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    I do want you to know how deeply saddened I am to have to write that. That the society cannot even structure itself to share the vast wealth, even some tiny crumbs, with the ordinary folks that work so hard for so little, is just gut-wrenching. I am devoting the remaining years of my life to demonstrating that capitalism can work for everybody, all it takes is basic decency and consideration for others - what we previously took for granted as our Christian obligation. Not everyone is born with my talents. I get down on my knees and give thanks to God that I have been granted His blessings and the brainpower and talent to make a big difference. Down on my knees. Wall Street (and the DC Democrats) have lost the ability to be humble before God.
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    I don't like to get too deep into these discussions as they are so fraught with emotional overtones, but at the risk of more criticism, I would gently mention the following. Whether you like him or loathe him, Donald Trump did pull in some 70 million votes - an astonishing number. To suggest that all those voters are "rednecks, KKK klansmen, yahoos, deplorables, idiots, anarchists, pick-up truck drivers, Camel smokers," whatever possible pejorative you want to throw at them, is a bit silly. Those voters are in some part folks who have been badly screwed over by what I would term "The Power Elite," a collection of Wall Street thieves (who stole their homes on falsified claims and perjured papers), politicians who are vendus to Wall Street, and inside-the-beltway bureaucrats and the political perpetual establishment, which for want of a better term I classify as "limousine liberals." You see the arrogance and the total contempt for ordinary folks in the Limousine Liberals that cruise through the streets of DC on the way to their perpetual Meetings, in caravans of police vehicles with sirens blaring, because those forty seconds in the trip are more important to them than the cumulative hours lost by the ordinary people who have to get out of the way. When I am in DC I am so tempted to carry along a dozen eggs, to lob them at the limos and splatter the windshields. I was warned not to do this as lobbing anything against some self-important politician or general scumbag would likely result in a volley of gunfire. That said, I think if the people of DC rise up and lob vast numbers of eggs at those speeding limos, then perhaps the politicians will re-think their insolent arrogance. Two thousand egg hits takes the fun out of playing with sirens. The people who have to get out of the way are the people who work hard and get nowhere. Their economic condition has gone backwards since the days of Reagan. Does anyone seriously think that they are going to be supporters of the Democrats - the occupiers of those limousines? Go vote for Hillary Clinton - who scorns them as "the deplorables"? Vote for Mitt Romney - who derides them as nobodies? They voted for, and still support, Donald Trump because Mr. Trump wants to re-structure a society, crafted by the Clintonistas, where their jobs and wealth has been shipped overseas wholesale to China and points West and South. Hey, why is nobody looking out for them in Washington? Nobody did - until Mr. Trump came along. If the DC cognoscenti cannot figure this out, then they are lost souls. DC has a responsibility to everybody, not just the pigs on Wall Street, and so far, only The Donald has taken up that flag. So, he retains the 70 million. The Democrats and the Deep State bureaucrats see Trump as a major threat to their control of DC, and so are going after him with a vengeance. And the calculation is that the 70 million will still be there in 2024, the limo crowd will still be arrogantly skimming off the wealth for themselves, and Mr. Trump will be back, for another term as President. The only way the Dems and DC political class can head that result off is if they get serious about the needs of Mr. and Mrs. Average Workingman. Wil they? Of course not. So, I predict that the Dems just might be able to disbar Mr. Trump from office, but another Peronista will rise from the disenchanted, and that person will again lead the disaffected into another term of conflict politics. And the cycle will repeat until the moneyed class finally smartens up and recognizes that they cannot hide behind gated communities and walls in the Hamptons, eventually the dispossessed will find their Robespierre and then come after them with pitchforks. So far, absolutely nothing is resolved.
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    Since I started this thread, and since it has gotten seriously weird, I shall step back in to attempt to explain a few basics, mostly for the benefit of the non-US readers here (I should know better than to attempt this, but hey, lost causes are a sub-specialty of mine). Readers might keep i9n mind that I am a lot closer to the involved players than you might suspect; discretion keeps me from saying more. In the US, the "legal system" is divided into two broad categories: criminal justice, and civil claims for money damages and, occasionally, injunctive relief. The criminal justice system works (today) only on Statutory Law: to be convicted of a criminal charge, a specific Statute has to be written and the Statute has to be specific, so that it passes muster with the Constitution. Where a criminal charge is statutorily written to be ambiguous or vague, then the US Supreme Court can and likely would declare the Statute "unconstitutionally vague" and it would be vacated. The individual US States also have their own Constitutions, and some of them provide citizen protections that are more stringent than even the US Constitution. For those cases in State Law, the State Supreme Court will be the arbiter of cases where the criminal complaint is unconstitutionally vague. For example, Vermont is about to pass an Amendment to its State Constitution that outlaws slavery and indenture, and protects as an inalienable right the access to abortion. If you scour the US Constitution, it does not provide for a constitutional protection against involuntary servitude (indenture), nor for abortion, nor even for engaging in homosexual acts. The Instrument is silent. Thus for example, if you are found by a policeman engaging in a homosexual act, and that is violative of some State Law (as it is in Georgia), then the policeman can arrest you. The US Constitution does not protect you, neither on privacy grounds nor any other grounds, as the Original Instrument did not contemplate a situation where society would evolve to the point where homosexual acts would be shrugged at. There has been a recent case in Georgia of such an arrest, although the local prosecutor declined to pursue the matter. The defendant then pursued the matter seeking a Ruling, it went to the US Supreme Court, and the Ruling was, Sorry, no constitutional protection, they can put you in jail of they want to. Oh, well. Over on the civil court side, civil cases are mostly State Court cases. Under Article III of the Federal (US) Constitution, US District Court civil cases are limited to where there is complete diversity of jurisdiction of the parties to the case, or where there is an Original Jurisdiction component that invokes Federal Courts. For example, if you are in Nebraska and the party you are suing is in New York, and the amount of damages sought is specified as over the threshold limit of $75,000, then you can claim access to the federal courts (The US District Court). Alternatively, if you do not meet that test but are specifying in your Complaint that there is a specific Federal Statute that you are invoking as jurisdictional grounds, then you also have access to the Federal Courts. For example, if you are suing a policeman for beating you up, then you can file a claim under Title 42, Section 1983, which provides access to the Federal Courts for matters where a state actor injures you under color of law (a fancy way of saying that they acted against you using a claim of state authority, which a policeman would have. But so would an animal control officer who wrongfully seized your dog.) This law was originally passed in 1877 as part of the Civil War Reconstruction period, it sat disused in the dust of history for most of the 20th Century, then some smart minority students who got scholarships to Harvard discovered the old law, and brought it back to life with a vengeance. Today some 10% of all Federal cases are brought unde3r Sec. 1983. Who knew? Civil cases fall into two broad categories: claims on contract (i.e. breach of contract), and claims for injurious conduct, or in "tort". Typically cases will have both tort and contract breach claims, and Judges struggle to keep a lid on it. If a case sounds in contract then typically the supplemental tort claims will get tossed out, mostly to simplify matters for the Judge. If you don't much like it (as a plaintiff) then you could appeal to a higher court of review, but that typically goes nowhere. Claims in tort sound in aggrievement. The plaintiff has to show real aggrievement, a real harm and wrong, before a court will consider it. The reason is that the courts are not there to be debating societies; if you just want to sound off, then go get yourself a milk crate and stand on it in the public park and sound off to passersby, or go write letters to some newspaper, or go hold a demonstration in Washington if you like. The Court requires that you have some real injury. Dominion Voting Machines declares that it has suffered real injuries, both to reputation and to sales or the prospect of future sales. It does not have a contract with Ms. Powell, but can claim that Ms. Powell has defamed the reputation of the company and its products, so it sues in tort. Such suits in the State system require a careful recitation of the factual basis for the claims; this is known as "fact pleading." In the Federal Courts, the standard is to plead so as to put the defendants on Notice as to the nature and substance of the claims, and this is known as Notice Pleading. Where this went off the rails in in the famous case of Ashcroft v. Iqbal. John Ashcroft, readers will recall, was a politician from I think Missouri, who became the (Republican) candidate for Senator in an election against the (I think) Governor, Mel Carnahan, in 2000, the year that George W. Bush ran for President against Al Gore. A few weeks before the election, Carnahan was killed in an airplane crash, and there was no time to put another candidate on the ballot, so it was Ashcroft versus a dead man. The voters elected Carnahan, despite being dead. Ashcroft was thus the Senator who was defeated by a corpse, not exactly a sterling commendation. As a consolation prize, George handed the position of Attorney General I think it was to John Ashcroft. Ashcroft was remarkably incompetent in that role, and presided over all manner of egregious abuses after the plane crashes on 9.11.2001. A nobody from the Middle East, Mr. Iqbal, was arbitrarily picked up, deported, and ended up is some Egyptian prison, where he was beaten half to death. Iqbal then ended up in some "Deep State" prison in Romania run by the CIA, and beaten up some more. After several years, he was released because there was nothing against him. To no surprise, he sued for damages and wrongful imprisonment. That case went to various Courts and eventually to the US Supreme Court, where some ridiculous Judges ruled that since the Complaint did not specify with particularity the exact steps that Ashcroft had taken to institute the false imprisonment and the beatings, it would be dismissed for being vague. Thus the Federal Courts shifted from Notice Pleading to Fact Pleading, although it is not a fact-pleading court. John Ashcroft's great contribution to the development of US law was that now the federal authorities, being basically anybody in the Deep State, could go beat the hell out of you for years on end and do it with impunity...What a hero that guy is. Just lovely. With this backdrop, Dominion (now owned by a US hedge fund, the Canadians having sold the company a few years ago) hired the roughest, toughest lawyers it could find and are going after their tormentors. And that is how we get to the enormously detailed, "fact pleading" Complaint that I had posted. Trust this explains.
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    Socialism will never work in this world: 1 Will have a sustainable source of honest and "for the world" politicians to not use their power for themselves. There is no such a sustainable political system to filter the fake ones out and we need every in power politicians for that. How? From the voters who are imperfect and following the herd themselves? 2 People greed, they want to shine, make more money, have more time to enjoy life, live longer, feeling themselves special, dating, eat tasty food, travelling and more when they have all of that. That is how we have wars, economies, trading systems since ancient time. Productivity, many time because of the hardship of wars, drive industry evolutions. It can be a few greed people can make the system corrupted gradually an turn most of people in that society into greedy. Any Buddhism land fell apart starting with a few. And all of them to trust each other and not afraid of death. I have not seen many people like that but the hermits who go to forest or some very faithful simple life religion practitioner. And it requires the whole world, rich or poor countries share the same philosophy. Otherwise greed will make on stronger and enslave others. Tibet was a great example. 3 The author of the book: Marx, had a good starting point, an elite wife and he had children with her maid too, was no where can compare himself with any hermit. Later on he was in poverty and depended on his uncle, wife, friends ( in the form of royalties ) for a living and retirement (sponsored by Engel). Most of the time he wrote his book was in the tavern while drinking. Of course he hated capitalism and promote socialism, such a hateful life. Extreme capitalism (crony capitalism) or socialism will lead to a majority of poor class working for élite ruling class. Socialism is hand in hand with Crony capitalism, not a cure to Crony Capitalism. Western countries are where we are now because the political system are staying in the middle, for the middle class, individualism. Socialism sounds more like a religion to me, with the promising of Utopia right in this human society. It is cannot from the people who take things for granted, no appreciation of what they have, and don't bother to give away their leisure time to contribute to their country. Human did have socialism system at the time when there were not enough food for anyone to accumulate or trade, no politician, no land owner, no banking. But they were not happy with that and started everything.
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    And what a great idea it was! Eisenhower had seen firsthand just how much devastation had been meted out by the war. On their knees in humility and poverty, next to hunger, the UK chose a national health care system. In the bloom of a recovery, the U.S. chose the VA system, which has struggled ever since. Eisenhower also warned about the looming "military-industrial complex," which worried him mightily. He was right on both counts: we monetized both war and medicine. Mr. Van Eck is a student of history, Rasmus. Humanitarian, yes. Socialist, no. As a humanitarian you create jobs and build dignity. As a socialist you redistribute wealth willy-nilly and create resentment.
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    Syria has been massively cranked down and he didn't take the USA into WW3 territory like Hilderbeast wanted to by imposing a no fly zone over Syria and going head to head with Russia (who were there by the Syrian govts invitation). While I have a lot of criticisms of Trump the above is one singular overwhelming reason that I am glad he won in 2016 instead of that witch. The USA plays no real part in the Yemen war. Iraq the presence is now downgraded to training, some intelligence and occasional bit of convert ops work.
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    I have maintained, and continue to do so, that there is a certain lunatic fringe on both sides. People who are, for all purposes of classification, mentally ill. I have no way of knowing but I would surmise that if you throughly analyzed every single person violently protesting--doing something where you have to break down the door, push and shove, or otherwise introduce mayhem--fully half of them would be acutely (PTSD, acute psychotic break) or chronically (schizophrenic, bipolar) mentally ill. The others probably feel disenfranchised, as if they have nothing to lose. Why not just "patriots" out to make a point? Because most of the people who voted either for Biden or Trump are patriots. To go somewhere to "do violence" over a dead-end political cause means that you are unstable. For example, as Bill Mayer said, those 5,000 people who stormed the Capitol--the diehard Trumpists--aren't the same as the 74 million regular Americans who voted for Trump. I can get worked up enough by network news to write a shitty little article posting my grievances to anyone who bothers to read it, but that doesn't mean I am willing to throw away my life, my respectability, my reputation, much less do ten to twenty. Many of the people involved in this sick parody at the Capitol were mentally ill. And that's a damn shame . . . and it's on us . . . allowing our most vulnerable to go untreated, ruin their lives further. But it's also on our president, for using incendiary language that rang true to those poor creatures running amok. He should have known better but he didn't. To me, the fact that he didn't means he is inadequate to serve as president and should be summarily removed by the 25th Amendment. To not do that makes the Republican Party--every single damn one of us--complicit in some small way. Today I see no MAGA hats over angry faces. Today I see sadness and anguish, everywhere I look. Today I'm looking within also, because I voted for him twice. Today I am writing a letter requesting that I be removed from the Republican Party rolls. Will the Republican Party--the party of Pence, McConnell, Graham and the others--survive and even flourish? Maybe, who knows. All I know is that I no longer wish to be affiliated with any party--or president--that can't admit wrong when it happens, and can't bring themselves to do the right thing without first looking at a Gallop Poll. There! I'm done. I can't stand the stench of all these people trying to pretend that nothing happened, that mentally unsound folks didn't violate the Constitution, that we actually have a person of integrity inside the Oval Office. I'm not trying to make a political statement here that rings any farther than my own ears. I just needed to write it down in a relatively hostile environment so that I could reassure myself that I haven't sold out. Thanks for reading.
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    I actually agree with what you said. For example, I am a devout capitalist but as a retired cardiologist am immensely convinced that a national health system is the only way forward. When I entered practice in 1976, my "no-pay" patient percentage (no insurance, no money, no Medicare/Medicaid) was 20%. While we all understood that surgery, procedures, illnesses cost the paying patients more, we felt it was a way to take care of those caught in a squeeze. By the time I left practice this "no-pay" rate had increased to over 40%, mostly due to illegal immigrants, drug-addicted, homeless and mental illness. At that point, instead of (insurance, Medicare/Medicaid, out of pocket) payment for a procedure that's worth $1,000, that patient pays $1,400 or so while the indigent pays nothing. Furthermore, this antiquated system bifurcates care too much: As a matter of economic survival of the system as it now exists, a paying patient is over-tested and over-treated and an indigent patient is under-tested and under-treated. With the addition of many more immigrants--perhaps another 25 million over the next four years--this is going to place an unbearable strain on our healthcare system. There I stop. Decent healthcare for all is a humanitarian response. Sorry, but paying for sex changes and whims of society don't fit the bill. Nor does redistribution of wealth. And yes, people should be allowed to opt out and choose their own doctors totally outside the national health service. There, for example, if they want a sex change or a face lift or a boob job, well, go for it. Note: the above may not reflect the belief of the American Medical Society. Or anybody else, for that matter.
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    I once had an interesting discussion with a psychologist/psychotherapist on this very subject. He made a fascinating observation: "Dependency fosters rage." Although he said it in the context of adult children continuing to take money, gobs of it, from their family members, rather than go out and work for a living, it remains true for societies as well. There is nothing like having a job to focus the mind. Lesson: never create an enabler society. It will lead to ruin. When the Clintonistas and those supposedly bright MBA kids go and dismantle the US factories and ship the jobs to Asia, what they forget is that then you create a society that is ripe for outbreaks of rage. And that is what you are seeing now. And now you know why I refuse to hire those MBA types. They will bring ruin to your enterprise. And your community.
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    Intended merely as shorthand for "populism" in the context of politics. While it is certainly true that Argentinean politics has included a vst cornucopia of policy decisions (such as you cite), the underlying thematic component is that they are based on a political ideology of populism, where a nativist approach to the country and its relations with its neighbors is the predominant feature. Juan Peron tapped into the feelings of powerlessness of the ordinary people, just as did Mr. Trump. Mr. Peron brought in economic policies that superficially would advance the lot of the poorer and the effectively disenfranchised at the expense of the (richer) political and economic class. He did this with all kinds of policy instruments, including borrowing heavily in the US-dollar bond market, and when the Argentine peso collapsed, he repudiated that debt. Argentina has done that a number of times. Moving past the above shorthand, it does open up the interesting question as to how the USA is now going to "repay" its vast debts, which incidentally the Federal reserve keeps manageable by simply driving the Fed discount rate to effectively zero (some countries in Europe have actually gone to a negative rate, where you pay money for them to take it from you. An interesting concept.). Arguments are made that the Fed can do this indefinitely, effectively with the Treasury never repaying the principal, and allowing it to slowly inflate away. For current holders of T-bills, such as the Chinese, that has been a lousy investment, returning less than 2% annually. I anticipate it will have to go to a negative rate, there are now just too many trillions out there. Meredith Poor has raised these questions in another thread on this Forum. Historical note: Back in the GWBush days, a fellow who was the CEO of ALCOA Aluminum was brought in as Treasury Secretary. Highly competent, he first did a "net present value" analysis of the US Government, an accounting mechanism wherein all future revenues, and all future debts, are brought back to current values. He found that the US was totally, utterly bankrupt. He brought the analysis to George Bush and Dick Cheney, and Cheney dismissed it with the flippant comment "Deficits don't matter. Who cares?" Cheney then sent a memo to the Treasury Secretary saying he was fired. The Secretary packed his bags that night and took the Amtrak back to Pittsburgh, without saying goodbye. So much for attracting bright guys into the Administration.
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    I predict Jack Ma will become a refugee soon enough, and will flee for Singapore or some other more hospitable location. His business, which is electronic, may not survive, as the CCP will confiscate it or most of it. Either way, a pleasant retirement in the West sure beats a firing squad or lifetime imprisonment out in those Tibet concentration camps, already holding millions. There is a time to hold 'em, and a time to fold 'em. And for Jack Ma, it is time to fold. China is, at best, a precarious place to go do business.
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    The charming Mr. Sullivan turns out to be a seriously Bad Boy. Here is the arrest warrant sworn out by the FBI: https://www.scribd.com/document/490763513/Sullivan-Affidavit#from_embed Some tidbits on his past: According to an arrest affidavit for John Earle Sullivan, the Utah resident is the founder of Insurgence USA, self-described as being a coalition to "unite all people under one banner to fight for liberation and freedom for all people." The organization website adds "How we hope to achieve this is by taking a stance against acts of inhumane violence, discrimination of any form, and political corruption. We are the revolution, lets show the the power of the people united." The affidavit states the 26-year-old organizes protests and was charged in the Provo protest with rioting and criminal mischief. The FBI agent who interviewed Sullivan says a video posted by Sullivan during a D.C. protest showed him telling a crowd "we got to rip Trump out of office....f*****g pull him out of that s**t....we ain't waiting until the next election...it's time for a revolution." And: According to the affidavit, after breaking through barricades outside of the Capitol building, he can be heard stating “We accomplished this s***. We did this together. F**k yeah! We are all a part of this history,” and “Let’s burn this s**t down.” Sullivan entered the building through a broken window, allegedly stating inside "we gotta get this "s**t burned" and "it's our house mother*******." This fellow is a real charmer, a past convict for his role in some Antifa riot out West. Yup, Antifa was hard at work, pretending to be Trumpistas. Lucky the Capitol was not set ablaze - by Antifa. Not Trump. Classic Agent Provocateur. Just classic. Throw his ass in jail. Twenty years should do it (for now). What a total asshole.
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    The policies enacted by most populists are socialist in nature.. That is not what Trump did, not what he proposed. He squarely identified Chinese mercantile practices subsidies for strategic monopolies industrial sabotage and espionage and IP theft as damaging to Americans and their companies. He also identified the myriad US socialist environmental taxation and regulatory actions as detrimental to the balance of capital to labor such that labor share of production is smaller than it would have been otherwise. While Trump has populist outcomes in mind, he is not practicing or promoting socialism to achieve them. Quite the opposite, he promotes more free markets and dismantling of barriers to competition and monopolistic practices that have gone unchecked.
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    This is anger personified. Thank goodness Biden is protected by these troops!
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    I do not believe that President Trump is an "Orange Clown". There is no need to stoop to calling names here. I respect him to be quite intelligent and a really great fighter. Almost as if he was from Queens (oops!). His unfortunate manner and apparent self-centeredness actually puts me off in a visceral manner. So does Pelosi, BTW. As to those that believe he is worthy of continued support, I am reminded that: "What a fool believes, no wise man has the power to reason away".
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    Nope. Sorry, Gerry, there is no way. All washed out.
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    The problem with "infrastructure costs" is that it is not merely the cost in dollars out of pocket to put in that infrastructure. There is also the destruction of the natural environment, which has considerable money value and incredible social value. To illustrate, I point to the experience of Vermont and the wind-machine industry. Various Federal subsidies, when coupled with purchased-power agreements, led to large-scale installation of wind machines. The problem is that the "best wind" is at the top of the mountain ridge-lines, which in Vermont run at about 2,500 feet elevation. the area above 2,000 feet (above sea level) is a fragile and quite ecologically sensitive nature, and gets destroyed in the construction of wind installations. Those machines have gigantic blades that have to be trucked up to site, and to do that a raodway with a maximum grade of 4% has to be constructed, with quite expanded curves, to handle the long-boom trucks and gigantic cranes needed to get the machinery and blades and towers up the mountain. So a machine installed at the 2500-ft level first needs a road built effectively to Interstate standards running up the side of that mountain, and that road could be as much as seven miles long. The excavation entails stripping the soil, blasting away the rock, and then vast amounts of gravel fill, compacted to hold the loads. At that point staggering amounts of concrete is trucked up to pour the base, which is typically over fifteen feet thick, sometimes 30 feet thick, and perhaps a hundred feet square. That is a lot of concrete, and after that wind machine has eclipsed its useful life it is not going to be removed. Then the big trucks for the cranes are brought in, and the crane assembled on its own concrete pads, including for the outriggers. Then the tower sections are trucked up, then the generator nacelle, and finally the extra-long blades that get attached to the nacelle. There is no effort made to restore the terrain of that road cut, and the fragile soils get washed away to plug up the streams below, ruining the trout fishing of course. Whatever lives up there in that habitat no longer has any habitat, so it becomes an ecological desert. Now the reason the NY developers came to Vermont is because most Vermonters are not educated in either physics or in environmental studies and also because they are stupid. The stupidity lies with the class of people that end up running for political office, typically local shopkeepers and sometimes farmers. They invited the New Yorkers in to go exploit the State with the push of the eco-warriors that demand "green energy," but those messianic warriors are also quite stupid and you cannot tell them anything, it is a religion to them. The New Yorkers set up syndicates in which they are the General partners and put up no cash, and the investors are the Limited Partners and they put up the cash and take the risk. When the project is done, the Feds cut them a tax-investment credit of 20% of the project cost, so the General partners walk away with $20 million tax-free cash for themselves and the limited partners get their cash back plus lots of extra cash from the power purchase agreement where they sell that power over the next 20 years under take-or-pay contracts into the grid. Those guys all get quite rich, the locals get their ridge-lines wrecked, and the poorer classes in Vermont (the "hill people," typically, plus the urban poor) get to pay exorbitant charges for their electricity, which is peachy keen for the eco-warriors because they think that the planet is best served with very expensive electricity so that people will use less of it (preferably, none at all). After enough of this folly under the rather ill-informed and uneducated previous Governor, the new Governor has flatly refused to allow any Purpa plant to be built and there are zero wind machines built since his term started. Good for him. I like that guy.
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    Your Eejit modus operandi is to make us waste time. Not falling for that. I remember what I've written and what your multiple personalities(?) have written. No need to review. Will this episode go down in history (what's left of it) as the most corrupt election in U.S. history? Yup. For those too stupid / lazy to read the 15 page Navarro report linked above
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    There are three moving parts in an electric motor and no accessories to swap. If it were equally easy to access the electric motor, I'd be surprised if it took more than an hour to swap one. The electric motors will not be easily accessible because they're too reliable for that to matter. Again, three moving parts. Designing an ICE to last 500k miles is a bear of a problem. Designing an electric motor to last 1.5 million miles is trivially easy. In general, it's easy to make electronic components that last 10X as long as mechanical components. When all the mechanical bits in your drivetrain turn into electrical components, maintenance, reliability, and longevity issues effectively disappear.
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    Nearly 7-in-10 voters say things in the U.S. are pretty seriously on the wrong track, according to a new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll. The imagary that will be portrayed during this ignaugaration followed by executive orders will define this new administration... Baghdad Joe & The Imperial Gaurd.
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    McConnel was just plain wrong and spoke too soon. He did not base his statement on facts. His wife Elaine Chao was a big influence in his rash statement IMHO. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/13102912/mitch-mcconnell-wife-elaine-chao-children/
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    Crony capitalism is not extreme capitalism. It is the destruction of capitalism by dishonest means such as monopolies. In an advanced country it ends up as fascism such as in China and now America and just about every other country in the world. Fascism works, communism does not. The communist countries are in shambles. North Korea, Venezuela, and Cuba are examples. Fascism destroys personal liberties by allowing an elite to rule the middle and lower class.
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    Mr. Brown, I invite you to go look at my past posts of the last 12 months. First I opined that Mr. Trump would likely not be a candidate as he dislikes losing and there was no foreseeable way that he could gain the electoral votes needed to be re-elected. When Mr. Trump was nominated I repeatedly declared that he would lose and outlined that I thought he did not have the votes for Wisconsin, specifically the Southwestern dairy country votes that he took last time around, that he would lose in Michigan, and that he would lose in Pennsylvania. There was no path for Mr. Trump to obtain the required 270 electoral votes, that was obvious The reality in American politics is that "All politics is local." The quote is from that master politician, Tip O'Neill. Mr. Trump managed to bring some new life into the forgotten industrial (steel) towns of Ohio, and Ohio rewarded him with its electoral votes. Mr. Trump failed in dealing with dairy excess supply and trade issues with Canada (although he did manage to secure some furter market share), so dairy voted against him. Mr. Trump did not re-energine the coal industry so sections of Pennsylvania left his party, and voted Democrat, although the Democrats had zero plan to propose for the rural people there. Without those three States Mr. Trump could not win, and he did not. I stated that lots and lots of times and I fail to see where you are coming from with your comment above. In any event, the Democrats have placed enough concertina wire around the Capitol to turn the place into another Uighur detention center. I predict that Chinese-style "social credits" accounting on the political speech of Americans will be their next move. I am not impressed with the partisans of the Democratic party and their commitment to American principles of vigorous political speech and personal freedom. I get the impression that you align yourself with those folks, in which case in all candor the country would be better served with your energies focused on promoting ideas of American free speech and action among those Party stalwarts. Going back to the heavy hand of bureaucrats running everybody's lives, and export of American jobs and technology to Asia, is not an appealing vision, at least not to me.
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    Reminds me of the Green Zone surrounding the American Embassy in Iraq. Blast walls, concertina wire, and lots of heavily armed soldiers and armored personnel carriers with machine guns along the perimeter. We now have a new name for the United States Capitol. Call it: "Baghdad on the Potomac."
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    Imagine the next State of the Union address when Congressional Sargent of Arms announces , " Ladies and Gentlemen the President of the United States . . . . " Embarrassing.
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    The powers to be are looking for the optics. The last week has been nonstop news reports of " FBI warns of armed riots in all State Capitals". But say they have no specific information. Why stop at 25,000 National Guard. Go for another 10,000. The Democrats want to pass a new anti-terror law allowing them to spy on Americans. Spy on conservatives. Those that broke into the Capital bldg should be prosecuted. But let's get real. The FBI knows who the radical anarchist are on both the Left and Right. Cut out the theatre. Biden is a joke.
  29. 4 points
    The notion of an infinitely growing population is nonsense. On a consumption weighted basis the global population is shrinking now that China has turned over. .OECD+China are in an inverted demography. They can consume more per capita as their need for investment is largely for new tech and products as extensive growth is well behind them. Thus each new generation requires no new schools, no new university classrooms or dorms, no new office space, no new housing other than replacement.The number of first car purchases is dropping every year in aggregate. The emerging economies might have a chance for improvement, but those that remain in the emergent camp are there because they are impossible to develop profitably with technology available heretofore. Hopefully modern Solar and Wind will help. But the amount of infrastructure investment necessary is not at all economically justified in most cases even with negative real interest rates. The current projections from the authors of empty planet don't get to 8 Tril humans ever. There is no need for population reduction to achieve any goal. Fighting for survival is a noble goal, Gates and co.suggestions of culling humanity are deranged musings of eugenicists. Even if solutions are not found, you don't kill people off preemptively.
  30. 4 points
    So now we have a serious clash between richest man in China founder of Alibaba Jack Ma who is under investigation allegedly on the personal order of Chinese leader Xi Jinping. He ordered after October 2020 a very careful scrutiny of the businesses of Jack Ma "to dig in bussiness papers" , who has not appeared in public for quite a long time. So far we know so much, although there is a lot of speculation about it in bussiness press. Potentially, this could be a matter with huge consequences for China in my opinion, so hereby begins the following thread.
  31. 4 points
    Yes Mr van Eck that could not have been said better, it resonates the rage today we see within the US black community. Their are times when my anger flashes seeing how a few in the D party inflamed those passions. All the young children that once again will have to relieve the past.
  32. 4 points
    Another interesting outlook on the Trump presidency
  33. 4 points
    Even a blind pig can see something is wrong with this country right now. Big Tech deciding they're bigger than the President of the United States is telling. Twitter going down by over 20% in stock price and 50% in users, Facebook let him back in but I don't think he's fallen for it. That's the only reason they haven't dropped by more. About $50 billion for the two of them.
  34. 4 points
    An Agent Provocateur is someone who shows up and stirs up the crowd to be violent, to do things that they otherwise would not do. Sullivan swaps his black hoodie for a sweatshirt and a MAGA hat, so he can pretend to be a Trumpista. But in reality he is there to foment violence, to fight with the police, and to Burn down the building. His objective was arson, on a grand scale. Sure, the marching Trump supporters were "pissed off," as you put it. But being aggrieved is a long way from breaking in doors, attacking and fighting with police, and seeking to arson the Capitol. For that, you go to Antifa. Let's get real here. There is no evidence that any Trump supporter intended any harm to anyone. Certainly not to the Capitol Police. You can argue that the Trumpistas were unreasonable in not accepting the results of the voting, but that is another dimension. There is a long way from being unreasonable to doing arson of the Capitol. To make that leap, you need to be a card-carrying Antifa vile sack of shit. It is what it is. Now, the latest is that the Trump Supporters are planning "demonstrations" at the State Capitols, and planning to bring their guns (read: "rifles") to show off. I think that is a lousy idea and accomplishes nothing. You make a bigger impact by being dignified. Leave the guns at home. Bring a picket sign if you like.
  35. 4 points
    Ok, BOTH, you and PragerU use numbers which are apples and oranges and do NOT equate to what you think they do. Nor do said numbers even matter in regards to power generation in reality Lets start with wind since this one I 100% know. P says 60% and 45%. One number is ~correct(60%) and the other is an orange. They do NOT equate to each other. The 60% number is Theoretical max energy you can PULL from the wind using a SINGLE turbine. Betz limit is actually 59%, but hey, who is counting. What is NOT said is to achieve this limit% you need a turbine which looks like: https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=ZFToeYfG&id=04A6493214A5863914D71984A00539FF09CFCC55&thid=OIP.ZFToeYfGjnbX3feqJCU0sQHaJ4&mediaurl=https%3a%2f%2fi.pinimg.com%2foriginals%2f40%2f53%2fdf%2f4053df7dffe16152ddba9e0ccf705388.jpg&exph=4608&expw=3456&q=old+farm+windmill&simid=608039684660005237&ck=FE0DF36622C997B4D0B31E2DA6D2BFE3&selectedIndex=0&FORM=IRPRST&idpp=overlayview&ajaxhist=0 Of course this type has horrific problems due to drag, overspeed, etc etc and at any size over a few meters in diameter is utterly impractical. Not to mention no one gives a damn about how much theoretical power density you remove from the wind. What everyone cares about is COST of collecting said energy at some efficiency numbers. If ultimate power collection per square meter were ever relevant, one would place wind turbines back to back to back. Sure, each turbine would collect less and less power as the velocity would drop off behind each subsequent turbine, but hey who is counting. This is actually one reason that the wind boys are actually farting in the wind today as they have found out the HARD way that spacing of their wind turbines is WAY too close so power collected per area(acerage rented)keeps dropping and their ability to power civilization from said area keeps dropping. One main reason they want the oceans. Area, no nimby, more consistent winds, no noise limitations, which is frankly BS, as diameter increases and forces go up by RADIUS SQUARED so...🙄. Speaking of consistent winds... Lets look at the next number PragerU stated: 45%.... this has absolutely NOTHING to do with the 60% number. Rather this is capacity factor. So, for some ARBITRARY set point on some wind turbine generator nameplate, some engineer has decided for example they would ONLY place 4MW of generation capacity on said turbine and any wind velocity below this point maximum power point would attain LESS capacity factor power collection, and anything above this completely arbitrary number the energy capacity factor would be 100% until wind turbine cuts out due to overspeed problems. Why? $$$, not technical ability. So, Meredith claiming 45% is BS, is correct, but also wrong as the Capacity factor is 100% site specific and arbitrarily specific to how one sets the capacity of the wind turbine to begin with. If the wind blows at 4MW on our theoretical turbine all the time, we would have a capacity factor of 100%, If the wind blows for 25% of the time at 4MW and 25% of the time at 2MW and 25% at 0 MW 25% at 6MW wind potential, but only collect 4MW What is its capacity factor... (Uh, who cares?) It collected 2.5/4 = capacity factor of 62%... Which theoretically is possible in the best wind locations and even some have stated as high as 80% should be doable in some places in the North Sea, Argentina, and the plains of the USA, Kazakstan, W. Sahara, and nowhere else in the world. Which are VERY few and far between on land and only exist at certain latitudes on the ocean in certain portions of the ocean. Could we create a higher capacity factor? Sure, just reduce nameplate capacity to 2MW and its CF would be 75%... woo HOO! Things are better now right? No. Total power collected is 40% lower for same cost. = OUCH! What happens if one installed a 6MW generator in said turbine? What would its capacity factor be? (2/3 + 1/3 + 0 + 1)/4 = 50%, but variability of power to the grid massively increases 50% >> 62% right as more power is collected? Well, not necessarily as the efficiency of said motors changes based on load, so what one actually needs are multiple pancake generators which can be stacked on same spindle which can individually be turned on all the while creating zero drag on said rotor. No one has been able to design this, but it theoretically could come close to be reached with permanent magnet motors where the magnets are moved on a ram depending on velocity of wind... assuming one could make the motors in the first place economical over that of a gearbox design. So, both PragerU and Meredith are talking stupid moronic numbers which mean zilch in reality as without energy storage, or instantaneous backup, there is not much to discuss, and this is the real issue. $$$/W of turbine + energy storage for a reliable source of power is what counts and should be discussed as the ONLY number which counts and so far no one in the wind industry or its opponents are brave enough to state this simple truth as this number is VERY messy and fraught with problems. Force the wind turbine boys to add energy storage and their costs explode, but energy storage for how long? And speaking of which, admitting we could do energy storage with lead acid already SHOULD WE CHOOSE to do so from the opponents perspective would well... upset the apple cart. Both perspectives are equally stupid, but hey, that is the world we live in. As for PragerU/Merediths solar numbers, both are equally stupid and both utterly miss the point. I would think Meridth normally points this out, but it is $$$/W that counts. ... of course spread out over how many years and do we had ROI/NPV, cash basis, taxes, subsidies, etc etc. As for efficiency squabbling, look when this video was done, they were correct then and still pretty much correct today as the theoretical overall efficiency of a SINGLE junction solar cell has not changed. Remember example of the wind where we can add more and more turbines back to back to collect more of the wind per area? Same thing is true of multijunction multilayer solar cells. No one GIVES a DAMN about efficiency of conversion, but rather $$$ to convert said energy. Now if one can create a process where there is little to no cost associated with this additional layering, doping of silicon, as most of the cost is in the glass, sealing against oxygen, inverter, transportation, installation, then we have something, until then bitching about putting 2 in the place of one sounds good, for about 2 seconds and ultimately means little. As for batteries and blathering about sodium or sulfur etc, this ship sailed with the invention of the lead acid battery 150 years ago, or 100% with the invention of the carbon foam lead acid battery going on 30 years ago. It is a matter of $$$/W storage. Batteries are NOT the problem and never have been for land based fixed infrastructure, but rather the cost of doing so as there are far cheaper solutions for supplying power. Rather it is a cliche new religion that the cheaper solutions(hydrocarbons/nuclear) are evil and therefore batteries are required, but to same religious zealots, lead/arsenic/cadmium/sulfur are all nasty words.... doesn't matter that we have Megatons of the stuff sitting around and we have to do something with the poisonous junk anyways... their religion says it is bad and therefore it will go AWAY with the raising of their voice!
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    Above is pretty close to what Texas AG Ken Paxton said the voting commission's expert analysis showed. This is going to fire up the whole issue again. The liberal left has drifted so far left, and become so vocal denouncing everyone with a conflicting ideology, that I suspect Dominion thought they could intimidate Ms. Powell with their horsepower. She can defend herself for free--just room and board--and I suspect she has the Texas Voting Commission reports in her briefcase. I believe Ms. Powell may emerge from this debacle in good shape. I hope so: she damn sure fought harder than anyone else on that defense. If she rolls that stuff out in court, this is a very big deal.
  37. 4 points
    The FBI is working on creating false flag operations with armed protesters, likely Antifa in MAGA drag in order to smear Trump. They have been contacting people to try and rope them into participating in the FBI's planned false flag ops. Many conservatives report being contacted by phone or even personally at their homes. The Dems and deep state see their attempt to divide the US by race and social class is not working as they had hoped, so their fake smearing of Trumpists as racists is only carrying water where there are few of them, as in Dem core urban centers, anywhere else, the various racial groups find that the Trumpists are simply not about race, nor class which is precisely what Dems are bothered by. it makes their 50 year project to use race as a wedge in US society fall away, throwing them back to Reagan's time or worse. The FBI didn't tell us before the event on the 6th because the local officials and Pelosi (Capitol police) were unwilling to do anything about it, but have Bowser issue a warning to Trump not to send national guard, DC police to draw down street presence, and Capitol police to reduce deployment. If the FBI reported it publicly, then the Dem politicos would have been obviously discovered to have been co conspirators with Antifa that carried out the "siege"
  38. 4 points
    As originally posted...it seems you missed a smidge....Weird 21 hours ago, frankfurter said: an interesting blog. but the USA is not a democracy: it is a republic. but your hysteria has the better of you. no Chinese person owns or operates your media, that is a fact. please outline your concept of a Chinese propaganda tool. Your thought's?............Asking for a friend. So my i asked for your opinion on Mr. Swalwell, in regards to being a Chinese propaganda tool. Below he was openly spreading propaganda in regards to a Russian citizen...And then it was discovered he developed lets say a certain relationship with Chinese lady and believe it of not...shes a agent of China. Now i was merely asking for your insights...A Chinese tool? https://www.businessinsider.com/eric-swalwell-christine-fang-suspected-chinese-spy-2020-12 Rep. Eric Swalwell refused to say if he had sex with a suspected Chinese spy who slept with 2 mayors for an intelligence campaign Actually that little occurence seems to be merely the tip of the Iceberg...It would seem https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2020/dec/14/how-many-more-fang-fangs-are-there/ How many more Fang Fang's are there? SIGN UP FOR OURDAILY NEWSLETTE
  39. 4 points
    Bet ya can't guess why this video keeps getting yanked from YouTube. The hypocracy is so deep you could swim in it.
  40. 4 points
    It is my personal belief what you are speaking to is at the very core of this entire debacle. Voters right's US citizens right to vote, I will be the first to state I have taken that for granted most of my life. From what I have seen for the last four yrs I take nothing for granted any longer. When this election was questioned and the accusations and trials began it became a war in the press and the states.Both sides cut no quarter, it was then I had to ask myself why the resistance? Why tear a nation apart? It now has developed down to the actual question of valid citizenship in these voter registrations and the machines that count these votes. What lies in the machines and registration roles that require such extreme measures to conceal? Make no mistakes here there are a lot of careers on the line, perhaps millions and millions of dollars. Why is this all occurring? My own opinion, US citizens have for far to long taken voting for granted and that is now being challenged. And challenges will not be tolerated... If anyone thinks differently today the concept of free speech is being challenged, today US citizens across this country are being ostracized from employment due to their support for a soon to be former President.
  41. 4 points
    Thats a bit of a trick statement, Tort and Civil can be the same thing, so can Criminal and Tort. Tort just refers to twisted behavior. It still doesn't change the fact that in order for a court to pay attention to any claim, Criminal, Tort or Civil, you have to state both what your complaint/claim is against another party and how you are going to prove your claim. All initial filings use language like "we will prove the defendant... bla bla bla" usually followed by examples of when, why how, "we have documentation that proves... bla bla bla". You've gotta have both a complaint and some kind of explanation on how you will back up your claims or no court's going to bother.
  42. 4 points
    Well, just hold on, Tom. The tightest oil traps in the Granite Wash were also some of the most complex geologic formations in the world. Back when the Hogshooter was all the talk, there was no such thing as geological steering. If I were young, I'd buy an old slant-drilling rig and go for it. The geology is fascinating. North of the North Fork of the Red River, there is no granite lying on top of the ground. South of the North Fork, granite boulders the size of VW campers are strewn around from a massive upheaval. When those boulders came to the surface, the traps were released and the oil seeped elsewhere, probably into the sandstone of the Permian. But where the granite plates were displaced but not brought anywhere close to the surface lie tremendous traps containing massive pools of oil . . . sort of like those giant pre-salt traps off the coast of Brazil and Africa. 😊
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    Hey @Ward Smith. You are trying to convince a guy from Scotland, a country with a population of just under 5.5 million with just over 4 million voters. According to the following article, you probably would be better off trying to convince a tortoise: US election: Scots have 'scathing' view of Donald Trump's time as president They also have their own share of scandals. And what scandals they have been! The political scandals that have rocked Holyrood during 20 years of devolution The point is, I don't think our friend Geoff will ever be convinced by anything you or anyone else from the U.S. might ever say to him or whatever evidence you might trot out in front of him. He doesn't want to believe. Scottish nationalists’ biggest worry is policy, not scandal Scotland’s Leaders Are Using Independence to Distract From Scandal So, in essence, I think you are beating a dead horse and our friend Geoff is sitting back and having a laugh. Geoff deserves to be ignored, not convinced, because he just doesn't care what the facts are. The epitome of Orange Man Bad and give me socialism or give me death. IMHO
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    We need to keep the reality of the populous support and disregard the official ballot counts as they are entirely face. Reverse engineering the vote manipulation is not that hard. The estimated Biden vote is 61 mil. The estimated Trump vote was 81 mil. Statistically significant sample checks of democrat county precincts in a phone and knock on door confirmation of voter rolls shows that the they are composed of 20% to 53% fake voter registrations. Worst being Maricopa AZ. This has been cultivated by Dems for decades, gradually growing their registries with Phantom or zombie voters. The dirty little secret is that Dems have not been winning even their core counties by real votes since Reagan. The only possible exception being Bill Clinton. As Colonel Waldron notes, the entire US electoral system has been captured by China and supports Dem candidates and select Reps. The depth of the affected elected offices ranges from sheriffs to county judges up to state supreme courts, state legislators, governors, mayors congressmen and senators.
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    Did McConnell, Cheney and the rest who support impeachment think they'll be welcomed home if they proceed. I'd say that most if not all of their voters are in the 74 million group of people who voted for Trump. They may regret this move, especially when Eric Swalwell is on the impeachment committee. It is so political it screams for a primary of all Republicans who vote for this madness. In our area, Cornyn is front and center since he and the rest of the establishment who call themselves Republican are worse, much worse, than any Democrat who is doing what vipers always do and don't hide it, attack and destroy. Republicans do what they always do, sit and suck their thumbs. I wish just one of these wimps would call out Pelosi, Harris, Biden during the past year of riots and marching thugs in cities across the country and they said "people will rise up now and after the election and they should"! The MSM said the riots were "mostly peaceful", and Cuomo said "who said protests need to be peaceful". Maxine Waters called for the left to "go after them, wherever they are, get in their faces, and don't let them be in peace", and groups attacked Cruz, DeVos, etc., Schumer told Kavanaugh and Gorsuch that "You have released the whirlwind and you will pay the price. You won't know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions"! So, we could go on and on and now we find the FBI had notice that violence was going to occur at the Capitol the day before the protest. So, Trump had zero to do with it since the plan was in motion before he and the supporters arrived in D.C. I wouldn't count Trump out. He just raised $200 million and his approval numbers are climbing. Biden isn't even in office yet, and whether or not he won fair and square, the people who voted for him and already having buyers remorse. And, one good thing happened today. CNN. was pulled off the air at the airports.
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    IT'S a free country. Can't stop crazies from showing up. Bernie's Sanders supporter shot and almost killed Rep Scalise (R) at a softball team practice. So that makes Bernie Sanders an assassin ? Should Bernie be charged with attempted murder ? Should Bernie be charged with insurrection ? Anarchist like Antifa were embraced and encouraged by the Democratic Party. The Minnesota Attorney General promoted Antifa. He held up an Antifa manual and laughing said "This is who Trump is afraid of". His son a Minneapolis City Councilmen publicly supported Antifa as they burnt his city to the ground. SHOULD THIS FATHER AND SON BE CHARGED WITH INSURECTION ?
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    The list of IP addresses tapped into the Dominion network during the election was long, and outside of Dominion's international offices, were many other IP addresses, e.g. 5 from Huawei offices. Some of them may have been spoofed IP addresses, but some are actual. All of them injected information into the Dominion election software settings or actual Access database files where the votes were stored. The work burden was substantial as the adjudication files are images of ballots, and many states had 68% and up to 94% for some precincts sent to digital adjudication.In some precincts there is a record of the work, in others there is no record, no chain of custody, no log files.
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    There is not going to be anything "quiet" about a settlement in this case!