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Trump why are my taxes going to bail out Scofflaw Carnival Cruise lines that is incorporated in Bermuda to avoid paying U.S. corporate income taxes ?

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It's not a U.S. company.  It's a Bermuda Company.

Or Oil companies that use transfer pricing to hide income at foreign domiciled subsidiaries and pay little to no U.S. corporate income taxes.  

Please check to see if the industries you bail out with our tax dollars are actually U.S. companies paying U.S. corporate income taxes.  

U.S. auto manufacturers closed U.S. plants.  Are they going want a bail out too.  Are you going to ask them to move their mfg out of Mexico and back to the U.S.first ? 

Why should U.S. taxpayers bailout Carnival Cruise line shareholders. Let Bermuda bail them out.  Or tell them to file bankruptcy and get back on business.  The consumers will be back. The employees will come back. 

The U.S. needs a new industrial policy.  

Permanent tariffs are the only way to counter transfer pricing and those that avoid their U.S. tax obligations.

You like tariffs don't you ?  Use them.

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