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    Here is a link to the article Key passages are these. Standard home outlets generally put out about 120 volts of power at what electric vehicle aficionados call "Level 1" charging, while the high-powered specialty connections offer 240 volts of power and are known as "Level 2." By comparison, Tesla's "Superchargers," which can fully charge its cars in a little over an hour, offer 480 volts of direct current. and Roughly one in five plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) owners switched back to owning gas-powered cars, in large part because charging the batteries was a pain in the… trunk, the researchers found. Of those who switched, over 70% lacked access to Level 2 charging at home, and slightly fewer than that lacked Level 2 connections at their workplace. "If you don't have a Level 2, it's almost impossible," said Tynan (one of the researchers), who has tested a wide range of makes and models of PEVs over the years for his research. The research also notes that consumers are reluctant to use public charging stations but does not suggest any reasons for this..
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    That is just not the case. The organized aspect is not relevant since people are correctly more distrustful of their organizations the same way they are distrustful of their government. People are broadening their religious perspective to a more universal and less sin centered view. There are very many globalist infiltrated ministries that are losing their flock, just as the Catholic church had been.
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    The Dems did not reform, they just had a new stratagem to divide the country by enslaving the same minorities into a "welfare" system designed to create and perpetuate destitution and dependency on them. The Marxist front end of the Dems had taken over the party in the 1920s and matured into the cultural malignancy of the new left environmental social and race based divisions intended to destroy the US within Khrushchev's stated plan of destroying the US without firing a shot. Dems are now aligned with the CCP and continue on the same treasonous path as before, with the same targets of enslavement as before. The main difference from the past being that the plan to kill off the white Christians went from being at the Dem fringe to the center, as that is what the Davos crowd want along with their CCP allies.
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    The indicated method patented by the post office for ballot watermarking in a blockchain marking to confirm authenticity is radio frequency active, not UV active. The UV check is to show up folding artifacts on the ballots. The data on 150k of 2.1 mil being run through is obsolete, much more has been done since. The leaked estimates of the results as indicated so far are below. The ballot count was done first, then forensic confirmation. The next step is to count the confirmed ballots. The simple math indicates that the official count departs by +260K for Biden through machine fraud. That was on top of the insertion of 950k fake ballots - meaning that about 1/2 the ballots in Maricopa were not sent through the mail system nor stuffed into envelopes. Meaning hardly anyone in Maricopa voted for Biden. I suspect the 950k illegal ballots is incorrect, or quite a bit of them are for Trump. It would be a large number, but not that large. I do expect some actual voters were voting for Biden. The NSA leaks based on remote radio freq scanning of the ballots in storage shows 80% of the vote for Trump nationwide assuming the fake ballots without a correct RF signature are for Biden, AZ being as red as it is, should be higher than that. unfortunately I didn't manage to track down a state by state tabulation leaked out of the NSA. Arizona counting staff on NDA's. Preliminary audit showed Trump ahead by 250,000. Now as it nears completion nearly 950,000 ballots are declared illegal. Nearly all for Biden. Biden's victory in AZ was 10,200.
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    New Hampshire Calling Mr Van Eck @Jan van Eck you still in the neighborhood? Here's where the cheating hubris caught them. Just like in Antrim, they grabbed votes in an out of the way locale, figuring no one would notice. But notice they did. I'm observing that the Xiden administration is changing their tune from "we won" to "we were certified".
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    Wow!! That is bad. I wish you luck in the repair of this injury. That is still no reason for taking the vaccine. Unless you are over 65 and have significant comorbidity factors, the "vaccines" are more dangerous than the disease. Only 6% of reported CV19 deaths are caused by the viral disease, the rest are caused by the comorbidities and CV19 was coincidental to the death. Preventive measures are effective, from proper nutrition (particularly vit D and C, Zinc) to simple old drugs like HCQ and then treatments if you actually do have symptoms.
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    The fact checkers are lying. The medical ones are sent to an organization that has its funds invested in pharma companies. 15% in JnJ alone. Al fact checkers are politically biased corporatist fascists with no adherence to facts. Note that the fact checking center looking at the president was disbanded before Biden's address to a tiny fraction of the Union.
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    Again, I see no relation to add to the audit vs constitution or "it's over" argument About what you mention Firstly, the key point is if the company can find the evidences or not, regardless of what they believe or how they execute it, surely they will need to show it to the judge to persuade the hardiness of their evidences, probably with a non disclosure agreement. What is the motivation of any auditor that believe that there is no problem when they start auditing something? Reading the 2 links you sent, I see different motivation for the request here: They want guarantees that voter privacy and ballot secrecy would be ensured and the company wants to ensure it by: The judge removed the company's excuse would remove the recount halted request's excuse as the same time Isn't this we both want?
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    Yeah, but adaptation requires evolutionary pressures, and this only happens successfully over long periods of time. Higher amounts of CO2 would likely preferentially select for things like blue green algae and similar plants that would bloom everywhere. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but it may take a long time to recover biodiversity. As in tens of millions of years. Most of the arctic ocean oil and other sequestrated carbon is hypothesized to be from this fern, which took us from the last greenhouse to the current climate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gdfWFDcXut4 A very different earth indeed.
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    Oh, I dunno, the party who decided to use racism and bigotry as their rallying cry for the last 150 years, and still is. The Democratic Party. How about that: https://time.com/4385755/faith-in-america/
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    It is, however. Although now, just by another name. https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2015/8/19/9178573/teacher-students-race-study "Bigotry of low expectations" is the same, and the overwhelming majority of teachers are Democrats. https://www.pacificresearch.org/why-are-teachers-mostly-liberal/ While it unsurprising that among actors and actresses there are 90 Democrats for every 10 Republicans, many would be amazed to discover that teachers are actually as liberal or even more so than those in acting.
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    The Trump trade relationships are far more balanced than what was there when he came in. The reality is that the Chinese and many others do strategic investment to subsidize onshoring of production, working in tandem with their corporate partners in the US and West to deindustrialize the US. Inserting tariffs to balance out the subsidy is entirely rational and the results are clearly positive after an initial and expected worsening due to some assembly of subsidized steel had to move off shore.
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    I've got more, although the "stars and bars" aren't swastikas like Bernie's crowd has. https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2020/03/06/bernie-sanders-nazi/ https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/wp/2015/06/22/what-those-clinton-gore-confederate-flag-buttons-say-about-politics-in-2015/ Stars and bars is, again, a Democrat symbol of segregation and racism. Own it. It's done.
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    Whose side are you on? LOL I'm not surprised you'd use the KKK, the institution of Democrat Racism, as your symbol of hatred. Is that Democrat WV Senator Robert Byrd??? Former U.S. Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV) was a card-carrying member and recruiter for the KKK. In the 1940s, he obtained the KKK rank of “Exalted cyclops” and spent decades promoting their vile, racist message. And he took part in what was – at the time- the longest filibuster ever against the Civil Rights Act. As Byrd once announced: “I shall never fight in the armed forces with a negro by my side … Rather I should die a thousand times, and see Old Glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again, than to see this beloved land of ours become degraded by race mongrels, a throwback to the blackest specimen from the wilds.” Watch this video (below) where Hillary Clinton remembers her friend and former Klansman, Senator Robert Byrd: https://youtu.be/ryweuBVJMEA It must be exhausting being a Liberal!!
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    There is little to be learned in the AZ recount as of this moment, yet at the same time the deadline for the recount has been extended until the recount is complete. At the same time the left media is beginning to sharpen there focus and developing a narrative that indeed they won this election by any means necessary. The certification ends the discussion At the same time long time political adversaries are circling the wagons, it is quite eye popping....What lies in AZ?...More than anyone could imagine? At the same time perhaps the metaphorical Kracken was not just hyperbole, perhaps this word Insurrection will take on a new meaning...Again At The Same Time.
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    It has become clear that the media have turned their entire bandwidth into ad inventory and provide made to order "news creation services" to their advertisers.
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    Watch Myanmar and now Iran, which had their president and foreign minister's offices raided by mil. intel. In this context a very aggressive letter by generals in France are warning Macron and the financial and political establishment and media that they are all targets along with their allies in the Islamic run isolationist suburbs. The pattern is set. Militaries around the world are starting to take apart globalism and remove the corrupted politicians and media and remove their hoodlums from the streets. Particularly clear and open about their goals are the French Generals. Summary of the second letter below. It is only a matter of time that the US counterparts take down the Biden Junta and its corporate and media support system. They may not wait for the election audits to reveal the outcomes in all disputed states. Expect CIA DOJ ATF and FBI to be among the first targets as rogue lawless chains of command are responding to illegal direct orders from Kamala Harris and conducting illegal operations without warrant and faking evidence to obtain warrants for high profile political attacks. Harris is not in the chain of command of any agency. [Forwarded from GALLIA DAILY | 🇫🇷 IN 🇬🇧] [ Photo ] 🇫🇷🔥 IN A 2nd LETTER FRENCH GENERALS ARE CALLING TO "CURE" FRANCE 👉🏻 A few days ago, some french generals published a letter warning about the risk of a racial civil war in France. ✍🏻 Now, another group of generals have signed another letter, (https://t.me/GalliaDaily/2778?single) much more aggressive as they speak of "purging the evil at the root". ⚖️ Referring to french politicians, they claim : "it is illusory to ask those who instill the poison to find us a remedy"... 🏦 Then, they target the "high finance that holds the economy, controls the media, and decides who gets elected or not." ✡️ They accuse this elite of being "controlled by the Bilderberg, the World Economic Forum, the Jewish lobby [CRIF]". 🇪🇺 They finally target "the EU and NATO" as well as the current "crazy globalization and liberalism". 📌 To fight against these rootless elites, and to crush the far-left/immigrant threat, the generals invite the army to "accompany" the French populist movements like the Yellow Vests, which have the "right cure" to impose. 🔗 Source (https://archive.ph/GHdDo)
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    I'm not aware of any expert that thinks wind or solar are more reliable than natural gas-powered generators, so this is a false argument. Both of these articles incorrectly generalize from wind and solar to "renewables". (As an aside, this is a false generalization, since geothermal and hydro both count as renewable and are more reliable than NG. Nuclear is also more reliable than NG.) Wind and solar are variable. Solar is reliably variable in some seasons and some places. If you want a system with more than about 20% wind and solar, you need reliable mid-term and long-term storage. The best candidate for mid-and long-term storage is pumped hydro. Pumped hydro is more reliable than natural gas. With pumped hydro, you can design and implement a system that goes all the way to 100% renewable. The main problem with pumped hydro is a very long implementation time. This is driven almost entirely by environmental regulations and permitting, which do not distinguish closed-loop pumped hydro from traditional hydro-electric dams.
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    Oh yea, and the Coal in the PNW... is BURNED in the PNW at 1.3GW Centralia plant unlike in California who pretend getting it from AZ makes its emissions disappear. And no dear liar the power of said coal is not burned in Montana and electricity imported. Rather coal is imported and burned. Oh, and the idiots in Olympia are shutting it down via fiat and instead will demand more Gas from BC/Alberta to cover their stupid asses and STILL won't build more dams and pumped hydro.
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    I got the infection and got over it with proper treatment on my own, I hope your vaccine does you no damage. The issue remains that it is a modified flu and the deaths are not indicative of anything other than a new flu strain. The hysteria and panic and the absurd restrictions were never called for and vaccines were never necessary. Masks never could have made a significant difference unless they were high performance N95 types. And in any case, long term use of masks is very bad for your health. The entire response was an artificial propaganda for a power grab by nefarious government and global actors, opening the door for any sort of tyranny with the flimsy excuse of a not particularly deadly flu that is remarkably kind to the young. The appropriate response was to wash your hands regularly and carry on as usual. Statistically, the younger you are the more dangerous the vaccine is in comparison with the virus. The virus risk vs. vax risk passes the equal mark at appx age 65.
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    I find your description of the STNP trip interesting since it is accurate according to NRC and contradicts CPS Energy's press release on the cause during the freeze. CPS management wouldn't lie to us on the web would they? Also interesting because it is a continuing OSHA violation for exceeding noise levels and there has been an order issued to HL&P in 1992 as operator of STNP to enclose and sound proof those pumps just like they were supposed to at Green's Bayou #5. Some how they got the NRC to put a hold on that construction. Wonder why unit #2 didn't freeze off; they are supposed to be identical. As for California the best way I can describe the situation is they are still using 2400/4160Y as core distribution. HL&P replaced the last 2400/4160Y distribution in 1971. Some of the oldest Califonia transmission is still 34.5kv and 25% is still 69kv. You can look at the WECC constraints and needs report for CAISO and see what was called for in 2015 to be upgraded. The power line that caused the 2018 fire at Camp Creek was lattice steel tower built in 1920. It should have been retired under NERC standards in 1995. CPUC said that it hadn't fallen down so it could wait. Got to hold down the rates. There was one tower where the foundation had washed out and PG&E could fix that. Wasn't that a clue. Dispatchers could handle most of the problem if BPA (see footeab@yahoo.com 's rant above) followed the contracts and cooperated. CAISO has 160mw of surge capacity from Bureau of Reclamation at Davis, Parker, Hoover and Glen Canyon Dams. If BPA would follow instructions on the 2500mw of CAISO firm transfer rights there would not be a crisis. Ramp the hydro up and down. Battery storage might help on a 4 hour basis. Big batteries run into trouble (quantum mechanical source rather than synchronous) Motors and AC are synchronous rather than pure resistive loads. So the inverter destabilizes the grid. https://www.nrel.gov/docs/fy21osti/73476.pdf
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    I am open to all possibilities. But the 5G theory does not explain what's happening in India, which is currently a 5G desert.
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    The issue will be moot if gas-generated electricity is widely accepted as being environmentally friendly, which in reality it is. That would provide a compatible source of electricity to ride out any temporary overloads.
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    White Supremacy? The issue in America is White Supremacy?? OK let's look at the institutions in America. Federal Government is run by liberals Unions are run by Liberals Newspapers are run by Liberals Television News is run by Liberals Social Media is run by Liberals Silicon Valley i run by Liberals Hollywood is run by Liberals Universities are run by Liberals Cities are run by Liberals Where exactly are you looking to find the root cause of all this White Supremacy??
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    Ah, no. At South Texas #1, the secondary side turbine-driven main feed pumps (2) are outside, exposed to the weather, adjacent to the Main Turbine-Generator. An impulse line for pump flow measurement froze, controls slowed one of the pumps, which dropped steam generator level. The low level in steam generators tripped the plant (scrammed the Rx). There was no loss of circulating (cooling water) water to the plant. There ain't much deep physics behind an imbalance of generation and demand. Either you match the demand, or you have problems. If renewables, without adequate back-up, contribute to unreliability (which may not be avoidable in rare instances), you shed load. Adequate storage would correct the situation. Adequate demand management would correct the situation. If grid congestion is a contributor, building more transmission capacity would correct the situation. All three, taken together, would SOLVE the situation.
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    1. Election fraud is a violation of due process. If it is successful in reversing the results against the factual legal outcome then it constitutes an overthrow of the duly elected government. It becomes treason. As House, Presidential and Senate elections were riddled with fraud and the power balance reversed against the actual voter's intentions, the dotting of the constitutional "i" and crossing of "t"s does not make for a constitutional process. All stages must be in good faith. 2. Fraud vitiates all that follows. All decisions are cancelled, all bills passed are rescinded. EO's cancelled. 3. Military adherence to its constitutional mandate requires it remove a usurper government installed by a foreign power and prosecute that usurper, its partners and promoters. That stretches all the way through the Dem party, the tech companies, the media, the NGOs. As General McInerny says, the election was an act of war against the United States; its people and its Constitution. It is the military's duty to remove the occupying power in the civilian institutions of the government. Since you are locked into the fraud and the accessories to it in the media and insist on referring to them as sources despite their clear role as propaganda for a treason operation, what does that make you? Do you think there will be a liberal media and a Democrat party after this is done? The fake media show of Biden's presidency would have happened regardless of whether the official election results were in his favor or not. The media would have done much as they are doing now and ignoring a real government in favor of promulgating a fake Biden administration. The bureaucracies would tend to ally to their liberal kin and ignore the lawful government under cover of the media support and fakery. Riots would be threatened with any attempt to restore lawful government and the chain of command of the various agencies. The military would have to intervene either way since the only possible outcome accepted by the Biden Junta and its Chinese sponsors and corporate partners was full control. Attempting to introduce Federal power into the AZ audit would be constitutionally impossible, as the elections are exclusively within the Legislature's power. The Federal courts would be challenged for grounds and precedent for interfering. The process of overturning the election through audit of the ballots and machines is (1) purely constitutional, (2) completely within the plenary power of the legislatures, (3) by showing the election interference produced false results the states can withdraw their electors or turn them to Trump. Withdraw false winners of all other elected office including senators and congress members. Finally, if the audits show Biden won by fraud and others in elected Federal office were installed that same way, then they will have to resign. If they don't it would be the military's job to remove them physically, and arrest them and their co-conspirators even if that includes most of congress and judiciary, the press, tech companies, etc..
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    From yesterday: An updated analysis of February’s Texas power crisis by experts at the Electric Reliability Council of Texas shows that lost wind power generation was a small component of the huge losses in electric generation that plunged much of the state into darkness during the severe cold weather. https://www.texastribune.org/2021/04/28/texas-power-outage-wind/ Duh! I saw that easily... To add insult to injury.. Natural gas fuel and transportation companies have recently posted huge profits in the aftermath of the Texas power crisis. Kinder Morgan, one of Texas’ largest pipeline companies, posted a more than $1 billion profit in the first quarter due to the power crisis, a result of voluntarily cutting power back and selling gas at inflated prices.
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    No time needed. We know right now that shipping costs of the batteries are a very minor component of grid battery cost. Even if you could cut the cost in half it would barely be noticeable. Do you even know what a grid battery looks like? Pictured is a 100MWh battery. It is made up of truck trailer sized units. Shipping cost is the cost of a truck trip per unit. Further we know that the extra weight of LFP is less important than the cost of lighweight metal batteries because if it was more important then the lightweight metal batteries would be used in grid batteries today. But they aren't.
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    Define this word "White Supremacy" and it effects of the US.
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    Rice, legumes, wheat, peanuts, and all vegetables can be eaten in combinations that supply all needed amino acids. Meat, poultry, pork, and fish are great foods but none are essential.
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    The expenditure involved in such an endeavor is far beyond the worth. Real polluton is the real problem not CO2. There are many problems that require money that would be a higher priority. Maximizing use of natural gas and biogas while reducing coal use would be better choice. Build wind turbines too, but only in the proportion that makes sense and is cost effective.
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    It is very apparent you have no clue how businesses operate and supply and demand. Oil prices go up, so do the prices of all commodities ... including all the REE's, Li is already sky rocketing, so is copper and along with the the list of all REE's. The hype is amazing for the promoters of EVs and all these green hogwash being pushed. They are not green the only thing green about all these "green" techs (99% of green tech) is the GREEN GREED!!!! All these tech companies and other companies developing so called EVs and other such techs are still polluting but getting credits by buying and selling those , I dig a hole here, I burn this here but I plant 50 trees there so I get a green credit. SHAM!!!
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    No, the same criticisms apply to the more recent reports by the IPCC. The IPCC has not even looked at the major solar cycles in any of their cited work. The IPCC models are plagued with specification error which excluded solar cycle data. That resulted in overestimating the significance of CO2 as a factor in climate change. That is junk science which even an undergrad in stats could see through. Specification error in models is a common problem and renders these climate models which the IPCC relies upon to be of no value. The solar-based models which I linked to you above give a better than 95% explanatory power for climate change, vastly superior to the CO2 models.
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    It took 19 years of a 20 year deployment to figure it out. You can’t occupy countries. Friend or for there is no need for troops unless they are footing the bill. This is a make it rain missile age of conflict.
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    As Biden, the President of Climate Change, and Kerry, our fabulous Climate Czar, who just gave Japan the thumbs up to dump millions of tons of waste water from the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant into the Pacific Ocean, who then flies off in his private jet to Martha's Vineyard, decide to create a massive legislative boondoggle called the Green New Deal. Now, they are not alone, they have the full throated backing from a bartender from Westchester NY, a socialist from Vermont, and other liberal climatoligists who get on twitter and tell us definitely that we're all going to all die in 10 years if we don't comply. So, all of the climate crew are preparing to bring America into the dark ages. We have the new DOE Grishom, ex-Michigan Gov. who didn't meet a pipeline she didn't want to expunge (and Whitmer has now taken up the mantel on Line 5), and then we have Haaland, head of DOI, who didn't meet a drilling rig she didn't want to burn to the ground. So, we have a group of thugs, pushing their agenda, and with no solutions, objectives, science, economics, or the actual future of the U.S. in mind, so they press ahead with a monumental agenda where no one wins, expect them. In 4 months, the U.S. production has dropped over 2 million barrels and the climate wizards are demanding that the U.S. drop its emissions by 50% by 2030. WHOA! How is that going to work? Doesn't matter, just gut up and do it. Overhauling the electric grid? 1/2 million charging stations? refitting millions of buildings, transitioning all federal vehicles to EVs, etc. It's such a lofty goal, but while being in Texas in February, I know for certain, that even 4 days without power, heat, communication and black ice, car dead, it's a pretty scary ordeal, and that's just 4 days. So, just wondering just a bit about solar and wind, no one seems to be considering the problem of the massive renewable capacity that will be required to supply energy to the nation. Not only the grid, but the vast swaths of land with new infrastructure at the same time that politicians and landowners from California to Vermont are fighting against the encroachment of large-scale renewable energy projects. New York is shutting down its last nuclear plant at Indian Point and Gov. (in big trouble) Cuomo won't allow drilling or pipelines, so this should be pretty interesting to watch next winter, L.A. County banned large wind turbines and San Bernardino Co, Humboldt County, and Santa Barbara County rejected new wind turbines in their communities. So as California, the big kahuna of renewable energy, between 2013 and 2019 California added less than 200MW of new wind energy capacity. California as we know, will do anything to get to their goal of 30% lower emissions this year, so it's not much of a challenge to find some of the projects they have promoted in order to reach that standard. Below is Ivanpah, with 350,000 garage size heliostats (mirrors) with 3 459' boiling towers costing $2.2B, backed by the U.S. taxpayers. The facility has had more problems than Biden's thought process and the beams from the sun blind pilots going into LAX, scorch birds out of the sky (called streamers) - not sparrows by the way, covers 4000 feet of land in the Mojave Desert which "was" protected for wind burrow and the desert tortoise (but, it's for the good of the environment you idiots), and its capacity for all its cost and environmental issues it generates 342MW of power. That would be 140,000 homes. Yup, what a great project, and let's mot forget Crescent Dunes, another solar project that went bankrupt last year. So, we are going into a big giant mass of insanity with the Biden Administration going back into the Iran Nuclear Deal and handing them bucks and China is paying Iran with their cryptocurrency to a million+ bbls of oil. So, the energy sector along with the country is in big trouble, and it's been 4 months. We see the oil price moving about $5 bucks up and down every couple of weeks, and it's unsettling with banks lending on environmental risk and social justice risk. Before the "Woke" came into play between energy and the lenders, risk was based on the proven reserves, developed and undeveloped, and now, how the hell do you calculate social justice risk? But, wait, Exxon, BP, Shell, Conoco has been fighting failing states like NY, MA, CT, DE (Biden's home town BTW) CA, etc. (blue=disaster), for climate change disinformation. As Biden says "Wreaked Havoc on Our Climate"! So, the Majors are now folding to the woke crowd, climate change will be the breakthrough for huge legal class actions, and the big question after all is said and done, will America survive?
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    To a first approximation, we need one home charger and one at-work charger for each EV: that's at most $2000 added to the cost of an EV. We also need perhaps one long-trip supercharging station (maybe $50,000) for every 50 EVs: that's another $1000 per EV. I'm being very generous here. I base this on the Tesla ratio. That adds a total of $3000 per EV, less than 10% of the cost of an average EV in 2030. The average ICE in 2021 in the US is more than $40,000. This is for private vehicles. The numbers are a bit different for commercial vehicles. For electrical infrastructure, we did the math on an earlier thread and came up with an incremental load of about 10 kWh per day per capita (not per driver or per car), split at 5 kWh for private vehicles and 5 kWh for commercial vehicles, after all ICEs are replaced by EVs. For California, that's 400 GWh/day at 100% penetration. At 10% penetration in 2030, that's 40 GWh/day or less than 2 GW new generation and maybe 1 GW batteries for peaking. You then have to add another 2 GW generation plus 1 GW storage every to years or so until we reach 100% penetration. You don't need much incremental distribution infrastructure because the vast bulk of EV charging is done off-peak.
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    This is all too funny @surrept33 When Sanders espouses communist / far left ideology, don't be surprised when communists and those with far left ideology are drawn to your message. Just in the last 20 posts we get this ..... Democrats are the KKK ... That's not who we are now Clinton/Gore Confederate Flag buttons ... That's not who we are now Sanders Nazi Flag rally ... That's not who we are now Come on man ... That's who you are
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    Hello from polish perspective Co2 emission prices today reached EUR 50 per ton. Unfortunately, the well-known speculator Pierre Andurrand announced a target of speculators at the level of up to EUR 100 per ton. The topic may seem insignificant, but the Polish energy industry is based on coal and this is increasingly beginning to affect electricity prices in Poland and sink the entire Polish energy sector. It is worth bearing this in mind in the coming months. It will sound rude, but it seems the karma of Polish laughs, as Russia is terribly poor, it turns away and I am afraid that, unfortunately, Poland will get the ass very hard in the coming years. J Just to make you aware of the scale of this european total madness to polish energy industry, I read it because Im not any chemist that supposedly 1 ton of CO2 is produced by burning 280 kg of coal. Means today, for one ton of coal burned in a Polish power plant, you need to add additional the cost of EUR 180. This is simple madness. A ton of coal costs $ 80 today. I think it can be a lesson for US GREEN DEAL.
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    That old man is targeting white supremacy. If you fit that description it might be smart to give up your electronic devices. Btw, wearing AK/47’s is a dead giveaway. 🤣 Attacking the Capital is another quick trip to jail.
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    Just how many democrats are there? It just boggles the mind. I've posted the link to Time Magazine bragging about their (the MSM plus Big Tech) role in all this. Did you neglect to read it? Do I need to sit on your chest and read it out loud to you? Your choices are ignorance and willful ignorance.
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    Sadly Ms Watson was delinquent in her "investigation" of the matter. Had she merely looked at the dozens of news media outlets who all claimed counting was stopped because of a water leak, she might have learned something. But this is all moot because a judge has ruled it thus, negating the testimony of thousands of people who were never allowed due process.
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    Yup. Silver plating helps at high-current junctions, too. Aluminum could be a cheaper alternative in some instances. Copper is EASY to recycle, too.
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    The evidence was in the post I gave you earlier that higher levels of CO2 cause a greening of the plant biosphere, which is what we would expect. You cannot sustain human life with better medical equipment, while depriving people of oxygen and food. Some items are more basic than others.
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    It appears that the concept of renewables is being over-marketed by the President.
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    Keep in mind 'smart data centers' basically just shift load around like this these days. https://blog.google/inside-google/infrastructure/data-centers-work-harder-sun-shines-wind-blows Massive amounts of RECs are still a thing, but perhaps just a bootstrapping phenomenon on a low carbon journey. All of the major (tech/cloud) players are shifting towards this type of carbon-aware 'load shedding', or are in the process of implementing such a mechanism within the next year or two (obviously the goal is to be running on carbon free electricity 24x7x365). Data centers are also extremely energy efficient. That means, as little energy usage devoted to things other than processing information as possible.
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    What you gonna do without generation to match load "once every ten years"? Shed load to match generation. Actually, that can be done with intelligent meters, or other embedded loads. And most customers won't even notice it.
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    You just happen to read Hanzu? Wumao much? Would explain a lot. Meanwhile the article itself is nonsense to the nth degree.
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    The Biden Admin and the rule of law are not compatible with each other. They are mutually exclusive. One will have to take precedence over the other. Biden/Dems are a Chinese occupying power in Washington installed by a cyberwar and a Chinese intelligence operation using many corporation's executives and several NGO foundations. .