solar power to kill California housing market?

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Wow, that is indeed unsual thinking for California. 

Decades ago I lived in Southern California for a few years, and then threw in the towel and moved to New York City.  The typical California thought process was a bit too ... unusual and convoluted for my taste.

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Except for a few zillionaires in Silicon Valley, cost of housing is a huge issue in much of the state. I'd consider living there except for the cost of housing. The cost of solar and insulation can pay for itself with the rates of retail electricity there. Take $300 a month off your utility, but you kind of add it to your mortgage. But as noted elsewhere, the percentage of solar on the grid in CA has the traditional grid and utility scale system struggling. And to add injury to insult, you recharge your EV at home while you sleep, and your solar isn't working. One of the funny things I see when I visit, recharge stations with a diesel generator. 

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