Understand, the main objective of "Flattening the Curve" was to avoid overwhelming our hospitals. Not necessarily eliminate Covid in a few weeks or months.

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11 hours ago, Ward Smith said:

Dude, I know all about it. Here's the funny thing, those macroeconomics folks have been 100% certain about things in the past, while coincidentally being 100% wrong. Being an "SME" in economics is only slightly better than being an SME in entrails reading. The entire "profession" is a joke. They call it the dismal science for a good reason. Remember "Long Term Capital Management"? All economists, including Nobel Prize winners. What happened there? Oh yeah, complete and utter disaster. 

But keep riding your high horse there, dude. Always fun to watch the dudes get bucked off Lady bell, the easiest horse in the paddock. 

I agree, economists have terrible track records.

A few math classes (basic calculus, statistics), simple accounting, English, and a touch of history - Boom modern astrologist / tea reader.

We pay these morons to tell us the economic value of an entire species.

I've been to meetings where people talk about the "economic valuation" of bear and bird populations; they make me want to puke. "If we save the last of these endangered birds it might disrupt industry to $XYZ extent."

Same ridiculous models that would have 100,000 homeless on the streets before they let a symbolic Bald Eagle die.

Insurance companies love them: - your "left fifth digit amputated above the first knuckle" has a defined value.


"To be clear, if I write you a cheque for $472,000 you are okay with your first-born child dying in a house fire?" 


What did OJ pay for his two murders?

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11 hours ago, Gerry Maddoux said:

You're right, and we have been in lockdown because the virus--like everything else--has been politicized. Mr. Trump's gut reaction was to let the thing run its course . . . . and that would have been the best mode of action. He would have been condemned, called a murderer, impeached again, and he took the only road still open. He is making another good move by letting the governors decide on a state by state basis when to reopen each state for business--it's not on his shoulders. Business-friendly states--Texas, Montana, Wyoming, ND, Arizona, Oklahoma--are going to reopen soon. I don't personally think NY, NJ or Mass will open until June. This virus is a tragedy for the world. Let us never forget that it came out of the virus incubator of China. They need to be isolated from the world.

Let's be perfectly clear here. Trump was not the one who shut down anything. Every state governor independently shut down (or didn't) their individual states. Trump only issued the state of emergency proclamation that the governors were clamoring for. Power mad governors were the ones who went crazy with this. Also since virtually every state has populous and sparse areas, it would have made far more sense to inflict the stay at home on the populous centers and leave the exurbs alone. 

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Surf's up guys! 😂


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