Shell Afraid of Commitment?

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Shell Advises Shareholders To Reject Binding Climate Resolution Proposed by Follow This

“We share the objective of Follow This for Shell to show leadership in the energy transition but at the same time we consider the resolution unnecessary given that we have already outlined an approach that is much wider-ranging and much more progressive.” 

Shell has said it is targeting 50% reduction of Co2 emissions by 2050, which it says meets the Paris climate agreement. Follow This says the 50% reduction is insufficient to meet the agreement.

Shell's main issue with the commitment? It's current plan is flexible, whereas the Follow This resolution would hold Shell to specific numbers which may make it more difficult to shift strategies.

Legitimate concerns on Shell's behalf?

Or just trying to weasel out of doing what they need to do? S

hell seems to have taken great strides in renewables as of late. Are activists shooting themselves in the foot as far as the public is concern by not acknowledging the oil majors that are making an effort?

Are the oil majors trying to pull the wool over the public's eye?

Do the oil majors have a duty to its shareholders to act in their best interests? 

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I wonder what they expect from Big Oil: turn the taps off completely and start building wind turbines? Shell is being VERY active in renewables. can they just get off its back. (Three years ago I wouldn't have believed I would have a good word for Shell but there it is and well deserved.)

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