Is Biden neutered when it comes to effectively dealing with China ? Has Joe and Hunter's backroom deals with Chinese Communist Party owned bank that enriched them at taxpayer expense disqualified Joe ?

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On 7/21/2020 at 4:26 PM, Ward Smith said:

So you quote old news about deals that didn't even happen and pretend you've won a point? Good lord you're delusional. 

Meanwhile the steel Industry, aluminum industry, robotics, induction equipment and more were all thriving before your CCP infected the world with your bioweapon. You can quote all the leftist usual idiots you want, and they'll torture the data to make it confess that the sun rises in the west, but that don't make it so. 

I think increased nearsourcing will be much more of a thing, pretty much everywhere.

I think the biggest problem that we are headed towards is America stopping being the world's largest research park. High skilled immigration has been *pivotal* to make many of those industries work and further America's ability to innovate, which we do by being able to tap from a large human capital pool rather than focused industrial policy like other advanced manufacturing countries. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. Even if Trump gets booted out, high skilled professionals may think twice about chosing to come here. Takes a while to recover from that.

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