Let's Talk Oil Conspiracy Theories

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You know who higher oil prices are good for? Renewables. What if OPEC flooded the market with oil on purpose not because it didn't understand what would happen or because getting members to collectively cut production is like pulling teeth, but because they knew it would tank oil prices and slow renewables progress. Nothing makes renewables irrelevant quicker than a low-cost alternative.

What are some of your best oil conspiracy theories?

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Maybe this is right to say that Higher oil prices will slower the growth of renewables.In 2014, Texas was ready with renewables and tackle the fossil fuels. But OPEC responded with subsidized the oil prices. Now if we see in that scenario then it would be possible that if they oversupplied the market with shale then OPEC countries trying to Increase the prices of oil. And it helps in growth of renewables as next best alternative.  we can say, if oil prices are important for OPEC then growth of renewable is also important to achieve Paris agreement targets and it also helps America in coming future. but it is just a ideology, we can not generalise..

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