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Tom Kirkman

Lifting The Oil Price Is Easy. Block The Persian Gulf - - - Forbes

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Now seems a good a time as any for U.S. to pull out of the Middle East and let the oil dictatorships eat each other.  

Let the games begin.

Yes, I'm being deliberately flippant.

Saudi Arabia, go jump in a lake.  Turn your damn oil tankers around and flood the EU with it.

Iran, go jump in a lake.



Oil seems to be your actual deity and hold on power and control over your subjects, so let's see what happens if the Iran / Saudi endless pissing match actually shuts down their main source of revenue.


Lifting The Oil Price Is Easy. Block The Persian Gulf

Here’s an easy fix to the ultra-low oil price; do what Iran has been promising to do for decades, block the Straits of Hormuz.

Suggested partly as dark humor there would be a delicious irony in delivering to Iran precisely what it has consistently threatened to do, block a critical choke point at the eastern end of Persian Gulf to stifle the flow of oil to the rest of the world.

In one move the oil-price crash would be fixed with up to 30% of global oil supply removed from the market.  ...


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This may prove to be a little more complicated than just a pull out, lots of interest in this region. But maybe its either this or serious Bangy Bangy. This region and this country is spoiling for something which won't end up well for it i fear.

If it's ever been closer it's probably now, not the time for provocation, it's not a proxy way anymore, as the US is affectively under attack.

Screen Shot 2020-04-23 at 07.36.19.png

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