the boys grew into a conservative man with strong family values, a charitable heart, and a good work ethic. The other one likes money but prefers that others make it. This follows typical Mendelian genetics: it is up to the nuances of how the genomes within the egg and ovum are distributed. This mess began in the Garden, of course, with Adam and Eve unable to resist the temptation that had been carefully spelled out for them. What happens in the garden does not stay in the garden, so here we are, all these generations later, with about a 50:50 split between conservatives and liberals--it's still a fight between who gets the leaf and who gets the fig. Such is life as Homo sapiens, variety H. erectus. We males can choose our friends but must faithfully follow our dick throughout life. Just as the male praying mantis surely knows he's going to get his head bitten off when he mates, he does it anyway. And if you do that with a pretty socialist, well, you wind up headless with the strong possibility of having fathered, as your last act on this earth, a penniless offspring with strong opinions about where all the money should go. I warned you it was complicated! But trust me on this, it will lighten your load.
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    No second wave. That's dishonest. " . . with the long-feared “second wave” of coronavirus infections having now arrived" Even the most ardent Trump haters don't spread that garbage. I thought Oil Price was supposed to be an Oil and Energy Investment information website. Writers should keep their personal political views to themselves and stick to the Firm's charter. Deliberately going to print with false information is reckless. There is no second wave of coronavirus at this time. Period.
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    A observation..Antifa thrives on discord, what a asshole merely signals them they are winning. Reminding them just how big a bunch of losers they really are absolutely enrages them. They also have a belief system there tactics are well lets say hi order thought processes...but when caught scatter into the wind. My personal opinion schizophrenics that are quite well written in a one way conversation...just turn that in a two way conversation and triggered are the results..when seen in person it is Eye Opening..
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    “Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.” George Orwell, 1984 Sounds familiar doesn't it. In the UK it's looking like football hooligans are planning to 'defend' statues which means it's likely to kick off. All of this idiocy only serves to just polarise people to more extreme positions. Anyone who thinks this will stop after one or two statues is nuts, it will only get worse and worse and eventually cause a gigantic backlash which will end up hurting the people the 'left' claim to care about. Sadly I think we're way past discourse because people have had their voices taken away and their vote has proved to mean nothing.
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    I would not expect too much for society in terms of "reset;" whatever benefits that might come out of these deals are more likely to accrue to the pockets of the rich. You want to take a hard look at the sponsors before jumping to conclusions. This operation is promoted by HRH "The Prince of Wales." That is the British crown title given to the next in line to the Throne, which here is Prince Charles, now about 73, and the ex-husband of Princess Diana, she who was killed in the car wreck in Paris. Charles is known for his habit of talking to plants, as he is convinced that plants can understand human speech. I don't place much credibility in that idea. I just don't see Charles as the champion of the average Joe. The others are all big-money corporate types, so you have to anticipate that whatever comes out of that deal is going to be slanted towards their interests. The idea that the world is going to be saved by figuring out some reduction in the CO2 is a bit silly; CO2 is a trace gas, measured in parts per million, and is vital to life on earth. It is the key ingredient in plant life. More CO2 is not going to cause the seas to rise 25 feet, never mind what the alarmists try to tell you. More CO2 will result is a slightly faster growing season, and will accumulate bioomass in the forests marginally faster. That is all to the good. Anyone who wants to do serious things for the planet can address desertification, which is easy enough to do, just requires some coin and some willpower. Ditto with plastics waste; set up plastics to diesel conversion plants, that technology is proven and would be great. You are not going to get those kinds of results out of these Forums with Charles in the command structure. Just my thoughts; as Tom would say, "your mileage might vary."
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    Yeah, well, he talks down to me and I went to Yale; OK, so I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth. He still denigrates me. I am very conscious of having a privileged upbringing and having doors magically open for me that would never open for others. All of that is an accident of birth, and a function of circumstance. You want to be careful, going through life, not to confuse accidents of birth with personal accomplishment, or merit for that matter. We live in an unequal society. Let's all pitch in to make it a better world.
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    Reading comprehension required. The police shot the man, not the guard. The police chief was fired, not the commander of the troops. Your ignorance is yet again duly noted. As is your predilection for disinformation.
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    As a resident of Russia, I want to say that here is only part of the truth. There are lotteries, but there is no advertising about them on the TV. That is, you learn about them only at the polling station. But we all understand that changing the constitution is only connected with the re-election of Putin. And he has great respect in Russia. We do not vote for him because he is a dictator and we are afraid of him. We really thank him. In general, the concept of "dictator" is propaganda. Angela Merkel since 2005 in power. She is a dictator? This will be your answer.
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    If Trump doesn't win we are in so much trouble. I look at the oil industry as a target with AOC in charge of environmental policy. This woman is a danger to exploration and production much worse than Biden, Obama, Pelosi and the rest put together. She is what I would call one "smooth operator". She makes Imelda look like a child. New Mexico is a bit part of the Permian Basin. AOC would kill production on federal lands, joined by Grisham. Nationalizing would be in their playbook, but none of them could lift a barrel if they tried.
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    The article posted doesn't mention collapse at all. I'm sure it's designed so the spillway will allow the excess rainfall to proceed downstream. I think this is another example of an editor misnaming an article for click bait reasons.
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    Hogwash! I have stood at the base of that dam, on both sides of it. I have been inside the power turbine tunnels. I have walked in the overflow channels, driven/walked in the ship elevator, log and debris release, sludge abatement areas, and on top of it. I did all of that during its construction and my host was the CEO of an Chinese/Italian/German/American/British consortium that had over 700 expat families living and working on site for the duration of its construction. The designs were the result of many great minds from around the world coming together. All of the "threats" that are being trumpeted now are exactly what the dam was designed and built to not only withstand, but far exceed. It is not lost on me that mixed among the rhetoric about the dangers of the flooding right now are the mentions and reminders of the "great ecological damage" and "human displacement" the dam was responsible for when it was constructed. I have to ask myself why these complaints would be raised again during a time of political stress both within the country and around the world. Hogwash! That dam is as safe or safer than any dam in the modern world.
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    Just so that readers understand what China is taking over, here is the Galwan River valley, up in the Hindu Kush mountains, completely uninhabited, except for various "posts" typically manned by 20 soldiers, sprinkled here and there and many many miles apart: The Commies decided that they wanted to move the Border to the South, thus gobbling up more slices of India's territory. Now, this was not accomplished by gunfire. Instead, the Chinese "Liberation Army" crafted these wooden bats, and then stuck these long nails through them, to create nail-studded clubs with which to do some serious hurt. The 17 Indian soldiers they clubbed with their nail bats were so seriously injured that they all died even after evacuation to hospitals in the South. No one survived. What the Commies are doing is exactly what they are doing in the South China Sea: expand their territory by taking it from others, one salami slice at a time. The idea is that nobody is going to go to war with them over some slices of uninhabited territory, be that in the coral reefs of the Spratley Islands or the far Northern mountains of India. Readers may keep in mind that what China claims as Chinese was the southern border of the independent nation of Tibet, until the Chinese Communists knocked that over back around 1954. So the posture is, "It's ours!" because it was previously the border with Tibet, and hey, we took that, so now we take this. Charming logic. Understand this clearly, people: The Chinese Communists are a band of criminals, the scum of Asia, and they can and will kill you, including using nails, including clubbing you to death, over - some piece of worthless rock. That is their level of culture. Death by nails. What a lovely people. Just lovely. And: for Americans, what can you do about it? Simple: refuse to buy anything with that label: "Made in China." Boycott them.
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    In case anyone's curious, @Tom Kirkman has quit his position as a volunteer moderator. Tom may or may not be your cup of tea but, for my money, he is a great guy that has been the backbone of this forum. I hope he comes back in some way, shape or form.
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    That is a interesting thought, why would it be in the best interests of Europe? It would seem actually it is a fact the former Soviet Union is no longer, along with the fact the EU has matured and should be quite capable of forming some type of alliance to ward off any minimal threat. Self governance or better said self reliance does create a certain pride within a population. As to the US supporting a continent that is more than capable of supporting itself is astounding..
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    It's like a flu...It will die in summer and maybe or maybe not come back in flu season and maybe instead of the flu...no doubt the media will hype it's return. We just need to get TF back to work right now before everything collapses...100k oil field jobs gone todate in the US alone.
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    Deaths aren't trending upwards anywhere, the peak happened months ago as you would expect with flu...more tests make it look like more people are getting it which if true you would see a corresponding increase in deaths which isn't the case. The economy on the other hand is now on life support thanks to the hysteria. Going to be a tough few months if not years ahead
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    "Mike" looks perfectly healthy to me (albeit the odds are roughly 100% that he has a substance abuse problem). No doubt he could get a job, if he could only figure out a way to pass the piss test. His hat and shirt looked perfectly clean, not bad for a "homeless" guy with no access to a laundry. Bottom line, I'm not falling for the bleeding heart liberal Bullshit anymore. My brother volunteers at the "mission" where they provide free food and bedding to the homeless. They only have two rules, no substance abuse and no fighting. Guess how many nights a week they're at 10% of capacity, because how dare they have any rules at all! This is lunacy. I'll side with the law abiding, tax paying, productive members of society on this one, thank you very much. My son is a landlord, he rents out his Seattle home. The week they passed their no eviction rule, his tenant, who makes more a year than my son does working in high tech there simply refused to pay rent, and threatened a lawsuit if my son had the audacity to report him to the credit agencies. Why play by the rules at all? Fortunately the water heater broke down, and because of Covid it didn't get repaired in time to suit the ahole, so he moved out, no doubt to abuse his next landlord with his high credit score and low morals.
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    Totally agree with you. Roubini is mixing his politics with the economic analysis. He is looking from an European perspective where outside of Germany's export sector and aggressive "green" program there has been no growth on the continent for well over a decade, since their inverted demographics crossed the threshold. That is not true in the US, so his analysis is just bonkers. The US has industrialized in the upstream oil and gas supply chain since before 2014, with domestic oil and NG production, plastic resins, plastic parts and additive manufacturing industry. But those are Ohio Valley, Pittsburgh and Texas economies that seems hidden from bicoastal economists and visitors. Roubini's equation of Trump with fascism is just insane. It is a socialist distortion. My recent outings show more of the same gushing spending and heavy daytime traffic and high truck density, just with less downtown traffic and some stores missing out, e.g. Best Buy which now seems to be 60% online sales. People don't just come in to browse. Evening traffic is low and restaurants are largely empty for dinner, but carry out is loaded with lines of cars around the fast food restaurants. There is a desperate need to figure out how to remove limits on cinemas concerts etc. people who are willing to take the risk should be allowed to do it with their best efforts at PPE. Not holding my breath on seeing the air travel sector revive any time soon. Vacationers are doing road trips and RVs. Nobody want to do culture tourism in the big cities. The big cities are heading for a total bust. But the roadside motel business should do well enough and Air BnB will revive, just in more rural areas and the coasts.
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    Interesting, if sparse on details. But I suppose it would be difficult if not impossible to list all of the ramifications of the past 6 months on the world economy without going into a 3 day session and 100s of pages. I get it, and I believe it. It seems that a large portion of people are deluding themselves into believing this will blow over quickly. One example: I read a fair amount of financial pages and forums. Many on the forums, at least, are saying that things might be okay because they are not seeing foreclosures and such. But 35+ million people DID lose their jobs and have not gone back to work. Couple that with the fact that employers are taking this very convenient opportunity to right-size their staff, probably meaning that a good 10-15 million people don't return to work, and that there will probably be further reductions once the pandemic shutdown's impact on the business is finally fully felt in the next 2-4 months. Even well planned families don't have mortgage payment buffers of more than 8-12 months saved up, with most of their liquid capital invested in the markets, either by direct investments or their 401k or similar. Or, their buffer is much less and they are betting on being able to cash in investments and be able to pay the mortgage for up to a year. That's it, and then the mass foreclosures hit, and hit far and wide. Foreclosures will come, IMHO, and I believe they will come at a much higher percentage than 2007-2009. I think this will also over stress financial companies that are already on weak foundations, so the impact will be felt from the S&P500 to the Russell 1,000 & 2,000. Credit tightening will be the result of all the above and then the world really grinds to a halt and the Dow and remaining indexes will dive with the big ones. Prepare yourselves people.
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    The green shoots mentioned over a month ago foretold the start of economic growth. That recovery has started stronger and sooner than anyone had expected ! The economic "experts" like New York Times Krugman predicted a LOSS of 7.5 million jobs . . . the number came in at GAIN of 2.5 million jobs. KRUGMAN WAS ONLY OFF BY 10 MILLION JOBS ! Friday the President along with his economic and business advisors held an important Whitehouse economic update that was broadcast live by many . . . but CNBC, MSNBC and CNN refused to air the amazing news. Typical. Keep in mind the numbers reported today were thru May 12th. That data is one month old. Just the beginning. Now that the economy is opening up the good news will accelerate. This economic shutdown was necessitated as a result of the Chinese WUHAN VIRUS. While China closed all travel within their country to or from Wuhan , they allowed travel from Wuhan to countries around the world, including USA. This jobs report was great news to the majority of U.S. citizens. However for some like the MSM , Adam Schiff or Joe Biden it brought on depression and a bad case of angina. Politico published an article in May, "The General Election Scenario the Democrats are Dreading" "This is my big worry,” said a former Obama White House official who is still close to the former president. Asked about the level of concern among top party officials, he said, “It’s high — high, high, high, high.” https://www.politico.com/news/2020/05/26/2020-election-democrats-281470 THIS MAY SET THE RECORD FOR THE SHORTEST RECESSION IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD. It's only going to get better . . . sooner 😀 Enjoy your summer.
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    I think that is the problem. You quote the whole "yelling fire in a theater", but maybe you don't know where that comes from? The case that was being considered was the right of Yiddish speaking Americans to write anti-WWI articles in Yiddish, in a paper that they distributed only to their communtiy. That argument was used to take away their free speech. It seems it's so easy for us to accept "limitations" on our rights. No, I don't accept them any more than I am compelled to. If a right is inalienable, then it is inalienable. You can't lose it, and it certainly shouldn't have limits. I don't agree with limitations on free speech. I don't agree with limitations on any right in the constitutions. When it comes to rights, it's the government that should be limited.
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    I am happy to call on the police but will first ready my pistol. Getting any help from police takes awhile. I am a concealed carrier but I realize that shooting someone is just as likely to cost me more than getting beat up and if my family is with me, I need to protect them. At 75 and on a blood thinner lesser self defense is not an option either. At least I could make a stand by being in jail though. Unfortunately my wife would insist on spending all of our finances on attorneys. I will definitely side with the police over real criminals including looters. I wrestled psychiatric patients for twenty years and never hurt one of them. I did get one black eye near the end of my career. I did have backup that would eventually show up. They were mostly old men too though!
  32. 6 points
    Any idea what is going on in Flagstaff AZ? Still nothing much to be alarmed about, as periodic breakouts happened sporadically in many other areas. The pattern is also more similar to flu than the sharp rises of CV19. Checking the counties where large protests took place, there is no indication of a pickup in elevated temperature readings after a week of protests. Either there is not enough virus or there is enough immunity. Watch out for California, early and hard lockdowns may have prevented a sufficient herd immunity buffer among the active transmission population of young bar and party folks and public transport. They may be having sporadic breakouts.But nothing alarming so far. I think many of the people favoring shutdowns are not getting the point that they were enacted too late to be a significant help as they stopped the spread 1/2 way to herd immunity in the major cities, which would have protected the rest of the country. There was never a chance to stop the Wuhan coronavirus from continuing to spread at least slowly. Only mild measures to slow it down were useful, like wearing masks in crowded enclosed spaces with no air flow/ventilation. .
  33. 6 points
    That is not a mistake, that is freedom of speech. You have the freedom to lie as well as tell the truth. You don't learn from facts, you just select among them those that support a point you are trying to make. Thus facts don't matter to your understanding of the world. Hence your alliance with CCP narratives shows up repeatedly, as it does in the mainstream media, and in Democrat talking points. If you could learn from facts you would know you are on the more evil side.
  34. 6 points
    And the beat goes on. Say what is expected of you, or be ostracized and shunned for nothing more than your thoughts. At work or on your own time.
  35. 6 points
    The fact is, in a population of roughly 330 million, you are going to have a certain percentage of assholes, of every race, color and religion. It is to be expected, and dealt with. The VAST majority of whites, blacks, browns, etc...in America get along and interact just fine. This does not make the ‘news’ as it is not sensational, and does not sell air time or newspapers. What you are seeing now, over and over, is a disease of the inner cities. You do not find it in the suburbs unless it is exported from the inner cities. The so called media is fanning the flames to keep the rioting front and center. The rioters have highjacked the narrative from the protesters. Keep in mind that peaceful protests are essentially a right in America, looting, burning and injuring innocent people is aggrevated robbery, arson and assault are criminal offenses and should be treated as such As the old adage says, ‘It only takes a few bad apples to spoil the whole barrel’.
  36. 6 points
    Based off history I'd say some people are not going to be very happy the way this whole things ends. What is taking place right in front of everyone's eyes is astonishing. The far left have abandoned there inhibitions and that is precisely where Trump wants them at this moment in time
  37. 6 points
    While guessing you are pretty much spot on. Portland has become somewhat of a safe haven for the movement. A few yrs ago the mayor was so supportive of that movement he actually got himself into hot water shall I say with the local traditional liberal's. This bunch tried to zone middle/upper class housing with budget housing/rental properties...meaning the neighborhood's were going to lose there character was the word. That went only so far...then suddenly just like magic its gone poof up in smoke. Today Wheeler the warrior (same mayor) was fielding public questions...One question...will you defund the police dept...The answer...yes we are looking at it.. The guy never learns....no law enforcement surrounding the metro will even come into Portland to assist the local disputes...Soon the liberal governor will have to come in and shut him down again.. Whenever Antifa agendas are attempted the community suffers social and financial distress. I hope Barr finds some of the big money behind them and has his way with them..
  38. 6 points
    I continue to maintain that that nightclub, the stripper bar, was a continuing criminal enterprise. The idea that Mr. Floyd and Mr. Chauvin "might not have known each other" is laughable. The idea that everyone there is not working for the Mob is laughable. Strip clubs are not operated by saints. At its core, a strip club is a sex club, the girls get paid by customers for various sex acts. The club will have private rooms "upstairs" for sex purposes. Come on, people, don't kid yourselves about the unseemly nature of the criminal underworld. All big cities have these places. Even the booze they sell is "cut." Mr. Chauvin is/was useful in that he had access to the NCIC ["National Crime Information Center" computers]. The idea that he had never dialled up Mr. Floyd is ludicrous; of course he had. Policemen do that. Policemen will "run the plate" of a pretty girl in order to pursue her romantically. I know a State Policeman who corralled his wife exactly by doing that; he was a very nice fellow, they had a great marriage, he had no ill intent, but Officers are not supposed to go do that, it is considered breach of discipline. You can get suspended or fired for that, but it is impossible for the brass to control it. Cops do all kinds of things on duty and off. The Mob has tentacles into lots of thiings besides strip clubs and prostitution. In this case, the Mob made some bucks off the counterfeiting distribution operation. That is a risky business; you get seriously drraconian jail time for that in the USA. It turns out the shipment of counterfeit "one's" captured byu Customs and Border Protection ["CBP"} at the Border at International Falls, Minnesota were printed in China! That is a great place to park a counterfeiting operation; well outside US laws. I conclude the "one's" were destined for the strip club, so the patrons could buy Ones to put in the strippers' bras and panties. They became unwitting players in the counterfeiting ring. the crumpled bills would then be passed forward by the strippers. I jsut do not fathom why any of this is either surprising or shocking to anyone. It is the way big cities are, world-wide. There is always a crimiinal element. All criminals need entry points into the local police, to be forewarned of "raids," other government actions, and to provide a source for "bag men" to do pay-offs of officials. No point in being naive about it. I conclude Floyd was an underworld "hit." He was causing problems, other problems that the public does not know about, likely including stealing from the Mob itself. That will get you killed. Nothing "racial" about it; the Mob does not care about race; it cares about monopolies on its money streams. Become a problem; you get killed.
  39. 6 points
    Well, lets review the FACTS. On TV, there were so called news stations putting up film of what they referred to as "peaceful protesters" and in the background those very same "peaceful protesters" were looting stores and burning down businesses. So why would it be any different for them to say that the protesters were gassed if they weren't. We all know now that the media is lying to America, just some of us aren't smart enough to know the difference. Those are the ones that take what has become more opinion editorials than real news. I remember when the news came on all the y did was report the FACTS. Now it is more like the reporters aren't smart enough to separate their feelings from the facts. So realistically, the reporters that are doing that are swaying the audience by adding things that aren't fact. And Americans have gone along with this? Get real y'all. Anymore if you didn't see it with your own eyes, you simply can't trust what is being reported as fact anymore. How many times do you need to catch someone in a lie before you just don't believe anything they say anymore?
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    This should be a no no.... with the US SPR, do not lease it to foreign countries, perhaps lease it if they buy enough US oil to store it, but preference should be given to help US producers in the time of glut and shortage of storage capacity. Each country should have their own plan, Australia needs to build their own SPR. They have plenty of refineries that have been shuttered so the Gov. should buy or lease those sites and expand on their storage capacity and or build new ones.
  41. 6 points
    Why is Wal-Mart allowed to sell clothing and other goods and a small shop owner that sells clothes isn't "allowed" to open? I read that a local shop owner went to the "powers that be" and told them she didn't see the difference between her shop selling clothes and Wal-Mart selling clothes. They backed off and she opened for business again without the threats and drama. However, I digress. The real question here Tom is, If it is deemed safe for me to go to Home Depot or Wal-Mart, them why would it not be safe to walk into a polling station and cast a vote? Hmmmmmm.......
  42. 6 points
    What you are overlooking is that the "poor whites" were also slaves, albeit not formally classified that way. Specifically, some 90% of New England were white slaves, known as "indentured servants." In large measure, they were kidnapped off the streets of Bristol, held in chains on a boat in the harbor (until enough were kidnapped), being sold to the shipowner, then trasported to ports in New England where the contracts of Indenture wer sold at a mark-up to local land-owners and merchants. The contracts were typically for 11 years. After that, they were (sometimes) cut loose, in theory with a mule and some seed to go start their own farm, but in practice usually left destitute. Unsurprisingly, the death rate was high enough. Another big source of white slaves was the British court system. Persons arrested for quite petty offenses would be sentenced to "transportation." The Judge got a payment from the ship-captain for the new slave, who was sentenced to go to America for her crimes. Lots and lots of younger girls ended up victims of this judicial abuse. Judicial abuse is a hallmark of the British class system. Judicial abuse remains as a salient point in the American judicial system. What surprises me is that there has not been an overthrow of the judges and courts inside the USA. The Americans seem remarkably complacent about being abused by various branches of government.
  43. 6 points
    What the hell does that have to do with it. You said he was lucky God didn't strike him down while holding bible trying to insinuate that God must disapprove of him greatly. So I simply stated others who were much more likely to feel wrath of god for using his name. See thats how forums tend to work, if you don't want people replying to one of your shitty comments then don't make them. You have over a hundred post so you would think by now you would have grasped the concept of how boards like this work. Come on man catch up and try not to be so slow.
  44. 6 points
    Why? The basic philosophy underpinning these agitators is that everything is defined by collective power struggles. Those who have the power, and those who don't but can take it. This is sometimes defined as the "haves" vs "the have nots" or the "makers" vs. "the takers" or "the 1%" vs "the 99%", "blacks" vs "whites" or "1st world" vs "3rd world". The underlying theory comes as an epiphenomenon of secular morality. Which trades the transcendant for the collective. If God cannot enforce moral rectitude, then it is up to "the strong." The strong then transforms into the collective, or the mob, because unities are stronger than singularities. Once you get to this point it's a slow shift to defining your collective as expressing moral good and your adversary as expressing moral evil. Once you decide this, then there can be no compromise, in the same way that you would not compromise with someone you feel is morally evil. Not only that, but by a simple matter of a series of thought experiments, you can understand that under certain circumstances not only can you not compromise with those you deem morally evil, but you cannot even be held to moral account when dealing with moral evil, therefore any act, even those which temporarily suspend your own moral standards become justified (most definitely because you do not appeal to a transcendent authority). The more histrionic your moral critique of the opposition becomes, the more morally justified you are, and the less likely you can or will compromise. But this histrionic critique, the melodramatic exhortations, the pure insanity is actually a tactical advantage. Victory always goes to the most insane. Because that individual is willing to go further, do more, sacrifice more, in favor of their ideation. It is even more powerful in the context of collectivism, because a large component of the capacity for insanity is augmented by the anonymity of the numbers and the shared responsibility. This is why mobs and rioters can often get away with very violent actions, destruction of property, and can always use the excuse of being caught up in the insanity of the moment. While some individuals might get in trouble, or get arrested and even imprisoned, it will always be a small minority of the actual number of bad actors, so just by statistics it becomes a winning strategy.
  45. 6 points
    @Frankenfhurer as usual misread facts, misallocated blame and invented "facts". He also deliberately misread the legal standing of the President in directing military operations on US soil. In his rush to make the claim that the President shot up peaceful protesters as the Chinese propaganda demands, he had forgone all the relevant facts. Liar liar pants on fire, Mr @Frankenfuhrer. Your boss Emperor Xi is aflame in lies. Go back to your ministry of propaganda bosses and dump them out the window before they burn the last bridges for Chinese to escape their country to freedom, before it collapses under the incompetent management of the CCP, its decimation of discovery, and the consequences of its greed and self dealing. It is far too late to fix.
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    IMHO, Since World Socialist Movement started in 1904, which kind of the first globalization movement. It emphasized in globalization and social conflicts to have absolute central government power . Later on this movement split to Socialism and Communism.The main difference is: Communism: Raise to power by guns, then turn into Socialism. Socialism: Left Parties united together get to World Socialist State by votes in countries world wide. Later Eastern Communism evolved to Leninism,Stalinism, Maoism. When the Soviet Union collapse, we can only see Communism collapse while Socialism is still there. Korean,China, Vietnam are post communism state, Mission accomplish when totalitarian party in power . Instead of central governments with absolute power ensure equality like the plan, Central Governments turned to new Elite class and you are on your own, no equality as planned. They did end the social conflicts though. You don't agree you go to trail,. You don't allow to have gun so good luck with rebel for freedom.My prophecy is that when the elites grow too big to be sustainable, then they will turn on each other or to their neighbor and they will promise prosperous future to you or your descendants to get to the front line of the war. Until then all you can do is to live in fear and hope for your next life reborn in a rich or powerful family and you will have more equality than others. Western Socialism parties are still on their mission to have a powerful central top down government like its sibling and it needs social conflicts to get to power to ensure equality, with alliance from other left parties and new global corporations who share the same goal (before corporations were limited within each country). Why Russia and China joined the alliance? Because they are global corporation themselves, state control economy, remember? The former is selling oil and the later is selling labors. However the met resistance from people who were born and raised with the freedom air, no governments are consider public servants. Particularly in the strongest nation where people have a tradition of mind their own pocket, don't hate people who are more successful or lucky than them. And believe they will still have a chance to be successful if they are working hard or smart or lucky enough. To tell these people to have social conflicts from rich and poor makes no sense to them, virtually no elite class or victim class (from CEO to employee, internally). If you don't have one, create one. Socialists revive a victim class: -Descendants of the slaves with old hatred and historical weight. -The minority immigrant citizens who came to the US with empty hand with low starting point compares to native citizens (yet they still have full right and enjoy a living standard or welfare they would not have even if they was working really hard in their origin countries). - The youngster who just finish their rebellious ages, came to urban area and enjoy new lifestyle, lots of energy, tend to listen to their herd not their head. Who are inexperience, thirsty for praise and recognition. Tell them their family traditional values are outdated, unsustainable and holding them back. Tell them that many people in their ages around the world don't have to invest big debt for college fees anymore and why should they go through their early beautiful life with debts (They don't realize that by having free colleges education now, they will have to payback in the next 44 years and the total payment will much much more, proportional with their income, than just borrowing now and pay within 21 years, with tax discount). The debt will also help them take responsibility in choosing their major carefully, prepare harder for their future, and prevent them to waste money on something else as youngster are terrible to control their budget. Socialist deceive these groups to stop their appreciation for being a US citizen. US has never been great. They tell these groups are the victims of discrimination and don't bother to put more time and efforts to prove their values. The easiest way is follow their lead and fight for justice and equality will be great investments. (The equality will be the result of people lack of motivation to work and fewer can go further with wealth because of high multilevel of taxes. Why should anyone trade time for money while you can have both? Yes the money is a bit less but time is priceless and I can spend more time with friends and family. It is new value of life) Eventually you will reach post Communism state like other Communism countries above, and you are still on your own because of the inefficiency of corruption. And there will be always some elite ruling class and their number will keep expending. Yes you still have the democracy with multiple parties platform but that will be just the illusion of choices. You work harder or invest more in study yet there will be not much differences. Then you would miss the freedom of rewarding for your effort you once have when you were young.
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    Let's see, Trump just turned 74 on June 14 and Biden will be 78 if he makes it to November 20th. So unless Trump wins a six year term he'd be done by 78 but Biden would be well into his 80's with the cognitive capacity of?
  48. 5 points
    4 out of 7 of the faces on US currency belong to slave owners or slave traders. The petition to Obama when he was president Got a whopping 9 supporters to change our currency, perhaps to Susan B. Anthony, because we all know how well that went. Yep, our founding fathers had slaves, but that was nothing compared to Malthus, who felt that Ireland's population needed to be starved into non existence so the entire island could be turned over to grazing for pasture land. The British were worse, but I don't fault any Brits today for the sins of their forefathers. I've already posted the quote from the English bankers to their American counterparts about slavery, and how it was obviously inferior to serfdom. You have to care and feed a slave, but a serf is left to fend for himself, starving (as the Irish did during the potato famine) while exporting record levels of food!
  49. 5 points
    Why??? You should be very familiar with the history of the Soviet communists who did unbelievably despicable things, the holodomor for one and the gulags. Or is the suffering of people so much worse just because of the colour of the victim's skin? This is just clown world levels of embarrasing, not your reply per sec, but all of it...the virtue signalling is beyond a joke at this point. There's barely a race on the planet that didn't engage in some form of slavery and repulsive oppresion of their fellow people but there's pretty much only one race/group that did everything they could (late admittedly) to stamp it out. Feel free to prostrate yourselves on the alter of political correctness and see where it gets you, you can hand over everything to 'the other' and no one will give you an ounce of respect for it...most likely just hold their hands out and demand everything else you have.
  50. 5 points
    Well, burning down cities is most certainly easier, and so many of the young generation have been constantly rewarded even for failure that they expect to win no matter what, rather than fail, learn from the mistakes, and rise again later. Instant gratification is what they expect...