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    Blackwater, blackstone, or blackrock?
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    I disagree. Consider for example, the inventor of algebra and the algorithm, Al-Khwarizmi: https://www.bbvaopenmind.com/en/science/mathematics/al-khwarizmi-a-mathematical-bridge-between-civilisations/ The House of Wisdom, in Baghdad was very important for humanity. It was unfortunately "driven to the ground" by the Mongol horde, and a lot of wisdom was lost. Fortunately, Fibonacci, a Italian merchant, did his schooling in North Africa. He learned of Al-Khwarizmi's knowledge and the very important place value system: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Positional_notation and translated it to latin. It wasn't widely read until the printing press was invented though. It's modern arithmetic. Before learning how this worked, all people could do is count how many angels danced on the head of a pin using roman numerals. It's unclear if a lot of a lot of innovations during the renaissance would have been created, including the concept of navigation, that required precise calculations without these cross cultural exchanges. It was not done during the crusades, more so through trade. Ironically, of all the crusades, it was the 4th crusade, where in the crusaders backstabbed the Byzantine empire and took the most important city in christendom, Constantinople, which probably diffused more cultural knowledge from the east, including greek/roman culture: https://www.worldhistory.org/article/1188/1204-the-sack-of-constantinople/
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    I have 43 years experience with the Federal Power Act and I checked with Jerry Feit who was Solicitor General for the FERC at relevant times and have done appellate work as a member of the Energy Bar Association. How many cases do you have at the DC, 5th, 10th and 11th circuit courts of appeals. This was my first district court case https://law.justia.com/cases/federal/district-courts/FSupp/568/1265/2374 598/. You should be able to find the 10th circuit opinion if you are not a total incompetent. Split decision. Are you even competent enough to be allowed to commit even MALPRACTICE before the FERC.
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    To a first approximation, we need one home charger and one at-work charger for each EV: that's at most $2000 added to the cost of an EV. We also need perhaps one long-trip supercharging station (maybe $50,000) for every 50 EVs: that's another $1000 per EV. I'm being very generous here. I base this on the Tesla ratio. That adds a total of $3000 per EV, less than 10% of the cost of an average EV in 2030. The average ICE in 2021 in the US is more than $40,000. This is for private vehicles. The numbers are a bit different for commercial vehicles. For electrical infrastructure, we did the math on an earlier thread and came up with an incremental load of about 10 kWh per day per capita (not per driver or per car), split at 5 kWh for private vehicles and 5 kWh for commercial vehicles, after all ICEs are replaced by EVs. For California, that's 400 GWh/day at 100% penetration. At 10% penetration in 2030, that's 40 GWh/day or less than 2 GW new generation and maybe 1 GW batteries for peaking. You then have to add another 2 GW generation plus 1 GW storage every to years or so until we reach 100% penetration. You don't need much incremental distribution infrastructure because the vast bulk of EV charging is done off-peak.
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    I guess you didn't pick up the sarcasm. Par for the course with you.
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    That's because anarcho capitalism is stupid. The market is a tool, a mechanism, it is not God. Without regulation markets either achieve the bare minimum or fall apart.
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    Yup, there's real concrete issues to resolve with "super fast charging". And you ain't gonna get 250 KW charger installed in your garage. That said, EV's have very distinct advantages. One friend owns a model S out here. He has nothing but smiles. On a recent 130 mile round trip from Laramie to Longmont, CO. He said he had his hand on the wheel for about 4-5 minutes. His wife (a passenger) prefers the autopilot to his driving! He expects that Tesla's tech will make things much easier as they both age.
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    Not until the Caliphate was driven into the ground by the crusaders, rebuilding and learning how to be free of Muslim horde jingoism and jihad, and rediscovering our ancestors' culture. That's exactly when it did happen. Golden age, my ass. Western civilization owes nothing to Islam except for the thought of turning sand to glass.