A spot on video summarizing Donald Trump's achievements in the role of the US president

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53 minutes ago, Yoshiro Kamamura said:

Made by Americans, BTW. 

Yes, it was made by Americans.  But what you seem to have missed, and what would have been a better "gotcha" moment for you, Yoshiro, is that they are Republicans, Ex-Republicans and Sometimes-Republicans.  You see, Yoshiro, sometimes people's motives matter, sometimes people's background matters, sometimes one has to do a bit of looking below the surface to see what's down there.

The Lincoln Project: There They Go Again. The Me-Too Republicans disguised as Never Trumpers.

There's a lot more to this article describing who these 4 men are and where they come from, but here is just the summary:

"And right there is the exact description of today’s Lincoln Project. Donald Trump may be their excuse of the moment, but as their backgrounds illustrate, the project founders, like their fellow me-too Never Trumpers, are really out to, as Reagan said, “fuzz up and blur even more the differences between ourselves and our opponents.”

The fact of the matter is that Donald Trump won the Republican nomination and the presidency precisely because, like Reagan, he raised the “banner of no pale pastels, but bold colors,” which made it “unmistakably clear where we stand on all of the issues troubling the people.”

In other words, the Lincoln Project is nothing more than the latest Me-Too Republican Project disguised as a Trump opponent.

As Ronald Reagan might say: There they go again."


And here is another article describing the 4 men that make up "The Lincoln Project":

The Never Trumpers' dangerous 'Lincoln Project'



But out of the other side of their mouths they say their aim is to persuade “enough disaffected conservatives, Republicans and Republican-leaning independents” to defeat not only Mr. Trump, but also congressional Republicans, who they say have enabled and abetted the president’s supposed violations of the U.S. Constitution — “even if that means Democratic control of the Senate and an expanded Democratic majority in the House.”

To characterize that as political schizophrenia may well be the understatement of the year. It’s clear they hate Mr. Trump with the fire of 1,000 suns — so much so, apparently, that it doesn’t even matter to them who the Democrats nominate as his November opponent.

The prospect of a ruling triumvirate of President Elizabeth Warren (or President Bernie Sanders, or whoever), House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer — and what that would portend in the way of radical left-wing public policies — doesn’t enter their equation. Nor does it appear to give the backers of the Lincoln Project any pause.

As such, their New York Times op-ed left unspoken the likely consequences of full Democratic control of both the White House and Congress. The last time Democrats ran everything, in 2009 and 2010, they gave us Obamacare, a nearly $1 trillion economic-stimulus boondoggle, and a wasteful and counterproductive Cash for Clunkers program, among other things.

All of that seems almost centrist, however, compared with what the American people could expect from a newly empowered Democratic Party, which has lurched headlong to the left in the decade since: Medicare for All, the Green New Deal, uncontrolled open-borders immigration, taxpayer-funded abortion, the full LGBTQ agenda, the evisceration of the Second Amendment, an end to school choice, massive tax increases, and two or three more Ruth Bader Ginsburgs on the U.S. Supreme Court.

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