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This could get very ugly.  Beijing is not in the mood, to put it mildly. 

But the fact is Hong Kong is China.  Other than protest and raise the ante on existing financial and political strategies, what can the West do?  And where are the Brits in all this?  Maybe they are front and center and I have just not seen it?  If not, they should be leading and holding the megaphone, not the United States. 

The UK had a lease, obtained by dubious means (opium anyone?), the lease expired and was not renewed.  Hong Kong was handed back over to China.  At the time, as I recall, the people of Hong Kong couldn't wait for the last English ships to sail back then, which was kind of foolhardy, but they didn't have any choice and they were hopeful for their future.  China has just showed them that, whether they hold SEZ or other privileges or not, they answer to Beijing.

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