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There are 3 types of countries from the Covid 19 perspective

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1st Type dealt well with the epidemic from the start, or nearly from the start.

Relatively Low number of cases and death rates.

High achievers in our ranking.

Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, China, generally East Asia,

2nd Type 

Had a bad or medium start but improved and now know how to deal with epidemic.

Large differences in this category from low to very high deaths and number of cases per capita. For our ranking it is important that at this very moment they can cope with epidemic: have low new death and new cases rates.

Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, generally all EU.

(and probably a lot of other countries)

3rd Type Countries that have still a lot of things to sort out in order to effectively deal with epidemic. They are not able to cope with the problem yet. Reasons  can be different , like inadequate sanitation, Health infrastructure or Covid only attacked these countries a few days ago and they learn how to act. High new death and new infection rates per capita.

Brazil, Mexico, United States, India, South Africa, generally countries called „ failed states” and US


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3) low solidarity, high income disparity, rabid capitalism jungles based on the idea that "each person is responsible for his own fate". If you throw a portion of your population overboard you will never get rid of the disease. Also countries with poor access to healthcare (40 percent of Americans does not have insurance), and societies dominated by the idea of misguided individualism ("I will never wear a mask, I will never practice social distancing, because it's inconvenient and uncomfortable, and all I care about is my person"). 

Here it is evident how toxic the idea of "small, weak state" (one that is so weak that "you can drag it into bathroom and drown" - Grover Norquist), because underfunded, nonfunctional administration that had to clear way for oligarchs and almighty corporation is one of the causes, be it in the USA, Brazil, UK. That translated into the "hands-off" approach adopted by Sweden that cost it so dearly in terms of human life and international isolation today.

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