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USA 2007, Coronavirus isolated from humans

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For those who nay say, here is the proof the USA was 1st to develop and patent the virus hitting you now.

Has any of you wondered why the USA took so long to develop test kits?  Hint: it was not for lack of productive capacity. The reason is the covid in USA today has at least 5 different sequences. [Fact: the covid hitting Italy has a different sequence.] Your CDC is not reporting this, in fact reports nothing. Why?  Reason: these sequences did not come from China. Why is nobody reporting this, or even so little as asking questions?  Reasons; your media is waay too dumb and ignorant; and those few in the know are under gag orders.  Why is the Vice POTUS in charge of this, who know nothing about medicine, and not the Surgeon General?  hint: information control.



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