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US Oil Industry - Bad... (ahem)

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Nick Cunningham;  So, you take this opportunity to strike at the US Oil industry much as MBS; during this time of a Pandemic sweeping across the globe.  For certain I disagree with the premise of your article. I find it appalling that you have no remorse for an attack on the US and it's energy policies during the height of this crisis.  

You are entitled to your opinions. But you choose to take a swipe at the country, specifically Rep. Senators and one Mr. Hamm of Continental Resources. (Full disclosure, I do not own stock in the co. I do not now or have I ever worked for the company) Blaming them for 'crying too & about Saudi actions' at this time. The Russians were also mentioned.  You decry the effort of a group of Republican senators too intervene in the matter.  As if they're to just sit idly by.  As for Mr. Hamm; you articulate him as some petulant child, crying because he didn't get a cookie.  You fail too mention that during his interview yesterday with CNBC; he addresses the issue of a rapid and unexpected 'decompression' of consumption due largely from the grounding of flights across the board by All the major carriers.  His and the senators point of contention & rightfully so, is the actions taken by the Saudis & Putin at the moment they both realized (Coronavirus) was out of control.  To quote Rham Emanuel; former Chief of Staff during the early years of the Obama admin. "Never let a crisis go too waste".  Incidentally, that was just after the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon; in the GoM.  

You sit there in your Tree house in Oregon prayin too the Raingods, the 'Evil and Corrupt Admin. & Oil industry' are crushed by the benevolent and righteous Corona!!!  Ahem...  

p.s.  Make sure your SUV has a full tank.  Don't wanna run out and be stuck on the side of the HWY...



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