Rational analysis of CV19 from Harvard Medical School

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8 hours ago, Hotone said:

Of course gun violence is very much a part of your culture and you have every right to practise it.  You can join your friend on a spree in the good ole USA. Just don't export your violence and do it elsewhere. And remember to leave your manifesto.

What constitutes gun violence in my culture? By your insipid logic "150 million Americans have died from gun violence already". Oh wait, that was Biden during a debate. If Trump had said that, it would still be the headline. There are literally millions of Americans who own hundreds of millions of guns. Those people aren't committing gun violence, violent criminals with known pathological problems are committing gun violence. Your smarmy attitude cannot change this fact. Meanwhile I've read your comments to others above. Understand this about the "deplorables" in flyover country. "An armed society is a polite society" Heinlein. 

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On 8/7/2020 at 4:02 PM, Enthalpic said:

Sorry, my Satanic vernacular isn't as sharp as yours; remember I'm not a member of your cult. 


Or....you are simply an uneducated moron.

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Another great video on the reality of actual herd immunity in all of Europe, the clear evidence that masks made no difference anywhere they were used vs. where they are not used in any CV19 statistic.

Prof. of immunology at Bern Switzerland.  Great interviewer as well.

Great term to describe the panicked denial of immunity and its possibility. "immunity deniers"

CV19 as a religious cult of a magical virus that believers claim has no viral properties.

That the European and Northern US city charts of the pandemic are exactly natural community immunity  curves.

Shutdowns hardly did a thing Charting a shutdown intensity index against mortality and other pandemic measures shows no effect.


The Simpson seasonal flu curves fit perfectly to the Northern outbreaks and the warm climate curves. Because of the wet hot areas have similar behaviors into air conditioned closed spaces like heated closed spaces of the North in Winter they also follow the Northern pattern.

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