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    And he knows full well that he doesn't have that power, but he also knows how to get the opposition riled up. I personally think we should be at the stage where all avenues to vote are open to citizens, whether it be polling stations, computer, telephone or mail, if necessary. I also believe Trump's message is that, at present, given the open bias of the leaders of the tech companies that could provide for all avenues of "internet based voting", the chances of electronic or mail in voting could be skewed against him and his party are a concern. We need to move to some sort of neutral system of electronic voting. I think the mail-in arguments are not strong enough to deny that avenue completely, but insisting on ALL mail-in voting does not provide the level of comfort that many others desire. Masks and social distancing are the cry of the day, and they can easily be implemented into a visit to the polling stations. Extend the time allowed for voting and call for a voting holiday so that all who want to vote, can. Also, make sure that public transportation is available for all that need it. And finally, if a person does not feel safe to venture outside, or if they are not in a place that would allow them to visit a polling station, then the normal process for mail-in votes should be followed with allowances for those fearful of Covid-19. Just my thoughts.
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    Russia is a paranoid country. Why is that? Oh wait they keep getting invaded! Sweden, France, Germany, others I'm not going to mention. The odds that Putin wants to invade Germany? Roughly 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% We've been there for over 70 years, and those bases aren't free. Germany hasn't kicked in their fair share ever and Trump said enough's enough. It's not like we're leaving entirely, we're just scaling back. But yeah, Trump bad, got it.
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    Agreed! But this is the 'mindset of the eco's and the politicos here in California. Or as I 'lovingly' refer too her "Commiefornia"... Grandad (Mom's side) retired from Louisiana Pacific Lumber here in California in the early 80's. When I was in Jr. High while visiting my Grans for a few weeks as I did each summer. I told Gran I wanted to be a logger just like him when I graduated. He advised me to choose something else. I asked if he felt I couldn't do it. He said he knew I would do just fine. He said by the time your ready to start a family there won't be anymore loggers here in California. He said we're bein run out. By the early 90's the last saw mill had closed and none have come along since. Our forests are Criminally over grown and what used to be a 'normal' manageable forest fire. Is now a Firestorm. But try tellin the politicians this. They refuse to admit they chose the wrong horse. Now the fires erupt into massive infernos and even more pollutants are released into the air...
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    Yes I do understand exactly what you are saying. Let us revisit history,the US and the world experienced a financial meltdown it was coined the housing crisis. OBAMA walked on the scene and was elected a long held socialist dream. From the ashes we will rebuild. Leap forward to 2016, the unimaginable occurred. Trump the outlier was elected along with a republican controlled house. Many of the old republican guard were cast out. The new administration virtually swept 8 yrs of socialist work out the door. Only to be met with a campaign of scorched earth,there were no bondarys..no issue to large. From creating a baseless investigation to smearing a supreme ct nominee and a one party impeachment.. Oddly enough today we again face a financial crisis, we have a presidential nominee that will not expose himself to questioning or expose himself publicly to the masses. The Democratic party is demanding a new form of President voting before the PRESIDENTAL Debates even take place. Now am I aware...perhaps a smidge...and sorely aware i could use a proof writing program.
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    I don't really think that moving force deployments out of Germany and forward towards Russia in Romania and Poland would be a win for Putin, even support in Belgium is actually allowing ship deployment of land forces into such Baltic sea targets as Kaliningrad and to protect Baltic states. The deployments in Germany were not really useful since the 1990s as they had remained too far back while the front line of NATO moved East. As pointed out, EU military resources are and remain the NATO force in Europe, as had been the case since the 1960s after Europe had rebuilt and the US gradually removed deployments by 2/3 in the later cold war era. That was exactly the point of having NATO. The US contribution had, and so far remains, to provide the Naval air and space security.
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    The European countries that are members of NATO have several times more population than Russia. Even though they spend less than 2% of GDP on the army, they still spend at least several times more than Russia. As far as I can remember, Great Britain hysterically accuses Russia of being aggressive. Only if it is really so afraid of Russia, why UK plans nowadays in economic crisis to disband some soldiers and wants to have smaller land army from 74,000 to 55,000 soldiers? Taking under consideration that UK has something like 65 milion population its rather a very small army Take it under perspective During the Cold War, 300,000 Americans stationed in West Germany alone, and on the other side there were about 350,000 Russians. Now some 35,000 Americans are in Germany. Germany is actually trying to spend as little as possible on the army, and is investing several billion a year in the Russian economy - last year something like 3 or billions euros. The brutal truth is, and I know it will sound ironic, but the atomic bomb is the greatest historic achievement to preserve global peace, apart from some proxy wars and minor armed conflicts.
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    If China is buying oil from Iran, the U.S. Iranian sanctions can be used to freeze Chinese or Chinese related financial assets and transactions in or through the U.S. Insurance on carriage of oil can also be blocked, essentially making any vessel carrying Iranian oil to a customer of Iran null and void. China can use her own ships and/or ships of Iran, but they run a risk of the United States fully imposing the sanctions and going after Chinese banks and companies that do business with China. I did a bit of research on this previously, referencing the sanctions themselves as source; not using any other source, and the penalties, if the U.S. chooses to fully implement them, are extremely broad and encompassing. So, if China is taking this step they are indeed actively playing cold war games of the highest order, challenging U.S., and Trump, resolve.
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    The lie we were told was that we needed to flatten the curve to help hospitals and staff so they wouldn't be overrun. The new lie we're being told is we have to hunker down until this virus doesn't infect anyone, anywhere. That's to quote Yoshi here, Bullshit. We haven't destroyed economies around to world for other highly communicable diseases. Why this one? Oh, right, politics and new world order diktat.
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    So long as the CCP narratives are followed by Dems and tech and other companies and aggressively acted out by Antifa and co. while Dem local gov. stands down police, then it is a CCP effort and the followers and promoters of the narratives are being influenced or directed by the CCP or its partners. China is the pillar of the New Left Marxism today and over the last 2-3 decades, so is a primary cause and driver. It is most certainly its fault. That you have fallen for so much of the CCP's claptrap is a display of lack of critical thinking on your behalf. You have displayed far stronger reasoning and argument. Don't be lazy about it. It may cost you your future. Because one thing that is demographically predestined is that China will not remain as important in the future as it is now. Their demographic cliff is a round trip of the active population to 1960 levels by as early as 2050. The good thing being that after losing 40% of their arable land, they might be able to feed themselves. The brighter lower red line is the actual tracking of births shifted into the age group corrected for over reporting. That is the line copied into the forward groupings of the peak population of the China boomers. Blue is the peak spending group of 30-50 Green is the peak savings group of 45-60 or 65 Grey is the retirement group 60-80 The rectangular boxes mark the peak plateau. Women are 95% of men due to prenatal gender selection favoring boys. The spending wave has started its decline already, and the savings wave declines in 2035, The center of the savings cohort passes retirement age in 2025, when the net retirement savings vs. draw runs through 0 on the way to negative numbers. China as neither a production base, consumer market nor capital source - as it would be by 2030, is no place to conduct business, or invest. Thus it is neither an attractive trade partner for anyone. The overcapacity built to supply the growing Chinese population's consumption crossed over to negative growth margins in 2014. The CV19, social destabilization and racial war narratives of China and its allies in the US, are a hard break from reality of the future, where the West in general would do better being unexposed to China's inefficient production capacity. Their zombie industries get infinitely refinanced while competing with Western business and employees having to meet profitability requirements and stay financially afloat, even during the CV19 crisis, despite huge Fed and govt. money. Thus pressing incomes and gaining share in markets they must eventually lose when their workers retire, leaving the world with unstaffed abandoned industrial capacity in China and bankrupt mothballed or disassembled ind. capacity in the West. The better endpoint for the West is achieved by cutting off China now rather than later, while China is only buying time for its soon to retire employees with returning to export led growth - now at a loss.
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    The CCP didn't suddenly show up and start funding the expansion of Marxist and global corporatist narratives. Those were both leftover operations of Soviet intelligence that supported old international Marxist movements dating back to before WWI. The CCP was always involved to some extent in the global Marxist movement. As it grew, it increased its support and extended its intelligence operations, strengthening these old Soviet and domestic movements and securing their domination of the social sciences at universities and their bullying of alternate viewpoints into silence with political correctness and other mob attacks on people's expression. They proceeded to do the same within journalism, and within corporations doing business or seeking to do business in China. Corporations were led to stop their executive's support to institutions not supportive of CCP narratives, and to forbid expression of criticism of the CCP or its favored narratives. It is hard to separate how much of these movements is domestic in origin, or directly operated out of Beijing, or out of the international socialist progressives at the core of the Democratic party and its many partners in corporations that have been working hard on creating a world government since the time of president Woodrow Wilson. Particularly The CCP narratives are embedded into the :"education system" as they took over control and direction of the old Soviet intel and propaganda machine that had receded, allowing locals to operate without them. The environmental movement is a geopolitical imperative of the Chinese to allow it access to resources while denying it for Western economies. Note that China is not usually criticized for its major pollution as it is by far the largest source of any pollutantant you can imagine. The anti-fracking and other supply side anti-fossil fuel production is a Russian propaganda effort using the same Soviet network of influence within the new left that has remained active and that was not entirely captured by China. China and Russian narratives are not that different, otherwise. The corporate wish list of freedom from liability, unelected and easily bought off bureaucrats that can enforce their monopoly arrangements, and much more, are motives for the corporate sector to support global government and the social movements that promote it, including international socialism. They do, after all, support the Marxist new left dominated narratives of the mainstream media with advertising. It is the fake social justice narrative that the corporations support at the moment, actually pulling ads from Facebook because it allowed alternative viewpoints to the WHO arm of global government, or criticism - reasoned or racist, to the BLM and Antifa actions which are utterly fake social movements advocating unequal treatment by the law as per BLM, or unchecked mayhem and destruction and erasure of American history and its figures.. The CV19 scary pandemic and BLM narratives and their rabid support by China Dems and corporate actions indicate a commonality of purpose and target. These are all components of "the swamp" that Trump wants to take down and expose through the legal system. Their originator of narratives is China's CCP, which wants to eliminate the economic and geopolitical threat of the US actively engaging it in an economic and military war. It is a delusion on the part of the corporations that they would actually get something else from Dems, since the leadership does not have the control it believes it has and they would lose Congress if they don't continue with the China war. It is also a delusion that China has something to offer but a decade of slow grinding Italian style decline followed by 30 years of steep decline. Corporations are aligned on the wrong side, and their historic ascendance in the income distribution of the global economy is at an end regardless of which president or govt. format is in the US. The economic problem they face is caused by the fewer Chinese babies over a period of 40 years of decline. No policy would reverse it.
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    Anything that smells of political correctness is just another means to muzzle freedom of speech and thought. Perhaps now you understand why us ‘old timers’ restrict our visits to OP...it is no longer worth the effort to ‘discuss’ anything on this forum.
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    I agree that the Soviet Union was instrumental in defeating the Nazis. But keep in mind that early in the war that Russia had a non-aggression pact with Nazi Germany. This pact spelled out the partitioning of Poland between the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. The Soviet Union was sitting on the sidelines, waiting on her rewards, when Hitler, their supposed non-aggressive ‘ally’, attacked them! Now we need to consider the massive Lend-Lease program where the US supplied arms and material to the Soviet Union until they could move their armament factories East of the Urals, set them up, and start producing their own arms. Even then they still demanded Lend-Lease material. Lastly, the Soviet Union was fighting on a single front. Due to the Europe First policy, the US was heavily involved in Europe (daylight bombing of Germany in which more Americans servicemen died than all deaths in WW2 suffered by the US Marine Corp), North Africa and Italy. The US was also required, almost singlehandedly, to stop the Japanese advance in the South and Southwest Pacific. So yes, the Soviets were instrumental in defeating Nazi Germany, but they sure as hell didn’t do it on their own! It was a WORLD war and they only participated on the Allied side after Hitler reneged on their deal.
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    The streets in question are, by a vast majority, in cities and States run by Liberal Democrats. It is Constitutionally the responsibility of these mayors and governors to protect their citizens and quell the rioting, the President must be ‘invited’ to step in. If no invitation is forwarded, the consequences fall squarely on the liberal state and local governments. That said, as is the case in Portland, the FEDERAL government is required, by law, to protect FEDERAL property, such as the courthouse at the center of the illegal riots. So yes, look at our streets, and place the blame where it belongs.
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    Actually, part of the reason drugs are expensive by multiples than they are outside the US is the marketing expense, those pricey TV ads are nothing compared to the armies of pharma sales people that go into doctors offices and hospitals every day to push the most recent patented compound or formulation. In most other countries, the drug formulary is negotiated statewide with the makers. No opportunity for obtaining a leg up with advertisement. The evidence for supplements is usually widely documented and quantified where the therapeutic effect is concerned. Same with the new applications of old drugs. The FDA has been on a mission since its founding to smother anything that competes with pharma's patented products. It is why it exists. Similarly the NIH is both in charge of funding anti research to produce impressions of danger or inefficacy in cheap medicine (old meds or non pharma) as well as producing research into new targets and compounds that will ultimately lead to patentable drugs. This is used by bio startups to invent drugs, and the handful of successes get bought out by big pharma or incorporated into it with joint ventures and partnerships. Basic research and early stage discovery is not done in large pharma, they have proven to themselves that they just can't do it, and had gone to focus on financing and marketing, and legal and lobbying efforts.
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    That might be true in a sense,actually i have see no long range thinking on the Democratic leadership. When Bloomberg walked in and cleaned up there image then left the building it became quite apparent to me they desperately needed a win. There is so much to loose if Trump wins it seems to almost defy the imagination. And that would be the Russian/Muller Investigation, Barr has exposed the trail all the way up to Obama and Biden down to foot soldiers who were sloppy and quite arrogant....One needs to think of the ramifications of a prosecution of such of a event....The US and a attempted political coup...imagine the shame and the anger...From all US citizens.... The whole affair almost broke loose with Flynns trial, at the last second it was buried in the courts once again and will stay buried until the election is over...Victor's write history not the loser's.
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    The US didn’t invade Libya, the Europeans were instigators of NATO’s involvement, quoting Obama “leading from behind...” Iraq was hardly stable or peaceful before US invasion. Ie. Iran/Iraq war, Iraq invasion of Kuwait. Syria was a popular revolt triggered by a historic drought. It’s origins are a mystery to you because you choose not to look. I heard it was the CCP in cahoots with Moscow that started the Syria war, after all those are the two countries that benefited the most. See, we all hear the craziest things, maybe spend a little time vetting incoming information.
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    As a relic of the StB in Czechia, Yoshi is obviously not at all concerned with the existence of economies. He just wants to be part of the Marxist junta that would rule the remaining world after trying to destroy our existing one. He is the "new left" Marxist product of the Frankfurt school and Chinese propaganda efforts in the West. I would suggest he can make his contribution to his goals by going to live in the woods without any carbon footprint. Would also rid us of his hysterical justifications for a genocidal psychopath's agenda. The world is sustainable as it is, it is becoming ever more sustainable as birth rates come down and renewable energy falls in cost and rises in applicability. Populations in the energy intensive developed and newly industrialized world are shrinking, including in Czechia. We are in the second decade of Europe consuming LESS oil and now other fossil fuels as well.During the transition period through the 2030s, there is a sunspot cycle minimum that will see a tanking of temperatures. That is the climate change we need to actually worry about, because unlike the fuzzy "climate change" science, the relationship is hard science. There is already herd immunity and vaccines, much as I doubt the conventional ones, are possible as T cell immunity has made for long term (so far 6 months proven) immunity, as has B cell rapid response antibody production upon infection. Yoshi is speaking out the wrong end and is entirely ignoring all knowledge of immunology and virology and the fact that while the particular Wuhan chimera virus is a new combo of RNA and surface spikes, none of the componenrs of it were novel. So far, vaccine study reports are not stumbling on cytokine storm reactions to infections that have sunk attempts at a SARS 1 vaccine. His supposed understanding of the virus is simply a propaganda narrative built up of unfounded fears and inflated numbers..I don't think his posts have any effect in the generally conservative oil industry forum such as this is.
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    Trump is moving them because Germany refuses to meet its defense spending commitments. How his cajoling NATO members to spend more on defense is a "capitulation to the Kremlin?" Basically sums up most headlines. Write sensational headlines, even when there's nothing sensational about the story. This is so clear with Trump. I really don't like the guy, bt the reporting on him is annoying.
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    I now have 1.5KW on my roof which isn't on a feed in tariff so any export is a free gift to the grid. So I bought one of these. Very easy to install and now any surplus electricity* goes to the immersion to heat water https://www.earthwiseproducts.co.uk/ * We have tried to shift as much of out consumption to day time as possible to best utilise the solar. Our panels are on east and west facing roof spaces so our freezer is on a time switch and switches off middle of the night and comes on in the morning. Reduced our daily usage to about 5 kWh. Over summer we don't use any gas as the solar thermal and PV dump takes care of that.
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    Correct Doug. It was my British uncle that developed radar, and it was UK that cracked the enigma code. Without these developments, neither the US or Russia could have stopped the Nazi's. Also, Australia developed the underwater magnetic mine, which protected New York harbour. All allies provided both the technology and men required for the fight. We all would have been screwed without each other.
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    Hence the idiocy of the Greenpeace leader's comments. The green movement is not about the environment, it was and remains a tool of the Soviets and now Chinese. It is entirely about economic sabotage. Not saving the planet, not global warming, not disappearing species. It is part of the cold war the Chinese never stopped fighting.
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    Stop carryin the mud for the CCP! They're no different than the Soviets were; Except they learned from the mistakes the Soviets made in dealing with the US. They've made sure to be an 'economic player' on the world stage; where as the Soviets weren't.
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    Again, there is a conceit in Fauci's idea of what science is, the reports he criticizes are actual science intended to to find out how things work. His idea of science is what was designed in a trial to produce particular yes no outcomes with hard statistical confidence. He does not mention that the trials he is relying on to promote his opinion are badly designed and executed and are not in any way science. The biggest statistically significant demonstration of HCQ/Z is in the death statistics in France, where HCQ/Z was allowed for treatment of CV19 a week or so before deaths peaked and fell rapidly, nearly vertically. Granted some of that has to do with the drop in transmission rate with the hard lockdown, but it is the introduction of HCQ/Z that cut down case fatality rates. Since then, additional treatment options have been worked out to improve outcomes at hospitals and in the outpatient clinical care and fitting of treatment to patient specifics. That CCP trolls enlist Fauci on their side is an indication of how deep the Chinese intrusion into the operations of institutions around the world has reached. How they have partnered with corporations to corrupt the entirety of bureaucracies to bend in their favor. There will be an extension of security vetting of these to where the traces of Chinese influence will be followed to all the individuals involved as they are in military and spy technology and operations, through the corporations as well.
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    "The great reset" in my opinion is one of many socialist and leftist double speak. In the mind of the leftist, who believes they are oppressed, the great reset is taking away the power of those in power and making everything fair and equal. Then because the leftist knows how morally superior they are, they will be the natural choice to take over leadership of the society which they will make fair and equal by oppressing everyone who disagrees with them and stealing the wealth of anyone who has more then them. Thus becoming the oppressor themselves. But leftists dont really think things through to the end they kinda just go with it in the moment you know. In reality the great reset is a financial terminology. It refers to redistributing the wealth from the middle class to the rich. Everyone will be equal when everyone owns nothing and "no one" owns everything.
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    Derek Broze has an excellent, referenced article entitled COVID19, The Great Reset & The New Normal https://www.activistpost.com/2020/07/covid19-the-great-reset-the-new-normal.html
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    It is well documented that everything which you do on electronic Smart devices and "Google" and Social Media and Aps on your phone is all data collected. A mega profile is being built on each of us using these electronic formats. Part of "The Great Reset" is the new coming in September "CovidPass" promoted by the folks who help sponsor "The World Economic Forum. Two minute video on the World Economic Forum FACEBOOK page. https://www.facebook.com/worldeconomicforum/videos/309402357138382/
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    Richard Hall brings up “The Great Reset” as originated and promoted by the World Economic Forum. Video at link, but YouTube Channel – “World Economic Forum” has a short 2 minute version which I find alarming. https://www.weforum.org/great-reset/ October 18, 2019 – EVENT 201 - It should be emphasized that the World Economic Forum along with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation sponsored an exercise-drill involving many professionals entitled “Event 201”. There are 5 hours of video detailing this exercise available at the World Economic Forum website which anyone can watch. The videos themselves mirror exactly what has been occurring in this recent Covid-19 months, including the media propaganda aspects to be used to control the population. Watch them, you will see. By the way, on October 18, 2019 the International Military Games in Wuhan China also occurred and you can watch the video online. In a previous OilPrice post, I included links to all of these with videos from the source. This October 2109 Event 201 drill was about a worldwide pandemic novel-coronavirus which throws the world on its head, killing millions and having businesses around the globe shut down. You can get a variety of links to Event 201 along with other related information at The Corbett Report’s referenced footnotes in Episode 373 – Medical Martial Law 2020 https://www.corbettreport.com/mml2020/ - It is highly recommended that a person read or watch the “Who is Bill Gates” series. https://www.corbettreport.com/gates/ As part of “The Great Reset” we will see an International I.D. on every individual (like India or China’s “Social Credit Score”). All data collected about an individual will be connected to the I.D. along with money. This will be how all future activity (including carbon footprint) is monitored and how monetary transaction will take place. Currently Mastercard is teaming up with digital I.D. monitoring applications along with Bill Gates funded GAVI to implement vaccines and money and a digital ID. Article ”Africa to Become Testing Ground for “Trust Stamp” Vaccine Record and Payment System: A new biometric identity platform partnered with the Gates-funded GAVI vaccine alliance and Mastercard will launch in West Africa and combine COVID-19 vaccinations, cashless payments, and potential law enforcement applications.” https://www.mintpressnews.com/africa-trust-stamp-covid-19-vaccine-record-payment-system/269346/ This 13 minute video gives a brief, easy-to-digest overview of the World Economic Forum’s Event 201, Bill Gates and agendas lined up for your future.
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    Newton did publish much more about religion than science, and put in more effort into alchemy (not published but written up in code in his notebooks). Science and religion mix within the people producing it. Just as math and music do. Or computer science and philosophy. You only get the impression that they are not intimately mixed because the science has to stand on its own evidence and the theory conform to logic and math as well as the facts. The process that gets you there is an entirely different thing and is full of religious and other motivations, analogies, convictions and inspirations. In the way Einstein famously quipped to the probability physicists of his day that "god does not throw dice". You need to be a practitioner to understand it. From outside you only see the finished publications.
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    The thing with Marxists/socialists or whatever you want to call them is that they understand the long game. The very first time I listened to Tucker on Gavin Mccinnes show quite a few years ago (a very funny interview) something really stuck in my head and that was was Tucker quoting an official that worked under Reagan as saying that "they went for the whitehouse while they (the dems) went for the institutions" or something along those lines...and they thought they'd won at the time...a bit like with Trump/Brexit. I'd be very careful in underestimating your oponents..ever notice how no matter what youo vote for things gradually or quickly move in the oposite direction.
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    Umm i hate to tell you this but the SS numbers are quite secure....but are held with deep secrecy beyond top secret stuff. As a mid level person working in finance 15 yrs ago i can tell you the Finance ind knew in seconds when someone was playing fraud..Yet at the same time no one was allowed to blow the whistle....it would have meant a carrer ending event... One can fake a card yes but when run into the data base there are no fake numbers they are spotted instantly.
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    See Quad post some weeks ago. USA is already roped in and will be in the war. China's partners would be the ones blockaded, not China. As they generally have no navies or air forces, and a single port of large scale shipping capacity. Oil from the Russian East coast is easy to block, and Gulf oil could cooperate for a price. Thus simply not ship, but for Iran, which would simply be stopped. After that had sunk in for a while, China would eventually be stripped of the island bases they built in Philippine territory and Indonesian waters, and ultimately be challenged by US Aussie, Japanese and Indian bases replacing their people in those same bases. If they resist they lose their navy.
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    Manned strike aircraft are stupid and UTTERLY obsolete and have been for 40 years now (you could say 60 years after the ICBM introduction and becoming an international pariah). Only inertia keeps them building manned deep strike aircraft. Missiles are dirt cheap and easy to build. Gun fired missiles are likewise cheap. Fighter aircraft? Ok, for a couple more years, but already fighters can fire, direct, track missiles in ALL directions, so what is the point of a highly maneuverable fighter? Only mission requires being manned? CAS. And not even that with long ranged fired INS guided artillery. Now add small drones requiring no runway fielded by battalions sending high res stabilized pictures down to platoons and CAS disappears as well as the platoon can carry the small missiles/guided grenades to do the job. Now add that the platoon level effectively have IR optics allowing them to see through most buildings, foliage, along with timed grenades going through windows or exploding over ditches... All I have to say is, it is a DAMNED good thing no one has had a major war recently. IF anyone thought the death totals in WWII or WWI were horrible... WWIII will be MUCH worse. Thank God for nucs, keeps power hungry maniacs looking over their shoulders.
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    I underestand the physical pipeline buildout, indeed, much of China's steel production these days are pipeline tubes, But that is only half the problem they face in having Iranian energy go through the land route where the Kazakh and Turkomen populations that are fiercely independent, decentralized and autonomous and hate China only a bit less than Russia. Strictly a rented friendship. Having competing Iranian product run overland through these countries is asking to be cut off when any trouble pops up. These are not places you invest megalithic projects without having the expectation that they would be eventually cut off, destroyed or nationalized. Once the flows go through, the ability to express solidarity with Uighurs may be too tempting regardless of what deals they cut with the governments. The infrastructure would be a tempting target, the planned rail, the existing and expanded pipelines, and roads in construction. I believe the BRI projects in general are a waste disposal function for the Chinese economy's excess of cement and steel production and large scale infrastructure construction workers, who have nothing to do in China that makes any sense, and that is one way of keeping them employed. The highly speculative relationship building is only as valuable as the bribery cash flow stream the Chinese can supply the local governments. Not very promising for China strategically. .
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    First they came for Alberta.... So canada has been suffering from pipeline sabotage for the better part of a decade. In 2010 we had 4 new pipelines in the works. Trans mountian, northern gateway, energy east, and keystone xl. Energy east and northern gateway are dead. And the other 2 have been mired in law suits and protesting and blockades. I thought it was a globalist vendetta against Alberta for being low tax, high freedom, minimal government, and filthy rich. Now I am seeing it's not just about Alberta. They want everyone poor.
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    Yes, it does. I had it. I treated myself since I had the capacity to do so. It did leave behind minor lung damage. 3 months in it is back to normal. The virus does its damage by manipulation of the immune system to produce excess inflammatory responses that, in turn, produce clotting everywhere in the body, including critical functions. That is easily addressed by both conventional medicine and alternative routes, it is just a matter of fine tuning treatments. Another dangerous aspect of the virus is porphyrin stripping from hemoglobin, which HCQ protects against (same thing it does in treating malaria), which is why it is an essential tool for both reducing viral counts early on, and preventing heme poisoning and dangerous clotting. The ground glass patterns on the CT scans of advanced and many asymptomatics show exactly heme poisoning in the lungs as confirmed in autopsies. There is simply no possible way that HCQ is not a useful treatment. Particularly when applied early and in combination with Z pak and zinc and in conjunction with anti coagulants and anti inflammatories.
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    Humanity needs to rely on actual science rather than contrived interpretations of weak and incomplete data that ignores what we do know of virology and immunology in general, coronaviruses in general, and SARS 1.. The public health bureaucrats have no ethical obligations in the law and are free to lie and quote bogus science forced onto publications by pharmaceutical companies and their captured regulatory and public health policy associates. The antibodies are only the 1st immediate line of immunity, the T cells are the backup and retain antigen response much longer. In fact, the small number of T cell prevalence tests conducted so far show that T cell response is 3 X that of antibody response. Meaning that 2 of 3 infected produced no substantial antibodies but have CV19 specific responses from T cells that can kill virus directly. Long term second line defense is the ability to quickly produce antibodies from B cell "libraries" of them. Finally killer T cells that attack infected cells. All of these have been shown to work against CV19 as they do against all the viruses who's components are in this chimera virus. ~34% of Berliners tested have T cell responses to CV19's common pathogen glycoprotein (spikes on the coronaviruses) antigens and are immune. There is every reason to expect ~30% of people globally to have that residual immunity. The "new normal" anti virus driven policy and protective responses is not entirely necessary and evidence is already in place to show that the bulk of it is bogus, driven by WHO denial of aerosol transmission and the very effective filtration and ventilation responses that can eliminate it, and masks that reduce the hospitalization rates and deaths, though not directly affecting transmission in a big way. The Chinese dominance of the WHO was used to promote transmission of the virus through this kind of non science and fake advice for not wearing masks earlier in the epidemic. It is a part of the Chinese bio warfare effort against the West in general. It is entirely probable that where initial containment of the virus failed, the mode of control would be herd immunity obtained naturally as it is endemic already and will continue transmission regardless of policy reactions. All efforts at containment are only delaying the inevitable - the initial NW European and US UK plan of protecting the high risk groups and letting the rest of society go on as they will was scuttled by ineffective protection of the elderly and the mass hysteria of mainstream media and of social media. That continues to date with removal of content provided by practicing medical professionals and scientists far more qualified than the public health authoritarians "in charge", or the mercenary activities of pharma companies and the regulatory system they have captured for their own purposes. Delta airlines has already installed high efficiency filters in its cabin air handling and have the cleanest spaces outside of a positive pressure clean room. The mainstream information suppression effort and panic mongering are purely political with the exception of masks - but not as reducing transmission as claimed, as that is very limited, but reduce hospitalization and deaths somewhat, though not as much as expected and not yet solidly quantified. Using HCQ broadly upon symptoms' appearance is more effective than masks. Contrary to the FDA statements in support of withdrawing its approval, which was based on an article withdrawn from the Lancet because of fake data. Similarly, WHO and NIH trials of HCQ amounted to a combination of incompetence and murder with toxic doses. Particularly in using it for hospitalized people for whom the effect, like that of remdesivir is far too slow to have a substantial impact on death rates, particularly without azythromycin and aided with zinc supplements. For the broadest comparison, the national comparison for HCQ use (mostly for malaria), though quite crude in controlling for any other factors, it is quite compelling. The actual new normal will be that prevalence testing for T cell activity will reveal broad herd immunity in most highly populated regions in the US and elsewhere, including entire countries. With countries that have successfully limited transmission having repeated breakouts and inability to resume activities that require proximity. The actual result would be mass exurbanization, a long standing trend in the US that is picking up speed, and a Southern migration out of large cities dominated by Dem party machines. .Work from Home habits and online retail are driving this. The experience of the middle class under Dem governors and mayors will urge them to leave a deadly environment with arbitrary rules and no police protection. Corporations are reducing their physical downtown office space substantially and relying on WFH and distributed offices. That means that the key Dem areas are going to lose their financial base, their weight in congress in future elections and the economy loses its greatest source of income inequality and sluggish jobs growth.
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    Two things comes to mind 1. The trust fund has been ended. 2. TIme to readjust the budget to things that matter. Europe is quite capable of implementing hi tech defenses of their own design. https://www.forbes.com/sites/niallmccarthy/2018/02/19/europe-has-six-times-as-many-weapon-systems-as-the-u-s-infographic/#4c6a01dd6e7a
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    Not to worry, the only thing "West" about @Yoshiro Kamamura is his VPN address. He's here by many names, using many different VPN address locations. He can't hide his particular style. The CCP messages always come through loud and clear.
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    In the UK I always thought a major nuclear build would have an additional benefit of providing huge amounts of waste heat that could be used in glass house horticulture. Instead of importing huge quantities of fruit and Veg we could be growing it year round with the assistance of LED lighting.
  40. 4 points
    China is not single sourcing oil supply from 1 nation. Iran is only one aspect of securing oil supplies for China. Look also at oil & gas supplies to China from Russia and Africa and Venezuela, in addition to Iran. If you read the full article, China is throwing an economic lifeline to Iran's oil industry, in order for Iran to skirt U.S. sanctions. Very similar to what China has done throwing an economic lifeline to Russia for its gas (via pipeline) and to Venezuela for its ultra heavy crude oil. This is a logical strategy for China as it attempts to reduce purchasing oil and gas and LNG and natural resources from countries that favor the U.S. (such as Australia) and instead build economic and military to countries that oppose the U.S. (e.g. Iran, Russia, Venezuela). Add to the mix China's attempts in the last couple decades to slowly convert Africa to become an economic colony to China, as it secures oil and gas and natural resources from very corrupt African leaders. Corrupt African leaders bought and paid for. Notice China's recent pivot away from purchasing Australian natural resources after Australia spoke out against the turmoil in Hong Kong. Oil is being used as an economic lever and economic weapon by China against the U.S. and U.S. allies, while China provides provides oil money cash to failing countries that do not side with the U.S. (provided the failing countries have oil). What China is doing with securing oil and natural resources from countries that oppose the U.S. and its allies is a thumbnail writ large of the current Cold War between China and the U.S.
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    The WHO, and the rest of the official establishment are NOT guided by science but by political imperatives and commercial avarice that lead them to lie and pressure actual scientists and practicing doctors to abandon their analysis and experiences, and they suppress all opposing actual science, all of which opposes WHO and official statements beyond virus, China and contagious. They didn't make mistakes, they did it all deliberately. I am sorry for you that you can not detach from your buy-in to the faltering Kabuki show set on the international stage and read the actual science coming out. The actual clinical experiences of doctors, and the fierce devotion to authoritarianism by the official "public health professionals". To the point of denying actual fact and even excising articles videos and testimony from the public record on the internet. There is nothing more dangerous than listening to the proclamations of authority when all opposition is silenced. Science and medicine can not be conducted that way. Public discourse can not happen, and the participants in this on the political and medical side have no room in the West and should be fired and excised from society.
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    1 You obviously didn't notice the sarcasm in the first short paragraph. Since you are unwilling to understand what I am saying, but only making an effort at ridicule, I am saying that the CV19 virus is composed of prior known viruses with known proteins and recognized RNA sequences. Yet the "experts" were treating it as if it were a total mystery, which it wasn't by the time Italy was in trouble. As if all that was already known of coronaviruses and the other fractions in the RNA and surface spike glycoproteings magically disappeared so that the "experts" can doubt and demand proof of anything that may produce clarity, while their doubts have no basis but that their burden of proof was not yet met. 2. Things look different from your Czech perspective. You had competent German government and industry nearby to provide quick access to materials and technology so you could start testing in size in time to do effective contact tracing - before the virus was endemic. Things in the US don't look like that. Outside of the military and diplomatic areas, competent people do not generally go into government, and those that are competent are on the make or on the take more often than not. The US has not attempted to retain industries since 1990 for national or strategic security till Trump and regulated and taxed the pharmaceutical precursor business out of existence in the US. Thus it went offshore, particularly to China, where it was subsidized for the strategic value it would have for the CCP. The materials and components for creating a large scale testing scheme were not available. The CDC and FDA sabotaged the testing scheme that was supposed to complement the state tracing programs that had been following Wuhan flyers and their contact chains. They did that for political reasons, as the US is extremely divided politically since the 1930s between those in government (95% Democrat excepting military and diplomatic circles) and their corporate clients paying for their patronage, and those without, namely independent business. These FDA and NIH leaders, just like the WHO, are subject to regulatory capture by their client corporations in the pharmaceutical and test businesses who rely on them to extinguish cheap and effective treatments and promote expensive products still on patent. The FDA and NIH obtain fees and "donations", respectively.for their funding - on top of their normal budget. They don't work for the public, they work for pharma. They have routinely killed people in deliberately badly constructed trials allocated to organizations known to fail or that are easy to manipulate into malpractice. This is not new. It dates back to the founding of these institutions or at the latest to their second generation of leaders in the 1960s. With that background, the practices you may have found successfully applied in Germany and in your own country were not in any way resembling what went on elsewhere, particularly not in the US. Italy France Spain Belgium UK and US were not afforded the luxury of concentrated narrow and traceable infection chains. The virus was endemic in big cities before the first case was diagnosed. Contact tracing of early cases bring the infection's initiation in these cities back to Dec. and Jan at multiple locations. I don't know how it came into Czechia. In Germany it was a ski party in the Alps so tracing and containing it - though difficult - was at least possible. While as a European parliamentarian you would expect the bureaucracy to be at the PM's disposal, the US agencies are hardly subject to actual direct executive control. If you ever watched "Up the Greasy Pole" you might get an idea of what it is like, just that it is far worse in the US when a conservative is in the White House. As he is just as likely to be plotting the demise of the department in question as he may be supporting it. While the career staff is in pure militant sabotage mode trying to unload the conservative president. Trump didn't expend political capital to appoint leaders to any department he didn't want to exist or to matter, perhaps foolish or stupid, but too late for it to be otherwise. Think of how Trump sabotaged the WTO by not appointing anyone to its upper levels. That is a systemic attitude. If he didn't need the EPA etc. to deregulate, they would probably not have had any appointments either. Their ability to function would be a likely target. Now back to what you are saying, we are not at all drowning in corpses as NYC or Milan were due to idiotic policy at the state level. Deaths are far smaller a portion of the confirmed infected than in the past And the CFR is now falling. The Southern epicenter states are seeing a peaking of deaths this week, following a peak of hospitalizations last week and infections the week before. Do not seek information from mainstream US media, they have a political agenda and are pushing disinformation. Main Social media are scrubbed clean of factual discussions that reflect badly on the medical establishment or contradict them. Again, you may appreciate the talents at the helm of your public health officials, Americans have not had reason to do so since the early 1960s. The general idea of emergency powers is repulsive to the Republican and more so to the libertarian, particularly when the actual content of decisions is entirely arbitrary and political - on the part of mostly Dem state and local officials. The WHO promotes a fiction of ballistic droplet transmission dominating, as China continues to claim. It is wrong. Aerosol transmission in enclosed spaces is the major mechanism. That was known since S. Korea in Feb. Droplet trajectories fall off past 3 ft as they fall to the floor. At 6 ft there is hardly anything left that a mask would protect you from. A distance of 3 ft reduces the concentration of ballistic droplets in a conical spread to <1/10, 1/100 at 6 ft. If you distance then the mask is redundant. Aerosol transmission has millions of micro droplets generated as you breathe, not just cough or yell, which will go through the mask fabric and through the gaps around it. Look at the data from Masks4all who promote mask wearing.. The gap in most masks lets through 50% of the aerosol, Even when fitted properly, a surgical mask will emit 15% when fresh, and it goes up from there as it is saturated with water from your breath. So you have a theoretical maximum attenuation of 15% and likely 50%. realized. Similarly on inhalation though you stand a better chance at having less of a gap as the mask is sucked towards your nose or mouth. So for realized attenuation you have say 60% on inhalation. Put it all together and you have a likely reduction of 80%. But that is misleading, and even if you took the 15% pass through and 90% reduction, you are not considering that the enclosed space is circulating suspended viral aerosol from multiple people, not one, and that with prevalence being as high as has been measured during an outbreak, it is likely that your enclosed space has several actively contagious people, so their emissions add up over the 2-4 hour overlapping window that aerosol droplets hang in the air. So your actual protection from someone else wearing a mask is irrelevant even if it lowered the average concentration by 1/2 or even 1/5, it would still be substantial. However, your own mask wearing will reduce your initial viral load by 1/2 to 1/5 and prevent ballistic droplets from delivering a massive viral dose. So you will get infected but your course would be lighter, more likely without symptoms and most important, likely without hospitalization and death, unless you are immune deficient in which case a reduced inoculation means little. This creates a measurement problem in analyzing the epidemiological data, as Masks4all show, the symptomatics get tested and there are fewer of them so you see a smaller rise in confirmed infections, yet you did little to change the transmission. You will only know how well you did once you did T cell seroprevalence testing of a good sized sample of your population. Since the little T cell data published so far shows a clear preference for younger people towards T cell immunity and it is 3 times the prevalence of antibodies and lasts longer, only that figure can tell you how well you did. Where masks can protect you and others is in conditions where no distancing is possible - in which case the WHO argument would work. Perhaps a likely cirucmstance in dense poor populations, but not really the situation in the US. So the WHO claim of protecting others by wearing a mask is bogus under the bulk of circumstances, only applicable in crowds. The claims that mask wearing works based on a few countries' data compared to non maskers is still not definitive, and requires a T cell prevalence test to be done so that actual infection conditions can be calculated. 3. Herd immunity is there and a matter of fact. We can confirm it with further testing of the broader T cell immunity where outbreaks were extensive. Your criticism of my ramble is not material. The same immune mechanisms that provide naturally gained immunity are used to obtain it via vaccines. If there is no possibility of herd immunity it must imply that there is no lasting vaccine either. I do understand it, but you have a vague put down than an argument. 4. Don't apply your European experience to the US. The level at which decisions were made on the specifics of responses are down at the state level and municipal and county. Most of the "healthcare professionals" in this case are failed physicians and career bureaucrats or even a local nurse moonlighting for the village or tiny town government. The politicians decide most of it and the "healthcare professionals" sign it so as not to lose their job. They consult the politically chosen experts that advise them to do what they want to. This is not the same as in Europe and particular in the well run governments. Though I will say that despite competence in German government I am not a believer that a well run government would be any more likely than the Lochness monster. 5. I should have conditioned it in writing as I had in my mind. In an endemic fast spreading infection, lockdowns will come too late and will not eradicate the virus. It is an extreme measure and could work when combined with tracing and proper quarantine of the infected. Which is not possible late into the progression. For this piddly disease as it is for healthy working age people, as it was known to be already in Feb. not to speak of March, the general lockdown was a simple easy choice for the thoughtless government rather than the tailored solution of segregating and supporting the high risk group. lt was about government power and control, not about a contagion. In the US, CA shut down early in its transmission, and is thus seeing a resurgence, the rest of the South barely had any cases when they shut down - but for a few hot spots in the big cities. . Big cities in N East US had their breakouts early and they ramped up very rapidly. When correlated to flu case numbers, the figure of a 7% rate of fever measurements is equivalent to 40% of the population per season. This snap of Manhattan's rapid surge is equivalent to an excess (over a normal flu trajectory) infection of 20% of the population. It is the minimum estimate, as unlike the flu, young folks have few cases of elevated temperatures an no or mild symptoms. NYC median age is 34. Thus the infection rate would be about 2.5 times the correlated value to a flu, and that comes out to 50% by the date of the shutdown. Thus you can project that you were most of the way to the theoretical 70% for herd immunity and a drop of new infections from that point was not related to a shutdown but to the fact that folks active outside the home were already infected and only the household's low contact uninfected remained, thus the rate of infection fell off in a similar manner to Pakistan and close to the infection exhaustion pattern from herd immunity theory. You can look at the case count chart in a post above to see how NY state shows this same pattern with the peak date of 4/9/20 3 weeks after the peak in the temperature chart. I had already come to the conclusion at that time that the shutdown came to NYC and NJ CT right as they achieved herd immunity. Thus the shutdowns could not have had an impact. They did, however, kill off the flu which is an aggregate of several strains of Influenza A or B, thus not one and no herd immunity to flu in general. On the contrary, the shutdown prolonged the infection as it left a large healthy population still naive and available to transmit while doing "essential" activities, where they are susceptible to aerosol transmission with or without masks. Italy and Spain show that their epidemic continues after the shutdown as the populations not infected in the 1st stage get their chance at exposure. In NYC and other dense US cities, the transmission was very clear on the Kinsa temp. charts. it is only 2-4 day latency from infection, as opposed to 2-4 weeks for a confirmed one. The contagion was extremely quick and dropped off very rapidly upon shutdown because everyone was infected in NYC, a large sharp rise in measured fevers was not followed by a plateau after the shutdown as households get infected since that had mostly already happened. Infection rates would drop 2-4 weeks later as the time to display symptoms varies as does the level of symptoms that motivates one to go get tested. For NYC that was about 3 weeks from the peak of the fever rate to the top of the confirmed new cases. 6. We were trying to separate out the actual deaths among the excess deaths that are related to CV19 from those related to the lack of medical care, as people were not getting to see doctors, or the ER nor get bypass surgeries, dialysis, chemo, wound treatments, infections. The hospitals are usually at 70% occupancy throughout the year and presumably doing something useful to prevent deaths. The estimated numbers came to be on the same order as the excess deaths, which left aliasing of CV19 deaths as a positive contributor to the count still being an excess number. As you can see with the CFR chart, NJ and NY remain much higher than elsewhere in CFR both at the initial stage of the pandemic and later on when ERs were clear and PPE and meds were ample. Either NE cities are populated by people 3 times more likely to die of CV19, or it is both their high proportion of uninsured (>40%) and outrageous medical costs that brought hospitals to list deaths as CV19 cases whether they were or were not. Assuming the actual CFR was no different than it was in other states then as many as 60% of the deaths in NY NJ MA PA MI CT listed as CV19 deaths were not so. I don't argue this because I suspect the leading factor for excess deaths in the NE was vit D deficiency, which correlates with the unusually high proportion of people of color who died. As darker skin pigmentation requires more sun exposure to obtain healthy vit D levels, and you are very unlikely to be half naked in the sun in mid winter in the North. But fake allocations to the counts remains at least a partial contributor to the large number discrepancy between NE cities and states and the rest of the countries As to the problem of healthcare cost and availability in the US, it is complex and derives from a lack of competition and coordination of monopolies through the regulatory agencies at the Federal and State levels. In so doing, US bureaucrats have brought about a US premium of about 20 fold for prescription prices on new medications vs. foreign costs, and 4 times or more for generics. The extension of coverage through "Obamacare" did nothing at all to increase the number of doctors, facilities, pharma production, nor anything else. It entirely neglected the supply side, Thus in the year it was being negotiated in congress, insurers raised their cost by 30-40% and then again the following year. No preference is provided for immigration of medical pros into the US and once there, they are often prevented from practicing medicine as they need to jump through arbitrary hoops to obtain a license. 7 The problem of homelessness and outrageous medical costs particularly in major cities is also induced by the outrageous rents and high taxes, which combine to make the Urban medical pro cost at least double the cost in Midwestern suburbs and often 3 times as much, yet provide him with no improvement in after rent disposable income, as he is pushed to the top progressive income tax bracket. Again, it is a supply problem. Covering the medical insurance cost of the uninsured is ~$30k for a working couple in a major city. Which is why they don't buy it, their employer doesn't offer it, and the state does not readily pick up the tab, nor do the Feds.Rent + health insurance = median after tax income in urban centers. So you only get a life if you forgo health insurance. The medical system is entirely dominated by government (Medicare is 40%) and 2 layers of restrictive regulation preventing competition and allowing monopolies. There is no capitalist aspect to it, that one is entirely in your mind. It is at best a crony capitalist system but it is actually a guild monopoly imposed by government.
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    After Stalingrad it was not air superiority which was the issue, it was out running their supply lines which became the issue. After D-Day, the Luftwaffe had to pull aircraft and crews from the Eastern Front for the defense of the Reich. This lessened the pressure greatly on the Soviet airforces. Another point is that Germany never fielded a 4 engine strategic bomber, in numbers, to attack the rebuilt factories east of the Urals. Many things conspired to keep the Soviets from getting their asses handed to them. To say that the Soviets singlehandedly defeated the German forces is ignorant.
  44. 3 points
    That is the unique perspective of E Europeans who imagine that the Soviets actually produced their own armaments and their far east manufacturing made the difference for their materiel. It was not the case, US equipment and materials fed the Soviet production and war machines. It was why when any area was conquered by the Soviets in E Europe, they took apart key advanced manufacturing and moved them and their engineers back behind the Soviet border out of reach of future front lines. Those were the things that Soviet manufacturing and technology could not come up with itself. Without US support, the Soviet system would have succumbed to the Nazis. It was only after the capture of Polish/German industrial capacity in the East, and then Czech and Hungarian factories, that Soviets actually became a threat to what remained of the Nazi territory and later the West in general. Their own equipment was designed to be tuned in the field rather than robustly reliable and accurate coming out of the factory. Though it was never as badly designed and built as old style Chinese equipment that was as much a danger to the user as to its targets, it was really not a giant distance away from it. What was advanced and accurate was also fragile and limited in use before it had to be taken back for extensive maintenance. As the Soviets couldn't manage supply lines, they lived off the countries they captured to supply their front lines, thus starving the locals and converting their production to Soviet standard armaments rather than civilian and German standard. Their Tatar forces were particularly feared, thus driving the Germans to quickly surrender to the Western alliance when the war was a sure loss. In land warfare terms,only the central mountains of Germany and Poland were defensive hindrances. Otherwise, the space between Moscow and Berlin is wide open and indefensible. The great European plain is wide open from Moscow to Paris and the low countries. The Soviets had no problem advancing through just as the Nazis didn't have a problem rushing the other way in the earlier portion of the war. The US and UK had to gain traction across the sea. They could not rely on exploitation of captured local capacity to the extent that Soviet non-planning did. Their precious forces were not disposable like the Soviet's. Indeed, that disadvantage was what led to the formation of NATO right after the war. The US and UK could never hold on to Europe against the Soviets now armed with Germany's (and Austria's) Eastern industrial zones. The countries had to rebuild industrial capacity in order to be able to sustain resistance to Soviet advancement. As the Soviets had both people and industrial capacity (that they didn't produce) at hand. in order to obtain investment in that capacity, they needed market access to the remaining consumer markets in UK, Norse countries and US. For that purpose, GATT was formed. All of that was about the countering of Soviet post war capacities, that did not exist on the scale of their full form till then.
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    Since Hydropower is over 2/3rds of renewable energy production and no country has a 100% energy grid based on wind and solar, much less fully primary energy consumption, is quite hard to say "aside from Hydro", also Russia is not a very sunny place precisely, and because of all the taiga forests is not very windy, and the windy regions like the arctic circle are far away in permafrost soils where you can't build wind turbines economically. In particular the Hydropower potential of russia is quite large, between 500GWa to 800GWa, depending to who you ask, the Lower Lena hydro project for example would have 20,000MWe, and produce over 150TWh a year, Russia on the otherhand in the natural gas power generation, Russia hasn't made progress in CCGT powerplants, and with a price of 3.3 U$D/MMBtu is very hard for gas utilities in there to outcompete RusHydro and Rosatom, the issue of course is that it takes a long time to make dams and license reactors, altho they are building 4 reactors and have 47 in planning or proposal.
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    I am quite aware of the logistics, a note here to perceptions. Yes you do see a carrier look alike in the straits and I did mention area...I do believe a carrier in that area would be a1000 miles off the coast... Actually this war talk is just as absurd as Iran shooting up a wooden ship in off shore boats. Let us all hope nothing of that nature occurs.
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    Where was this required ‘new normal’ after the HIV, SARS and MERS epidemics? The fact is that people need to be a ‘victim’ of something, anything today.
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    The Solic eliminates the free gift to the grid by turning any surplus electricity into hot water. Better to use as electricity but I decided the Solic was an investment (£155) with a better rate of return than a battery with a capital outlay of £2000. Its a smart meter - it does log exports but we haven't been charged. The bill equals the net consumption. We were away the other weekend. I read the meter before and on our return 2.5 days latter our total consumption was 3kwh (basically refrigeration and small ghost loads on the system). Today we have been informed our monthly direct debit will drop from £139 a month to £92 (it will drop a lot further as other efficiency measures kick in for a full year) so the approach is clearly working.
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    Double check your meter. If it's the modern kind (not the old fashioned spinning kind) the utility can and will be charging you for your "free gift to the grid". The meter doesn't know where the power comes from, it just tracks it. The old meters were electromechanical and clever people figured out they could take the meter off and install it upside down, and everything ran backwards so their power was free. The utilities responded with tamper clips, but that didn't last and as the internet enabled more people to do the same trick, they went with semi smart and smart meters. Since those run by program not mechanics the software didn't anticipate home grown power, so all power is considered purchased from the utility. My friends were fastidious like you, turned off their AC and lived like they were 3rd world and still had these massive bills in the summertime. The utility even came out to do a power audit, but the guy they sent was looking for insulation problems not meter problems. I finally caught it by seeing their power production directly causing their digital meter to count faster, when everything was shut off. Their average bill was $400/month, after they'd spent $50k installing the system. The utility won't refund them, the first few years after install their average was $75/month.
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    About two weeks ago the Indigenous Environmental Network joined 16 frontline and climate justice organizations across the U.S. to create the United Frontline Table which is funded with almost a billion dollars to fight the oil and gas industry on Indian lands. They are also front and center on shutting down an existing pipeline in the Bakkan over a small amount of surface acres held by the tribe. This is also the group who wields power in Washington and is pushing to remove Mount Rushmore. The tribes leadership is a whore to the environmental groups and their big dollars and power.