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Omar Abdulla

FF News: Captain Covid, 'dis-agrees,' with President Ramaphosa??

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Captain Covid, disagrees with President Ramaphosa to ‘release lockdown…’

By Zahra Lockhart

(7 May 2020—FF News) Captain Covid, Mr. Omar Abdulla says that the release of the lockdown could have ‘dire consequences,’ for South Africa, with cases reaching 5000 in the African nation and close to four million worldwide.

“The President is thinking of boosting the economy with his release of the lockdown, yet this could have a negative effect causing cases in the mother nation to rise, and the increase of the spread of the virus.’ he looped.

Meanwhile, across the world, Covid 19 cases are starting to roar with the latest cases at meat packaging plants, nursing homes, grocery stores and pharmacies.

“President Trump was too slow to close down The United States, and President Ramaphosa is too quick to open up the country. We could see a surge in cases and the rand reach R23.’ growled South Africa Today.

Speaking to Footprints in South Africa, local resident Ms. Thando Sithole added that there is absolutely ‘no social distancing,’ in the townships of Soweto, Secunda, Khayalisha, Laudium, Lenasia, and Sebokeng.

“President Ramaphosa is acting too quickly, and soon we will be in a lockdown again.’

However, Oil prices around the world are still plummeting due to a lack of demand and the cut in production with Saudi Arabia and Russia.

“There is simply too much oil in the world, and we are running out of storage space.’ reported The Economic Times.

Chewing on his pen and waving his hand through his hair, Captain Covid, Mr. Omar Abdulla says that outbreaks in South Africa are pretty low, but we could see a spike in new cases in Pharmacies, Grocery stores and meat packaging companies.

“President Ramaphosa is releasing the lockdown too early, and I can foresee more cases with more outbreaks at these facilities. Our request to the president is this is too quick and more lives will be lost.’

The Omar Abdulla Group which owns shares into Bitcoin SA, Forex SA, Instagram SA And Twitter SA said on their website that they will continue to buy small amount of shares into SEO companies Eskom, Telkom, South African Airways and SABC.

“After receiving over R500 billion rand in loan packages and treasury bond sales, we could see an uptick in these shares.’

In o t h e r news, a UFO that was spotted and released by The Pentagon is said to be aliens either to cure us from The Corona Virus, and make the virus strain even stronger in parts of The United States and Europe.

“The flying sauces that were seen recently could be a sign that we are not alone.’ NASA said on their website.

The Holy month of Ramadaan has now hit the world, with Mr. Omar Abdulla said to meet with Islamic leaders including Mufti Menk, Zain Bhika and Maher Zain.

“We wish all our Muslim leaders a peaceful and joyous Ramadan and Eid.’

Concluding his remarks to The Sunday Times, Mrs. Imaan Desai kissed that he agrees with The Omar Abdulla Group and once the lockdown has been released, within a few weeks, we will be in lockdown again.     

Omar Abdulla Captain.jpg

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