Dan Warnick

Trump: More Middle East talks after UAE-Israel deal

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Once again, while the Left was looking at the shiny thing over there, the President has made significant inroads to change and peace in the Middle East.  It must suck to be on the Left, because now they, once again, have to rack their brains for ways to spin this as a negative.  While they run around chasing the elusive "bbbut, he said this not that" President Trump has delivered on another of his commitments and brought hope to others in the volatile region.

Israel-UAE treaty a 'massive change' for the region

And here is the President announcing the breakthrough from the Oval Office of The White House:


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Yeah, it's like three piggies playing "what a new house we have built" - Trumps boasts, as usual, and Kushner and Pence sing praises. 

Meanwhile, this media stunt means nothing - Israel won't give up illegally occupied territories, Palestininan, as the wronged party, are not even at the negotiation table. 

So it is, like other Trump's other "international successes" - a polished turd. 

Trump's significant contributions to the Middle East stability was stabbing his European allies with breachin the Iran deal and moving the US embassy to Jerusalem - both moves destabilized the region for decades to come, and leave burden for Trump's successors to bear. 

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