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1 hour ago, Ward Smith said:

@SUZNV, there's a lot of "college educated" folks on the left and right coasts of this country who have degrees in such scintillating topics as Women's Studies, Black Studies, White Patriarchal Studies, and other such claptrap. Other than qualifying one not at all to even serve lattes in a Starbucks, these degrees and the thousands more like them are completely worthless! However, those degrees are just what the doctor ordered when Demoncrats crow about more "college edumacated folks" voting for them versus the implied hicks who are so stupid they vote Republican. 

Tell me, which is stupid, spending upwards of $200k in college loans for a meaningless degree (and often taking 5 to 7 years to even compete That) or going to work right out of community college with an associates degree in welding, electronics or something in construction? 

I try to explain why many "smart" STEM  US college degrees professionals but fall into the "liberal" ideology trap as they are not stupid as they can complete their degrees.

Not many students have a good background to have vision of what they should study to make money, what is the career path looks like, and the universal advice is "study what you like, follow your dream" but many of them are following their friends. Or they cannot compete in STEM career so they choose the easier degree to have the College brand name. Some smart students search for meaning of life and do Philosophy, which is equally useless to make money. But they are young and it is okay for youngster to be stupid and pay the price.

That is why I love US college system, you can choose how to invest your money and take your own risk. If you go wrong way, then you have to detour the hard way if you still want a good career while the one who is realistic about themselves, seek advice from their elders will have much more advantage to invest in a degree which suites to their ability career wise, save lots of time and money and earn good income. If had been in the US, I would have do associate in Community college, then finish bachelor in some good university that accept me or find work with my college degrees and study upward to bachelor or higher with company's reimbursed tuition fees, or go to Europe study for free and get back (but need second language).

I watched American Pies, is study college in the US that exciting :P?

In countries with free or cheap tertiary education, you still have this problems but it is the tax payers who pay for your "stupidity", which is unfair. I have  friends  in NZ with 2,3 college degrees but haven't worked. I have classmates who graduated software engineer in recession time and go back to study "business".  Because of the subsidies, most of the cost go to tax payers.

If it is free, fully covered by tax, then Germany education system, which decides you will do white collar high school and university  or blue collar high school, may be more efficient, normally following family traditions. But then again, is it fair to choose for youngster what will they do in their future.

A majority of Vietnamese youngsters in big cities stay with  parents (in Asian culture it is normal even if you got married) and use their parents money to study "Business administrator"  which ends up jobless when graduated, keep living with parents. If the parents don't have much money, so they may get back to study some more useful degrees or work in the factories which don't require a college degree.  If the parents have some savings (money, real estate, gold ), then they will ask to have these savings for "startup" or "investment" and because they are inexperienced, they will lose all of the money. It is a personal tragedy for their family but it is good for the economy because of they spend money instead of in their parents savings. Government constantly asking themselves how to make family invest/spending money instead of collecting gold and save. Worst case scenario, keep staying with parents and do nothing or keep asking parents saving to invest/startup again or bribe to get in the public sectors (and easily corrupted to have return from the high "investment").

But if the family are poor, then study hard and get a realistic degree  is the only way to change their life and support family later, other following family traditions/family business or parents will choose what they should do, but  this case is rare and need parents with good vision and know their children limitation. Normally these will be top students in high schools and choose STEM.

Many big cities youngsters in China are in the same situation.

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