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BAMM, $6 trillion dollars

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So, the fed says it's doing a $2t direct stimulus and also a $4t fund for loans to "whomever." I hope somebody is up on their economics. I don't get it. How do you just create $6t with the stroke of a pen as if it's just normal business and no big deal? Is it a big deal? If they can do this with said journal entry, why even fuss about money? For anything. Just create more. Where will this end? The U.S. can't possibly pay its debt, can it? When you spend/create money like this, it sure is suspicious that everything is a joke. Is it simply that "the rich get richer" ad nauseum until the whole system comes crashing down? I have been concerned about a horrific reset for decades and if this isn't it, I can't imagine a more perfect storm. Would love to hear from someone who understands economics, money supply, fiscal policy, conmen, ponzi schemes, etc.

This whole thing is real fishy to me.

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