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CO2, Climate Change, "The Pandemic is a Test Run"

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"Death cult" indeed. 

Just more fear mongering for control. Limbic programming. This concept of zero consumption economies is ludicrous on the face of it, but elitist economists are never held to account for their blatant stupidities. After all, they're solving the problem they chose, not the problem at hand. 

"Bread" but no circuses


However, the stimulus is not our only worry. Today, our ability to produce is greatly hampered by edicts from the feds and the states. Our circuses are closed, with shops and business large and small shuttered as well.

The truth is that you and I need goods and services to live, not electronically printed dollars.

The Bolsheviks in the Soviet Union promised workers higher wages. And they delivered, just as our government will deliver on its stimulus checks. However, we may soon face the same situation as those Soviet workers; we will stand before empty shelves with pockets full of worthless money.

There can be nothing worse, economically speaking, than $6 trillion chasing goods that aren’t being produced.


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