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America is trying to build its manufacturing base and maximize exports while minimizing imports, especially from China, who is our only major competitor for global power. We are the leader of the Free World while they are the leader of the dictatorships. China is a potential threat to the entire world due to its relatively cheap labor and fascist economy. The private sector is controlled by the CCP and many government owned businesses of large size. Nazi Germany was very productive with such an economy also. Human rights and persecution of its people are major issues with most people around the world. 

For the above reasons I want to pin down the facts on where our renewable products are coming from. I am talking about real facts, not projections. For America to make trillions of proposed investments in renewables, the products should be made in the U.S.A. They should not be imported from China or other countries. That is the only way the supposed job benefits will be American jobs. Setting up wind turbines and solar farms is a short term project. We have plenty of more important infrastructure to build. 

Natural gas is an easy choice over importing Chinese and other nations products. That benefits our competitors, not our domestic economy. It is an American product that is proven to meet our energy needs 24/7 and at a better price overall IMO. It provides jobs for extraction, transportation, new natural gas turbine builders, turbine plants, maintenance etc. They can be set up quickly and last longer than wind or solar. 

America should be used as the major provider of all of our renewable products. Our allies, especially Canada and Mexico should be our next choice. 

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56 minutes ago, ronwagn said:

China is a potential threat to the entire world due to its relatively cheap labor and fascist economy.

Chinese labor is not all that cheap anymore, plenty of foreign companies in China are moving their production elsewhere, such as Bangladesh or Viet Nam.

There are several problems with 'fascist' economies, and China is suffering from all of them. If criticizing the government is a crime, then reporting environmental violations is a crime if the polluter is a 'State Owned Enterprise'. This means that, effectively, the government wrecks the ecosystem and the health of it's citizens, leading eventually to economic and political collapse. Centrally planned economies tend to avoid 'disruptive' business models, such as one finds with companies like Uber and Air BNB, therefore the entire economy becomes structurally inefficient over time. This is particularly the case if the disruption results in millions of people losing their jobs.

Particularly bright people have little use for authoritarian governments. This includes Russia and China, but it isn't hard to find some particularly extreme legal environments in countries like Spain and Italy. Such people migrate to the most tolerant areas that will accept them. For some strange reason, such areas are also quite prosperous.

The US and Europe are losing patience with China by degrees. It's pretty easy to move most manufacturing from one location to another, so the US will continue to build plants for things like batteries and solar panels. However, Europe has more experience and more expertise building wind turbines, so it is likely that a lot of that manufacturing will remain there.

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Elon Musk says we have plenty of lithium right here in America. I knew that but Tesla has 100,000 acres in Nevada for lithium mining and a new cleaner process for processing it and returning the earth back to the land.

More nickel is needed so maybe we have enough of that to.

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