Safety Moments for the Energy and Process Industries

Many companies require that formal meetings start with a safety moment. There are generally two reasons for this. First, the speaker can talk about a safety issues that are of particular concern or relevance to the audience. The second reason is that it demonstrates the company’s commitment to safety as being the top priority.


However, in some cases the speaker lacks appropriate safety moment material and so may talk about personal safety issues such as driving on icy roads or following the safety rules. There is nothing wrong with this, but such safety moments are a missed opportunity to talk about process safety issues and the management of safety.

In response to this concern, every week we publish a Safety Moment at Generally these Safety Moments discuss the management of safety in the energy and process industries, and provide material for follow-on discussions.
This week’s topic is Safety Moment #52: The Important Few / The Unimportant Many.

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