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Douglas Buckland

Is New York the Center of the Universe?

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In the early days of the crisis, Gov. Cuomo decided that New York was entitled to ALL the ventilators in the US stockpile. Eventually these were not deemed as necessary or required as previously thought, yet apparently, New York was more important than the other 49 States in the Union.

Cuomo repeatedly espoused the idea that the State of New York, that is him, would make the determination as to how and when to lift the lockdown in New York...not the Federal Government. Fair enough.

Now, after two massive stimulus bills being passed by Congress (and a third, three TRILLION dollar bill under consideration), Cuomo now says New York needs an additional 62 billion dollars in Federal aid to kickstart the New York economy!

Does Cuomo think that money grows on trees? Does he not realize that all of this money comes from American taxpayers from ALL fifty States? Why is New York more important than the other States?

Cuomo wanted, and got, the responsibility to handle the crisis in his State, he screwed up repeatedly, and now he wants a bailout at the expense of the rest of America!

I say let the ass take responsibility for his actions. He keeps telling us that he is the smartest guy out there, now he can show us.....with no more Federal assistance and only using the revenue from his locked down State.

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“For every dollar New York generates in tax receipts, it receives 90 cents back in federal spending, compared to the national average of $1.21,”

It's time to get some of that tax money back. And tell your state don't spend NY tax dollar next year.

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