Trump preaches bravery while behaving like a coward

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10 hours ago, Tom Kirkman said:

Any promised vaccine will be utter bullshit.

I don't believe Trump or anyone else about a vaccine for Covid-19, which is basically SARS-2.

When the hell did we go from "flattening the curve" to "finding a cure".  Utter effing bullshit - moving the goalposts in order to continue the insane lockdowns.


After a decade there is still no vaccine for SARS-1.

Why on earth would anyone be stupid enough and gullible enough to believe there will magically be a vaccine soon for SARS-2 (aka Covid-19) when there is still no vaccine for SARS-1 after a decade?


Wait for it ... bad actors will state that the lockdowns must stay in place until vaccines are created and the magical vaccines will become mandatory.

The "new normal" to be pushed by Mainstream Media is lockdowns forever, loss of rights, liberty and freedom forever.










Instead of complaining nonstop go volunteer to help fight the virus

  • Michigan needs you. Your fellow Americans need you. Help us save lives.

    volunteer imageWe are especially calling on health care professionals who can volunteer their expertise.

    You can make a difference to fight and slow the spread of COVID-19 … to deliver life-saving care to someone suffering and in pain … to deliver hope to the person who feels alone.

    All Michiganders can volunteer their compassion and commitment to fighting this virus, and saving health and lives. Your time, talent and donations will have an impact now.  

    Visit often; additional opportunities will continue to be added as needs are identified.


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14 hours ago, Douglas Buckland said:

Okay, you guys need to have a group hug.

Remember! Lancet! Be smarter! It is tremendous very good reading 🤓😂

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