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Democrats have annoited Dr. Fauci Supreme Leader and Sole Determinator of when U.S. may reopen it's economy..

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I have a great deal of respect for Dr. Fauci  .  .  but


* This is the same Dr. that told us in January that we have nothing to worry about re the coronavirus.

* This is the same Dr. that told us wearing a facemask was a waste of time.  That masks are ineffective.

* This is the same Dr. that agreed with the CDC that we should not use the South Korean test kits and needed to develop our own.  The developed kits were a POS and delayed testing. 

* This is the same Dr that brought the Imperial model to President Trump and said he must shut down the economy because millions are people are going to die.  He was wrong. The model was wrong.

" This was the same Dr. that then brought the Washington University model to Trump and said he needed to keep the economy closed. He was wrong. The model was wrong.

This was the same Dr. that said it is OK to meet someone on Tinder and have sex with them.


This is the same Dr. that is an acknowledged diehard Democratic partisan that was devastated when Hillary lost to Trump.

Several emails from Fauci to Hillary were part of the WikiLeaks exposure of the DNC email server (1) Fauci said " tell Hillary we still love her" (2) Fauci admitted he cried when Hillary gave her concession speech stating " how can anyone not cry listen to that amazing speech" 

No problem being with one party or another, but don't you think it may bias his "professional" opinion ?  

Fauci states all his answers are based on science.  His science has been more wrong than right.

In today's Senate someone should have asked Fauci about

* The health of the economy.

* The health estimates that 40 million unemployed by next month will have on the economy. Where some estimates are that 20% to 30% of the jobs will not come back.

* The affect a shutdown has on homeowners, workers, families, businesses, retirement funds, etc

Faici's answer would probably be, " I'm not an economist. That's not my area of expertise. "

That right it's not.  Trump is making the decisions. Go with the Swedish model. If things go bad reinstate controls. 

We are in a recession and may even be going into a depression if we do not act very soon.

The harm in not opening the economy is far worse than that of the Covid19 , in my opinion.

I have a great deal of respect for Dr.Fauci  .   .   .   but


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