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Tom Kirkman

Democrat Governors to mandate wearing masks in run-up to November Presidential elections. It's about *compliance* and NOT about the virus.

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And so the slippery slope of enforced compliance to arbitrary government mandates accelerates.  Cattle control of a mostly compliant populace.

First up, from yesterday:

Joe Biden Tells Supporters “Wear a Mask”

The circle of virtue signaling is now complete.   It became apparent during Memorial Day weekend the resistance allies, democrats and media, were going to use the wearing of “masks” as the hot new 2020 virtue signal.  All of the Blue-bot governors quickly fell into line with their own demands for compliant mask wearing in their states.

As with most modern left-wing extremes, influencing the behavior is an issue of control, a compliant community, it takes a village etc.  The issue is not medical benefit.  Toward that end, Joe Biden gets the command signal and joins the movement:


This provides the media with a social narrative to push hard and exploit for political division; a very Alinsky strategy.  Mask wearers become virtuous doers of goodness and virtue; non-mask wearers become visible enemies, targets for the drones.

Thus the politicization of masks is complete.

How do you defeat them? Easy, use their own playbook (Alinsky) and have fun (Breitbart).  Make them live up to their own rules.  Every time they are spotted without a mask, laugh at them and call them out on their hypocrisy.  They hate that.

Their communal tribe members cannot survive the ridicule when their inherent individualism does not want to adhere to the social demand.  Members don’t want to wear masks and the ridicule hits harder and has greater damage because of it.  Freedom is fun, the tribe mindset can only survive in an echo-chamber.



Sure enough, today:

Gov. Northam announces statewide mask mandate to begin Friday

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Governor Ralph Northam announced a statewide mask mandate during his press conference Tuesday afternoon that will begin Friday.

The mandate will require anyone in an indoor public space to wear a face mask.

NOW: @GovernorVA says indoor mask mandate will begin Friday in Virginia. Exceptions include eating, exercise, health condition and children under the age of 10. @NBC12

— Henry Graff (@HenryGraff) May 26, 2020


Face masks will be mandatory at times in Virginia, starting Friday

RICHMOND, Va. – Virginians will soon be required to wear face masks at certain times.

Gov. Ralph Northam announced the requirement during today’s coronavirus update.

Starting Friday, masks will be required:
Everyone ages 10 and up
Inside all brick and mortar retail establishments. Both essential and non-essential stores, including grocery stores and pharmacies
Inside all personal care & grooming establishments
Any indoor space shared by groups of people who may congregate within 6 feet of one another or who are in close proximity to each other for more than 10 minutes
Inside food & beverage establishments, except when eating
On public transportation
State and local government buildings and areas where the public accesses services
Entertainment or public amusement establishments, when permitted to open

There are some exceptions to this requirement. Masks will not be required:
For children younger than 2 years old
While eating or drinking
While exercising
If you have trouble breathing or are unable to remove the mask without help
If your health conditions prohibit wearing a face covering
If you’re communicating with a hearing-impaired person, needing your mouth to be visible

While everyone 10 and older is required to wear a mask, the governor is strongly encouraging everyone older than 2 years old to wear a face covering.

Enforcement of these requirements will be done through the Virginia Department of Health, rather than law enforcement agencies.

With regards to when these requirements would be lifted, the governor said that as soon as its safe to do so, he will.

The governor’s chief of staff, Clark Mercer, said that enforcement is designed for business that are grossly negligent of these requirements.









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