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Russia coronavirus case

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If you would like to know how the fight against coronavirus is in Russia, I would like to recommend 3 studies abouth health and economic aspects


In general, I would like to recommend the entire portal - Institute of Research on Russia of the Harvard University.

In my opinion, a source of very reliable knowledge about Russia and its foreign policy in relations with the USA and China. Popular science but reliable and devoid of bias. Not that I would like to display a laurel but if you are looking for something reliable about Russia in English I can recommend this site because it is often seen that the authors, unlike many television experts, really know what they are writing about. The fact its probably public domain and it is available free of charge without any access limits is also welcomed.


I don't know if anyone will read the whole thing, but here you will probably find it a geopolitical compendium on Russian-Chinese relations. I do not hide the study, it is quite long and it will take an hour and a half to read it, but the opinions of a whole series of the most-known researchers of international relations, including geopolitics, are collected here, so if you are looking for a compendium, I recommend it all the more so that what is valuable are also Russian and Chinese experts and not only western-orientated but also people in the style of very influential advisor Sergey Karaganov.

Therefore, I could dispel a myth, because many people believe that in Russia the most influential representative of the current trend to bet on Asia is Alexander Dugin. And in my opinion Sergey Karaganov has been such a person for at least a couple of years, about whom I would advise to read on the Internet more because he is more intellectuall capable and far more influential  persona in the Kremlin.


If anyone would like to learn about the history of Russia, I recommend a classic study. I don't know if it's the best, but my opinion is very good, which I finished reading yesterday as I actually work part-time because of the pandemic.

In Poland this book came out in 2009 but in the USA it is the most popular textbook that it had probably about 10 editions due to its high cognitive value.

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Thank you.

Good resources. 

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