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Clickbait: I Can Easily Solve Any Type Of Virus Problems In Human Body Including The New Corona Virus NCOV COVID-19

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This article is 2 months old but worth to read because many national governments are stealing the idea and temporary solution without giving any credit or asking anything.

I Can Easily Solve Any Type Of Virus Problems In Human Body Including The New Corona Virus NCOV COVID-19

Finally something worthy to talk about. Only the real savior can solve this problem, but I am not going to help for free, it must come with something in return.

The corona virus or fruit bat virus or whatever type of virus happening in Wuhan, China is way too difficult for many beings able to handle it. But to me, it just too easy, why? Because I have mastered everything in this Earth game and the Universe.

There are only 2 type of virus in human body:

– One is the stupid virus can be treated with drug.

– Two is the smart virus cannot be treated with drug, but must with a special method.
This type of virus can be called as the divine virus, even beings with super abilities still can easily be dead if they do not know the way.

Base on the media & news, the Wuhan China virus is the second type. So you better forget about using vaccine, drugs or what ever method to destroy it, because that smart virus can easily hidding inside the human body even after any artificial drug go in.

I do not agree with what Chinese Administrator & Government handle the problems.

First, they do not know how to deal with the virus at mass quantity, so why let people come in the hospitals and allow them do the test.

If the person do not have that virus, then it is fine.

If the person have that virus, then how they can help them while they do not know the 100% working treatment.

At the end of day, it is only increase the problems.

The best temporary solution is stop do the test positive/negative virus at the hospital, and tell citizens stay at home. And give out the guideline for everybody through paper, television, radio, internet.

The doctor & facilities are limited, while the patients/people is at least 100 times bigger.

This is not a battle you can deal with quantity, this battle you must deal with knowledge & wisdom.

If the situation is really desperate and cannot be solved, why don’t you push bounty reward for whoever able to solve the problems? It is better to use the brain of billions people than rely on on few politicians and “health expert”.

I have said I can easily solve this epic virus problems, but it must come with something in return.

I will give the people special guideline & method to deal with all kind of virus not just this Wuhan virus alone.

For the mechanism & purpose of virus are all the same, you must able to understand the natural language, understand the creator God of virus & planet Earth if they want to solve this problem. This ancient virus is above the level of normal humans & most any beings with super abilities.

This fiction ancient virus only appear in novel but now hell yes appear on 3D normal Earth as well.

If any secret societies, governments, group want to solve this problem permanently, then find me at or

But remember there is no such thing as free lunch, I cannot giving out knowledge for free for it go against divine law & orders. But no working no charging !!!

Best Regard,

The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Whatever-Name


Edited by Tom Kirkman
Moderator edit, added "Clickbait" to the title. More insane rantings from someone who literally claims to be God.

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