How long can bulls have control

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By re opening some countries  there will be consequences oil might be peaking at the moment but I am short on oil opening gyms and cafes is crazy numbers will double within weeks and send oil into more volitity and would make it worse for a future contract heading into mid June and July 

I believe the restrictions.will help oil over time because people will loose confidence again when numbers spike again I'm not going anywhere I'm sure the fat cats of the world aren't in public 

Oil back to 20 dollars in a month?  Thoughts?  

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There wont be another 'wave' in a week or two because it's summer, if there is a second 'wave' it will most likely happen in Autumn but millions of people have probably had it and therefore we could be closer to 'herd immunity' than people realise.

Here's what happened with swine flu in the UK and this is what happens with all flus, they die off in summer and come back in flu season.

We've still got to see the effects of the OPEC cuts and the drop in US production, which will continue for months if not into next year, on oil prices. If the economies all start opening up which they must do then there will be more demand but personally I think we're in a massive recession and there will not be any V shaped recovery so $30-40 is probably the best we can hope for until at least next year.



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