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China GDP Q2 2020 at 3585 billion was higher than US GDP Q2 at 3580

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Just an observation

China Gdp 25.01 trn CNY

fx 6.9752 CNY = 1 USD at 11 am Eastern Time

US GDP Q2 21.34 trn / 4 in 2019

and -32.9% Q2 2020 printout

It did not happen during the last 100 years.

There are various statistics, everybody agrees it was before 1910, some say even around 1870.

This justifies a lot of current tensions.

Trump can win only if he starts shooting at Chinese South China Sea military bases in September the latest.

Lets prepare for hot fall , hope this will not end with fall of the world we know and nukes falling from the sky.

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From my perspective:

-Q2 2020 GDP shrinking calculation in US is different from the rest of the world. US GDP in quarter is annualized while the rest of the world compares to Q1 2020. So the dropping in US GDP is not that different from EU. And it is because of the compulsory lock down and in the US, the incentives of not going back to work when keep getting fed unemployment benefit of 600usd a week on top of state unemployment benefit. In MN it is around 300usd a week so the total was 900 usd a week, even higher than the above. Many restaurants or nail salons cannot call their staffs back to work. Fed benefit ended last Fri.

- The GDP calculation didn't  take into account money printing so I don't think it is good indicator for Covid19 damage or recovery for now, it can go up with direct Gov (local and state) spending to build something (not QE package). If no country could see China hide the number of Covid19 deaths, then no country could check the economical data gave out from CCP (even finance analysis will depend on CCP number for analyzing).

-Vietnam, as an export laboring country like China, in much smaller scale and rawer level, didn't have any lock down internally, or flooding but the unemployment rate is predicted to peak in Aug, Sep and Oct. On top of that more and more Chinese are crossing into Vietnam illegally for jobs. In Vietnam or China, employers can legally cut the pay by half and workers are still working (not a good time to change jobs).

-The tensions was before covid19. Wall Street in US is till enjoy the high stock market despise the economy report. So everything is not what it seems to be for now. We are entering the fog of war. 

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