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1 hour ago, ronwagn said:

I expect we may have a lot of various opinions on this topic. Here is your chance to tell us your ideas. RCW

Chamber of Commerce: U.S. Must Not Reshore ‘All Production’ to the U.S.

112 Chairman Motorola India Firdose Vandrevala, center, lights a lamp during a press conference in Madras, India, Wednesday, June 7, 2006. Motorola Inc. will invest US$100 million to build a handset and telecom equipment plant in India, the company said Wednesday, in a move aimed at countering rival Nokia Corp.'s dominance …

I'm all for keeping the tariffs in place on critical goods.  I don't know about you guys, but I've dealt with the CoC guys and the chambers are normally made up of local expats on good expat packages.  The article, and the quotes in it from the CoC leadership do not go into "why" we should not reshore, just that we should not.  The CoC leadership, again, is in day to day, week to week, year after year, contact with the upper management of firms doing business overseas.  Their expat packages are good.  Their bonuses are based on stock prices and margins, both of which remain high by using the low cost 3rd world "shops".

I say bring 'em home.  American jobs are more important.  Critical supply chains are more important and 50% or some other made up number is not good enough.

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