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What would be different about COVID-19 if it started in Chicago not Wuhan ?

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What were the errors of Chinese authorities and why and how they could be prevented in the United States ?

There is a lot of blame game in the media and at this forum.

As I do not know anything about either Chinese or American Healthcare epidemic procedures, this narrative is difficult for me to understand.

(Actually I have never been to China and visited US long time ago, and never used Healthcare in US, so my knowledge about US healthcare comes from Hollywood movies and medical thrillers  by Crichton etc.)


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1) Wuhan lock down stopped Wuhan people traveled inside China, but not oversea. It was on both my language news paper and English as may Wuhan flew to Vietnam (I crossed check between the 2 languages as I didn't really trust both) but now in English, i couldn't find any article with google search but wiki. Maybe the news precisely about how Wuhan airport locked down was rare in English  and I was lucky to read it back then. I have a good memory and followed timeline since it directly affected my family there. 


23 January, transport in Wuhan, Huanggang and Ezhou severely restricted, including closure of public transit, trains, airports, and major highways. Wuhan airport was not closed for departures completely; flights still left to many destinations.

People with visa to the Western would simply buy the tickets and get out if their countries didn't ban flights from China. Or people with Western passports would fly to a transit country, and then would avoid 14 days quarantines. Read more in 3.

Hubei lockdowns in 24 January, so you in theory you can fist escape from Wuhan, then escape from Hubei, the the world.

2) The Wuhan and then Hubei lockdown were just a last desperate efforts to contain the break after many deaths. Jan23 was too late already. It is few days to Chinese New Year and labours had been out to there home out of Wuhan or Hubei. The big population Cities in China always got much less people near New Year. 

3) Containment and quarantines people for 14 days didn't work, even with thermometers as the Protocol was based on SARS and without much transparency sharing from China about numbers of death or access to the virus or how it spread early on, you cannot plan anything. The quarantines also made sure if a few had the virus, the whole quarantines area would have the virus by sharing toilets and kitchen and the air. With no symptoms developed, all of these people would be released to the public.

Both China and WHO "didn't have any evidence" how the Virus spreads through aerosol or not before it was proven that it can spread through aerosol.Back then I read that there was a Hongkong scientist experienced SARS containment in China came to Wuhan few days before the lockdown and he ran back to Hongkong and said He had never been that scared in his life and no way to stop it now, it is too late. I half doubted half believed back then because I couldn't find any other news in English. You can learn about China more from Indian,Hongkong, Taiwanese, Japanese and in some degrees Vietnamese media, but not much in English, unless that supports Trump or Anti China. It is a virus from SARS, why even evidence that it can spread on air needed?

4) Taiwan and HongKong have lots of business connection with China and connection flights. They did not have any total lockdown. These countries has Western standard medication and even more transparency. Vietnam did good as well but not much credits. Their people simply don't trust China CCP news or even WHO. They can read Simplified Chinese as well . Taiwanese Gov banned flights from China early and Hongkong people always wear  masks on public transport and wash their hands regularly. These countries are hot and people love the fresh air than cold area. I couldn't see any English news cover for this, much be because this explain for Trump and against their narratives or all of the reporters have been back to their countries. Most of the news back then was how wearing the normal masks would not helps and you shouldn't wear mask because you may touch your face more...

5) It took lots of time from gaining access an infected populations, then taking samples, developed the fast test kit and start mass productions, with depended on chemical supplies chain. And assume you have all of that, Containment can work if all are all satisfied:

- Test accuracy 100% no matter of showing symptoms or not after 14 days before release

- Everyone came from infected or high risk area have to do the test.

- When it is in community spread mode, the whole community have to do 1 test every day to quarantine  the positive tested person(home or not home).

Can you see how hard and costly it is? Even Merkel said to contain it is impossible. I wonder how Germany managed it. Don't tell me the availability of tests is why.

6) Back in Jan 23, I went to 8 stores in Walmart, Target etc and couldn't find any masks, even the most common one. So the protocol for any future disease related to SARS or Corona should be: Wear a mask, wash your hand whenever get home, and don't be afraid with people with masks, stand next to him is much safer than the healthy person without mask you are moving closer to. And when there is a disease spreading somewhere else, practice social distance.

From my experience, corruption of any systems : Governments, Healthcare, Pharmacy Corps etc. will start with corrupted media first, dictatorship or democracy. It couldn't risk its master plan and investment being exposed by a trust able news sources, it will discredit any sources or anyone against it, bombard you with its propaganda. It have so many techniques to manipulate for emotions, your fears. 

Please never dismiss the  other sides just because you hate someone and most of your hate come from media even with quoted or cutting the images or very short video. Political study major is just a paper teaching public psychology and how to manipulate it. If Google choose a side, then you don't have much tools for a deep research. 

Any government in the Democracy world will be attacked by opposition with Covid no matter how they perform. You can be blamed for number of deaths or you can be blamed for the devastation of the Economy. People will be the judges and even judges by people may not be best for them, just  their popular "mob rule" choices,  so they will have to endure the consequence or benefit from it.

Always question the information sources' motive. You may hate a person who is doing a good thing for you and vice versa.  Beware of any news/politicians that stir up your emotion  your compassionate ,your hate, your fear or has a very noble ideology or fair or equality or a bright future, read both sides. Dark and Light will always be part of our lives. "Conquer your fear, and I promise you’ll conquer death."_ Alexander

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