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Will China pay a price for Covid-19 ? Should they ?

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Conservative estimates are the Covad-19 virus will cost the U.S. economy $7 to $9 Trillion.

That's devastating. 

They will send the world economies into a recession.  This health catastrophe may turn into a Banking crisis. 

U.S. investors in the markets have lost 1/3 of their retirement funds.  

Many small businesses will cease to exist.

The Chinese knew the  seriousness of this virus in December and told nobody.  They sent 10s of thousands of exchange students back to the U.S. after the semester break and sent hundreds of thousands of tourist to the U.S. 

Then they have the balls to deny culpability and blame the virus on the U.S. military.  Then to add insult to injury threaten to cut off medicines mfg in China to the U.S.

We have nothing to worry about .  Joe Biden will be our next President. As he knows and says, " Come on man. China is not a threat to U.S.  They are our Friend"  

Hopefully the "woke" will wake up to the real Chinese threat..  

China should pay for their Covid-19 Gross Negligence , Malfeasance and Manslaughter.

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Informative interview just posted 

Maura Moynihan (China expert) on American Thought Leaders 

- The Epoch Times

With the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, what are the dangers of accepting official information from China as fact? And how are Chinese leaders trying to control the narrative surrounding coronavirus?

How exactly was the Chinese Communist Party “normalized” in the West? What impact did this have on the movement to secure human rights for Tibet?

And why is associating coronavirus with the Chinese regime and Wuhan not only legitimate, but also important?

Holding China’s Communist Party Responsible for the Global Spread of Coronavirus—Maura Moynihan


Key Points of Interest

08:51 How Western media are parroting Chinese communist propaganda about coronavirus 

10:50 The normalization of the Chinese Communist Party 

13:37 The hidden cost of having supply chains in China

15:25  Understanding Chinese communist propaganda and how the regime controls the global narrative

17:51 Why don’t we hear about Tibet anymore? 

23:54 The uncomfortable moral dilemma of Tibet 

29:52 Is it racist to call Covid-19 “Chinese coronavirus” or “Wuhan coronavirus”? 

32:56 Understanding the internal power struggle within the Chinese Communist Party is critical to understanding the regime’s response to coronavirus 

35:53 Don’t think the Chinese Communist Party can’t win. 

36:43 What is the current situation in Tibet now? 

42:52 Is China still communist? 

52:24 Countries with closer ties to the Chinese regime also have more cases of coronavirus 

56:35 The world needs to stop propping up the Chinese Communist Party.



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I do not see how China could possibly avoid backlash from the corona virus pandemic, unless they can somehow convince the rest of the world that ‘the US did it!’

First, they apparently knew they had a problem before Chinese New Year, when millions travel throughout China. They did not take ANY action, draconian or otherwise, until they absolutely had to. By this point, the ‘cat was out of the bag’ and the virus had travelled internationally.

The resulting pandemic, with the associated lockdowns and other draconian measures, necessary or not, is causing financial strain globally, and may be the root cause of a global recession. People and politicians (not necessarily the same animal) will not forget.

The bottlenecks discovered by having China within the supply chain of many industries will not go unnoticed. Firms will now start readjusting their supply chains to avoid China and have redundancy.

Finally, the esteemed mass media will be looking for a scapegoat and unless they are convinced that the ‘US did it’, China is that goat.

China, and now Russia and Saudi Arabia, for different reasons obviously, have burned through any goodwill and political capital they may have had. For China, their BRI plan will be in tatters.


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Well, first, the USA should pay the rest of the world for the climate change. After all, they burned most of the fossil fuels and gobbled up most of the world resources. 

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