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The full document of proposed Biden/Sanders ideas for the Democrat Platform! I hope we can have a discussion on these ideas vs. the Republican Platform ideas and how both view would affect America. I want to keep this going until the election and will update it with my opinions. All others are also, but lets try to be nice about it so we can have a fruitful discussion. 
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I don't see anything that is to be considered 'Serious or of & by an Adult' in this "plan"...

This is Bernie forcing his 'will' upon the presumptive nominee.  (No official nominating action as of this moment per the CCP-19 Wuhan Con has been undertaken) The Left willfully choose to Ignore History.  At no time; nor in Any situation has Socialism been successfully employed as an 'Economic' policy. 

I have no doubt that by the early 2100's the ICE will have been replaced with a multitude of other power plants. But that's not happenin in the next 15-20 years.  The ASSumption that somehow the country will have replaced Oil & Natural Gas as not only viable energy resources. But the prohibitive Economically favorable option is ludicrous.  The country will continue developing energy resources/options as the technology is proven out and markets adopt them.  NOT because the Left Insist upon it.  Having tantrums like the Petulant children they are; when this isn't the outcome demanded.


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