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    The same FBLie that did such a bang up job investigating the Hunter Biden laptop? The same FBLie that launched a multi-year investigation of Trump based on a Heresay conversation in a bar? The same FBLie that is ignoring hundreds of affidavits and witness testimony? That FBLie? They tipped their hands with Strzok and Page, Comey and McCabe. They were reprimanded by the DOJ for hiding exculpatory evidence in multiple cases including Flynn. The DOJ has their hands tied, they are obligated to use the FBLie as their "investigate" unit. The FBLie forgot how to investigate, which is why they're asking a private citizen for his data and analysis. They've got an $18 billion a year budget, 50,000 employees and they're asking Braynard for help? They're hopeless and hopelessly corrupt.
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    It's obviously @BradleyPNW trying to sneak back in after the banning. YASPA (Yet Another Sock Puppet Account). @Enthalpicis lonely with just the voices in his head, they need to get out too you know ðŸĪŠðŸ˜œðŸ˜ðŸ˜›
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    Interesting news.... The only time we hear of or from the FBI these days is when they are either being pursued legally or defending their questionable, and some would say illegal, actions.
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    It's not impractical to install high-wattage electrical equipment. Industry does this all the time. However, at these wattages it's more trouble than just calling up your local electrician. This is more like an industrial installation than a commercial installation. My guess is that you bring in the high-voltage AC (4KV to 16 KV depending on your neighborhood) from the pole via an underground line and feed it directly to the inverters.
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    Where is the FBI? Where is DOJ? For the first time that I know of, the following video shows that election analyst Braynard has just been contacted by the FBI, who asked for copies of all his analysis and his files, which he has and is giving copies (only) of. The reporting on this begins at about the 4:40 mark.
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    And then there's this: Whistle-blower testifies that every day after the election, Runbeck delivered an additional 90,000 ballots, pre-filled out. There's military surveillance because they're right next to a military base and since the base shootings, security is tighter. So now we've got them coming and going. Next we look at the shredding companies destroying Trump ballots.
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    As usual, of the many things portraying fraud in strong lines, Dr. Shiva did the clearest most quantifiable reversible modeling of the voting manipulation algorithm - reduce Biden vote by 30/130=23%, add it back to Trump. Check the rest of the races. The second quantitative data analysis showed the likely progression of AZ electoral fraud to the point that any additional interference would necessitate more votes than voters. AZ is deep red and has been trending more so for the decade, while more of its office holders go blue, clearly a progression of the scale of cheating by Dems. Time for the legislature to convene and subpoena the entire elections directors and SOS from the key cheating counties and put them on oath to see how many plead the 5th on the simple questions about cheatig
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    It is fantastic to see common sense and science prevailing in the ongoing battle between State's power vs The Constitution and the law. We have all questioned the logic of restricting the number of people who could gather in our homes or our churches, or political rallies for that matter, while allowing riots and looters to carry on without widespread arrests for the same so-called infractions, or for supermarkets and other large businesses to remain open for that matter. It simply made and makes no sense at all, thus bringing into question the motivations of those Governors in placing said restrictions on the population, or not, seemingly at their own will. My Mother, rest her soul, used to govern like that in our home, and we all knew there was no rhyme or reason let alone logic to her rules from day to day or infraction to infraction (she seemed to rule in favor of my oldest brother in the majority of cases, and that's just Racist! ). I for one am happy to see this issue and the issues of the elections making their ways into the courts of law and allowing the lawyers and judges to do their jobs and determine what is right and what is wrong under The Constitution, which is the basis for all laws in the United States. Supreme Court rules against Cuomo's coronavirus limits
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    The 'smartest man in the room' has joined Sidney Powell's team https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2020/11/the_smartest_man_in_the_room_has_joined_sidney_powells_team.html In her Georgia complaint, Sidney Powell included the declaration of Navid Keshavarz-Nia, an expert witness who stated under oath that there was massive computer fraud in the 2020 election, all of it intended to secure a victory for Joe Biden. Dr. Kershavarz-Nia's name may not mean a lot to you, but it's one of the weightiest names in the world when it comes to sniffing out cyber-security problems. ****GROUNDBREAKING NEWS**** I have this on good authority, from someone who is close to Powell and her team. This is the PROOF that will show this election was rigged. Approximately two weeks ago, noted Spiritual Channeler Phu!mzile "Crazy Eyes" Mxambo-Ngcuka quietly reached out to SIdney Powell's team with some shocking news: Crazy Eyes claimed she recently started channeling... Hugo Chavez and he had a story to tell! Trusted members of Powell's team were immediately dispatched to meet with Crazy Eyes and were sufficiently convinced the spirit Crazy Eyes was channeling was indeed the former Venezuelan President. As a precaution, Crazy Eyes was moved to a secure location and placed under 24-hour armed guard protection. Within hours of her transfer to the secure location, Sidney Powell was on her way. At the safe-house, Powell spoke with Chavez/Crazy Eyes and he readily agreed to a video-taped sworn deposition!! Over the following 5 hours, Chavez/Crazy Eyes confirmed every one of the allegations Powell had made. Now an ordinary lawyer would have thought a sworn deposition like this would have been enough, but not Sidney Powell. She was determined to make sure this deposition is bullet-proof. She anticipated that the Deep State might try and discredit Chavez/Crazy Eyes so she and her team made a bold move. They posted a request to several Facebook groups of Trump supporters, asking if there was anyone who knew of Hugo Chavez and would they be willing to confirm that a 53 year woman who had no idea who Hugo Chavez was, speaking with a forced Spanish accent was in fact, Hugo Chavez. Against all hope, 253 true patriots stepped forward to sign an Affidavit attesting to this fact. Not only that, but Powell had these Affidavits *triple notarized*. That's right TRIPLE NOTARIZED! That 200% better than just having it notarized!!. SIdney Powell will be meeting the SCOTUS shortly and present them with what is irrefutable evidence. Remember, these Affidavits are from real Americans and have been Triple Notarized!!! So now it's BYE-BYE Bidden. The fat lady is about to sing!
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    Hate your fellow Americans, hate your legal system, hate your POTUS! Ward level patriotism .
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    The alt right "media" plays you guys like a fiddle. They are manufacturing "news" they know you want to see. Total click bait suckers. Make their YouTubes go viral! $$$ What's next? Are you going to do reference videos in court? O wait... "My favourite law reference is the movie My cousin Vinny." Comedy gold.
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    Who breaks their foot playing with their German Shepherd? He must have osteoporosis along with his dementia.