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Uncle Sam's Crystal Ball, The Spies Who Predicted COVID-19

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https://www.project-syndicate.or ; World Opinion Website - where big shot NGO, private and public advisers, executives, analysts, Nobel laureate university professors, central bankers, secretaries, minsters, ambassadors, prime ministers, billionaire club members, another words the top political, economic, financial, academic, cultural, diplomatic, security, foreign and militarily affair experts present their professional cognitive views and egos on a regular basis to help promote the multi faceted global hegemonic interests of their paymasters, despite their occasionally different or seemingly conflicting views, all singing from the same hymn sheet praying at the same temple worshiping Gods of wealth and power. Needless to say after a short while I subscribed to the site I was banned from inserting comments in response to some of the articles posted by the big wigs mentioned above, for poking my critical nose into their business affecting our and global citizens livelihood and lives.. 

Kent Harrington, a former senior CIA analyst, served as National Intelligence Officer for East Asia, Chief of Station in Asia, and the CIA’s Director of Public Affairs. He writes;

Despite US President Donald Trump's claims, a pandemic has long been among the top threats listed by America's intelligence community. But even the country's best analysts could not foresee that it would happen under a leader willing to sacrifice so many lives on the altar of his ego.

In foretelling the COVID-19 pandemic exactly, Clapper made clear that, “This is not a hypothetical threat.” Trump received the same message in May 2017, when Coats highlighted a World Bank assessment predicting that a pandemic would cost the world around 5% of GDP. 

Consider the 2008 report, “Global Trends 2025,” which was all but oracular. “The emergence of a novel, highly transmissible, and virulent human respiratory illness for which there are no adequate countermeasures could initiate a global pandemic,” the authors warned. The threat, they added, would likely emerge “in an area marked by high population density and close association between humans and animals, such as many areas of China and Southeast Asia.” Even with limits placed on international travel, “travelers with mild symptoms or who were asymptomatic could carry the disease to other continents.”

From peddling disinformation about the virus to disbanding the National Security Council directorate overseeing pandemic threats, Trump has squandered multiple opportunities to get ahead of the COVID-19 crisis. The health and economic consequences that we are now experiencing have long been predicted. US intelligence analysts were warning about precisely this scenario for at least 12 years. But even they could not foresee that America would end up with a president willing to sacrifice so many lives on the altar of his ego.

Conspiracy or Complacency? either way who must be held responsible and accountable for the tens of thousands of American lives lost already to the pandemic and those citizens locked down in their homes or desperate to go back to work yet fearful of a deadly contagion which continues to ravage their homeland threatening their lives and livelihood? 

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President Trump makes many mistakes and misstatements. But the biggest mistake he made of his presidency was doing too much and allowing the corona virus to damage the economy. He even allowed the creation of trillions of dollars fiat money ex nihilo -- counterfeiting. This will damage the dollar and lower the United States's credit rating. The destruction of the dollar and the damage to the economy may kill millions of people.

Yes, smart people have long known that microbes will rule the world, not man, and that pandemics would come back. But the corona virus is a very kind forerunner of the coming plagues. As far as I know, it doesn't disfigure the body like smallpox or make buboes like bubonic plague. It doesn't paralyse young people like polio. It doesn't cause hemorraging. And it doesn't cause you to cough up blood like TB. Corona virus kills the old and the sick quickly.

Corona virus mercifully kills the old and the sick. But the highly-paid medical profession likes to keep the old and the sick alive, in a manner unknown to history and contrary to nature, even after they have lost human dignity. The next plagues will not be so kind. Did you think we are ONLY going to have ONE PLAGUE?

Corona virus is a blessing to mankind because young, working age people are burdened with high taxes to keep old people alive. And if we just left corona virus alone, Social Security and Medicare costs would dramatically fall. Besides this, healthcare spending in the USA is about 20 percent of GDP.

The earth is obscenely overpopulated. That is why we have environmental problems. The earth's population is close to 8 billion. According to one web site, the population of earth didn't reach 1 billion till 1804. In 1927 it reached 2 billion. In 1961, 3 billion. Humans are exploding exponentially like viruses. That is good for people and rats and roaches, but bad for almost everything else.

So explain why you think Trump should have done more, not less, to fight the corona virus. We've spent all our money. How are we going to fight the next hideous plague, the one around the corner? Are you in favor of the human population explosion? If not, and since you are so opposed to the corona virus, how can we return the human population to a reasonable level, like 1 or 2 or 3 billion?

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