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13 hours ago, 0R0 said:

Neither I nor Ward have chosen China to be an enemy. Indeed, we hope that the Chinese people will be our allies in grinding the Communists that occupy their country into the dust. The CCP has stated that it is in a total war against the West "by all means" that it is using the entirety of its economy to military strategic goals. It has succeeded in "bombing" the Wests' rust belts economically by producing those products at a loss for decade after decade. The CCP speak openly of using biowarfare against the West. Which is what they did with the Wuhan coronavirus.

They have guided China into an economic dead end at rocket speed and amazing inefficiency. All purely by the CCP's decisions.

You are getting the National Guard's role incorrectly, they are rarely called in, and only in support roles since the Kent State incident 50 years ago, or for humanitarian support. They are in the Governor's control, as police are under municipal control and within State legislator's powers. Your CCP friendly Democrat Governors and Mayors are trying hard to establish CCP like absolute control in their local authority, which is what the protests are actually about. The Democrat politicians and their friends in the media put a racial lipstick on this porker to hide that fact. And they send their police after the journalists who try to document the facts of the protests, that they are about the Democrat's authoritarian brutality. They act as if they are the CCP thuggery's US branch. Perhaps they are CCP agents.

In my view, China and the CCP are opposed forces, not equalities of each other as you keep insisting. I reject your characterization of opposition to the CCP as somehow related to China the people, or the geography, or the country other than being the occupying force controlling them. The CCP is communist, racist, genocidal thugs.


I understand your views, but accept not. You are projecting your rather questionable standards upon citizens of another country and race. This is the very definition of self-righteousness and prejudice. You may have good intentions, or may not. Your country is hardly a role model for others, despite your belief otherwise. Why you assume the peoples of other countries will wish to be dominated by the likes of you and your vile, corrupt, racist, gangster government is puzzling to the rest of us, to put this politely; but perhaps understandable when we consider the total indoctrination to have smothered you and your fellow citizens. You seem incapable of understanding why others reject your so-called republic, which has murdered innocents in the millions, destruction of whole countries, genocide of native peoples, the continual threat of nuclear war, and more.

You and others here claim to be educated, but education is not intelligence: it is indoctrination. You and others are seemingly incapable of making any point without denigrating China. Intelligent people can and do find the means to converse objectively. Sadly, I am confident my words will have zero effect upon you in this regard. But, should you and others be willing to alter your diatribes away from your prejudices, so shall I respond in kind, and perhaps we can have intelligent discourse. If not, we are bound to continue as we have done.

What say you?


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3 hours ago, Marcin2 said:

I am not convinced at all by the claims at oilprice forum: we like Chinese nation and we only fight with CCP. We want to destroy CCP, we need the regime change but we love Chinese.

 It is the same narrative that was used in Libya: we want to get rid of Gaddafi but we love Libyans, we like  this nation, want to end their sufferings. Overthrowing the Gaddafi and the destruction of this developed country and the later civil war is the single worst event in history of this country since it was Roman province.

I am not a fan of CCP or Gaddafi, but I do not like the hypocrisy of users of this forum.

Fall of CCP would probably mean an immense suffering of Chinese nation.


It is the same narrative in Cold War. How were the Eastern Europe and Soviet Union after Communism collapse? Would they rather come back to communism? China is China with or without CCP, Germany is still Germany with or without Hitler. The land, the people, the history, the culture, the food of thousands year is the things made China attractive, not CCP. I guess the same kind of European love hate with the US. How do you think I understand about China history and culture if I don't like them? 

What you see about China is just on the surface, or the images CCP want you to see. In the western countries you can see the ugliest side. Here is how GDP in China growth with real estate:

 Background: During the war with ROC (Taiwan), CCP promised land reform and divided lands to common Chinese. Shortly after the wars, they took back the land to form collective farms. Then the great forward failed and millions of people died because of famine. Then  reform again, the collective farms were redistribute  to individual again. Then the Culture Revolution, Ti amen Square,Falun Gong,  etc, the rural of China weren't affected much. 

The massive real estate growth in China come from confiscations farming land, pay really cheap price to farmers or give them an apartments to trade for their land. These farmers cannot live without land so their lands will have been taken by forces. When they have land, even if they are poor, they can still self sufficient. CCP will then build  houses with the price the previous land owners cannot afford yet there is no jobs there so many of them are empty or bought by investors (who believe that area will be developed and they will be rich).  The previous farmer will have to leave old parents or young children or wives  and come to the big cities to work and send money back to support their family. This is the cheapest form of labor, kind of equivalent to illegal Mexican workers in the US.  People in the cities benefits from the houses prices increases in old and new cities.

So in the dark sides, what did Chinese people do wrong to deserve deaths because of the great leap forward famine, culture revolution (Deng Xiao Ping's first son, Deng Pufang was tortured and jumped out, or was thrown out, of the window of a four-story building in 1968, becoming a paraplegic), Tianmen Square, Falun Gong? From landlord to cheap labors? If it happens to you, do you see any future or anything to lose if CCP collapse?

Western Countries were all about the Chinese market and ignore many crimes about human rights or many violation of trades agreement. Most of the issues in the trade war with the US was from CCP brought upon themselves. You need credit for a stable relationship. If asking for fair trade is destroying the CCP, that means CCP was based on unfair trade to survive in the first place.

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On 6/7/2020 at 3:29 PM, SUZNV said:

-Protesters demand for a right or for justice. In this case the black people have as much rights as any other race and the police will go to trail, what are the purpose of these protesters? To make people hate polices or hate white? Mind you this event happens in Democrats controlled cities and states, shouldn't they represent equality with their employees?

-Peaceful protesters did nothing to stop their alliance to loot and burn, so they hate police brutality but love their alliance brutality? These peaceful people are the shield for the looters and burners behind their back and shoots the police. So when they are in trouble, should they call 911 or call their alliance? Do you think polices are roaming on street and shoot or hurt any black man they can see for sports? There are black &hispanic&asian in police force or army as well so shouldn't they fire on each other first.

-Can't you see most of the black victims have criminal records and "one the way to build new life"? None will know if they will be good or bad but they did have a criminal records. To deal with these "may still be criminals" or looter or burner or gangsters, what trait do you expect the police, national guards to have ? Political correctness ? Which countries don't have violent police brutality or racism problems? France? Germany? HK? China? The only difference are the mainstream in the US  and some US politicians encourage the protesters for political purposes while others don't encourage protesters at all and don't bail these out. 

Because you are from Germany:

Shouldn't you worry about problems in your country first? Or it is safer for you to accuse US polices brutality  across the sea than confront Germany polices brutality? In countries without any protesters, of course the polices are "super nice" so people don't dare to protest.


Shouldn't you worry about problems in your country first? Or it is safer for you to accuse US HK polices brutality across the sea than confront Germany USA polices brutality?

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3 hours ago, frankfurter said:

Shouldn't you worry about problems in your country first? Or it is safer for you to accuse US HK polices brutality across the sea than confront Germany USA polices brutality?

Firstly you are using a German name to disguise your wu mao origin, the same with the guy who use Japanese disguise,so I should not  waste my time with people who were paid to pretend someone else and lie no matter what they really believe in. Secondly there is no policy in the US encouraging police brutality, and the police abused his power will face consequence and US didn't violate any treaty with CCP while CCP composed laws that violate the HK treaty with UK ( which is why US allowed HK to be a special economics zone). That's why US can condemn any CCP's law about HK and change the relationship with HK while both CCP and HK has no say in the US. At least US polices or army didn't have to kidnap their protesters, didn't have to use tanks against its citizens and US citizens expect much higher standard in their polices and army than Mainland Chinese.

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