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3 hours ago, Enthalpic said:

The video is labelled "Lies, damn, lies and stats" then it proceeds to convince you of a lie using stats.  Funny!

A portion of the increase in detection is of course due to more testing, that doesn't mean there are not more cases.

I feel the number of critical patients is far more informative than the number of new cases, as many will be mild and probably would not have been detected without increased testing. However, you have 18,700 in serious condition right now, for them covid is 100% real.


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On 7/30/2020 at 11:09 AM, Douglas Buckland said:

Where was this required ‘new normal’ after the HIV, SARS and MERS epidemics?

The fact is that people need to be a ‘victim’ of something, anything today.

You haven't noticed them, but that does not mean that there were none. 

The new normal after HIV? It was the new "I don't fck any stranger I meet in the bar" attitude. In other words, being more careful, having intercourse only with people you can reasonably trust won't infect you. It actually changed a lot in how people behaved - before HIV, and after HIV, the result was a "new normal". 

MERS was too deadly for its own good, and failed to propagate before killing off its own local number of potential hosts. 

SARS1 was easily detectable by elevated temperature, so its spread was stopped - before it managed to spread. 

As well as with ebola, all the three cases came with a dose of exceptional good luck. Not so much with COVID19 which now ravages in full force, similarly to the Spanish flu hundred years ago. 

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No, it is actually ravaging in full force very similar to common influenza, but with a lower fatality rate....if you actual run the numbers on valid data.

I guess syphlus, herpes, gonarreah, etc... were not enough to make you more selective on who you bedded, had to wait for HIV. There always has been, and always will be, consequences for bad decisions.

But as usual, you’ll bask in victimhood.

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