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On 6/2/2020 at 4:50 AM, Radha said:

The current political climate in the US is very poisonous. The divide is so pronounced that we are now seeing the Divided States of America. America is evolving into two different countries. On one side are conservatives who traditionally stick closer to the US constitution and favor virtues and values that are based on the country’s Judeo-Christian history. On the other side, the Democrats seem to embrace everything new such a Gender Identity politics, Open Borders and other Socialistic ideas. In general, they also favor a more hedonistic way of life.


Over the last year the clashes have intensified over almost every issue imaginable and the hatred for each other is palpable in each Social Media discussion. Where do we go from here? I would like to explore three possible options to try to resolve this great divide.


Firstly, and most desirable, would be an attempt for both sides to treat other with respect and care and try to find common ground. This appears to be increasingly unlikely to happen. When politicians such a Democrat Presidential Candidate Tulsi Gabbard made Bringing America back together part of her campaign in 2019, she was viciously attacked on a regular basis, interestingly mostly by her own party. The divides and contempt for the other party seems to be so deep that it is hard to imagine both sides being willing to compromise and meet somewhere in the middle, if that is even possible on some of the disputed issues.


The second outcome is the least favorable one, i.e., a civil war. This outcome looks increasingly likely after the violent riots that we have seen over the last week. Interestingly, the riots occurred almost exclusively in Democrat run cities with mayors just looking on or even applauding. Interestingly, the New York Times is now somehow blaming Trump for the protests turning violent. This brings us to the underlying cause of all this hatred. Most of the MSM is so biased and untruthful in their reporting that they increasingly polarize the country. Democrats appear hell bound to try to destroy the economy and the country this year in their attempts to try to remove Trump by all means. They know they cannot win fair and square with Biden, so we can expect more chaos before the election. Neither side will accept defeat fairly. Should anything unexpected happen to Trump, his base would surely launch a civil war. Keep in mind that many Republicans own guns and will use them if things get out of hand more than they already have.


Thirdly, I would like to propose a political solution. And this is to officially divide America into two countries. During the November election each state can vote if they want to become part of the Republican Country of the Democrat country. Every person who votes Democrat will have to move to a Democrat state if their state is won by Republicans and vice versa. This way each state will be politically more homogenous. We can expect the West Coast and New England area to be Democrat with Republicans winning most of the other states. This way each new country can pursue their path and identity without having to always waste countless time, energy and funds fighting off the opposing and destructive elements. This would inconvenience quite a few people, i.e., people in rural Washington State, Oregon and California who tend to vote Republican but get outvoted by the Democrat leaning cities. But this solution appears to be favorable over a civil war.


I don’t expect a majority of people to favor this divide of America into two countries, but I had to at least share so others can consider it.


There is a rationale for it, which you stated, but we already fought a Civil War to free the Blacks and keep the nation together as it grew westward. I live a few miles from Abraham Lincoln's first Illinois home. We need to keep the nation together as one nation no matter what it takes. That is what Lincoln did. We lost tens of thousands of lives to do it. More than any other war have been in. 

See: Reasons African Americans are Grateful to be Americans

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